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100 most vmware q&a


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  • 1. VMware 100Success Secrets: 100 Most Asked Questions – The Missing VMware Server, Workstation Planning, Installation and Management Introduction Guide Bret Jerrod
  • 2. VMware 100 Success SecretsCopyright © Bret JerrodNotice of RightsAll rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted inany form by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, orotherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher.Notice of LiabilityThe information in this book is distributed on an “As Is” basis withoutwarranty. While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of thebook, neither the author nor the publisher shall have any liability to anyperson or entity with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to becaused directly or indirectly by the instructions contained in this book or bythe products described in it.TrademarksMany of the designations used by manufacturers and sellers to distinguishtheir products are claimed as trademarks. Where those designations appear inthis book, and the publisher was aware of a trademark claim, the designationsappear as requested by the owner of the trademark. All other product namesand services identified throughout this book are used in editorial fashion onlyand for the benefit of such companies with no intention of infringement of thetrademark. No such use, or the use of any trade name, is intended to conveyendorsement or other affiliation with this book.
  • 3. 3 | VMware 100 Success SecretsV M WA R E 1 0 0 S U C C E S S S E C R E T S There has never been a VMware Guide like this. 100 Success Secrets is not about the ins and outs of VMware.Instead, it answers the top 100 questions that we are asked and thosewe come across in forums, our consultancy and education programs. Ittells you exactly how to deal with those questions, with tips that havenever before been offered in print. This book is also not about VMware best practice and standardsdetails. Instead, it introduces everything you want to know to besuccessful with VMware.
  • 4. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 4TA B L E O F C O N T E N T SForeword.................................................................................................3VMwares Future: Can VMware Maintain Dominance in VirtualizationSoftware? ............................................................................................... 9Easy Steps in Installing VMware Tools ................................................ 11Mac OS X VMware Features & Functions ............................................ 13Beneficial Features of VMware 3 .......................................................... 15The Edge of Having VMware Windows ................................................ 17Importance of Installing VMware.........................................................19Advantages When the User Installs VMware Tools.............................. 21Savvy Tips on Using VMware .............................................................. 23Free VMware Software with VMware Torrent......................................25The Capabilities of VMware Workstation.............................................27The Uses of Having OS X VMware ...................................................... 29Ubuntu VMware as a Virtual Machine ................................................. 31Benefits and Risks of Using VMware Beta ...........................................33Understanding VMware Config Files ...................................................35The Two Worlds of VMware Fusion .....................................................37Enjoying New Ubuntu Features with Ubuntu 7.04 VMware .............. 39
  • 5. 5 | VMware 100 Success SecretsHow to Enable Accelerated VMware 3D...............................................41Understanding the VMware Client, Server and Master....................... 43Methodical Understanding of VMware ESX........................................ 45Guides for VMware Install Server 1.0 on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS ................ 47Understanding VMware Server for Linux............................................ 49Does Linux Stand a Good Position on VMware? ..................................51Can Ubuntu Be Installed on your VMware Player? ............................. 53VMware Server Download: Making Your Computer World Easier..... 55Working on the VMware Server Vista...................................................57What is VMware IPO?.......................................................................... 59Assessing the Right VMware Player......................................................61What is a VMware Server Console? ..................................................... 63VMware Server Serial: The Way to Protect the Download .................. 65How to Work Perfectly with the VMware Tools .................................. 67A Free OS Software Known as CentOS VMware.................................. 69The Feisty Fawn in the VMware Server ................................................ 71What is VMware? ................................................................................. 73VMware Workstation 6.0: The Sixth Generation .................................75Features of the VMware Workstation 6 ................................................77The VMware Works with Fedora 7 ...................................................... 79Tips for Installing VMware Server........................................................81Purchase of the VMware 6 ................................................................... 83All about VMware Server ..................................................................... 85The VMware Workstation Version 6.0 & its Unmatched Features ..... 87The Benefits of Using Debian VMware Application ............................ 89Understanding the Basics of Gentoo VMware Virtualization...............91
  • 6. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 6How to Install VMware: Understanding the Recommended HostRequirements....................................................................................... 93Steps on Setting-up Mac OSX86 VMware on a Virtual Machine .........95How to Uninstall VMware Leftover Registry Entries ...........................97Evaluation & Licensed VM Serial Numbers: Giving Customers theFreedom to Choose .............................................................................. 99High Five for VMware 5...................................................................... 101VMware 5.5: The Power of Virtualization at the Hands of the User ..103Critical VMware 64 bit Extension for Supporting Multiple Platforms.............................................................................................................105VMware Any-Any Patch: Solving Common VMware Software Issues107Where to find the VMware Any-Any Patch ........................................109Simple Solution for VMware Any-Any Update on Linux ....................111VMware At a Glance: Virtual Appliance ............................................. 113Backup Solutions for VMware ............................................................ 115VMware Bridged Networks: Protecting the Entire Network fromSystem Faults.......................................................................................117The Impact of VMware Certification on IT Professionals .................. 119What is a VMware Clone?................................................................... 121An Overview of VMware Cluster Set-Up ............................................123Familiarizing Your Way through a VMware CMD ............................. Your One-Stop Site...................................................... 127Basic Need to Know about the VMware Console................................129An Exciting New “Converter” Offering from VMware........................ 131A How-To of VMware Converter ........................................................133Fuss-Free Conversion with VMware Convertor ................................. 135
  • 7. 7 | VMware 100 Success SecretsVMware ESX 3: The Complete Hypervisor of the Virtual Environment.............................................................................................................137Smart Solutions Only from VMware ESX Server ...............................139Where to Get VMware Exam Samples ................................................ 141Fedora: A New Offering for VMware ..................................................143How to Install VMware for Linux .......................................................145VMware Forum: Source of Information for the VirtualizationCommunity..........................................................................................147Where to Get Your VMware Free........................................................149Basic Information about Fusion Beta for VMware ............................. 151VMware GSX Upgrades: Providing New Fixes & Improving VirtualPerformance........................................................................................153VMware HA: High Availability Can Mean High Performance &Productivity.........................................................................................155Top Requirements for a Better VMware Host .................................... 157Working with VMware Tools: Easy as Pie ..........................................159The Benefit of VMware Images........................................................... 161VMware Infrastructure for your Software Needs ...............................163Management Impact of VMware Infrastructure 3..............................165VMware iSCSI Integration: Driving IT Virtualization to New Levels. 167The VMware License Program: Giving Users the Full Benefit ofVirtualization ......................................................................................169VMware Machine Works Wonders ..................................................... 171VMware Mount: Allowing the Virtualization of the Disk Utility ........ 173How to Reconfigure the VMware NAT ............................................... 175Build a Better Network with VMware Host ........................................ 177
  • 8. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 83 Modes of VMware Networking ........................................................ 179General Installation Guide for VMware on Ubuntu ........................... 181VMware OS: Enabling Multiple OSs to Run on One Physical Machine.............................................................................................................183VMware P2V: Tools for Cloning the Physical to the Virtual...............185Top VMware Performance Enhancer Tips ......................................... 187VMware Player Download: New Version with Extra Security Settings.............................................................................................................189VMware Server & USB 2.0: Enabling High-Speed Data Transfers in aVirtual Environment........................................................................... 191VMware Server Serial Numbers are Completely Free!.......................193VMware Support: Delivering Beyond Expectations ........................... 195VMware & USB Flash Drives Eliminate the Need for MultipleComputers........................................................................................... 197Several Operating Systems on One VMware Virtual Machine: ThatsMultitasking!.......................................................................................199VMware Virtual Server: A Number of Servers, All for the Price of One.............................................................................................................201VMware & Vista: Working Together in Perfect Harmony................. 203VMware & XP: Boosting the PC’s Versatility..................................... 205VMware ( Providing a Unique Alternative forOptimizing Business Operations ....................................................... 207
  • 9. 9 | VMware 100 Success SecretsV M WA R E S F U T U R E : C A N V M WA R EM A I N TA I N D O M I N A N C E I NV I R T U A L I Z AT I O N S O F T WA R E ? VMwares revenues have reached nearly $1B in less than 10years since its founding. Can the company maintain its dominance ofthe virtualization software market or will Microsoft, open sourceand/or others prove that their glory days are now? Its clear that VMM/Hypervisor is a piece of technology that israpidly becoming a commodity and is potentially an interestingcandidate for being 100% in hardware. Given this, it seems clear that virtualization vendors that will besuccessful long term are those who are VMM/hypervisor agnostic andwho have diverse virtualization technologies. VMware is still in thelead in this regard. They are clearly working to create value above andaround the actual virtualization layer. Long term this is where most ofthe value for all virtualization players will be created. VMware has getsit and has been moving quickly in front of their competitors towardsthis goal.
  • 10. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 10 Whispers from inside the walls of VMware tell they are going sofar as to consider making ESX server type functionality free or nearlyfree in the not so distant future (think: post-IPO). This is an effectivemeans for beating Microsoft to the punch and they clearly have enoughleverage through other software and support services to pull it off in away that means business. In other words, yes, VMware will continue to dominate for awhile longer. Is it glory days? Yes. Are they over? Probably not for awhile.
  • 11. 11 | VMware 100 Success SecretsE A S Y S T E P S I N I N S TA L L I N GV M WA R E T O O L S The process of installing VMware tools rely on Windowsversion. The newer Windows versions require more automatedprocedures. For Windows XP guest, the following are the steps tofollow: First, the virtual machine should be powered on. Prepare thevirtual machine in the installing process of VMware tools when guestoperating system has begun. In the File menu, choose Install VMwareTools. The next steps will be done by the virtual machine. If the auto run is enabled in the guest operating system, thedialog box will appear after few seconds. It will ask if the VMware toolsshould be installed. Then click the yes button and the Install ShieldWizard will be launched shortly.
  • 12. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 12 However, if the auto run is disabled in the operating system,the dialog box will not automatically appear. Run the installer ofVMware tools by clicking the start menu and choose run. In the runcommand bar, type D:setupsetup.exe where drive D: is the initialvirtual CD-ROM. There is no need for actual CD-ROM in order to install theVMware tools. The CD-ROM does not also need to be downloaded or tobe burnt since the software of VMware workstation already containsthe ISO image. The image is similar to the CD-ROM in the guestoperating system and in the windows explorer. All the needed files forinstalling VMware tools in guest operating system are contained in theISO image. After successfully installing VMware tools, the image filedisappears in the CD-ROM drive. For the final step, simply follow on-screen instructions. ForWindows XP guest and Windows 2000, there is no need to rebootbecause the new diver is ready to be used.
  • 13. 13 | VMware 100 Success SecretsM A C O S X V M WA R E F E A T U R E S &FUNCTIONS VMware is the leader of software industry in terms ofvirtualized servers and desktops. The new VMware product launchedwas Mac OS X VMware fusion. It is the virtual machine software that isrun by Intel processors. Because of fusion, Intel based Macs areallowed to run X86 and X86-64 guest operating system on Windows,Solaris, Linux, and Netware simultaneously with the Mac OS X as hostoperating system with the use of virtualization, dynamic recompilation,and emulation. VMware fusion is supported by the advanced and robustvirtualization technology of VMware Inc. Moreover, the virtualmachines produced with VMware products run with Intel based MacOS X VMware similar to non-Mac OS X virtual machines. The following are the steps in order to install or upgrade theVMware fusion.
  • 14. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 14 First, there should be no running virtual machine. The VMwarefusion can be downloaded at its website. The user needs to double clickthe VMware-Fusion-e.x.p-<xxxxx>.dmg file where the <xxxxx> is abuild number used in download release. In the finder window, theVMware fusion volume can be browsed. Then, double click VMwarefusion 1.0pkg icon to start on Assistant for installation. The Assistantwill provide the instructions for installing the VMware fusion. The usershould make sure to follow the instructions carefully. And in the finalstep of installation, the Assistant will prompt for the serial number. One of the most valuable features of VMware fusion is that itprovides support and assistance in order to install and run in Mac OSX VMware with ease. For further instructions and uses of VMwarefusion features, Help command is provided.
  • 15. 15 | VMware 100 Success SecretsB E N E F I C I A L F E AT U R E S O F V M WA R E3 VMware software devices are now very popular among variousenterprises. Both the desktop applications and server applications areslightly gaining more support from the market. Among the widely usedVMware applications is the VMware Infrastructure 3 or morecommonly known as the VMware 3. This application is used forcreating a self-optimizing information technology infrastructure. Asthe developer said, VMware 3 is the most widely deployed virtualinfrastructure suite. This application has a lot of features that candeliver the production-proven availability, efficiency, and vibrancyneeded in order to create a responsive data center. Virtualizes servers, networks, and storage are the primaryfunction of the VMware. This leads to transformation of ITinfrastructure into an automated and always-on computer utility plant.In fact, there are now more than 100,000 companies who were able tocut their cost for IT infrastructure because they can now able tostreamline the management of different IT environments and deliverbetter services to the business enterprise.
  • 16. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 16 The wide use for this application can now be attributed to itsfeatures. VMware 3 can minimize the total cost of infrastructureownership of the user by increasing the use of hardware while reducingthe hardware requirements. The VMware 3 also helps in lessening therequired datacenter power, rack space, cabling, cooling, network, andstorage components since it can reduce the number of physicalmachines. VMware 3 can also decrease the IT labor cost so the user canonly focus on the IT team’s added and more strategic tasks. There areactually more features that the user can surely find very beneficial fromVMware 3. Anyway, prospect consumers can already evaluate theVMware 3 with the trial version of this application and see if VMware 3is the right software for his business enterprise.
  • 17. 17 | VMware 100 Success SecretsT H E E D G E O F H AV I N G V M WA R EWINDOWS The popularity of Microsoft Windows and its spread use isunstoppable. That is why a lot of software developing companies arecreating their software that can run on a Microsoft Windows platform.If not, their software will lose millions of possible consumers. That isthe move done by VMware, Inc. They make their desktop software torun on Microsoft Windows, and it is now known as VMware Windows.Aside from this operating system, VMware also makes availablesoftware versions compatible for the free OS Linux and the AppleComputer’s Mac OS X. When it comes to desktop applications, their compatibility withMicrosoft Windows should never be ignored. It may be true that thereare other operating systems in the planet but it is also undeniable thatmore of computer users are running their computers using theMicrosoft Windows. That may be the reason why VMware made itsfirst product, the VMware Workstation to be compatible with thePersonal Computers. That gives birth to the VMware Windows.
  • 18. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 18 What make this a better idea is that VMware Windows is notonly contained to one Microsoft Windows platform but it speaks of allthe available Windows operating systems. That even adds moreconvenience for the Microsoft Windows users who may have the oldMicrosoft Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows XP, orthe new Windows Vista. Of course, all these platforms can only run thecompatible software. A certain application that can be used forWindows XP may not be compatible for the Windows Vista. But theVMware Windows is far different from these software devices. VMwareWindows can be used for different versions of Microsoft Windowsoperating systems.
  • 19. 19 | VMware 100 Success SecretsI M P O RTA N C E O F I N S TA L L I N GV M WA R E Installing VMware to Windows, Linux, Netware, and FreeBSDoperating systems is easy. The installers are contained at the ISOimage files. Without VMware tools, running the guest operating systemwith VMware is more intricate. Also, mouse synchronization, which isa valuable operation, becomes more painful. The VMware tools are worth a 6-Megabyte application that isinstalled directly to guest operating system. Both the VMware and thehost operating system are no longer needed in the installation process. The fastest way to determine that VMware is not yet installed iswhen the mouse gets caught inside VM when it is clicked on screen. Tounstuck the mouse, press the Alt and Ctrl keys and it will be released. It must be noted however, that installing VMware in the guestoperating system is different for every Linux operating system.Compared to Windows OS, installing VMware to Linux is morecomplicated.
  • 20. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 20 Installing VMware to the guest operating system is important.The VMware tools help the workstation support the graphicperformances faster. The complete package of VMware also providessupport needed for operations such as sharing folders, dragging anddropping operations. Moreover, installing VMware to Windows guest operatingsystem helps improve the performance and compatibility of videographics. Another important benefit of installing VMware is that iteases up mouse synchronization with host operating system. Thismeans that the mouse does not have to be released from guest in orderto go back to host OS. Installing VMware also helps improve thenetwork performance and compatibility. It also allows copy and pastecommands between host and guest operating systems.
  • 21. 21 | VMware 100 Success SecretsA D VA N T A G E S W H E N T H E U S E RI N S T A L L S V M WA R E T O O L S The typical tools everyone knows are those used for mechanicalrepair. What these kinds of tools do for machines is also similar to howthe tools of VMware software do. They aid for an easy usage of thesoftware and also permit access to software’s other potentials. Butbefore these VMware tools can make any possible advantage for theuser, they need first to be installed in the computer. Every VMware product application needs a set of tools to allowusing of the full potential of the application. The advantages of thesetools depend on the software since the tools are working for a betterusage of the application.
  • 22. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 22 If the tools have to be used for the VMware Workstation theywill then benefit the guest computers. Installing VMware tools willimprove the video performance of the various operating systems in thecomputer machine. The user will also have a more synchronizedmouse. The user does not need to release the mouse from the guest tothe host every time he switches operating system. The copy-pastefunction between the host and the guest computer will also beenhanced with the VMware tools. Other VMware software will surely benefit a lot from installingthe VMware tools to his computer. Anyway, installing the differentVMware tools is just easy. These tools are usually included in theinstallation CD. Sometimes, the tools are already installed along withthe installation of the application. But there are also added VMwaretools that can be easily downloaded from VMware site. Afterdownloading, the user just needs to follow the normal procedure ofinstalling the tools.
  • 23. 23 | VMware 100 Success SecretsS AV V Y T I P S O N U S I N G V M WA R E The VMware tools are virtual machine software devices idealfor business environment. It is used for application and serverconsolidation. Aside from these, there are several benefits in usingVMware tools to improve graphics performance, mousesynchronization, network compatibility and other operations. In simple terms, the VMware helps in running virtual computerinside the regular host computer. And this allows many otheroperations without the need to hose up the real computer. TheVMware image can be reset to its original state any time the userdesires to. There are ways that the VMware can help save in theentrepreneurial bacon. The first step that must be done is to set up thevirtual machine with all the software, bookmarks and custom settingsaccording to the will and need of the user. Then the virtual machineshould be saved into a compact disc or into a flash drive. And lastly, acopy of free VMware player must be saved and kept handy for futureuse.
