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Trends on our Radar - Feb 2013

Trends on our Radar - Feb 2013






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    Trends on our Radar - Feb 2013 Trends on our Radar - Feb 2013 Presentation Transcript

    • Trends on our RadarFive Emerging Technology Areas and theirLeading Innovators Our regular pick of five hot technology areas and some of the leading innovative companies leading the way (February 2013) Produced by our Open Innovation and Technology Scouting team www.VentureRadar.com
    • BiomimicryLife LoggingEphemeral MessagingSmart Product LabelsMeat Analogues www.VentureRadar.com
    • BiomimicryShort Term TrendOver the last 3.6 billion years, nature has gone througha process of trial and error to refine living organisms,processes, and materials to operate in an efficient andsustainable way. Innovators seeking sustainablesolutions to the technology challenges we face aretherefore increasingly looking to nature for inspiration. www.VentureRadar.com
    • Example InnovatorsAutonomic Materials, IL, USA NBD Nano, USAIn nature, damage to an organism elicits a Mimicking the Namib Deserthealing response. Autonomic Materials Beetle, NBD’s technology canapplies this concept to synthetic materials to be used to enhance watercreate ‘self-healing’ coatings, paints and condensation on surfaces andadhesives for environments where corrosion allows water harvesting fromis a risk. These contain microcapsules that the air in the most aridrelease self-healing agents when damaged. regions of the world.Maplebird, UKAs the size of aircraft become smaller the traditional means of creating lift becomesless effective. Natures solution to this problem is flapping wings, and MapleBirdhas developed an engine that can power flapping wing flight at the insect scale.Applications include UAVs for military and civilian services, and personal drones. www.VentureRadar.com
    • Life Logging Medium Term TrendLife logging is the perpetual recording and documentation of yourday-to-day life through the use of electronic devices. Primitive formsof life logging are already common, thanks to widespread use ofmobile phones with video and photo capabilities, but the near futurepromises the capacity for cheap and convenient methods of capturingyour entire life, second by second. www.VentureRadar.com
    • Example InnovatorsMemoto, SwedenMemoto is developing a postage-stamp-sized wearable camera to document everymoment of your life. Presented as a ‘memory preserver and enhancer’, the 5-megapixel camera takes a stream of shots every 30 seconds which are automaticallysaved and can then be viewed and managed via a companion App.Archify, Austria Livescribe , NY, USAArchify is a web browser plugin that works Livescribe has developed aaway in the background recording all your WiFi enabled pen thatonline activity. All the web pages you browse, captures and digitizes handyour social network streams (Facebook, written notes and drawingsTwitter, etc) and emails are stored as a unified along with any conversationssearchable archive. The service also allows that accompanied them, andusers to draw insights from their archive. then backs them up online. www.VentureRadar.com
    • Ephemeral MessagingMedium Term TrendAs more communication happens online, people are under increasing pressureto use social media to promote their projected self at the expense ofcommunicating in a real way. This is combined with worriesabout unflattering pictures or embarrassing status updates coming back tohaunt them in future. Tapping into these concerns are services that createmessages and communications that are designed not to be permanent. www.VentureRadar.com
    • Example InnovatorsWickr, CA, USAWickr lets users decide how long their messages live. When they create a text -picture, voice or video – a time limit is set for how long it will survive. The aim is toput users in control of their own communication, not companies or governments.Only the recipients device can read the message, before it disappears. Earlyadopters of the service are high profile figures such as celebrities and professions infields such as banking, medicine and law enforcement.Snapchat, CA, USAMore than 60 million photos or messages are sent each day through the SnapchatApp and then, after they are viewed for a few seconds, they disappear. The servicelowers the committal value of sharing a photo, promoting a more real you toemerge out of the fleeting composite. The service has so far been embracedmainly by 13-25 yr olds. www.VentureRadar.com
    • Smart Product LabelsNear Term TrendSmart product labels are increasingly beingused by companies to help enhance theirsupply chain monitoring, their ability tomarket products, and also to provide clearerinformation to consumers. www.VentureRadar.com
    • Example InnovatorsTimestrip, UKTimestrips low cost temperature monitoring indicators can be used to monitortemperature-sensitive shipments in the food, pharmaceutical and life sciencessectors, among others. The labels are triggered by breaches of acceptabletemperature ranges and also record the duration of those breaches.ZBD Displays, UK UWI Label, UKZBDs electronic shelf labels and software UWI Label has developed aremove the need for traditional paper container label that detectslabelling, allowing retailers to bring dynamic when product s (in sectorsprice and product information to the shelf. such as medicine, aerospace,Benefits include the ability for retailers to cosmetics, food & drink) maytrade as dynamically and responsively in- no longer be safe to use afterstore as they can online. having being opened. www.VentureRadar.com
    • Meat AnaloguesMedium Term TrendAlthough meat replacements have previouslyattracted industry and consumer attention, theirsensory qualities have generally been inferior to theoriginal. However, these issues are increasingly beingovercome by the development of analogues withimproved texture, juiciness, appearance and aroma. www.VentureRadar.com
    • Example InnovatorsBeyond Meat, CA, USAFounded in 2010, Beyond Meat is focused on replacing animal protein with plantprotein where doing so creates nutritional value at lower cost. The company isdeveloping new plant protein products, such plant-based strips that have theconvenience, taste, and tenderness of real chicken.Meatless, Netherlands LikeMeat, GermanyFat has an important taste function and gives LikeMeat is a project co-meat its juiciness and a characteristic mouth- ordinated by the Fraunhoferfeel. Meatless is a replacement for fat in meat Institute to develop meatproducts that enables food producers to analogues with qualities soreduce fat by 50% without losing taste or close to the original they willquality. The products’ juiciness remains, even be capable of widespreadwith extremely low fat levels. consumer acceptance. www.VentureRadar.com
    • Thank youwww.ventureradar.com@venture_radarAndrew Thomson, DirectorEmail: andrew@ventureradar.com www.VentureRadar.com