Abu Dhabi Tempo Magazine (Issue 3)


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A magazine published in Abu Dhabi, serving residents and tourists.

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Abu Dhabi Tempo Magazine (Issue 3)

  2. 2. VOLUME 3 | DECEMBER 2009 the rhythm of your city this month 4 Your Say Heeello Abu Dhabi !! 5 ShopCall 5 What’s Hot in Abu Dhabi We've had a wonderful looooong break as wonderful occasions converged to make these weeks restful and family focused. There's the 6 Shop Call 'big eid' for Muslims that marks the end of Hajj--the Eid Al Adha--and of course our nation celebrates its birthday with a bang, just as North 7 City Bites Americans mark Thanksgiving, and Christians everywhere prepare for Christmas. So much to celebrate all around. 8 My Abu Dhabi & Meet Your Neighbour The activity volume in the capital pumps up with so much to look forward to: Fifa Club World Cup comes to town with the Capitala Tennis World Championship close on its heels. Then for music fans 9 Home Smart there's The Killers, Creamfields and new year celebrations come alive with the babe of Barbados, Rihanna. 10 People Meter Through it all, this is a special time to reflect. On what an interesting year its been; and just how fast time flies. A time to think of how we can 11 Making a Difference each make a difference in this world in the smallest of gestures. Do good, stay safe and be happy. 12 Art of the Oracle & Handy helper 13 Workitude 14 Alive & Kicking Media Licence No. 1/105866/24295 Editor: Sana Bagersh, Editorial Coordinator: Kulsoom Zakir, Magazine Designer: Praveen 15 Lifestyle Prabhakaran, Website Designer: Rizwan Pervaiz, Marketing Coordinator: Ahmad Al-Dajani, Production Coordinator : Joel Flores Editorial Contributors: Genevieve Colaco, Aicha Diop, Samantha Davis, Rantan Rave, Randy Parker and Riddhi Doshi. 16 My Style Blueprint Disclaimer: Tempo is a publication of BrandMoxie. Although Tempo Magazine does its best to ensure 17 Trendsetter the authenticity and accuracy of its contents, the publisher cannot accept any responsibility for errors, mistakes and inaccuracies. The publisher reserves the rights of this product and no part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the permission of the publisher. 18 On the Beaten Path Address: To reach editorial at Abu Dhabi Tempo email: editorial@abudhabitempo.com 19 Funny Thing About Life To reach advertising call 02 6673349 or email: advertising@abudhabitempo.com If you need to find out where you can pick up your copy call: 02 6673349 or check out the list of Tempo distribution points on our website. 20 Culture Talk See us at: www.abudhabitempo.com www.twitter.com/abudhabitempo 21 Ask Um Saif www.facebook.com, search for Abu Dhabi Tempo www.youtube.com/user/abudhabitempo www.twitpic.com/photos/abudhabitempo 21 A Yank in Sand Land To advertise in Abu Dhabi Tempo magazine or the website: www.abudhabitempo.com, 22 Lifecoach Couch call 02 6673349 24 The Beat with Aich Published by: 27 Tempo Fun Page
  3. 3. YourSay Dear Tempo, Dear Tempo, What's Hbohti in A u D ab I appreciate your magazine for its ‘Making a difference’ I am new to Abu Dhabi and thoroughly confused about tipping in restaurants. I see that there is a service charge section. There are fellow men and women around our city who need help in one way or the other and Tempo’s (which is really quite high) added to all bills but do FIFA Club World Cup UAE 2009 effort to connect us with them is really encouraging. these go to the restaurant or does some of it trickle Zayed Sports City Stadium / Mohammed Bin Zayed Stadium But I also urge readers to talk to people around them down to the server? Most people I know don’t leave a Dec 9 - 19 and find out how to help on a personal level. Some tip because they say the service charge is too high and it already goes to the waiter, but I have a feeling this families never make their pain public, and they need our doesn’t always happen. Tempo, can you find out for us, Team & Statistics: support maybe even more than the organised charities. Contribute and share your humanity. Thank you Tempo! so we don’t stiff those who serve us well? Al Ahli (UAE) Anna Kumar The team has participated in the AFC Champions League Amina Rasheed Gum shoes on, Anna. We’ll report next issue. Ed twice and was eliminated in the group stage both times. Key players: Hosny Abd Rabo, Clederson Cesar, Bare, Faisal Khalil, Ahmad Khalil and Ismail Al Hammadi. CAPITALA WORLD Pohang Steelers (KOR) TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIP They were Asia’s first club to win the continental Abu Dhabi International Tennis Complex, championship three times including this year. Key players: Zayed Sports City Kim Gi-Dong, Choi Hyo-Jin, Denilson, No Byung-Jun, Stevo Dec 31 – Jan 2 Ristik, Hwang Jae-Won and Kim Hyung-Il. SunnyLikeThis: Walk UAE tomorrow! Fight Diabetes “Abu Dhabi is a wonderful city and I think what Atlante (MEX) it is doing to promote the game of tennis across people :) MounaKh @AbuDhabiTempo love Jalal Luqman's They hold the competition's best defensive record of 7 the region is fantastic.” – Roger Federer work. too busy to go see it though :s goals by Los Potros de Hierro during CONCACAF Cham- pions League. Key players: Federico Vilar, Gabriel Pereyra, The Capitala World Tennis Championship is back Christian Bermudez, Luis Gabriel Rey and Rafael Marquez. and