  • 24. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 24 For instances when the computer breaks down and the userneeds the VMware to function in order to get back to business, there isa simple solution to this problem. The free VMware player must beinstalled to a new unit. And by copying that virtual machine to thecomputer, the user can readily resume the functions. In using VMware perfectly, the VMware tools must be installedproperly to the guest operating system. The VMware tools make theuse of VMware more efficiently and easier. There is a noticeabledifference between a unit installed with VMware tools and one without.
  • 25. 25 | VMware 100 Success SecretsF R E E V M WA R E S O F T WA R E W I T HV M WA R E T O R R E N T VMware, Inc. is a known company that develops varioussoftware products ranging from desktop software to complex serversoftware. Though the VMware is in business and profit plays a big roleto their survival, they also offer their products both as commerciallyavailable and as freeware versions. Freeware means that the softwarethey develop can be enjoyed by the user for free. One way of sharingthese VMware freeware applications is through torrents, morecommonly known as VMware torrents. VMware torrents are small files containing only few kilobytes.These torrents have all the information one needs in order to properlydownload the VMware software or file. Included to the torrentinformation are the application’s or file’s name, size, where todownload, how to download it, and other relevant data. VMwaretorrents are recognizable via their file extension .torrent, which anyonecan conveniently get from any websites or special torrent searchengines.
  • 26. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 26 One can also find VMware torrents comparable to peer-to-peersharing where a person will share his files while others can alsodownload his shared files. However, if a peer-to-peer sharing needsone to sign-up in a certain group, downloading files through torrentsalso need a prerequisite. There should be the torrent client so one candownload the VMware software that he wants to have. A populartorrent client now is the bit torrent but with the popularity of torrentdownload, there now exist a lot of other torrent clients. There are alsofree torrent clients one can easily download and install. Some VMware torrents available for download are the VMwareFusion, VMware Workstation, VMware Appliance, VMware VistaUltimate, VMware Converter, and a lot more other software.
  • 27. 27 | VMware 100 Success SecretsT H E C A PA B I L I T I E S O F V M WA R EW O R K S TAT I O N VMware Workstation is the first desktop application created byVMware, Inc. And though it is the debut product of this company, itcan already do a more complex work compared to other simple desktopapplications. The VMware Workstation is called a virtual machinesoftware suite used for both x86 and x86-64 computers. With thisapplication, user can enjoy a multiple operating system running in hissingle physical computer like the Microsoft Windows, BSD variants,Linux, and others. Aside from that, the VMware Workstation offersmore for its users. With the help of other VMware application, theVMware Workstation can transfer the various virtual machinesthroughout a multiple host-machines. It also allows taking of multiplesuccessive snapshots of a specific operating system. Each of thesesnapshots will permit the user to roll back the created virtual machinesunder saved status, at any time he may wish.
  • 28. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 28 Application like the VMware Workstation is a very useful toolfor persons selling different software devices. He can try his productson different operating systems and test their environment when beingused in a certain platform. He can possibly do that without the need formany computer machines. Aside from allowing multiple virtual machines, the VMwareWorkstation can also reproduce or simulate some hardware. Forexample, this application allows mounting of an ISO file as a CD/DVDROM or as a hard disk. The hardware’s network adapter driver can alsobe configured with this application. The VMware Workstation alsoallows bridging of different hardware devices to existing host networkadapters, which makes them more useful for a more number of usersin a network.
  • 29. 29 | VMware 100 Success SecretsT H E U S E S O F H AV I N G O S XV M WA R E Some are just eager to learn the differences between operatingsystems. OS X is among the new software that deserves to be studiedfor flaws or incredible enhancements. And this study will be mucheasier as long as the VMware software is used. The Mac OS X justneeds to belong as one of the virtual machines that will be properlycalled as the OS X VMware. OS X is said to be the Apple’s first complete revision of anoperating system that is said to have focused on modularity so thatfuture changes will be easier to incorporate. This new Apple platformeven has support for UNIX-based applications and for thoseapplications written only for Macintosh computers. Meanwhile, theVMware is a software company known for producing software that willmake users capable of having virtual machines. Through these virtualmachines the user can possibly study the platform differences withoutthe need of an extra computer machine.
  • 30. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 30 With the software called VMware Workstation, a Mac OS X cannow be installed in a Windows-based PC. VMware Workstation is avirtual machine application that can incorporate different operatingsystem in one computer. These are called the virtual machines.Usually, the purpose of having virtual machines is for studying thedifferences among operating systems or testing the effects of certainsoftware in two or more platforms. That is why an OS X VMware is avery useful tool since Mac OS X is among the commonly usedoperating systems today. Comparing its function with Windows orLinux will surely be possible with the OS X VMware. Further study ofthese operating systems will surely lead to better enhancement anddevelopment of future platforms.
  • 31. 31 | VMware 100 Success SecretsU B U N T U V M WA R E A S A V I R T U A LMACHINE Ubuntu is an operating system used for desktops, servers, andlaptops. This is also popular with many Linux distributions. What’sgood about Ubuntu is that it provides up-to-date and stable Linuxdistribution for many users. It also focuses on usability and simplicityof installations. The great thing about Ubuntu is, like Linux, it is afreeware that can be shared by millions of users. Maybe, the onlydownside of having Ubuntu is the few compatible software devicesavailable in the market today. Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, andLinux are the most popular operating systems and most softwaredevices are only made compatible with these platforms. But some userscan still use Ubuntu while using other operating systems. What isneeded is just VMware software or more specifically the UbuntuVMware.
  • 32. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 32 Ubuntu VMware defines a virtual machine running on Ubuntuplatform. It is included in one computer along with other operatingsystems. This was made possible through the VMware software. SomeVMware applications are platform-independent, which means they canbe used regardless of what operating system the user has. The specificVMware software that makes it possible for the Ubuntu to be one of theuser’s virtual machine is the VMware Workstation. This enables usingof more than one operating system in one computer. That means onecan use the Ubuntu while using the Microsoft Windows andMacintosh. To install Ubuntu as one of the virtual machines, the user mustfirst download the ubuntu.iso. After that, he should create a newvirtual machine with workstation or VMware server. Other instructionscan be found in many blog sites and VMware, Inc. website. With this,the user doesn’t have to choose between the various operating systemsand he can more possibly try using the Ubuntu VMware.
  • 33. 33 | VMware 100 Success SecretsBENEFITS AND RISKS OF USINGV M WA R E B E TA VMware, Inc. is a software developing company that specializesin creating different desktop software and server software. Among themany programs it has produced is the VMware Workstation, a virtualmachine software device. But just like many other software companies,VMware beta applications are being released before the official releaseof the software. One may ask what VMware beta is and what are itsbenefits for both the users and the software developer. The VMware, Inc. does an initial round or in-house testing ofall the products it produces. After this in-house testing, VMware, Inc.releases that program version for free to be tested by the public. But itshould be noted that this is not the official release of that software.That free version is called the beta version or the VMware beta. Somebeta software can be noted with the “b” in their version number.
  • 34. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 34 Releasing the VMware beta is needed since the softwaredeveloper could not possibly test the VMware software under allpossible circumstances. If the VMware beta is released to the public, itis expected that more users will be able to assess the software andreport possible flaws on the application that were not uncoveredduring the in-house testing. That’s the benefit of VMware beta for thesoftware developer. The user, on the other hand, can also enjoy thefirst and free full version of the application. However, the VMware betausers should expect to run the beta software into bugs since this is notthe final and fully scrutinized version of the software. These bugs canbe as simple as those that may seem not to affect the computer to thosebugs that may cause the computer to crash.
  • 35. 35 | VMware 100 Success SecretsU N D E R S TA N D I N G V M WA R E C O N F I GFILES VMX file is a primary VMware configuration file in the virtualmachine. Upon creating a new virtual machine, questions aboutoperating system, networking and disk sizes will be prompted. Theuser’s answers to these questions are stored in the VMware config file.VMX VMware config file is like a common text file that can be edited inNotepad. VMware config file is located in every folder of every virtualmachine there is. By looking at the detail, one can analyze the syntax andconstruction of VMX VMware config file.
  • 36. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 36 The following are some tips that can be noted from the syntaxof the file. The pound sign # is utilized for comments. Hence, thosethat start with the pound sign # can be ignored and considered ascomments. The displayName is used to recognize a virtual machine.The memory can be determined in the MEMSIZE line. One can set thememory to the size that he desires. The virtualHW.version defines theparameters of VMX on what VMware version it will work. When thelines scsi0.present=”TRUE” and ide0.present=”TRUE” appear, this is acall for advance config for the device. VMX file is the VMware config file for the VMware guestoperating system. As the user adds more devices to the system, themore the VMware config file grows. The VMware GUI can be used tocreate virtual guest config. The knowledge of how these VMware configcan be edited or downloaded will save the user a lot of time. A programthat creates a VMX VMware config file will help to avoid typos.
  • 37. 37 | VMware 100 Success SecretsT H E T W O W O R L D S O F V M WA R EFUSION VMware Inc. produced virtual machine software for Macintoshcomputers that come with Intel processors known as VMware fusion.Fusion basically fused a clean and sensitive interface that goes with aplatform of virtualization reason why this is trusted by numeroususers. This software is convenient to use as it permits one to easilylaunch his Windows application. He may also switch easily theapplications from Windows and Mac speedily. Through the aid of the advanced virtualization technology, it isnow easy for one to control the entire hardware available on his Macthrough the use of VMware fusion. Using this, performing thefollowing is a cinch: simultaneous running of the operating systemsranging from 32 and 64 bit; using two processors together at the sametime; using USB 2.0 devices and running and choosing 3D games. Tosum it all up, VMware fusion makes it possible to enjoy two worlds—Windows applications on Mac.
  • 38. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 38 Additionally, this VMware fusion is compatible with the virtualmachines designed by the present versions of VMware Server andWorkstation. This software can also be employed with the free VMwareplayer 2.0 either on Windows or on Linux. Because of its wonderfulfeatures, VMware fusion is currently in tight competition with ParallelDesktop. The latter was first to be released in the market. The prices ofthese two also do not greatly vary. Both cost about a hundred dollarslesser than the VMware’s Windows version. Of course, there arecheaper choices available in the market too. However, these two top inthe market when it comes to features and performance. Hence, eitherof these are not a waste of investment.
  • 39. 39 | VMware 100 Success SecretsE N J O Y I N G N E W U B U N T U F E AT U R E SWITH U B U N T U 7 . 0 4 V M WA R E Ubuntu 7.04 is among the newly released version of Ubuntuoperating system. It has amazing new features that will surely captivatethe interest of many computer enthusiasts. But this operating systemcan now be easily incorporated in other platform-based computers forthe purpose of testing Ubuntu 7.04. That can be done with the VMwareapplication. Also, the user can create various virtual machines in anUbuntu 7.04 computer with the VMware application. Whatever theuser wants to gain from using Ubuntu 7.04 and VMware application,definitely, he will have the power of Ubuntu 7.04 VMware.
  • 40. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 40 Experiencing Ubuntu 7.04 VMware will provide opportunity forthe user to experience the new features of this new operating system.Among the many new features in an Ubuntu 7.04 is its Windowsmigration and partitioning tools. With this capability, users can nowmigrate wallpapers, Firefox bookmarks, Internet Explorer favorites,AOL and Yahoo Messenger contacts from a Windows platform toUbuntu 7.04. What’s more amazing is that this capability can be mucheasier and more possible as long as there is the use of the VMwareapplication. As explained, VMware applications, like VMware Server andVMware Workstation, can make it possible for the user to create virtualmachines. With this new Windows migration feature of Ubuntu 7.04, amore harmonious use of Microsoft Windows and Ubuntu 7.04 can beenjoyed. The user can easily transfer the different applications fromthe Microsoft Windows virtual machine to Ubuntu 7.04 virtualmachine as long as there is the Ubuntu 7.04 VMware in the user’scomputer. Not only that, Ubuntu 7.04 features can be used for otherplatforms created as virtual machines in one computer with theVMware software.
  • 41. 41 | VMware 100 Success SecretsH O W T O E N A B L E A C C E L E R AT E DV M WA R E 3 D 3D gaming and features are now becoming the standard ofvirtual community. That is why many software companies are nowworking hard to turn their old 2D versions to newer 3D versions. Addto this advancement the ability of running more than one platform oroperating system in a single computer at a time. But of course, one 3Dcapability of one operating system may be different from the other.And so, 3D acceleration is now becoming a need. If a user is runningon more than one operating system, it is needed that he enables andaccelerate the VMware 3D.
  • 42. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 42 One can easily enable a specific virtual machine for anaccelerated VMware 3D. First, of course, the computer system shouldhave the VMware 3D. There should be the VMware software, whichwill enable one computer system to run or shift from one operatingsystem to another. Now that the computer machine has now virtualmachines, the user should select one virtual machine using theWindows 2000 or XP operating system. It is important to disable theDirect3D application on this virtual machine. Next, the user shouldadd the configuration file with the VMX file extension, for the virtualmachine. This will enable the accelerated VMware 3D on the host. Theuser should also make sure that the accelerated VMware 3D in guestcomputers is supported while the accelerated 2D should also beenabled for the guest display. With these simple, short, and easy steps, one can alreadyenable a computer’s accelerated VMware 3D. There are still otherchoices or options for the user in configuring the VMware 3D. Theabove steps are the only necessary way to enable the acceleratedVMware 3D.
  • 43. 43 | VMware 100 Success SecretsU N D E R S T A N D I N G T H E V M WA R EC L I E N T, S E RV E R A N D M A S T E R There are three separate VMware appliances, namely VMwareClient, VMware Server, and VMware Master. This approach helpreduce downloads and increase usage by users. It requires 10 Mb inorder to download the Master and Client. The VMware Master works as the cache, DHCP server, PXEserver, and the gateway for VMware Client. Through caching, there isreduced number of transfers needed for images. Upon booting VMware Client, the list of virtual machineappliances is presented. The texts given come from PXE server by wayof the VMware Master, which acts as the receiver of informationcoming from VMware Server. After completing the booting operation,the same scheme is presented to the user just like if he boots an imagelocally.
  • 44. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 44 Considering the server-side run time, to adjoin additionalappliances to the server, disk images should be added into VMwareconfiguration files. After the server has been booted up, certaincommands need to be executed for the new appliances. Upon finishingthe execution, the new appliances become available for consumer. Many times, users are merely interested to demo the appliancesand are not concerned with extracting or downloading huge images.This problem is resolved by the three-tiered system of appliances. Thepartition of the three appliances specifically VMware Master, VMwareServer, and VMware Client is of great help. This is how VMwarefacilitate the use of multiple individual logical servers to be run by onecomputer. The downside of this is in the performance overhead onrunning a VM in place of the native way.
  • 45. 45 | VMware 100 Success SecretsM E T H O D I C A L U N D E R S TA N D I N G O FV M WA R E E S X VMware ESX is a virtualization server produced by VMwareInc. The fundamental server needs certain persistent storage such as arange of hard drives in order to store support files and virtualizationkernel. A variation of this type of design called ESX Server ESXi iscapable of transferring the server kernel to a dedicated hardware.Nevertheless, both of these types of servers are supported by VirtualInfrastructure. VMware ESX is run by bare metal. Unlike the other VMwareproducts, VMware ESX doesn’t run atop the operating system. Instead,it includes a kernel of its own. In version 3 of ESX, the Linux kernelmust be registered first in order to load varieties of specializedcomponents of virtualization.
  • 46. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 46 VMware ESX server makes use of the Linux kernel so as tomanage the ESX propriety kernel, which loads some additional code.Because of the difference in the major versions of software, the Linuxportion of ESX server and VMware have changed their dependencies.In addition, VMware ESX server has incorporated the service consolewhich is based on Linux 2.4 kernel. This is utilized to boot VMwareESX virtualization layer. On the ESX host, Linux kernel is run beforethe other software. In the traditional scheme, the given operating system can run asingle kernel. Moreover, VMware ESX contains both the vmkernel andthe Linux 2.4 kernel. This has confused the ESX to have the Linuxbase. Finally, VMware ESX can be differentiated from the othervirtualization products because it supports the propriety cluster filecalled VMFS. This allows several hosts to access same SAN LUNSconcurrently as the file-level locking offers security to file systemintegrity.
  • 47. 47 | VMware 100 Success SecretsG U I D E S F O R V M WA R E I N S TA L LS E R V E R 1 . 0 O N U B U N T U 6 . 0 6 LT S Reliable guidelines for the installation process of the freeVMware Server 1.0 on Ubuntu 6.06 LTS are essential. As much aspossible one should not install this system without the properinstallation knowledge. For this reason, the following steps forinstallation are gathered to serve as a guide for one to properly installVMware serve 1.0. This however is not the sole way to install suchsystem. There are still some other ways although this one is suggestedbecause it already gives out a successful result.
  • 48. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 48 Just before the installation of VMware, one needs to finish firstthe set up of the fundamental of Ubuntu 6.06 system. There is noproblem whether one uses desktop version or Ubuntu server. However,it needs to be taken note that there should be a working root accountbefore doing the installation because the process will run as root. Now,the first thing to install is the required packages by VMware on theUbuntu system. When doing this, the var partition needs be reviewed ifit has enough space because the virtual machine needs a big disk space.After this, one can already download the free VMware server rightfrom the website of this software. To successfully run the VMware, one needs a serial number,which is also for free. The serial number can be acquired through thedownload page. Now, to finally set up the VMware Server, thefollowing packages are needed: VMware Server for Linux; andManagement Interface. Both of these are obtainable on the downloadpage too. Additionally, to produce new virtual machines, client packageof VMware server is needed for either Linux or Windows. To downloadthe software to the server, using the program of Linux command line ishighly suggested.
