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Healthcare IT Predictions 2012


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Healthcare IT leaders and innovators were asked for predictions for 2012. These predictions were first featured at a Venrock / athenahealth / Oak Investment Partners networking event during the JP …

Healthcare IT leaders and innovators were asked for predictions for 2012. These predictions were first featured at a Venrock / athenahealth / Oak Investment Partners networking event during the JP Morgan Healthcare conference in January 2012.

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  • 1. PREDICTION“ HCIT incumbents will continue to over promise and under-deliver, allowing new entrants to better serve their customers and be appropriately rewarded at >5X revenues”   Bob Zollars Vocera
  • 2. PREDICTION“ After the election, the $20B of federal government subsidies for EMR usage is revealed as a horrible debacle.  Backwards looking and ill-conceived.  Doctors in revolt, patient-care not improved”  Anonymous
  • 3. PREDICTION“ Someone will finally bring consumer- focused product design to the enterprise space and prove that payors and employers will pay for solutions consumers truly enjoy using” Sutha Kamal Massive Health
  • 4. PREDICTION“ 2012 will be a stunning and scary year for HCIT - some great business building and exits as well as over-funding in the sector not seen since 1999” Bryan Roberts Venrock
  • 5. PREDICTION“ Pushed by government initiatives, better implementations of traditional healthcare IT will improve connectivity and flow of data, however connectivity does not mean better collaboration and decision making” Anne DeGheest HealthTech Capital
  • 6. PREDICTION“ It will become a national education priority to equip every high school graduate with a personal health record and understanding of the importance of maintaining it throughout their life” John Grotting Frazier Healthcare
  • 7. PREDICTION“ 2012 will be the year the industry discovers that HIEs, as currently planned, accomplish little. We will see the beginning of a shift in focus to local networks sharing clinical and administrative data, while billions continue to flow into regional and national HIEs that dont meet either need” Tom Kelly Aetna
  • 8. PREDICTION“ Collaborative networks between and among companies, and academic institutions, will create more new compounds to fill the baron pipelines of the Pharma industry, than the output of the big two big Pharma mega mergers!” Ron Burns ProtonMedia
  • 9. PREDICTION“ We will see the first big stupid string of lawsuits from patients lawyers suing some EMR vendor for a medical error that was supposedly caused by the "forced" installation of EMR systems” Lisa Suennen Psilos Group
  • 10. PREDICTION“ Google will quietly get back into healthcare but on the Enterprise Analytics side through an acquisition”  Bijan Salehizadeh Highland Capital Partners
  • 11. PREDICTION“ With the aging of our populations, the need to engage physicians and families in the day-to-day activities and care will accelerate IT and mobile enabled services for the surveillance and care of the elderly” Isaac Ciechanover Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers
  • 12. PREDICTION“ WalMart threatens to shake things up in healthcare, but does nothing in the end because they dont have the guts nor the vision to do something significant” Anonymous
  • 13. PREDICTION“ Price transparency will become increasingly prominent with adverse side effects overall. The cost of healthcare will rise 2-3% above normal trend for fully insured businesses over the next 3-4 years until comparison shopping results in tangible benefits” Chris DeNoia Simplee
  • 14. PREDICTION“ A remote monitoring product will emerge that marries medical-grade robustness with consumer- grade design and ease of use...The iPod of health monitoring” Brian Ascher Venrock
  • 15. PREDICTION“ HCIT will dissect the healthcare Freakosystem, niche by niche, and begin to lay the foundation for a true ecosystem” Jordan Shlain Private Medical Services
  • 16. PREDICTION“ SoLoMo apps find big traction in patient compliance, monitoring, diagnosis, adherence, et al.” Brook Byers Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers
  • 17. PREDICTION“ 50% of doctors offering virtual visits or email visits” Bob Kocher Venrock
  • 18. PREDICTION“ Health insurers will keep buying their way into HCIT, bidding up many companies. Two venture backed HCIT cos will be acquired for $500+m each by insurers” Bijan Salehizadeh Highland Capital Partners
  • 19. PREDICTION“ The opportunities for building new businesses will really emerge in the new HealthTech area, including integrated delivery solutions to improve team care delivery for specific pain points and the bubble of direct to consumer applications will continue to be driven by tech venture investors, hoping for a B2C business model like Facebook or Groupon” Anne DeGheest HealthTech Capital
  • 20. PREDICTION“ 2012 will see the advent of online weight loss programs becoming mainstream AND insurance reimbursable on a large scale” Nick Desai FitOrbit
  • 21. PREDICTION“ People will not pay attention to the fact that Google and Microsoft failed and we will have many more failures, good ideas” Jordan Shlain Private Medical Services
  • 22. PREDICTION“ Medicaid managed care emerges as the hottest healthcare IT segment, EMRs begin to fade and Supremes nix ObamaCare” Chris Kryder
  • 23. PREDICTION“ The emergence of aps and marketplaces specifically tailored to servicing the needs of drug developers and academic institutions. Examples including eBay for academics and productivity aps for managing CROs and multi-site work teams” Isaac Ciechanover Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers
  • 24. PREDICTION“ The press starts to talk about how mobile health apps arent really being used, nor are they used to drive down costs because theyre not integrated with the regular flow of care” Anonymous
  • 25. PREDICTION“ 100% of health plans will be sharing price and quality data with their customers” Bob Kocher Venrock
  • 26. PREDICTION“ 40% of docs using EMRs are accessing them via tablet” Matthew Holt Health 2.0
  • 27. PREDICTION“ HHS will announce its first ACO bail-out” Graham Gardner
  • 28. PREDICTION“ I predict that HCIT will enable the forest to meet the tree and the tree to meet the forest” Jordan Shlain Private Medical Services
  • 29. PREDICTION“ Telemedicine based services companies become mainstream as an established provider of primary care” Isaac Ciechanover Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers
  • 30. PREDICTION“ There will be several successful HCIT IPOs!” Brian Ascher Venrock
  • 31. PREDICTION“ Breakout analytics for insurance and post-sequencing "big data" problems” Brook Byers Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers
  • 32. PREDICTION“ Gamification!” Annie Lamont Oak Investment Partners
  • 33. PREDICTION“ 80% of doctors owning a tablet or smart phone” Bob Kocher Venrock
  • 34. PREDICTION“ One independent company emerges with the credible threat to become the Facebook of health” Anonymous
  • 35. PREDICTION“ Athena will make a significant acquisition that will put them directly in the hospital IT space” Rick Adam Recondotech
  • 36. PREDICTION“ A SaaS upstart will begin to make inroads against the major incumbent health information systems, a la Salesforce vs Siebel” Brian Ascher Venrock