  • 49. 49 | VMware 100 Success SecretsU N D E R S TA N D I N G V M WA R E S E R V E RFOR LINUX With virtualization, there are so many things that one shouldunderstand to the least prior to having the VMware server or theoperating system of your choice be downloaded or installed. For one, itshould be clear and understood on how the VMware server actuallyworks and what it needs in order for it to be functionally useful. Or, itwould be best to dig in deeper how and where you can actuallydownload the VMware Server that you want. The VMware server as they always claim is a very powerful andfull of potential application program that one can use for free.However, along with this comes the reality that VMware serverrequires too many resources on your PC. However, this drawback canbe equated with the good things that it can actually bring to you andyour computing life. The wonders that it brings are essentially moretangible compared to what it requires you to have.
  • 50. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 50 On the other hand, Linux as an operating system, whenvirtually used along with the VMware server, can bring so much easeand comfort to any computer user. In addition to the fact that, bymerely virtualizing this operating system, all features that this OS hasare not compromised and are available for use, Linux is one of themost commendable operating systems. Its large capacity to handle andcontrol the whole computer system is unequalled and unparalleled.When this feature is tapped along with the other operating systemsthru virtualization, it can actually do great things for any user.
  • 51. 51 | VMware 100 Success SecretsD O E S L I N U X S TA N D A G O O DP O S I T I O N O N V M WA R E ? VMware or Virtual Machine Software is taking a greater leap inthe industry of computers and information technology. The termvirtualization or virtual machine has become a common householdterm to most techie people because of the wondrous comfort that it isable to give computer enthusiasts. Think about virtual machine software as partitioning a wholeobject into several parts without the actual cut on it. Sounds good butnever complicated! A lot of PC users nowadays are venturing into a lot of works ontheir single PC. Most of the time, these enthusiasts are in need of toomany resources all at the same time. Take a look at working on a jobthat requires different operating systems. You may think about howthis could be possible. With virtualization, this is going to be possible.
  • 52. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 52 Think about virtualization or VMware as allocating yourcomputer resources into several other resources that a PC user wishesto utilize. This is done without the actual partitioning of the drivewhere you can install the other “resources” that you need. The “actualpartitioning” that is done only happens on “virtualization mode”. VMware works with several other OS platforms. The morepopular of which is the Windows platform. However, Linux, anotherrobust operating system, works well with VMware. Not only can youuse both the Linux and Windows together using a virtual machine,apparently you can work on many other OS platforms along with these.Mac OS X is the other OS platform that can be worked on to utilize theVMware technology.
  • 53. 53 | VMware 100 Success SecretsC A N U B U N T U B E I N S TA L L E D O NYOUR V M WA R E P L AY E R ? The Ubuntu or the Linux OS in a more popular term has beenraising too much questions about the possibility of having it installedand executed on a VMware Player. A lot of PC enthusiasts and ITexperts alike have tried and worked on having this done, andfortunately, all attempts to do it have been made successful. Yes, it is possible to have your Ubuntu installed on yourVMware Player. The Ubuntu may have been tagged as the more complexoperating system but looking for the compatibility of it to a lot ofpotential software and hardware in the market is never complicatedand difficult. In fact, the Ubuntu operating system works so muchbetter with many other software programs or players.
  • 54. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 54 The VMware player is proven to be working perfectly withUbuntu. As a matter of fact, even when the other OS like Windows XPand Server are having compatibility issues Ubuntu never had aproblem with it. The complications that other users may have experienced withVMware players over the Ubuntu software are treated to be isolatedcases and have not been witnessed to be a problem with the generalusers of the Linux OS. As it is, when complications arise from installingthe Ubuntu on the VMware player, the user must immediately checkwith the VMware player makers before jumping into any otherconclusion that Ubuntu is having problems with VMware players. Orbetter yet, contact the Ubuntu vendor for any possible fix that they canoffer.
  • 55. 55 | VMware 100 Success SecretsV M WA R E S E R V E R D O W N L O A D :MAKING YOUR COMPUTER WORLDEASIER Have you ever been caught unaware about working on one filethat is easily made in a flash using a Windows version of an operatingsystem and that you find it difficult to do on another type of anoperating system? Well, you do not need to worry about it. The goodnews is that, the VMware or the Virtual Machine Server applicationthat is easily downloadable via the net is just a click away. The VMware Server is an application that allows you to fullymaximize the virtual technology on your personal computer. With therapid invasion of virtualization in the world of computers, you need toaddress it instantaneously. And the answer to that is to have yourself adownloaded VMware Server application. Although the VMware Server has compatibility issues, the goodthing about this is that there are just so many varieties that you canchoose from and download. These choices will allow you then tosimilarly enjoy just the same what virtualization can actually offer.
  • 56. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 56 What is more is that, every variety has a different set of goodfeatures that it can offer to the user. All you need to do is practicallydetermine what fits your needs the most. The VMware Server is a free download that you can have. MostVMware manufacturers offer these application programs for free andthere are some that are premium. The premium services may containadd-ons compared to the non-premium but just the same, any freedownloads that you get give you the most features that you need.
  • 57. 57 | VMware 100 Success SecretsW O R K I N G O N T H E V M WA R E S E R V E RV I S TA One of the few drawbacks that a lot of computer wizards haveto say about VMware is the issue about compatibility. Although youcan practically virtualize your computer machine at any time, the needfor the application software to make the whole process of virtualizationmakes it a little complex. Take a look at how the Vista operating system works well withthe VMware Server. The family of Windows operating system did notrecord any problem or issue of compatibility with Virtual MachineServers – to date. As a matter of fact, the recorded most compatibleoperating systems to work with the VMware is the Windows platform.In such cases, the Windows Vista operating system then perfectlyworks with the VMware Servers.
  • 58. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 58 Just a tidbit of information about VMware -- a VMware serverworks perfectly fine with Intel machines and that it works well withany operating system platform. Another thing, Vista operating systemas we all know consumes a lot of PC memory space due to its massivegraphic interface. Just like Vista, the VMware server does eat too muchmemory space, too. Although you can potentially limit and control theamount of RAM that will be allotted to using the VMware server,however, the minimum requirement to have it properly downloadedand installed is still significantly higher. With these drawbacks, the VMware Server that you will use foryour Vista operating system will require too many resources from yourend. As such, you should prepare your PC resource very well shouldyou plan to actuate virtualization on your PC with Windows Vistaaltogether.
  • 59. 59 | VMware 100 Success SecretsW H AT I S V M WA R E I P O ? With the sudden outburst of virtual machines in the computingindustry, the makers of VMware, specifically the VMwareIncorporated, have thought about the IPO or the Initial Public Offeringthat they will have to do – thinking one good marketing strategy! The public offering of the VMware is a critical component thatthe manufacturers need to deal with. After virtual machine has gainedtremendous acceptance from the consuming public, the need to sustainit on its initial public offering should be made clearly and specifically.A clear and strong plan to forego with the VMware IPO shall allow themakers of Virtual Machine Software to create a well-establishedenvironment not only to its workforce but more specifically to itsexternal environment. Particularly, this move shall create a positiveimage in the eye of the potential clients and buyers. The Initial Public Offering of VMware which constitutedroughly about $30 per share created a positive impact on its marketmapping made in the year 2007. This business action allowed forVMware to create a strong name in the business industry and madeVMware a more credible, competitive, and established business entity.
  • 60. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 60 Now, as it embarks onto a new and promising Initial PublicOffering or IPO for the year 2008, more and more tremendoushappenings are expected to come in as far as the VMware is concerned.It is forecasted to happen that there is not only going to be greaterrevenue to be earned, but to make the Virtual Machine industry a longlasting and strongly competitive industry in the arena of businessworld.
  • 61. 61 | VMware 100 Success SecretsA S S E S S I N G T H E R I G H T V M WA R EP L AY E R Prior to fully utilizing the extra ordinary features of theVirtualization technology one must be able to realize the need for aVMware Player as a necessity to attain the functionalities of theVMware. A VMware Player is a peripheral that you need to use in orderto run and execute multiple operating systems at once on a computer.More to that, with the use of the VMware Player, you can be able toutilize a virtual machine manufactured, designed, and created theleading virtual machines provider like the Virtual MachineWorkstations, the Virtual Machine Software Server or the more famousMicrosoft Virtual Machines.
  • 62. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 62 When choosing and assessing the right Virtual Machinesoftware player, you have to make sure that the actual need to partitionand “chop” the peripherals of the PC just so you can utilize the VMtechnology will no longer be necessary. Another great factor that youneed to remember in assessing the right kind of VMware Player is thefact that it should be free of charge and will not require you to shell outany payment identification information from you. The VMware Playershould be free to download and install on your personal computingdevice. There may be other VMware Players that are being charged butapparently, majority of the VMware that are available in the market arenot of any charge. Lastly, your VMware player should be able to allowfor you to test and assess and eventually share the software via thevirtual machine. Ultimately, this is the right trait of a VMware Playerthat you need to look into.
  • 63. 63 | VMware 100 Success SecretsW H AT I S A V M WA R E S E R V E RCONSOLE? Many computer enthusiasts and majority of computer whizhave the same behavioral pattern of installing more than one operatingsystem on their PC. This has more likelihood when the operatingsystem that is installed on there is PC is the Ubuntu or the Linux.Linux is a very powerful operating system however; there are just somethings that are not realistically possible to be made with Linux and thatis made possible with Windows. So, if these and all are possible, what then prevents otherpeople from having it done? What sort of difficulties are they bound toface? Are there sort of limitations to it?
  • 64. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 64 In order for one to get the whole concept of having multipleinstallations of operating systems, one needs to have a VMware ServerConsole. A VMware server console is necessary to make the variousfamilies of operating systems such as Linux family and the Windowsgenerations, the clan of Solaris and practically the whole NovellNetware. What is good with VMware Server Console is that it allowsfor the 32 and 64 bit versions to easily work with the environment. The VMware Server Console is a very powerful application thatit allows for VMware player and Virtual boxes to work with it. Apartfrom the idea that the latter are essential to successfully run andexecute multiple operating systems, the VMware Console Server makesit easier for the installation process to progress. A lot of people are not aware about the existence of thisapplication. But having knowledge about this can really make yourwhole computing life very easy and bearable.
  • 65. 65 | VMware 100 Success SecretsV M WA R E S E R V E R S E R I A L : T H EWAY T O P R O T E C T T H E D O W N L O A D If you have not noticed it, every time that you are downloadingand installing new application software on your computer, the need fora serial number to be entered is a pre-requisite. The key serial number,usually a combination of alpha numeric, is a way of the manufacturerto protect and seal the download and installation process. There areserial numbers that are universal – meaning, one key is applied to allpotential download and installation – and there are others which aredynamic by nature.
  • 66. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 66 Usually, every attempt to download and install the VirtualMachine software gives you automatically the serial key numbers.More often, the serial numbers are at the last part of the “What youneed to know” section. At times, before you can get the serial number,you will need to undergo the registration process. This is the commonmisconception that people who download software for free – theythink that because it is free no registration is needed. The VMwareServer requires that you register first. After having completed theregistration process, it is then that you can get your serial number. Thisis one way of protecting the manufacturer’s intention. Just a witty note for those who wish to download the VMwareServer application, you can actually save the serial key number andhave it saved for future use because there are downloads that requirethe same serial number from previous downloads. This move actuallysaves you time from registering at anytime you want to download thesame application program.
  • 67. 67 | VMware 100 Success SecretsH O W T O W O R K P E R F E C T LY W I T HTHE V M WA R E T O O L S When you are engaged into learning Virtualization or theVirtual Machine Software, you will have to ready yourself with how youcan perfectly work with the VMware tools. Working effectively with theVMware tools can generally create far better results. These VMware tools are a bunch of add-ons and utilities thatare used to help enhance the graphics side o the various operatingsystems that are being utilized on a single PC. At a certain point, theVMware tools also allow for both the main (host) system and the guestsystems to fuse themselves together giving in a more powerful andstronger feature such as synching in the PC or OS clock, or a better andimproved plug and play thing.
  • 68. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 68 VMware Tools come in different boxes. There are VMware toolsthat are specifically designed for Windows platform and there are toolswhich are working perfectly for Linux. Whichever you think worksperfectly fine, the need to have a different tool based on platform isessentially useful. When these VMware tools are properly installed on the PC,there is an attained better graphics performance and a lot faster dragand drop movement. This is because the VMware tools were designedto perfectly enhance the PC resources to a far better performance. One of the few tips that you may find very useful is tounderstand the effective way to deal with the VMware installer files.Usually, these installer files are built onto the VMware installer asimage files or graphical icons for easy recognition.
  • 69. 69 | VMware 100 Success SecretsA F R E E O S S O F T WA R E K N O W N A SC E N T O S V M WA R E Most VMware software products runs using Linux or Windowshost system. If you do not have any of these operating systems, you canmake use of VMware image or virtual appliance. One of the virtualmachine software developed is the CentOS VMware. CentOS is freesoftware available on Linux distribution wherein the source code canbe freely modified, used and redistributed by anyone. The sources areprovided by a well know North American Enterprise Linux Vendor. CentOS was based on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Inas much as the RHEL source code was only open for Linux subscribers,CentOS developers use the RHEL source code to develop a finalproduct very similar to RHEL The CentOS conforms with theupstream vendors redistribution policy and strives to be 100% binarycompatible with upstream product. The name CentOS stands forCommunity ENTerprise Operating System.
  • 70. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 70 CentOS supports architectures such as i386 (Intel x86architecture 32-bit). x86-64 (AMDs AMD64 and Intels EM64T, 64-bit), IA-64 (Intel Itanium architecture, 64-bit), PowerPC/32 (AppleMacintosh and PowerMac running the G3 or G4 PowerPC processor)("beta" support) and IBM Mainframe (eServer zSeries and S/390) CentOS VMware is developed by team of core developers whichgets its supports from active user community composed of systemadministrators, network administrators, enterprise users, managers,core Linux contributors and Linux enthusiasts from around the world. It is available free for download over the internet for public use,however it is not maintained or supported by Red Hat.
  • 71. 71 | VMware 100 Success SecretsT H E F E I S T Y FAW N I N T H E V M WA R ESERVER The Feisty Fawn is the Canonical’s 6th release of Ubuntu Linux.It is also called as Ubuntu 7.04. The Feisty Fawn was released on April19, 2007. It is one of the most popular open source Linux basedoperating system. It is software that is community developed, regularlyupdated and offered free to the public for use. VMware allows companies to work with multiple operatingsystems on a single host. Some companies opt for low levelapplications to enable them to work on this kind of environment. Thesoftware is user friendly and guides users on how installation should bedone. The Feisty Fawn can be installed in the VMware server. Thefollowing are steps and things to remember during installation: 1. Start the VMware Server and locate from the homemenu, New Virtual Machine. Follow instructions to install a CD ofFeisty Fawn Ubuntu Linux 7.04. The CD should not auto-launcheswithin Windows, if it does, cancel it and do not install, as this will eraseyour physical disk.
  • 72. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 72 2. Allocate enough disk space for the Feisty Fawninstallation partitions 3. When Ubuntu talks of drive formatting and erasinginformation, disregard such talks as they refer to space allocationwithin the VMware virtual machine environment and you need not bescared. 4. The installation takes some time to complete. So bepatient. 5. Make choices for screen-resolution, networking andRAM usage. 6. Upon completion, the Feisty Fawn Ubuntu will restartthe computer and you would have a nice working installation of FeistyFawn Ubuntu Linux within your Windows. With the Feisty Fawn on a VMware Server, companies can savemoney on buying operating systems and still run multiple virtualmachines.
  • 73. 73 | VMware 100 Success SecretsW H AT I S V M WA R E ? VMware is a software developed by VMware, Inc. a companythat markets virtualization software and which are compatible for x86computers. VMware headquarters is located in Palo Alto, California,United States. It has additional offices located in Palo Alto and SanFrancisco, California; Cambridge, Massachusetts; London, UK;Aarhus, Denmark; Sofia, Bulgaria; Beijing, China; Bangalore and Pune,India, and in Cork, Ireland. The name VMware was derived from theacronym "VM", meaning "virtual machine", and ware from second partof the word "Software”. The desktop software is compatible for computers running onMicrosoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X operating system. TheVMware is a software that installed in one computer and allows theduplication of the program execution to multiple computers. Itprovides all other computers connected to the main computer acomplete system platform that supports execution of the completeoperating system. This software allows each computer to behave as ifthey are running on its own operating system having its own set ofprograms and hardware resources.
  • 74. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 74 The VMware, Inc develops software products as such VMwareWorkstation, VMware Server, VMware Converter, VMware CapacityPlanner and VMware ACE. With the use of VMware, computingactivities are free from physical and geographical limitations. It alsominimizes the cost of companies in terms of energy savings and lowercapital expenses as hardware resources are use efficiently. The VMwarealso addresses better desktop management, increased security, andimproved disaster recovery processes as virtual infrastructure is built. VMware is the software that many companies should have. Itmakes all your computers work in just one operating system. It isworth saving the time, money and effort.
  • 75. 75 | VMware 100 Success SecretsV M WA R E W O R K S TAT I O N 6 . 0 : T H ES I X T H G E N E R AT I O N The VMware Inc, the developer of VMware software introducedits most advanced VMware Workstation 6.0 in 2007. It is VMware’ssixth generation of desktop virtualization software product. The VMware Workstation 6 supports Windows, Linux,NetWare, Solaris x86 and FreeBSD operating systems. It featuresincludes full 64-bit support, industry-first support for up to 10 networkinterface cards and experimental support for two-way Virtual SMP Thefollowing are some of its new features: 1. It supports Windows Vista 2. It supports multiple monitor or display. Users are ableto specify as to how many monitors a VM can detect regardless of thenumber of monitors attached to the host. 3. It supports high speed USB 2.0 devices such as AppleiPods and fast storage devices.
  • 76. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 76 4. It has ACE authoring capabilities. The ACE is a securitypack that allows users to securely transport virtual machines onportable media devices such as USB memory sticks. 5. It has integrated Physical-to-Virtual (P2V) functionalitywhere users can create virtual machines by cloning a physicalcomputer 6. It has an Integrated virtual debugger 7. It has a background virtual machine execution. Thesystem provides a tray icon as to how many virtual machines arerunning even as you exit the Workstation 8. It has automation APIs where users write scripts andprograms that will automate and make it quick for virtual machinetesting support for VIX API 2.0. The VMware Workstation 6.0 allows users to maximize thebenefit of virtualization on their desktop VMware Workstation can beelectronically downloaded or purchased on its package retail version. Itis considered to be the most advanced desktop virtualization productfor industry-standard PCs.
  • 77. 77 | VMware 100 Success SecretsF E A T U R E S O F T H E V M WA R EW O R K S TAT I O N 6 One of the VMware software products that VMware, Inc.develops is the VMware Workstation 6. The VMware Workstation 6makes one physical computer machine to run multiple operatingsystems at same time. The VMware Workstation 6 makes it easy forusers to create and run multiple virtual machines . VMwareWorkstation is compatible with Windows, Linux and other hostoperating systems Some of the features of the VMware Workstation 6 are: 1. It uses multiple operating systems on same PC. Usersare able to switch between operating systems, share files betweenvirtual machines and access on all peripheral devices. 2. It takes Snapshots & Videos of Virtual Machines. TheVMware Workstation provides a display thumbnails snapshots of whatyou have work on, on a single screen. This makes it easy in trackingand reverting to return to your work at any time.
  • 78. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 78 3. It runs an Entire Multi-tier System on a Single HostComputer. Allows you to create teams, considered as virtual networkenvironments consisting of a client, server and database virtualmachines. This enables administrator to identify what virtual machinesneeds to be turned in or off, suspend or resume utilization based onteam designations. 4. It allows you to make copies of your virtual machinesfrom a single installation and configuration process. 5. It has the ability to create and deploy secure virtualmachines allowing users to take their desktops with them. The VMware Workstation 6 is more about managing multiplevirtual machines, each having its own processor, memory, networkconnections and peripheral ports with a single host computer workingon it.
  • 79. 79 | VMware 100 Success SecretsT H E V M WA R E W O R K S W I T HFEDORA 7 Fedora 7 is a free operating system developed by Fedora Projectthat produces Fedora Linux distribution. Fedora is a Red Hat PackageManager whose main objective is to provide a rapid progress of Freeand Open Source software. Fedora 7 OS can run the VMware Server. The latest version of Fedora OS is the Fedora 7 with acodenamed Moonshine. Fedora 7 was released on May 31, 2007. Thereis a big difference of Fedora 7 from Fedora 6. The Fedora 7 has mergedthe Red Hat “Core” and Community “Extra” repositories and new buildsystem was designed to manage those packages. Thus, there is only onerepository of open source tools, and the assembly depends on whateverthe Fedora community spins desire. The Fedora 7 is available on three official spins. The spins arevariations of Fedora built from specific set of software packages. Eachof the spin is a combination of software that is design to meet thespecific kind of end user. The spin choices are:
  • 80. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 80 • Live CDs for GNOME and KDE desktop environment.This can be installed to a hard disk and the spins are for desktop userswho choose to do a single disk installation and share the Fedora withfriends, family, and event attendees. • A regular image designed desktops, workstations, andserver users. This spin is to provide a good upgrade path and similarenvironment for users who have previous releases of Fedora. • A set of DVD images which includes all softwareavailable in the Fedora repository. This spin is designed for users whohave no broadband Internet access and choose to have the softwareavailable on disc. Pick your choice and spin the Fedora 7. Make your VMwareServer work under Fedora 7 OS.
  • 81. 81 | VMware 100 Success SecretsT I P S F O R I N S T A L L I N G V M WA R ESERVER The VMware Server is the entry-level server virtualizationsoftware created by VMware, Inc. The VMware Server runs on Linux orWindows host system. You will have to uninstall the VMware productssuch as VMware Workstation, VMware GSX Server, VMware Player, orVMware ACE before you can install a VMware Server. To download thesoftware is to go to Youwill be asked for your email address in order to receive the serialnumbers from VMware. You will be asked to select the host system thatyou are operating. There is a serial number assign for Windows hostsand another number for Linux hosts. Prior to installing your VMware Server there are several thingsthat you need to make sure that you have: 1. The server and host operating system must meet the systems requirement for running the VMware Server
  • 82. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 82 2. The remote management client and operating system must meet the systems requirement for running the VMware Server remote management software. 3. The VMware installation software you downloaded is in your files 4. The VMware serial number that was sent to your email address 5. The CDs or disks installer for your guest operating systems The installation of VMware Server software includes VMwareManagement Interface, the VmCOM API, the VmPerl API, theProgramming API, and the VMware Server Console. Use the serialnumber provided to you during the installation of the VMware ServerConsole. The software will allow you to create your virtual machine foryour guest operating system using the New Virtual Machine Wizard. Install a VMware Server free and start running throughmultiple instances.
  • 83. 83 | VMware 100 Success SecretsP U R C H A S E O F T H E V M WA R E 6 If you would like to save your money in purchasing operatingsystems for each of your computers at work, the VMware Workstation6 is the solution. The VMware Workstation 6 allows you to give moreflexibility with your desktop or laptop computers. It reduces thehardware cost by 50% or more as your machines are running multipleoperating systems on a single PC. VMware automates and streamlineswork thus saving time and improving company’s productivity. The VMware Workstation is helpful to IT professionals,software developers and testers, and those from the technical sales andtraining professionals. Some of the key benefits of the VMwareWorkstation are as follows: 1. IT professionals – The creation and test of multiplecomputing environments as virtual machines on a single PC makes thejob of IT Professionals easy. The VMware reduces the cost of the PCequipment by 50%-60%. It facilitates the software migration andupdates, and accelerates resolution of Help Desk tickets.
  • 84. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 84 2. Software Developers & Testers – It allows them to acceleratetime to market as they eliminate time consuming set up tasks, enhancequality assurance and automate repetitive tasks. 3. Technical Sales & Training Professionals – It makes complexmulti-tier applications easy to work out. VMware Workstation reducesthe cost and complexity of software demos. It allows instructors tohave their students work on a sandbox environment whereexperiments can be done safely. The VMware Workstation 6 can be electronically downloadedor purchased on its retail packaged version. It is available in Japaneseor English language and hosts Windows or Linux. The cost of theelectronic download is quite lower than the packaged version as thelatter includes VMware Workstation on CD, printed manual and web-based support for the first 30 days after shipment.
  • 85. 85 | VMware 100 Success SecretsA L L A B O U T V M WA R E S E R V E R Another VMware software product developed by VMware, the VMware Server. The VMware Server was formerly known as GSXServer. The VMware Server was released in 2006 and was acontinuation of the retired GSX Server. VMware Server has the capabilities of creating, editing andplaying virtual machines. It uses a client-server model, which allowsremote access to virtual machines, using some graphical performanceand 3D support. VMware Server can also run virtual machines createdby Microsoft Virtual PC other than VMware created virtual machines. The VMware Server is a free virtualization product for thosewith Windows and Linux servers that have enterprise-class supportand VirtualCenter management. Thousands of customers for morethan 6 six years have proven the success of this virtualizationtechnology. The following are some of the benefits of the VMwareServer :
  • 86. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 86 • It streamlines the software development and testing. Itallows developers to create multiple environments with differentoperating systems on the same server. • It simplifies the IT test of patches, new applications andoperating systems. It allows systems administrators to test virtualmachines in a secured environment and enables them to roll back to aclean state by leveraging snapshots. • It simplifies server provisioning. A virtual machine isbuild once and deployment done in multiple times. • It evaluates software in a ready-to-run virtual machineswithout the need for installation and configuration. The VMware Server is free and can be downloadedelectronically. It is an easy to use server virtualization product.
  • 87. 87 | VMware 100 Success SecretsT H E V M WA R E W O R K S TAT I O NV E R S I O N 6 . 0 & I T S U N M AT C H E DF E AT U R E S The VMware Workstation 6.0 is one of the software developedby VMware, Inc. and is considered as the most advanced virtualizationfor desktop and laptop computers. The VMware Workstation 6.0 is thenew release version has made the VMware, Inc. The VMware workstation is essential for companies who workwith multiple operating systems or computing environments. Peoplewho are IT engineers/system administrators/software developers andQA engineers, call center/help desk/tech support engineers, computer-based educators/trainers and their students, salespeople and salesengineers who run software demos. Users who need to run Linux onWindows (or vice-versa) and users of modern operating system such asWindows Vista find VMware Workstation useful. The VMware Workstation allows virtual machines to run justlike a full PC with its own CPU, memory, disks, I/O devices, etc.
  • 88. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 88 The Workstation 6.0 runs with Microsoft Office, AdobePhotoshop, Apache Web Server, Microsoft Visual Studio, Kerneldebuggers, Firewalls and VPN software. The VMware Workstation 6.0has unmatched set of value-added features that enhances theproductivity of technical professionals and organizations. Thesefeatures include: 1. It has support for Windows Vista both for guest and host operating systems; 2. It has multiple monitor display that spans the virtual machine display across a second monitor; 3. It has support for USB 2.0 devices which includes high-speed storage and iPods; 4. It has a VMware Converter that makes it easy for users to create new virtual machine from a physical disk; 5. It has the ability to access remotely the console of a virtual machines from a VNC client; 6. It has the ability of running virtual machines in the background without the Workstation UI; 7. It has integration with leading IDEs, (Visual Studio and Eclipse); and 8. It has state record/replay capabilities.
  • 89. 89 | VMware 100 Success SecretsTHE BENEFITS OF USING DEBIANV M WA R E A P P L I C AT I O N Debian is a freeware open source operating system that runs ona Linux kernel developed along the principles of the GNU project. Auser can install this in a workstation using Windows operating systemwithout necessarily altering the partition and the boot system sequenceof the host machine. This can be made possible through the DebianVMware virtual appliance installation on the host operating system.This means the Debian VMware virtual appliance will run as one of thewindow of the host operating system. It can give users full functionalityof the Linux distribution while at the same time maintaining theoriginal OS installation of the host machine. This virtualization of twoworkstations in a single host can fully optimize the performance of thedesktop system.
  • 90. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 90 Installing the Debian Etch VMware application is also easy. It’smuch like installing a stand along application the current operatingsystem. A user can download either a full gnome or a minimal gnomedesktop Debian VMware. These applications are freeware and readilyavailable on the Internet. Because of its big file size, it would be fasterto download it through Bit Torrent. It comes in a zip file or compressedformat. After unzipping the files, it can now be installed as a virtualappliance on the host Windows operating system by following theinstruction dialog boxes. The Debian VMware virtual appliance is a very usefulapplication that can enable Windows users to switch betweenoperating system. This maximizes the capabilities of the workstationbecause it can now run different programs written for differentplatforms. This is ideal for enterprise as well as home use.
  • 91. 91 | VMware 100 Success SecretsU N D E R S TA N D I N G T H E B A S I C S O FG E N T O O V M WA R E V I R T U A L I Z A T I O N Gentoo Linux operating system is a lightweight, easy to use,highly modular distribution application designed to provide highoptimization for desktop performance. It primarily focuses itsoperation on the distribution of the OS from the source code. The development of Gentoo fast-tracked this distribution andthe system attained a reputation for high-speed performance. For non-Linux users, installing the Gentoo system could be a daunting taskespecially if the workstation operates on the Windows platform.Fortunately, the virtualization capability of the VMware system willallow users and system administrators to view and experiment with theGentoo distribution without changing their current operating system.
  • 92. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 92 Through Gentoo VMware deployment, the Linux distributioncould be installed as a guest appliance on the host machine. Thismeans VMware will create a virtual workstation for the Gentoo OS andit can run as a single window of the current Windows platform. In thisway, the Gentoo distribution can be tested and used fully even withoutpartitioning and altering the system configuration of the presentworkstation set-up. To set-up the Gentoo operating system, users need to preparefirst the virtual machine. This means the VMware virtualizationprogram needs to be uploaded first on the current desktopenvironment. After setting up the virtual machine, the guest operatingsystem can be installed on it. Installing the Gentoo Linux on the virtual machine would beeasier especially if the Gentoo Handbook is available. All theinstallation and customization instructions can be found in it. When allthings are settled, the current workstation can now function as a dualworkstation with a host OS and a guest virtual machine with separateOS.
  • 93. 93 | VMware 100 Success SecretsH O W T O I N S TA L L V M WA R E :U N D E R S TA N D I N G T H ERECOMMENDED HOSTREQUIREMENTS Many information articles can be found detailing the step-by-step process on how to install VMware. In fact, detailed guides can befound on each site that offers a free download of VMware. It is besthowever to know first the recommended system requirementsespecially when installing a guest VMware server on a host machine. First, make sure that the host machine is an Intel. That’sbecause VMware server will only run on Intel-based host. It is alsoideal to have Linux as the operating system of the host but the VMwareserver will still run on Windows XP.
  • 94. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 94 Second, VMware server requires lots of memory power. Thehost machine will significantly slow down if it only has less than 512MB of physical memory. The ideal RAM of the host machine should beat least 1 GB. This will allow the user to install 1 to 2 servers on thehost. Upon set-up, users can tweak the memory allocation for eachserver that will be installed. Ideally, the virtual VMware server shouldhave at least 256 MB RAM allocation to run smoothly. Third, disk space and CPU utilization will also be taxed by theadditional guest server. The host and the guest servers will naturallyuse the resources of a single machine. So it would be best to considerthis fact before installing additional guest VMware server. The harddrive requirement could be maxed out especially if the guest serverswill be used for commercial or enterprise related purposes.
  • 95. 95 | VMware 100 Success SecretsSTEPS ON SETTING-UP MAC OSX86V M WA R E O N A V I R T U A L M A C H I N E Installation of Mac OSX86 VMware will allow a workstation torun two operating systems. This is especially useful for workstationsthat are running on Windows platform. The addition of the Mac OS ona virtual VMware guest machine would create additional opportunitiesand superior flexibility for the Host machine. To install a Mac OS X on a PC Windows, one needs to downloadfirst a copy of the VMware program. This is available as a freeware onthe VMware website. There are also lots of websites that offer freedownloads of VMware complete with installation instructions andserial numbers. Once the download is complete, the VMware can be installed toset-up a virtual machine on the PC workstation. Installation of theVMware virtual guest machine is as just like setting up a newapplication for the PC. The user will be prompted by a wizard so itwould be a matter of just clicking buttons until the installation can becompleted.
  • 96. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 96 After installation of the VMware virtual machine, it can now beconfigured manually to allow users to allocate the physical memory ofthe host. Each guest appliance will need 256 MB of RAM in order for itto run optimally. It can be set to 128 MB per virtual machine but therewould be a significant slow down when another OS is loaded on it. The next step would involve installation of the Mac OS X on thevirtual machine. Mac OSX86 can be purchased online. There are freedownloadable versions of it but there could be an issue that may arisefrom these free OSX86 downloads. So, upon securing a copy of the MacOS, it can now be loaded on the VMware virtual machine as a separateoperating system using the resources of the host PC.
  • 97. 97 | VMware 100 Success SecretsH O W T O U N I N S TA L L V M WA R ELEFTOVER REGISTRY ENTRIES VMware users may need to uninstall the program for severalreasons. Sometimes however, uninstalling it could run in someproblems especially if it was loaded on a Windows Vista platform.Regular un-installation should pose no issues but problems usuallyoccur when a VMware virtual machine installation was interrupted andthe system crashed thus leaving incomplete registry files on the host.Users will not be able to install another version of VMware because itwill conflict with the previous registry that will be detected by thesystem. Because the user will not be able to clear the registry entry onthe add / remove program functionality of the PC, it would be best toperform the uninstall on the dos window of the PC. The general stepsshould follow this sequence:
  • 98. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 98 First, when an installation error was detected by the system onthe new VMware version, users should reboot their PC. After reboot,the Dos window should be opened and perform a query on thecommand line. One should type C:temp>VMware-workstation-(version of the VMware).exe /?. The succeeding line will provide anoption for the user to clear the previous VMware installation where the/? in the command line should be replaced by a /c for a command thatinstructs clearing the previous registry information of the VMwareapplication. After hitting the enter command, the previous installation ofVMware will be automatically purged from the host operating systemand the new installation can now be uploaded to the host system.Reboot the PC after the uninstall procedure and load the new VMwareversion to install it on the machine.
  • 99. 99 | VMware 100 Success SecretsE VA L U A T I O N & L I C E N S E D V MSERIAL NUMBERS: GIVINGCUSTOMERS THE FREEDOM TOCHOOSE VMware, Inc., whose parent company is the well-known storageand information management software developer EMC Corporation, isa company that focuses on making virtualization software. The nameVMware comes from VM, acronym of the phrase "virtual machine." Virtualization is all about maximizing resources, and because ofthis reason, its considered a very important concept in the IT industry.With virtualization, several physical resources can be combined tocreate just one virtual resource. Conversely, a single physical resourcecan be divided into several virtual resources, also with virtualization.Whatever the need may be, virtualization allows the customization ofresources to ensure that everything is used and nothing is wasted.
  • 100. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 100 VMware addresses that need by designing reliablevirtualization software that companies can use to manage their ITresources. VMware has a respected reputation in the industry—itsproducts are considered high quality. However, pirated copies ofVMware products exist, so clients are warned to be careful not to makepurchases from anywhere else but the online VMware store. To avoid being a victim of pirates, clients are directed to theSerial Number page( in theofficial VMware website. A couple of options are usually available forall VMware products—first one is a free 30- or 60-day evaluation serialnumber good for a trial period, and the second one is a paid licensedserial number. Clients are free to test drive VMware’s products bygoing for the evaluation serial numbers first before buying the licensedones. However, for VMware server, licensed serial numbers are givenaway for free.
  • 101. 101 | VMware 100 Success SecretsH I G H F I V E F O R V M WA R E 5 VMware for virtual machines have been around for quite sometime now. The latest version it has been able to offer is the version 5.There are many satisfied users of VMware, which undoubtedly explainsthe steady upgrades done with this virtualization solution. A couple ofmonths ago they released VMware version 5 and as such there aremany people whose jobs involve software development and reviewinghave been eagerly anticipating such an offering and have made theirjobs a lot less difficult. The release of VMware 5 is the product of strictfocus and concentration on the actual and practical needs of differenttesters and developers who would be using such a release in order forthem to manage and deliver the great new features that are waiting tobe used.
  • 102. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 102 One of its most salient productivity features for manydevelopers would be the new feature called new team functionality. Bythis, we mean that a team is present to help you group togethermultiple virtual machines into one single entity. Doing so will allowyou a more efficient method of turning on a web server, a client and adatabase server and let you boot up all three virtual machines at thesame time in one swiftly fluid operation. Aside from this, this newfeature also has an improved memory sharing technology to allowdevelopers to work in teams more efficiently. Using memory sharing,you are less likely to take up around 512 megabytes of physical randomaccess memory because the VMware is aware of what can be found onevery ram.
  • 103. 103 | VMware 100 Success SecretsV M WA R E 5 . 5 : T H E P O W E R O FV I RT U A L I ZAT I O N AT T H E H A N D S O FTHE USER The VMware 5.5 will allow the use of multiple operatingsystems on a single PC workstation. This is called virtualization ofmachines and is the main feature of VMware workstations. VMware5.5 is the most common virtualization engine currently used today butit has been upgraded with the VMware Workstation 6 and a betaversion of VMware 6.5. Essentially, the VMware workstations will convert any desktopor laptop into multiple machines. The virtual machines are completesystems with their own sets of operating systems, processorconfiguration, network applications, memory, and peripheral ports set-up. Users then will have multiple computers running on a singlemachine. This will certainly enhance the power of the desktop orlaptop and multiply the productivity of the host machine.
  • 104. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 104 Running the VMware Workstation will allow users to rundifferent operating systems and access them with just a click of themouse. Files and programs can be used across different platforms andit can be shared easily because of the drag and drop functionality ofVMware virtual machines. So, a user may only need to open anothervirtual PC in a window and drag the files from the host or other guestmachine to the window of another virtual machine. The peripheral andnetwork resources can also be shared by all the machines so therewould be no need for buying another set of peripherals. This meansgreat savings and increased productivity. Virtualization of workstations is an excellent option forindividuals and companies that need multiple computers with differentplatforms. The VMware application could certainly optimize theperformance of the PC thus enabling users to add machines withoutinvesting on new hardware.
  • 105. 105 | VMware 100 Success SecretsC R I T I C A L V M WA R E 6 4 B I TEXTENSION FOR SUPPORTINGM U LT I P L E P L AT F O R M S The ability of hybrid VMware 64 bit extension support enablesvirtualization of enterprise related and memory intensive programssuch as data mining and database management. The VMware 64-bitextension support follows the capability of 64-bit machines to runapplications using 32 bit and 64 bit under an operating system with64-bit configuration. In this way, the extension support will allowinstallation of VMware virtual machines with 64-bit configuration onhost systems running under the same set-up.
  • 106. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 106 The virtual machines will also not conflict with 32-bitapplications because it will allow its use on the current platform. It willjust be moved to the 32/64 bit applications without altering theoriginal configuration of the program. The VMware extension supportalso provides room for legacy 16-bit applications to run seamlessly onthe virtual PC having 64-bit platform. This is a powerful featurebecause it will allow any applications written for different platform torun and operate on virtual machines configured under VMwaresystems. Companies therefore can consolidate all their 16 / 32 / 64-bitplatforms into a unified workstation thus eliminating the need forexpensive upgrades of hardware resources. Although for highlymemory intensive programs such as database management, companiesmay have to upgrade their systems memory capacity. Upgrades onmemory capacity will eliminate the danger of system crashes due toinsufficient memory, system slow down, and system hang. Theintroduction of 64-bit extension support also extended virtualization ofthe entire enterprise network, which can improve the computing powerof companies.
  • 107. 107 | VMware 100 Success SecretsV M WA R E A N Y- A N Y PAT C H :S O LV I N G C O M M O N V M WA R ES O F T WA R E I S S U E S VMware-any-any update patch is the proven solution of mostVMware users having problems with their virtualization. Some systemsthat are running on the Linux distribution host have experiencedproblems with virtual engines created by VMware workstation andVMware GSX server. Sometimes, these problems are caused by incompatible hostand client versions. The solution probably is to upgrade the host or toget the latest update of the VMware software. However, virtualizationissues especially on Linux platform can be resolved by a simple patchto the current VMware software. This is the any-any patch, which canbe uploaded to the host system.
  • 108. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 108 It will be detected by the VMware installation and thesucceeding procedure will automatically fix the problem or bug. If thispatch works well on the host system, then upgrading or installation ofnew VMware would not be necessary. Virtualization can now performits normal operation. The VMware any-any patch can be downloaded from theVMware website. It is available for free especially if the subscriber hasa working license of the product. It can also be found in online techmagazines, forums and blogs. The command line for the VMware any-any- patch will be provided by the webmasters on their site and theuser can simple copy the patch and install it on their system. Asking forum moderators or pinging back the blog owner forinstruction on how to install the any-any patch would be useful also.Normally, forum moderators and tech bloggers will answer queries andhelp users configure their virtual machines.
  • 109. 109 | VMware 100 Success SecretsW H E R E T O F I N D T H E V M WA R E A N Y-A N Y PAT C H The most common issues that can be encountered on VMwarevirtualization installation is the response generated by the host oncreating kernel modules. The host may find it difficult to consolidatethe virtual kernel application thus it rejects if from the system. Anothercommon issue that may be encountered on VMware programinstallation is the complaint of the virtual machine itself on the state ofthe physical machine’s kernel. VMware may sound an alarm that thekernel of your machine is totally new to VMware. If these problemspersist after reconfiguring VMware, then a patch called VMware any-any could be the only solution. VMware any-any can be downloaded for free at the VMwarewebsite. It can also be found on other VMware module vendors and isreadily available as an ftp or browser downloadable file. Tech websites,VMware forums, and tech blogs also provide any-any patch to itsreaders and members. One can easily search for VMware any-anypatch on search engines. The most common destination for thedownload is forum sites.
  • 110. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 110 After downloading the zip or packed any-any patch, unzip itand run the installation exe file. This should automatically correct theproblem of the VMware installation. It should allow the kernel to bewritten upon thus completing the installation of virtual machines onthe host system. If the problem cannot be solved by the VMware any-any patch,then look for the documentation of the VMware software package. Seeif the licensing information provides for support from the VMwarewebsite. If there were no immediate solution at hand, it would be idealto upgrade the entire VMware software and run the latest version of iton the host system.
  • 111. 111 | VMware 100 Success SecretsS I M P L E S O L U T I O N F O R V M WA R EA N Y- A N Y U P D AT E O N L I N U X Running a VMware virtual machine or virtualization datacenter is indeed declaring yourself to be at the height of technologicalbreakthroughs in the 21st century. But what if you use a non-windowsplatform and still want the benefit of using a virtual machine applianceor system? Is there any other way for non-windows users to integratesuch a system in their own freeware operating systems? Simply put,how can Linux users, especially those who have chosen the way of theUbuntu, get around such a problem? The answer is to look for asolution to this by using a patch. If you look hard enough, there is asolution for the VMware-server-1.0.5-80187 so you can run it inUbuntu Hardy.
  • 112. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 112 Of course, the prerequisite to this is to make sure that you havealready taken the necessary steps and have upgraded your existingUbuntu Linux kernel up to the latest version. When you have done so,simply type in uname -r prior to working on any other commands thatwill follow. When you are done with this, your next step would be toturn on and run on your computer the any-any patch update. Afterdoing so, you can then go to your prompt box and do the usually sudocommands, but this time using sudo that are any-any update specific.Keep in mind that for users who have a sixty-four bit system, there arearound three or four additional commands you need to run in sudobefore any changes take effect.
  • 113. 113 | VMware 100 Success SecretsV M WA R E AT A G L A N C E : V I R T U A LAPPLIANCE If you were looking for appliances for your VMware virtualmachine, the best place for you to look would be at the actual VMwaresite itself. Sure, there are a lot of vendors found in many third partywebsites, but when you are looking for quality and ease of functionthen it is always best to go to the standard-bearer – and in this case,the standard-bearer is the actual home site itself. Simply put virtualappliances are pre-configured, pre-built and ready to run applicationsfor enterprises that are packaged with its own operating system locatedinside a virtual machine.
  • 114. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 114 Using these appliances, many customers can easily install aswell as deploy many pre-integrated solution stacks. Doing so will helpto speed up the time needed to value as well as simplify softwaredevelopment, management as well as distribution. The beauty aboutvirtual appliances is that is has the ability to change the way a softwareis both developed and delivered. Using these virtual appliances, manyISVs now have the power to develop using a single platform only.Doing so will help to reduce both the cost as well as the complexity ofsoftware development as well as management. Additionally, using virtual appliances can allow such systems tosecurely and efficiently distribute the system that is under an industrystandard format, which is popularly known as the Open VirtualMachine Format or OVF. Using these, customers now have thefreedom to deploy the OVF packaged appliance on their ownvirtualization platform.
  • 115. 115 | VMware 100 Success SecretsB A C K U P S O L U T I O N S F O R V M WA R E So you have finally decided to integration virtualization andhave been able to set up a virtual data center in your office or workspace. While you certainly have made the right move, it also involvesnew responsibilities which will need to be fulfilled by you and yourstaff. One of these responsibilities is backing up your VMware. This istruly important because let us face it – if all your information becomeslost for any reason at all, your work would halt and come at astandstill! So before you panic about this very disturbing thought, takesome care to back up your VMware.
  • 116. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 116 In order to do this, you will need to invest in a solution calledthe VMware Consolidated Backup. This is a centralized back up facilitywhich can offer you the leverage of a centralized proxy service while atthe same time reducing the load on the production of VMware ESXhosts. Thanks to this consolidated backup, you can easily improve themanageability of your company while at the same time reducing costs.It enables you to have a LAN-free backup consisting of virtualmachines that are all connected to a centralized proxy server. Tosummarize, the consolidated backup allows you to integrate the systemwith other existing backup tools as well as technologies which you wereable to set up earlier. Additionally, it lets your perform both full as wellas incremental file backups of your virtual machines. This way, you canalso perform full image backup and manage such backups in a morecentralized way.
  • 117. 117 | VMware 100 Success SecretsV M WA R E B R I D G E D N E T W O R K S :PROTECTING THE ENTIREN E T W O R K F R O M S Y S T E M FA U LT S Configuring VMware bridged networking allows for teamingnetwork adapters in order to increase its fault tolerance level. The ideabehind network bridge teaming is to secure the network in cases wherean adapter suffers failure. In this instance, when an adapter fails tofunction, traffic on the server and the entire network can still run andcontinue to function because of the bridging technique. This isessentially a double wall protection for systems running several virtualnetworks.
  • 118. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 118 Fault tolerance can also be enhanced by leaving the originalconfiguration of bridging typical to any Windows based platform.Automatic bridging is automatically loaded on a network with severaladapters. The user however needs to manually configure and selectwhich should be the primary and secondary adapters. In this way,when a crash or a glitch happens on the primary network, the systemwill automatically bridge all activities on the secondary routeeliminating the danger of network paralysis. System administrators must thoroughly understand thenetwork teaming configuration of the host machine before applyingbridges to the virtual machines. Applying teamed networks on virtualmachines involves binding the entire VMware bridging protocols to theteamed network. The individual virtual machines on the other handshould be released from the network interface cards of the host. This isto ensure that no conflict can occur on networked virtual machines.Information on how to configure these settings can be found on thehost network configuration systems which include the methods onsetting up the windows host settings.
  • 119. 119 | VMware 100 Success SecretsT H E I M PA C T O F V M WA R EC E RT I F I C AT I O N O N I TPROFESSIONALS VMware certification is given to individual technicians thathave shown strong capabilities in creating virtual infrastructures usingthe VMware technology. This certification is open for partners,resellers, end-users, and virtualization consultants. Having an in-depthknowledge and skills in virtualization technology can certainly enhancethe career of IT professionals and boost the credibility of individualservice providers of VMware technology. The VMware certification has two levels of courses namely theVMware ESX server / VMware Virtual Center and the VMwareInfrastructure 3. Today however, only the VMware ESX server remainsas the sole course for certification.
  • 120. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 120 To get certification as a VMware virtualization expert, oneneeds to undergo training in instructor-led courses for VMwareapplications and virtualization performance. This course will teachtrainees the best practices and the current standards and technologiesin the application of the VMware virtual machines software. Asidefrom instruction, those who wish to be certified as a virtualizationexpert must have hand on experience on virtualization technologies. ITprofessionals who have no actual experience on virtualization will findit difficult to pass the exams. After the training and hands on experience, one must apply forexamination schedule on one of the certified testing centers forVMware. Applicants must successfully pass the exams to get formalcertification. Successful examinees can use the VMware CertifiedProfessional logo on their business information card or on theirwebsites in order to show their proficiency in building and maintainingvirtual IT infrastructures. This will surely give them an edge overcompetitors in the virtualization market.
  • 121. 121 | VMware 100 Success SecretsW H AT I S A V M WA R E C L O N E ? A VMware clone is an exact replica of the actual virtualmachine created on VMware program. There are two types of VMwareclones. One is the full clone which is fully independent of the originalvirtual machine and serves as a separate entity with full functionality.The second type is the linked clone which is only a reference of theoriginal virtual machine. Naturally a full VMware clone will take moredisk space than a linked clone. VMware clones can be used as a testing environment of virtualguest machines. Normally, it would take hours to set-up a virtualmachine including the installation of its operating system. When asecurity or a system update has been released, virtualization expertsusually test its configuration first before fully applying it to the virtualarchitecture. The long hours of set-up can be very time consuming andannoying especially if specialists have many tasks on their hands. Thisis where the clones’ utility comes in.
  • 122. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 122 By creating a clone, system administrators can easily test newconfigurations on the actual replica of the system. They can determineif it will work optimally or will create issues with the current set-up.They can then diagnose and reconfigure a solution to the clone and seeits results. The customization then can be applied on the actual virtualenvironment, thus saving hours of set-up and avoiding trial and errorconfiguration on existing virtual machines. This will certainly avoidany damage to the virtual machines if conflicts occur with the new setup.
  • 123. 123 | VMware 100 Success SecretsA N O V E R V I E W O F V M WA R EC L U S T E R S E T- U P Creating VMware cluster is relatively easy especially for systemadministrators that have enough experience on several virtualizationtechniques. VMware clustering essentially involves several stepssimilar to the ones encountered in normal set-up and configuration ofprograms in a virtual machine. First, system administrators must ensure that their virtualenvironments meet the recommended VMware cluster prerequisites.These prerequisites can be found on the documentation of VMwarecluster program and configuration. Following the prerequisites canavoid possible issues that could arise due to incompatible systemsenvironment. After determining the VMware prerequisites, the newcluster wizard can now be initialized.
  • 124. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 124 In order to invoke or initialize the VMware cluster wizard, usershave two options. They can right click on new folder and tick the newcluster tab or they can simply use keyboard hotkeys. Ctrl-L is the shortcut for invoking the new cluster wizard for VMware. Configure thecluster settings. Configuration will also be guided by the wizard anddifferent options are available for the administrator. Clusterconfiguration will generally depend on the needs of the virtualenvironment and these can be provided on a user friendly interface bythe cluster wizard. Involved in the cluster configuration is the set-up for specificfeatures that may be included in the cluster, the level of automationneeded for the virtual platform, and selecting different options forvirtualization. After this step, administrators must include the specificsupport needed by the VMware cluster. The support systems can affectthe display and task configuration list of the newly created VMwarecluster.
  • 125. 125 | VMware 100 Success SecretsFA M I L I A R I Z I N G Y O U R WAYTHROUGH A V M WA R E C M D VMware, a virtual machine company, also has a cmd functionwhich one can perform in order to make the other commands a lotdoable. Using the VMware utility, one can perform different kinds ofoptions on the virtual machine like being able to register a virtualmachine on to the local server, making attempts to monitor the powerstate of the virtual machine, as well as setting the differentconfiguration variables. Keep in mind though that the previous virtualmachines VMware control utility has been termed as depreciated. Should you find yourself using scripts of the VMware controlutility, you will need to update your scripts with the newer versions ofthe VMware cmd utility. Otherwise, it will not be able to work using theVMware GSX Server 2x or even the ESX Server. If you want to knowthe location of the VMware-cmd, it can be found in the directory of/usr/bin directory (if you are using a Linux operating system) and ifyou are using a Windows system, it can be found in C:ProgramFilesVMwareVMware VmPerl Scripting API.
  • 126. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 126 The VMware also has several options for commands which youcan use as shortcuts for when you are programming the system. The Hfunction may be used in order to specify the alternate host rather thanjust the local host. The O function is used when you want to specify analternative port – and for this command, you can also take note of thedefault port number of 902.
  • 127. 127 | VMware 100 Success SecretsV M WA R E . C O M : Y O U R O N E - S T O PSITE If you want to look for a place where you can learn anythingand everything about virtual machines – or more specifically, VMware– then there is no other place you should go to but Thisis your one stop website for information that is related to virtualmachines. The great thing about the website is that it not only providesyou with the usual information about the company itself, but itprovides you with useful information and smart solutions that you caneasily and readily appreciate. For example, you can easily click on a tablabeled solutions in order to look at a rundown of all the fixes andanswers which VMware has to the many problems and predicamentstechnicians who work with virtual computers have, thereby makingtheir work much more productive and efficient.
  • 128. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 128 There are also, of course, a rundown of all the products whichthe company has for those who are interested in integratingvirtualization and the virtual data center in their office or workplace.Of course, one can also give props to the many customers and partners- with whom the company VMware is affiliated and works – as a sort oftestament to its efficient and quality service which is tried and testedby many other giants in the business and information technologyindustries. Navigating through the website will allow you an insight onhow virtualization and the integration of the virtual data center isslowly changing the face of businesses today, leaving you convinced ofthe fact that this surely is the way to go in this day and age.
  • 129. 129 | VMware 100 Success SecretsBASIC NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THEV M WA R E C O N S O L E One of the main functions of a VMware virtual machine consoleis to connect to actual virtual machines by way of the port 902.However, some users find that this particular port may post a bit of aproblem for the sites, causing some downtime and error lags,especially for those who make full use of the chat program referred toas ideafarm. Should this be your case – or someone you know – thenwhat you can do as a seemingly simple solution is to change the exactport number which your console is currently using. This port numberusually means adding a variable manually until it satisfies severalcertain preference files.
  • 130. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 130 There are some steps you will need to take and such steps willdepend on the type of server host’s operating system – including thehost where the console finds itself running on and how you arematching such a change to the actual GSX Server or to the actualconsole itself. If you change settings, remember that the authd.porttype of setting is a lot different from the authd.client.port setting. Theformer is a variable which allows the GSX Server to identify the port itneeds to monitor and listen to in order to establish the differentconsole connections that come from the remote hosts and the clients.The latter, on the other hand, is a variable which makes the consoleaware – on the client side, however – of the particular port you aretrying to use to bridge a connection.
  • 131. 131 | VMware 100 Success SecretsAN EXCITING NEW “CONVERTER”O F F E R I N G F R O M V M WA R E If you have been using virtual machines for quite some timenow, you may have heard of a new kind of product from thesemerchants called the VMware Converter. It is now on the third releaseand is also based on the old and discontinued line originally called theVMware P2V assistant (which is why you might be a bit familiar withsome of its more general features). The VMware converter has thepurpose of allowing you to quickly and efficiently migrate all your datafrom the actual physical machines themselves to the virtual machinesof VMware. There are many great things this product can do for you. It is designed to convert both local and remote physical serversusing the unique “no downtime” feature. It can convert different typesof P2V conversions while working with a centralized console at thesame time. You can also use this to convert other third party virtualmachines onto the VMware unit – for example, you can create virtualcopies of popular third party Microsoft software applications such asMS PC, MS Server, backup Exec, Ghost and Live State.
  • 132. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 132 Additionally, you also have the option to both clone and createbackups of physical machines on the virtual machines as you please.Picky – or rather, very particular individuals – may choose theirVMware converter from two choices – there is a free edition VMwareconverter Starter and there is an Enterprise line for those who expectheavy duty performance. Needless to say, there is a type of VMwareconverter for you – whatever your needs may be.
  • 133. 133 | VMware 100 Success SecretsA H O W - T O O F V M WA R ECONVERTER After you finally purchase your very own VMware converter forwhatever need you might find for it, the next step you will want tomake is to download and install the actual material on your computer.These might take several steps, but with careful execution you willeasily find that it actually is a very simple set of actions to take. Whenyou want to download the VMware converter itself, all you have to do isto follow the download link found on the webpage of the converterproduct. This will immediately bring you to the site where the actualfile is installed and you can get the VMware Converter Starter file fromthere.
  • 134. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 134 After clicking the download now button, you will be asked to fillin the registration form as well as accept the software licenseagreement. From there, you have the option to either run the downloador simply save it. After it downloads, click run. This will then take youto the Installation Wizard from the VMware Converter. Here, you willjust need to keep clicking next and accept the license agreement – itwill then take you to the default installation directory and then ask ifyou would be willing to take the Typical (Recommended) installationmethod once you keep clicking on to the next. From here, you will be brought to the installation page andonce it is complete, you can then check on the checkbox to allow theVMware Converter to run. Click Finish and you will then find yourselfbeing able to work on the seventeen megabyte program.
  • 135. 135 | VMware 100 Success SecretsFUSS-FREE CONVERSION WITHV M WA R E C O N V E R T O R Need a powerful yet extremely efficient solution for yourphysical machines to convert into virtual ones? Your search for it isnow over thanks to the VMware convertor. This convertor has a veryintuitive set up that is wizard-driven in terms of interface design. Itworks to convert the physical machines to virtual ones, and does it veryquickly too. It can also convert physical machines that run on aMicrosoft Windows operating system onto a third party image that isformatted to work seamlessly with virtual machines.
  • 136. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 136 Additionally, it can also do the job of converting virtualmachines between two VMware virtual platforms. All you have to do isto simply automate and then simplify the physical machine to virtualconversion and vice versa using the VMware convertor itself. The greatthing about the VMware convertor is that one can actually use it to runon a very wide variety of solution hardwares. Another great plus is thatit has the capability to provide support for a lot of Microsoft Windowsoperating systems that are commonly in use by a lot of differentenvironments, thus ensuring the wide compatibility feature of themachine. If you use this very robust system of class migration, you areopening yourself up to a very easy way of quickly and reliablyconverting both local as well as remote physical machines into virtualones with the absence of any sort of disruption or even the dreadeddown time. You can also use it to complete multiple conversions with asingle management console that runs in a centralized manner as well.
  • 137. 137 | VMware 100 Success SecretsV M WA R E E S X 3 : T H E C O M P L E T EHYPERVISOR OF THE VIRTUALENVIRONMENT The VMware ESX server 3 is essentially a virtual hyper-visorthat can be deployed easily on virtual environments and can runindependently on whatever operating system is in place. VMware ESXcan create an entire virtual PC which has its own set of processor, plug-in peripherals, memory, networks, and storage capabilities. Theapplication can literally create multiple fully functioning workstationson a single host machine. The VMware ESX serves as the foundation of an entire virtualinfrastructure which is fully capable for data center support andmultiple desktop activities. The ESX technology also enables systemadministrators to scale any virtual architecture based on the he needsof the enterprise using virtual machines. This certainly helpscompanies optimize the functionality of their virtual IT environmentsand avoid redundancy of the virtual systems.
  • 138. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 138 Through the ESX VMware application, multiple machines canshare the same resources of the host PC and allows efficientpartitioning of the host system. This will save companies fromexpensive overhead costs on hardware requirements. Because thevirtual machines does not use additional hardware, the cost savingeffect can be converted to further boosting the power and capacity ofits data center for more complicated data mining applications andresource intensive database operations. With ESX, the virtual machines can also run multiple operatingsystems without altering the system configuration of their hostenvironment. This optimization can translate to increase performanceand productivity of each workstation and server extensions. VMwareESX is an integral part of the VMware virtualization suite.
  • 139. 139 | VMware 100 Success SecretsS M A R T S O L U T I O N S O N LY F R O MV M WA R E E S X S E R V E R If you want to build the right foundation for a quick andefficiently responsive data center, you will need a solution that justdoes not believe in cutting corner. Thank goodness there is such asolution that is readily available – and that solution is called VMwareESX. This is what has been touted as the leading hyper visor out the inthe market nowadays – by both its enthusiastic users and grudginglyagreeing competitors. The VMware ESX has proven itself more than a thousand timesover when it comes to surveying customers that come from all sizesand walks. It is able to abstract the server processor along with theother components such as storage, memory, and the networkingresources into a singularly enhanced virtual machine which is able toaccommodate multiple functions. Thanks to this feature, the VMwareESX is now touted to be the only solution with the most robustfoundation of the popular suite called VMware Infrastructure 3.
  • 140. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 140 Ever since its inception in the year 2001, the VMware ESX hasbeen able to consistently and admirably set the standard in order toprove that higher levels of performance can be done while at the sametime taking in equally important factors such as scalability andreliability. Its robust foundation may also be attributed to VMware’sbare metal hyper visors which are able to partition the actual physicalservers into different multiple virtual machines. Each type of virtualmachine may also be a representation of the entire system, which alsoincludes the processor, networking and BIOS among others.
  • 141. 141 | VMware 100 Success SecretsW H E R E T O G E T V M WA R E E X A MSAMPLES Taking the VMware exam is a necessary step in securing acertification for the VMware program. The exam is given aftersuccessfully attending several VMware courses and instructions. If anexaminee passes the exam, an official certification will be giventogether with the complete benefits and perks for being a certifiedVMware professional. According to VMware exam providers, individuals who lackenough hands on exam experience may encounter difficulties duringthe exams for VMware certification. Most often than not, those wholack hands on experience normally fail the exams. So it would beimportant for IT professionals to undergo training and get as muchexperience as possible on different virtualization techniques in order topass the VMware exams in one sitting.
  • 142. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 142 Some training providers can offer sample VMware exammodules for their trainees. These sample exams could help examineesin familiarization and review. However, the sample exams cannotsupplement for formal studies and actual virtualization experience.The sample exam papers can serve as a useful tool only. There are two types of VMware sample exams that can beavailed. The first can be acquired from the training centers and aregiven free. These are paper and electronic documents which can bestudied at the convenience of the trainee. The second type is thedownloadable module which can be availed on the Internet. Thesemodules can be purchased but there are some websites that offer freesample exams. These materials then can be stored on local computersand studied at home or at work in order to increase the chance ofpassing the VMware certification program.
  • 143. 143 | VMware 100 Success SecretsFEDORA: A NEW OFFERING FORV M WA R E For VMware fanatics, there is a new release which will help youincrease your productivity. This new release is called Fedora 8 orFedora werewolf. This is a new release which also includes asignificantly new version of assorted key concepts as well as innovativetechnologies. While it has a lot of really great features, its most salientofferings include the addition of Gnome 2.2, KDE 3.5.8, an OnlineDesktop application, Network Manager 0.7 and Xfce 4.4.1. The Network manager feature will allow you to haveimpeccable support for wireless network management. Additionally,there is a new feature called Pulse Audio, which is a great newinstallation and can be enabled by default. There is also Codec Buddyincluded as well as Compiz Fusion, which is a compositing windowmanager which can efficiently re-merge both Compiz and Beryl (andthis is also installed by default). Another salient feature would be therevolutionary and completely free Java environment which is calledIced Tea that is installed by default and is also an open sourceapplication.
  • 144. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 144 For you to be able to run Fedora on your virtual machine thereare many different types of tutorials which you can look at online toteach you how to install the VMware server using the Fedora DesktopSystem. When you use the VMware Server, you can have the freedomto create as well as run a guest operating system, which also has thebenefit of being able to run multiple operating systems using the samehardware.
  • 145. 145 | VMware 100 Success SecretsH O W T O I N S TA L L V M WA R E F O RLINUX Linux can run several excellent programs which could enhanceits operation. Users can install Netscape and XMMS for web and audiotools to BitchX and Xchat for communications purposes of the Linuxsystem. VMware for Linux provides users with the capability toemulate a fully functioning operating system. This means theelimination of dual booting the Linux platform just to run a win32application. With VMware, all Windows platform, programs, andapplications can be used alongside the original systems tools of themachine. Essentially, the VMware will create a PC on the Linuxplatform thus enhancing its usage. When installing VMware on Linux, users can upload it on thesystem through two methods. First, the VMware virtual machine canbe installed on a separate partition of the host system. Second, theVMware can be set-up on an existing directory of the Linux system.Either way, the functions, performance and utility of the VMwarevirtual machine will be similar.
  • 146. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 146 The VMware application can be easily downloaded on theVMware website. The full version VMware virtualization program canbe acquired as a freeware with a distinct serial number. This can beunpacked to a root directory using tools included in the Linux system.After unpacking the program, move everything to a separate directoryand run the install file. This will start the installation process and awizard will provide guidance on each step of the application. VMware Linux installation is a fairly simple process. If a user isfamiliar with the Linux directory system and installing a standaloneprogram, then running the VMware installation commands would beeasy too.
  • 147. 147 | VMware 100 Success SecretsV M WA R E F O R U M : S O U R C E O FI N F O R M AT I O N F O R T H EVI RT U AL I ZATI ON C O MM UN IT Y A VMware forum is an online community of VMware users,vendors, resellers, and consultants. These forums serve as online helpsupport desk for those using the VMware virtualization software. Itwould be best for system administrators running a virtualinfrastructure to join such online forums. These forums can help themresolve issues that may be encountered during VMware deploymentand maintenance. They can also pitch in their advice and provide helpto other thus establishing their online reputation as a virtualizationexpert. The VMware website which is operated by the developer ofVMware technologies also run an excellent community within theirnetwork. A forum is provided for clients and users and VMwareexperts are always handy in case a question or an issue pops up thatneeds immediate answer or solution.
  • 148. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 148 Normally VMware users, especially beginners, encounterinstallation and un-installation problems. Through the online VMwareforum, this problem can be resolved by starting a thread asking forsolutions. Most often than not, a senior member of the forum willalways answer the query and provide valuable guidance. In fact, someforum users even provide detailed step by step and command bycommand instructions on how to manipulate and tweak the programto avoid or resolve problems. New updates on VMware applications and technology can alsobe acquired from these forums in order to inform the entirevirtualization community. So, anyone who is running a virtual machineor machines can get the latest techniques and patches of VMwarewhich could help them maintain their virtual infrastructure.
  • 149. 149 | VMware 100 Success SecretsW H E R E T O G E T Y O U R V M WA R EFREE It is undeniable that computers and technology have influencedour lives in many ways. It has surely made work and life easier. And ithas been part of our daily lifestyle. There is not a single day that passesby that we do not connect to the internet or use the computer.Moreover, computer technology has led to many innovations such aselectronic transfer, online shopping, website development and manymore. Virtualization has played a great part in the advancement ofcomputers. This is where VMware comes in.
  • 150. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 150 What does it do and how does it work? VMware actually allowsthe user to run several virtual machines on a computer. And each ofthese virtual machines can run a variety of operating systems. Sobasically, VMware allows the user to run different operating systemson a single computer. Therefore, one can run Windows softwareapplications on a PC having a Linux operating system. VMware freecan be downloaded on the internet when you visit their website.Moreover, the site contains guides, information, customer support andmany others, so you would not have to worry at all. Whether you are anewbie in the computer world, you can easily learn and use VMwareproducts. Apart from that, it has launched many other softwareapplications that have been used by many computer users these days.VMware free player and workstation are just of the few products thatcan be obtained from their website. They are skilled and known atdeveloping proprietary virtualization software products that trulyworks wonders.
  • 151. 151 | VMware 100 Success SecretsB A S I C I N F O R M AT I O N A B O U TF U S I O N B E TA F O R V M WA R E Sometime around two years ago, the public was eagerlyawaiting the beta version of the product called VMware Fusion. Itcaused quite a stir that many not-so-knowledgeable ones werewondering why it has been eagerly anticipated by those whose passionbuttons were constantly pressed by technologically adept individuals.To start off, Fusion is the virtualization client of VMware for OS X. Alot of the techies out there are often familiar with Parallels, which is asolution for Mac computers that will give you the freedom to runWindows operating system as well as other types of operating systemson their Mac platform. This product called Fusion, however, isVMware’s very own answer (or some might even think of it as achallenge) to Parallels specifically.
  • 152. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 152 And since VMware was and is still currently considered as theone true market leader when it comes to virtualization space, having aVMware application for a Mac OS X platform is truly a great big deal.VMware’s Fusion beta system is capable enough to work with Macsthat run on Intel processors, thereby allowing you to be able tovirtualize a good number of different types of operating systems otherthan Macintosh – such as Linux’s Ubuntu. You can even assignmultiple processors which you can use on your virtual machines, andthis can even be further enhanced thanks to a support of USB 2.0which comes out of the box. But perhaps what is considered to be oneof the largest selling points of such a product like Fusion is its ability towork with a wide variety of Virtual Appliances as well.
  • 153. 153 | VMware 100 Success SecretsV M WA R E G S X U P G R A D E S :PROVIDING NEW FIXES &IMPROVING VIRTUALPERFORMANCE VMware GSX server application utilizes Open SSL in order tokeep the security VMware management protocol and VMware remoteconsole system sessions. Several patches have been released in order tofurther enhance the security of the virtual environments. Specifically,update 2.5.2 of the VMware GSX resolves the vulnerability of OpenSSL used by the virtual network. The fix ensures that the virtualenvironment will suffer from denial of service due to malwareactivities. The new VMware GSX application also fixes bugs encounteredon virtual environments under a Linux host machine. The bug hasbeen effectively eliminated thus allowing users to correctly interfacetheir Linux configuration with that of the guest virtual machinesrunning on different operating system.
  • 154. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 154 It also improved the durability of Linux VMware installationwhich allows users to run multiple servers that can perform differentdata tasks and functions. The improved security on the other handincorporates new encrypting method for the VMware systemsconfiguration so that administrators can safely manage their virtualenvironments. GSX upgrades also provide new configuration options forremotely managing the virtual machines thus allowing systemadministrators much leeway and flexibility in network and systemsmanagement. Aside from remote management, the new GSX versionnow allows for several windows server versions to run on virtualmachines. Resource intensive Windows server 2003 can now be hostedon Linux as well as other windows based operating system. New GSXversions also provide several methods of clustering virtual machinesespecially guest appliance that run on 32 / 64 bit configurationsystems.
  • 155. 155 | VMware 100 Success SecretsV M W A R E H A : H I G H AVA I L A B I L I T YCAN MEAN HIGH PERFORMANCE &PRODUCTIVITY VMware HA or high availability is a powerful application thatcan provide ease of use and low cost virtualization of the ITenvironment. The high availability feature can provide buffertechnology for virtual machines. This means that when a server failed,the virtual machines can be instantly migrated to other servers andrestarted there without interrupting running applications. This ensurescontinuity of the virtual environments and avoiding data loss due tosystems interruptions and crashes. The high availability (HA) feature of VMware diminishesdowntime vulnerability of servers minimizes disruptions in the IToperation. It also eliminates the need for the installation of reserveserver hardware and additional software to configure the stand byserver. This can bring enormous saving for any enterprise or companyrunning a virtual IT environment.
  • 156. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 156 The VMware HA also provides reliability of the virtual ITbecause of its ability to instantly switch the operation of individualvirtual consoles to a different server host even without configuring thesoftware requirement. This is made possible through the automation ofsoftware detection. Thus when a virtual machine migrates to a newserver, high availability functions instantly kicks in to find the mostsuitable configuration detected for the new server. Systems andnetwork administrators then can confidently manage their virtualenvironments without fear of losing valuable data and compromisingtheir virtual architecture. The VMware HA or high availability is a very useful virtualbuffer system. Its utility is magnified especially with increasing need ofcompanies to run an always-on IT environment. It also protects virtualappliance that does not have the capability to cope with server failure.
  • 157. 157 | VMware 100 Success SecretsTOP REQUIREMENTS FOR A BETTERV M WA R E H O S T Since VMware’s virtual machines are quite powerful, it willcome as no surprise that the host system of this product will needseveral kinds and levels of requirements in order for the host toactually run. The same thing with physical computers actually is thatthe entire system itself will be able to perform a whole lot better if theyfind themselves running on faster processors as well as a generousamount of memory. On the short list, you will need to consider several things whichalso includes the ever-important personal computer hardware, itsmemory, the type of display it has, the number and functionality ofdisk drives, the LAN or the local access network (although this one isoptional) and the host operating system. Considered to be of primeimportance, the personal computer hardware will need a minimum ofthe standard x86 feature that is compatible with the system as well as afour hundred megahertz of a CPU (or even faster, as it is oftenencouraged) or even up to five hundred.
  • 158. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 158 There are different types of processors which you can workwith, including Intel’s Celeron, Pentium Series of I up to 4, Pentium M(which also includes that of computers with Centrino), and Xeon withPrestonia. Other compatibilities also include AMD’s Athlon, the moreadvanced Athlon MP and XP, as well as the Duron, Opteron andSempron series. There are also other things which you need to knowabout such processors which may get a bit too detailed to describe, buta wide resource on such technical and specific data regarding suchprocessors may also be found on the website of VMware itself.
  • 159. 159 | VMware 100 Success SecretsW O R K I N G W I T H V M WA R E T O O L S :EASY AS PIE VMware is a great tool which allows you to run your very ownvirtual machine on a material or tangible platform – your very owncomputer. There are different things you can do with a virtualmachine, and for you to be able to test the width and breadth of itsfeatures and applicability you might want to try out the different typesof Virtual Appliances or VMware images. These are certainly veryuseful for a wide variety of tasks which you may wish to perform on avirtual machine running directly from your personal computer.
  • 160. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 160 Of course, compatibility will be a standard issue so you will alsoneed to be aware of the fact that VMware appliances or VMwareImages will also work in four environments – namely the VMwarePlayer and VMware server (which may be freely downloaded), theVMware Workstation 5.5+ and VMware ESX 3+ (which is also theVMware Virtual Infrastructure). For you to be able to use such images,you will need to follow several steps. First, you have to download thefree player called VMware Player. You may then download the imagewhich you want to use (from the list of appliances it currently offers).The third step will involve unzipping the file and finally you may thenload the actual image itself on VMware. Remember that such images were created out of straightinstalls of the actual distribution, using the default options that areavailable. These instructions, when followed to the letter, will surely setyou on the way to VMware productivity!
  • 161. 161 | VMware 100 Success SecretsT H E B E N E F I T O F V M WA R E I M A G E S It is true that the computer technology have opened doors andopportunities to many advancements and discoveries that make lifeeasier than it was before. Whether it is for communications, shopping,banking, wire transfer, investment or business advertising, people usecomputers. Small and large-scale industries depend on computers fortheir security and database records. It is clearly undeniable that peoplethese days are becoming more and more reliant on computers andtechnology for their everyday tasks. And this is where virtualizationcomes in. many IT experts say that virtualization has paved its way tothe rapid evolution from being a server tool to becoming an optimizedtechnology foundation for computer infrastructures.
  • 162. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 162 There is a need to have standardized management process anda dynamic tool to make astounding virtualization products. VMwarehas been known for these virtualization tools and products. It is simpleto operate and very user friendly. VMware offers a variety of freewareversions as well as commercially available ones. With it, one can runWindows applications on a PC having a Linux operating system. Onecan definitely save time in reinstalling operating systems just to runthese programs. VMware images are actually snapshots that are veryuseful to revert your virtual machine to its stable system state. It wouldbe a great solution to software debugging and many other purposes.These VMware images are compatible and can work in VMware Player,VMware Server, VMware workstation and VMware Infrastructure. Andthe good thing is that the player and server can be downloaded for free.Just visit their web site to avail of these software products.
  • 163. 163 | VMware 100 Success SecretsV M WA R E I N F R A S T R U C T U R E F O RYOUR S O F T WA R E N E E D S Computers are everywhere. Every home, office, university andgovernment agency has a PC. It is used for a variety of purposes. Someuse it for online businesses. Some use it for electronic shopping, forwire transfers, for record-keeping, for entertainment, net browsing andmany more. No wonder why computers have typically evolved andadvanced into many things. It has developed into a household nameand its technology is undeniably remarkable. One of the things thatmake it magnificent is the concept of virtualization. Operating systemsare developed, software programs and applications continue to becreated, and more people get hooked on firmware. VMware has raisedits bar with its dozens of software products that aid in using computerapplications on different operating systems.
  • 164. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 164 VMware Infrastructure 3 has been launched during 2006 and itis said to be the industry’s leading infrastructure virtualizationsoftware package that will help businesses and companies to make themost out of their IT systems. VMware infrastructure provided serverpartitioning, capacity planning, additional management and virtualtools for servers. Moreover, it enables system capabilities in a widerrange or servers and hosts. Aside from that, it offers database andbusiness data with security. And applications can be recovered ortransferred easily without having to worry about the operating systemsinstalled or hardware. This eventually reciprocates into savings inhardware costs and repairs and many more. Truly, it is again one of thebrilliant products developed by VMware Inc. which is dedicated inoptimum virtualization and development. Soon, it will release anotherVMware infrastructure that will support more applications and help agreater number of companies.
  • 165. 165 | VMware 100 Success SecretsM A N A G E M E N T I M PA C T O F V M WA R EINFRASTRUCTURE 3 VMware Infrastructure 3 is the first of its kind in thevirtualization market. It is a comprehensive suite designed to providecompanies and enterprises the ability to run a complete ITenvironment solely on a virtual architecture. The VMwareinfrastructure suite provides companies with a responsive data centersystem that can be managed using virtual machines. These canimprove efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and productivity. The suite specifically increases the capability of the virtualsystem to use limited hardware resources which decrease the need toacquire new hardware for a growing virtual infrastructure. The abilityof VMware infrastructure extends beyond the capacity of anyvirtualization technology. The applications bundle will allowcompanies to operate ten virtual machines on a single host processor.This level of consolidation of available physical resources means acompany can build a huge IT environment even on few hosts. This hasconsiderable impact on corporate savings and IT financials.
  • 166. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 166 Another impact of VMware infrastructure suite is its reductionof server space, rack requirement, and other peripheral needs such ascabling, cooling, and storage. By reducing the volume of actualmachines, issues concerning non-performing maintenance expensescan be eliminated or reduced. It can also streamline IT managementand companies can rationalize their IT organization. Streamlining of ITdepartment is possible because fewer personnel will be needed tomaintain a virtual infrastructure. This eases the management aspect ofthe IT organization. VMware Infrastructure 3 indeed can provide companies withenough breathing space in terms of resource utilization and resourcesavings. The virtualization of the IT infrastructure can certainlyimprove not just the financial standing of companies but also increasesthe efficiency of managing IT due to smaller organization.
  • 167. 167 | VMware 100 Success SecretsV M WA R E I S C S I I N T E G R AT I O N :DR IV IN G IT VI RT U AL I ZATI ON TONEW LEVELS iSCSI is a low cost alternative to Fiber Channel in terms ofvirtualization of storage and data center migration to virtual storage.Most VMware deployments use Fiber Channel for their data storagesolution which is more expensive. With the emergence of VMware iSCSI union, the virtualizationindustry has reached a new level of cost effectiveness and performance.With VMware Infrastructure-3 release, the IT environment andarchitecture of enterprises has been elevated to a new level. It certainlymagnified the utility of virtualization and increases the productivity ofIT deployment. Improvements can certainly take effect with theintegration iSCSI technology to VMware application.
  • 168. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 168 With the machines going virtual, the storage issues are quicklyfollowing the trend toward virtualization. This can further improve thetotal virtualization of enterprise IT system. Because of thiscombination, almost everything now can be stored on a single physicalmachine thus eliminating the need for high cost data servermaintenance. Although, the combined technology will surely boosts theefficiency and productivity of IT environments, some sectors suggestcaution in plunging head on to virtual storage system. This is especiallytrue for systems that need to upgrade their Ethernet capabilities. It is also advised that planning is still a necessary part of the ITvirtualization integration. Although the iSCSI functionality is an easyto use technology compared to Fiber Channel, it does not mean thatcompanies will do away with careful planning and mapping of theirdata center and data storage requirements. This will ensure that theVMware and iSCSI integration can be seamlessly utilized for the virtualIT architecture.
  • 169. 169 | VMware 100 Success SecretsT H E V M WA R E L I C E N S E P R O G R A M :GIVING USERS THE FULL BENEFITOF V I RT U A L I ZAT I O N The VMware server is technically a free download resourcefrom the VMware website. A user can easily save the application to alocal computer. However, the program will need a serial number towork. To be able to get a serial number, one should get a license whichcan also be acquired free. An online form needs to be filled up so that avalid license for the software can be issued. The online form can befound on the website of VMware. The VMware evaluation copy also has a counterpart evaluationlicense which expires after the period of evaluation. During evaluation,the software is fully functional allowing users to maximize the utilitiesof the application.
  • 170. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 170 The VMware license is issued for a single user only and can beused on a limited number of machines. The license is not transferableand can be used only for the machine where the application wasoriginally installed. Upon termination of the license key, furtherlicensing of the software and other additional modules of the generalsoftware can be reacquired by paying a license fee. This will ensure thatthe program can be used fully and any additional module can beintegrated into the general program. The VMware software is a very useful and powerful ITvirtualization application. It has the ability to optimize a singleworkstation into multiple PCs with multiple operating systems. It canbring down the cost of IT infrastructure including server maintenanceand data storage center. It can also minimize the need for anyhardware requirements because the virtual machines can share theresources of the host machine. To fully enjoy the benefits of theVMware applications, it is always best to get a license for its use.
  • 171. 171 | VMware 100 Success SecretsV M WA R E M A C H I N E W O R K SWONDERS It is not surprising that computers have evolved in a very fastmanner. Every now and then, new processors, new operating systemsare created. And almost every month, a new software product is beingdeveloped. Indeed, the computer age is one of the peak advancementsin history and it continues to flourish. Back then, computers were onlyused by the professionals. But now, people have computers in theirhomes, offices, schools and communities. Thanks to virtualization, thecomputer progress has advanced to a fuller level. VMware is one of thegreat names when it comes to proprietary virtualization.
  • 172. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 172 They have software products that can be bought and someversions are free for download. VMware Inc. has branches worldwideand it continues to cover nations with spectacular innovations.VMware machine desktop software can run on Windows, Linux andMac. It was founded by Diane Greene, Scott Devine, Edward Wang,Mendel Rosenblum and Edward Bugnion in the year 1998. You canvisit their website to have a look at the VMware machine softwareproducts they offer. One of which is the VMware workstation thatallows the user to run multiple programs with compatible operatingsystems on a computer. Another is the VMware Fusion which allowsMac users to use VMware machine and other products as well. VMwarePlayer is offered for free but it cannot create virtual machines.However, a VMware Server can possibly create virtual machines in notime. It has a friendly user interface with a similar functionality withother workstations. In addition, VMware Inc. has made various tools that areavailable for Linux, Windows, Mac, Sun Solaris and many otheroperating systems.
  • 173. 173 | VMware 100 Success SecretsV M WA R E M O U N T: A L L O W I N G T H EVI RT U AL I ZATI ON O F TH E D IS KUTILITY The virtual VMware workstation and server utilize also virtualdisk files. These disk files serve as the virtual storage drive of theVMware program. This is popularly known as the VMware mount orthe VMware disk mount utility. It is best to mount the virtual storageand disk files in the operating system of the host machine. This willsafe keep the data and information processed on virtual machines andserver. In the event that a system failure on the virtual machinehappens, the data can still be retrieved.
  • 174. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 174 The VMware disk mount utility will allow users to create amounted virtual disk on the host machine’s operating system. Thevirtual mounted disk will be assigned a specific letter on the hostsystem. The VMware disk mount utility is available for download at theVMware website. This module can be instantly activated once the enduser license agreement has been accepted by the downloading party.The disk mount then can now be installed on a virtual machine or itcan also be installed on the operating system of the host machine. Installing the disk mount for VMware is quite easy. There areno complicated technical tweaks that are needed. Installation is madeeasier by the availability of an installation wizard which can guideusers on the step by step procedure for set-up. After activating thewizard and accepting the license agreement, the installation can nowbegin. The default folder directory should be okay for this installationand just wait for it to finish.
  • 175. 175 | VMware 100 Success SecretsHOW TO RECONFIGURE THEV M WA R E N AT The NAT device handles the IP translation of virtual networkswitches to actual external networks. It is therefore responsible for thecommunication processes of the virtual machines to the outsidenetwork systems. It uses sockets such as the API socket key to directthe flow of incoming and outgoing network traffic. The VMware NATspecifically uses all the resources of the host network interface cardsfor this purpose. It leverages the operating system of the host machineto communicate with all kinds of network communication. The VMware NAT will hide behind the host IP address and useit for its communication purposes. However, there are times when thehost IP address use will not work. Users of virtual machines then caneasily change the IP of VMware NAT to something more unique to it.When changing the IP address, the virtual machines must be turned offin order for the new address to take effect upon start.
  • 176. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 176 The first thing you have to do is to open the manage virtualnetwork tab on the menu. A dialog box will appear which will allow youto reconfigure the subnet mask of the VMnet8 of the VMware networkadapters. The network option will now appear which will allow users tochange the default settings of the virtual subnet mask and the virtualIP address. After changing the range of the virtual network adapters,the settings can be saved by clicking the OK button. The virtual IP nowhas been changed and it can communicate with external networksusing this new IP address.
  • 177. 177 | VMware 100 Success SecretsBUILD A BETTER NETWORK WITHV M WA R E H O S T If you are interested in knowing how to beef up your VMwarenetwork in order to have a better virtual machine, then you are in for agood read. Keep in mind that the basic key when it comes to improvingyour network it to install VMware tools as well as the Network Driverin the Operating System labeled as ‘Guest’. There are many freelyavailable instructions regarding this procedure, but keep in mind thatthey are usually limited to only four ways – installing the VMwareTools as well as Network Driver on platforms like Windows 2000Guest, Windows NT 4.0 Guest, a Linux Guest and also on a Free BSDGuest.
  • 178. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 178 When you install on the VMware network on any of theseplatforms, remember that the steps involved for each of the guestoperating systems will assume that you are also working on the taskfrom a consol that is remote as well as connected to your own virtualmachine. If you want to prepare the procedure, you will need to installyour virtual machine in order to get the types of VMware Tools thatyou need. To do this, Go to settings and then click the root file calledVMware Tools Install. Choosing this one will require the cd-rom driveto be in the virtual machine in order to use an image file in ISO formatwhich will then contain the VMware Tools content. Using such animage that also appears on a regular compact disc that is found in thevirtual machine and then placed on the server machine after installingVMware ESX Server will be a good option to make sure that yournetwork is up and running.
  • 179. 179 | VMware 100 Success Secrets3 M O D E S O F V M WA R ENETWORKING There are three modes that can be used for the VMwarenetworking protocols. The VMware networking tools are responsiblefor the communication processes of the virtual machines. They are alsoresponsible for the flow of outgoing and incoming network traffic ofthe virtual machine environment. The first VMware networking mode uses bridging methods.This is the simplest virtual machine connection to the external networksystems. It uses the physical network resources of the host machineand replicates the characteristic of the host in using the bridge. Thenetwork program of the host views the virtual network as a separate PCor engine utilizing the Local Area Network for its communicationpurposes.
  • 180. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 180 The second VMware networking mode is through the use ofHost only connection. Virtual communication can take place betweenthe host and the virtual machines. In like manner, the virtual machinescan communicate with external network utilizing the network interfaceof the host system. This method of network communication is ideal forlocal network traffic between host and virtual machines. However, thisis not ideal for use in traffic direction outside of the network. The last networking mode of the VMware systems is the use ofNAT. VMware NAT translates the IP protocol of the host tocommunicate with other external networks. The configuration for thiskind of connection can be manually altered in order to assign uniqueIP address for the virtual machine. The main disadvantage of this kindof communication is the virtual machines can use the entire networkresources of the host.
  • 181. 181 | VMware 100 Success SecretsG E N E R A L I N S TA L L AT I O N G U I D EFOR V M WA R E O N U B U N T U Ubuntu is a freeware operating system which can be used ondesktop and laptop workstations and servers. It is similar to the Linuxdistribution system but with greater focus on client security. VMwareon Ubuntu is possible because of its ability to adopt different operatingsystems. Installing VMware server could be complicated especially ifusers are not familiar with the system’s interfaces and specific handles.Ubuntu is a free download like the VMware. Users therefore can rundesktop and server programs at no cost to their IT budget. After downloading the VMware server software and the Ubuntuoperating system, the installation can now begin. First, the patch forthe VMware Ubuntu installation should be accomplished first. This willensure a no glitch installation of the VMware virtualization software.Systems administrators must also ensure that the host machine buildessential conforms to the requirement of the VMware server.
  • 182. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 182 After these preliminary steps, the VMware installation can nowbegin. The software should be unpacked and stored on a local folder ofthe host machine. After activating the install command which can beeasily found on the extracted folders, users only have to follow theinstallation wizard. After loading the VMware on Ubuntu, make surethat the do not compile option of VMware is selected. Every option canrun on its default configuration. The VMware server is now ready for use as a virtual servermachine on a host Ubuntu operating system. The virtual machine canrun distinct programs and can execute commands independent of thehost Ubuntu system.
  • 183. 183 | VMware 100 Success SecretsV M WA R E O S : E N A B L I N G M U LT I P L EOSS TO RUN ON ONE PHYSICALMACHINE Virtualization is an interesting methodology in the computingindustry. It has attracted so much attention over the last few yearsbecause of what it can do. Virtualization can be a bit tricky to explain inlaymans terms because it is highly technical, but for purposes ofdiscussion, virtualization simply means virtually dividing a singlephysical resource, such as a computer, into several partitions. With theuse of virtualization software, each partition is then transformed intoone virtual standalone computer, running on its own operating systemand performing tasks on its own, without conflicting with the othervirtual standalone computers which are also minding their ownbusinesses.
  • 184. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 184 Because of virtualization, running different operating systemsat the same time on one computer is now possible. A computer runningon Ubuntu Linux can serve as a host operating system (OS) so guestOSs such as Windows XP can run within it. This proves to be especiallyuseful for users who want to be able to use all the best applicationsvarious operating systems offer. A fan of Linux can still run Ubuntu onhis computer while typing his documents in Microsoft Word, forinstance. Out of all software companies developing virtualizationsoftware, VMware is considered the industry leader. One of itsproducts is the VMware Workstation, which is a software suite thatenables a computer to be divided into several virtual machines, witheach machine running a guest OS. All guest OSs are hosted by theprimary OS. Depending on the configuration, most available OSs suchas XP, Vista, and Ubuntu Linux can play the role of guest or host OS.
  • 185. 185 | VMware 100 Success SecretsV M WA R E P 2 V: T O O L S F O RCLONING THE PHYSICAL TO THEVIRTUAL The VMware P2V (physical to virtual) migration tool allowsuser to clone the physical system in order to apply it on a virtualmachine. When using the P2V tool, the user must have two sets ofsystem running. The first is the physical system or host which is theone being cloned and the second is the virtual machine which can bemade possible through VMware workstation or server application.There are several issues that may arise when initializing the VMwareP2V migration tool.
  • 186. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 186 First, when the cloning protocol starts, the software may detectthat the target disk has not enough space for the operation to begin.This may happen even if the target disk is large or has enough diskspace. One probable solution to this issue is to allow the software toresize the target disk so that it will conform to the specification of theprogram. Usually, this will solve the problem and the cloning will runsmoothly. However, if the program still rejects the disk after allowing itto resize the partition, then the user must terminate cloning andacquire more disk space to accommodate the operation. Second, there are preliminary steps and systems configurationthat must be carried out first before initializing cloning and migration.If these steps are not carried out the operation may hang thusterminating the operation. The preliminary steps can be found on thedocumentation of the P2V software. Finally, the P2V operation copies everything from the targetdisk even if it contains partitions. This will result to redundant files orunwanted being copied to the clone system. This can be solved byfollowing the procedures for handling file copy partition duringcloning.
  • 187. 187 | VMware 100 Success SecretsT O P V M WA R E P E R F O R M A N C EENHANCER TIPS Virtualization entails the operation of virtual computers insidethe host (physical) system. With multiple guests having multipleoperating systems residing on the host server, the physical machinecould be pushed to it maximum capabilities. It is therefore importantto optimize the performance of the VMware program to enable the hostto handle the guest appliance. One thing that could max the performance of VMware is to useits built-in and ready to install tools. Using the tools of the VMwareinstead of third party application can significantly increase theperformance of the virtual machines. Another important thing that must be done is to performregular defrag operation on the virtual disks. Virtual disk are similar tophysical drives. Continued usage makes its sectors fragmented thusslowing down loading time. By defragging the disk, the fragmentedfiles can be unified again which will increase the speed of the virtualmachine.
  • 188. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 188 For the host system especially if it is running on Windowsplatform, it would be best to run its interface on basic mode andincrease performance rather than graphic display. Users should disableanimation effects on Windows because this eats up lots of physicalRAM. Another performance enhancing measure is to disable all CD-ROM functionality on each of the virtual machines. The virtualmemory will allocate shared memory on these devices. Disabling itcould release much needed memory for the virtual machines. Finally, if the system is running erratically and considerablydisplays events of slow down, it must be time already for a systemupgrade. The disk, memory, and systems cards, should be upgraded anotch higher in order to cope with the demands of the virtualenvironment.
  • 189. 189 | VMware 100 Success SecretsV M WA R E P L AY E R D O W N L O A D : N E WVERSION WITH EXTRA SECURITYSETTINGS VMware player is a desktop utility that allows users to run anddisplay several virtual machines on a single workstation in Windowsand Linux platform. The VMware Player is a free application and canbe downloaded directly from the VMware website. The Player is veryuseful especially in using and customizing the interfaces of virtualmachines so that it can be easily accessed by users. Aside from the preconfigured virtual computer system createdon VMware workstation and server, the VMware Player can also runthe virtualization interface of other Windows based applications suchas Virtual PC, Virtual Server, and Symantec Back-up. It therefore holdsthe key in running everything that is created for virtual display andfunctions.
  • 190. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 190 The current release of the VMware Player is version 2.0.3 onbuild 80004. This new version fixes many bugs that have been noticedby users. The reported bugs and software vulnerabilities have beenresolved by VMware thus enhancing the capability of the VMwarevirtual player to provide access and security to virtual machines as wellas shield the host system. Several peripheral issues have been resolved also in this latestversion of the VMware player such as the capability to accept USBdevices on virtual machine ports even without utilizing the resources ofthe host. The folder issue on Windows platform wherein shared folderscontinue to be accessible to everyone has been resolved. The newversion of player allows users to configure the privacy and securitysettings of Windows shared folders to minimize vulnerabilities of thehost system.
  • 191. 191 | VMware 100 Success SecretsV M WA R E S E R V E R & U S B 2 . 0 :E N A B L I N G H I G H - S P E E D D ATATRANSFERS IN A VIRTUALENVIRONMENT Because of Universal Serial Bus (or USB for short), manydevices can be plugged directly to the computer and have them workproperly without shutting down and restarting the computer. Devicesplugged into USB are immediately recognized by the computer uponplugging in. Upon recognition by the computer, the user can launch thedevice and let it do its thing. Peripheral computer devices that can be connected tocomputers through USB include keyboards, mice, printers, andscanners. Gadgets such as mp3 players, media players, digital cameras,and cell phones, among others, can also be connected to computersthrough USB.
  • 192. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 192 USB has several versions. The first one is USB 0.7 which wasreleased way back in late 2004. The current version is USB 2.0, and itsfaster than ever with a maximum speed of 480 Mbit/s. Initially, this USB version had problems with VMware Server,which is VMware’s software for virtualizing servers to maximize theirusage. For many computer users, both business and individual,virtualization is a necessity with its ability to partition a physicalresource—a server for example—into several divisions, with eachdivision acting like a full and independent server. Therefore, problemswith reconciling USB 2.0 with VMware Server were common. Peopleencountered difficulties in connecting USB 2.0 devices to virtualmachines because USB 2.0 wasn’t initially supported by VMwareServer and other VMware’s products. However, VMware Workstation 6 solved these concerns bysupporting USB 2.0 devices. This gave way to faster and easier accessto various storage devices. High-speed data transfers were madepossible, even in a virtual environment.
  • 193. 193 | VMware 100 Success SecretsV M WA R E S E R V E R S E R I A L N U M B E R SARE C O M P L E T E LY F R E E ! VMware, Inc. is undeniably an industry leader when it comes todesigning and developing virtualization software. After all,virtualization is a technology that has helped business users andpersonal users make the most out of their computers and other ITresources. With virtualization, resources such as servers are maximized bypartitioning them in several sections. Each section duplicates thefunctionality of the actual resource. For example, a physical server canbe divided into several partitions, and each partition is a virtual serverwhose functions are the same as the physical server. Basically,virtualization is all about virtually creating more of the same thing, andthis eliminates or at least minimizes the need to purchase expensivephysical resources.
  • 194. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 194 Because of the importance of virtualization, VMware easily shotto leader status in its field. One of VMwares products is the VMwareServer. This product enables virtualization on a physical server whichresults to a higher level of flexibility and a greater usage of the servershardware. The benefits of using VMware are enough reason for any userinterested in maximizing his server’s capabilities to utilize VMware. Ontop of all that, the VMware Server is free. People can download freelicensed serial numbers from the official VMware website. These serialnumbers are not for a trial period; they’re for good. Upon receiving the serial number, users should register theirserial numbers so they can proceed to downloading the latest versionof the VMware Server (version 1.0.5) from the website. Older versionsare also listed there for downloads.
  • 195. 195 | VMware 100 Success SecretsV M WA R E S U P P O R T: D E L I V E R I N GB E Y O N D E X P E C TAT I O N S VMware, Inc. is a company that focuses on developing softwareused for virtualization which means creating a virtually whole versionof storage devices, servers, operating systems, or network resourcesthat are made of different parts in actuality. Virtualization is animportant technology in the IT industry because it enables big-scalemultitasking and sharing of resources. These two results ofvirtualization lead to lower costs and higher efficiency for companieswho are seeking ways to improve their productivity. As mentioned, VMware is one of several developers ofvirtualization software. VMware is under EMC Corporation, a Fortune500 company that specializes in creating software for managinginformation and storage. Being under the umbrella of an establishedcompany, VMware became quickly well-known in the industry.However, aside from having a good name to back it up, VMware alsobecame popular for the high quality of the products it makes.
  • 196. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 196 VMware is also known for its excellent after-sales support.Existing testimonials from various companies have a commondenominator—practically everyone gives a glowing report on how theVMware technical support team goes the extra mile when it comes toassisting clients with their concerns. VMware makes sure that theproducts it delivers to the clients are not limited to the software itself,but also includes excellent customer service. VMwares support website ( just how much the company takes customer service seriously.Upon visiting the site, clients can browse through a myriad ofresources which can help them resolve basic problems on their own.For more complicated issues, can log in and from there, choose fromone of several ways to contact the technical support team.
  • 197. 197 | VMware 100 Success SecretsV M WA R E & U S B F L A S H D R I V E SE L I M I N AT E T H E N E E D F O RM U LT I P L E C O M P U T E R S VMware, a software company under EMC Corporation, ispopular for its virtualization products. Virtualization is a crucialmethodology in the IT industry because it allows various physicalresources to be combined to make one multi-tasking virtual resource.It also allows one physical resource to be divided into virtual partitionsthat work autonomously. Resources that can be virtualized includeservers, operating systems, storage devices, and applications.
  • 198. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 198 In 2007, VMware released a program, the VMware Pocket Ace,that lets users save virtualization software in as portable applications,which are software programs stored in removable storage devices suchas a USB flash drive, as an example. Portable apps are convenient foron-the-go users because they dont have to install the programs in eachcomputer that they use. This is perfect for people who often changecomputers, handle several computers at a given time, or travel with alaptop which can be stole or lost in between trips. Portable storagedevices that can be used for VMware Pocket Ace include USB flashdisks, external hard drives, or mp3 players such as the Apple iPod. VMware Pocket Ace promises to lower costs for companies byallowing employees to carry a portable storage device containing avirtual desktop instead of letting each of them carry a laptop, especiallyif the said employees need to access files on a sporadic basis. WithVMware Pocket Ace, companies can set one universal computer inwhich employees can stick their USB flash drives so they can accesstheir virtual desktop. In effect, VMware Pocket Ace transforms a singlecomputer into several ones.
  • 199. 199 | VMware 100 Success SecretsS E V E R A L O P E R AT I N G S Y S T E M S O NO N E V M WA R E V I R T U A L M A C H I N E :T H AT S M U LT I TA S K I N G ! A computer, a server, an operating system, a storage device: atfirst glance, each resource in this set is one of its kind. Physically,there’s only one computer to do several processes, one operatingsystem to run its own recognized applications, one server to storenetwork information, and one storage device to save data files. But with virtualization, one computer can become multiplecomputers. Same goes with the server, the operating system, and thestorage device. Virtualization divides a resource into several partitions,and each partition works exactly like the original resource it comesfrom. Because the division is done virtually, each one is referred to as avirtual machine.
  • 200. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 200 Virtualization is made possible by software designed to doexactly that, and perhaps the most well-known designer and producerof such software is VMware, Inc. This companys focus is on creatingvirtualization software, as illustrated by the name itself. The VM in thecompanys name stands for virtual machine, while the "ware" part ofthe name comes from "software." VMware was founded in California ten years ago, back in 1998.Its parent company is EMC Corporation, also a popular softwaremanufacturer on its own right. When virtualization took off, EMCCorporation wanted to be on the forefront; hence, VMware was born. VMware has several products, and one of them is the VMwareWorkstation which is a software suite for virtual machines. Thissoftware divides the original OS into several partitions, with eachpartition running another OS. An example is Ubuntu Linux running inWindows XP in a virtualized environment. This allows flexibility forusers who want to use exclusive applications offered by other OSs thatcannot be run in the original OS they’re using.
  • 201. 201 | VMware 100 Success SecretsV M WA R E V I R T U A L S E R V E R : ANUMBER OF SERVERS, ALL FOR THEPRICE OF ONE Virtualization is, in simple terms, masking several physicalresources so that end users can only see a single virtual one. It can alsowork in reverse by masking one physical resource in such a way thatend users see a several resources which they can use for their variedpurposes. Whatever the case may be, virtualization is an importantmethodology in the IT industry. Several resources can be virtualized, and an example of such isa server. A virtual server is just one server in actuality, but it ispartitioned into several servers using virtualization software so thateach partition functions like a standalone and independent machine.Each partition acts like a server by itself, with its own operating systemand reboot function. For virtual servers, the question usually boils down to twooptions: Microsoft or VMware. For the purposes of this article,VMware virtual server will be discussed.
  • 202. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 202 VMware is a software company that specializes in developingvirtualization software, and one of their popular products is none otherthan VMware ESX Server, which is perfect to use when a server isbeing under-utilized. Companies looking for ways to maximize the useof their servers should consider virtualizing them using VMware ESXServer. VMware ESX Server focuses on virtualizing a server at thehardware level. Because of this feature, VMware ESX Server is knownfor its direct, “bare metal” installation. It does not use an operatingsystem (OS) as a platform; rather, it has its own kernel which acts likeits own OS.
  • 203. 203 | VMware 100 Success SecretsV M WA R E & V I S TA : W O R K I N GTOGETHER IN PERFECT HARMONY Microsoft is known for its long line of operating systems datingback to the mid-1980s with MS-DOS. Microsoft has come a long waysince then, as proven by its multibillion-dollar net worth and its mostrecently released operating system, the Windows Vista. Just this year, after a series of reversed decisions, Microsoftfinally allowed users of Windows Vista Basic and Premium Edition touse these versions in virtualized environments. Thus, both businessusers and home users can enjoy the benefits of virtualization with thismove done by Microsoft.
  • 204. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 204 Of course, Microsoft is not letting virtualization be taken overby someone else without a fight. The company has developed its ownvirtualization technology to compete against the industry leader invirtualization, which is none other than VMware. But in spite of thecompetition, Vista can run in a VMware environment, and VMware canrun in a Vista environment. Initially, only Vista could run in VMwarebut not the other way around. In fact, many people believed (and stilld0) that Vista functions better with VMware, and should be bundled asa virtual appliance. However, with the release of VMware Beta 6, Vistacan be used as the host OS (operating system). Aside from converting Windows Vista as the host OS, VMwareBeta 6 also allows a virtualized environment to span across severalmonitors. Same works for the reverse—a single monitor can beconfigured to display several virtual environments. VMware Beta 6 canalso support USB 2.0 devices that require a fast virtual machine inorder to work properly.
  • 205. 205 | VMware 100 Success SecretsV M WA R E & X P : B O O S T I N G T H EP C ’ S V E R S AT I L I T Y VMware, a software company specializing in makingvirtualization software, is the deemed industry leader in its field.VMware has covered groundbreaking innovations with its products.Because of virtualization, businesses can maximize the use of their ITresources to lower operational costs and increase profits withoutsacrificing functionality. One of the products of VMware is VMware Workstation, whichallows several operating systems to run at the same time in separatevirtual machines on a physically single computer. Because of thistechnology, one computer has the potential to become several differentones, with each handling a different process. With virtualization,there’s no need to buy multiple computers, which saves money. There’salso no need for one computer to finish a process before starting on thenext one, which saves time.
  • 206. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 206 Way back in 2002, VMware announced that Guest OS Kits werepackaged with fully-functional, pre-installed Windows XP to make itsinstallation on a virtual machine easy, quick, and hassle-free. What did this mean to users? Users who were utilizing non-Microsoft operating systems such as Mac or Ubuntu Linux didn’t haveto completely do away with MS applications such as Photoshop,Dreamweaver, and MS Office, to name a few. It has been proven sincethen that Windows XP can run smoothly in a VMware environment. VMware Workstation’s powers are not limited to that, though.VMware Workstation also allows a Windows XP virtual machine to runin a Linux operating system. It also allows older versions of anoperating system, such as MS DOS, to run inside a newer version, suchas Windows XP.
  • 207. 207 | VMware 100 Success SecretsV M WA R E ( W W W. V M WA R E . C O M ) :PROVIDING A UNIQUEA LT E R N AT I V E F O R O P T I M I Z I N GB U S I N E S S O P E R AT I O N S VMware at leads the technology industry inproviding superior virtualization products and solutions both fordesktop and data server functionalities. The solutions offered byVMware have the capabilities to bring down operational costs andcapital spending. Virtualization also promises business continuity,stronger server security, and the ability to set-up a paper-less companymaking it environment friendly. VMware can be found at Palo Alto California and is touted asthe fastest growing public software company today. It boast a $1.33billion annual sales coming from more than 100,000 companies whichinclude those listed on Fortune 100.
  • 208. VMware 100 Success Secrets | 208 The virtualization products and solutions that VMware offersrange from freeware applications for desktops to industry-classdeployment of virtualization programs designed to optimize the ITarchitecture of companies. These solutions are ideal for consolidatingthe data center and server infrastructure of companies. It can alsoautomate workstation desktops to ensure that companies can deliver24/7 IT business solutions for its customers. Customers can see the details of VMware’s complete productline at All the products and software solution ofVMware have cross-operating system ability and can run even onmultiple platforms and different IT environments. The alternativeoffered by VMware can certainly streamline the need of companies tobuild additional dedicated networks for each of their product solutions.It is no wonder that the client base of VMware has quadrupled fromlast year and the company has shown enough robustness and strengthto sustain its growth. Through VMware, entire enterprises can now sitback and let automated virtual machines run their business for them.