six of the world’s top professional tennis wall players will be competing for the championship Auckland City (NZL) trophy. Here is the line-up of tennis superstars: Star striker Keryn Jordan scored 8 goals in 4 matches in Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, the 2008/09 OFC O-League. Key Players: James Pritchett, Nikolay Davydenko, Stanislas Wawrinka and Ivan Vicelich and Keryn Jordan.Estudiantes de La Plata Robin Soderling. Abhinav Manmohan: Tempo is probably one of the best magazine's to come out in recent times with (ARG) We were a bit disappointed when Fernando UAE: Keeping The Covenant vibrant colours and catchy themes. Keep up the good Estudiantes de La Plata (ARG) Verdasco, the world number 8 withdrew from work. the event but the announcement that Stanislas Are you ready to be a part of history? Celebrate UAE’s The first team since the tournament's current format was Wawrinka will be taking his place was cause for 38th National Day with ADACH as they organize the UAEDisaster : IT WAS introduced in 2000 to win the competition after coming merriment. Afterall, Wawrinka teamed up with longest traditional seating in collaboration with Ausha really nice, i couldn't walk through 16 qualifying matches. Key players: Leandro Federer and won a doubles gold medal at the bint Hussain Cultural Center. Thousands of volunteers for 2 days. 5 km was too Desabato, Cristian Cellay, Rodrigo Brana, Juan Sebastian 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and he will now from across our capital city will be participating under much for me lol thanks for Veron, Mauro Boselli and Jose Luis Calderon. be competing against the fellow Swiss for the the slogan “keeping the covenant...and proud” Don’t . bringing up the memories FC Barcelona (ESP) Capitala trophy. Tennis enthusiasts will go wild miss this chance to profess your love for the land of again : P for sure! Meanwhile Capitala Community Cup plenty. Do get there on time as the seating will last for Barcelona was the highest-scoring team in the last tournaments (Nov 7 – Dec 5) have kicked off 38 minutes and end with a recitation of UAE’s National Champions League with 30 goals. Key players: Carles Join our group, just log on to Facebook and search for to engage and attract youngsters towards the Anthem. Puyol, Rafael Marquez, Xavi, Andres Iniesta, Samuel Eto'o, Abu Dhabi Tempo. world of tennis. And the prize? An exclusive Lionel Messi and Thierry Henry. session with one of the world’s top players at the When? Wednesday, 2nd December 2009 at 5 pm Where? Breakwater - Abu Dhabi Capitala World Tennis Championship. So re-string By the way you can also tweet with us on TP Mazembe Englebert (COD) How? With your help and best wishes! those racquets and keep ‘em ready, the ball will twitter.com/abudhabitempo.com. In 42 years, TP Mazembe has competed in 5 CAF soon be in your court! Champions League till the finals. Key players: Robert Subscribe to AbuDhabi Tempo Videos on Youtube! Seek Kidiaba, Eric Nkulukuta, Tshai Mukinayi, Patou Kabangu, For details on the Capitala Community Cup, visit: We'd love to hear from you. Write to us at and ye shall find! Narcisse Ekanga, Tresor Mputu and Alain Kaluyitukadioko. www.capitalawtc.com letters@abudhabitempo.com www.youtube.com/user/abudhabitampo 4 Tempo December 2009 www.abudhabitempo.com 5
  4. 4. Watch out for New curves... City bites on Fries! okin g pretty dul l. Regardless of restaurant ble. D s eep fried till Dhabi was lo pretty boring... predicta an fries in Abu ed hing more th e! The futu re of French e popular snack seem ere destin ed to be not Not anymor arnishing, th Fries w wraps. or type of g od straight. burgers and always ram-r citing main dishes like ive to the ey are exclus ho founded golden brown and aratively ex e in and th ks to comp ies ar lady w mere sidekic ped Curly fr the Emirati n e out! Revam at with Mona Al Alawi, Modhesh Fu ry old fries ar ch h her son in t starting a The wea anchise. Te mpo had a ers. While playing wit hany abou ChipSticks fr ong with two local partn rly fries and had an epip the fran chise al ildren enjo ying cu itnessed ch in AbuDhab i! City, Mona w Abu Dhabi. ing like this similar business in trod uce someth Mona we had to in good, I knew Curly fries were so kiosks in Mar ina Variety, spice and everything nice! simply takeaway experiences (really good BBQ chicken, y they have ar and alread sistent, Mona and half-decent nasi goreng). This time we sat down ust of this ye ined and per lable to the began in Aug City). Determ Julian is a Malaysian expat living in Abu Dhabi. A self- and had a proper meal - fried rice and really good mixed The project HCT (Khalifa curly fries av ai all, Action Zo ne and and make canteen. So move confessed foodie, he likes exploring dining spots across vegetables with lots of oyster sauce type gravy. The M the numb er of kiosks d college Manchurian chicken was a little spicy for my taste, and plans to increase g mall, ci ty centre an ! the city. This month he tells us about a local restaurant he ery shoppin e here to stay recently visited: the hoi-sin beef was half decent. Overall, it was still a masses in ev ks because Curly fries ar good meal, and we were stuffed. About Dh 33 per head, ac over petty sn well priced! Golden Fork is a little eatery in the heart of town which is really easy on the pocket! After popping by at the Sheraton for 2 pints each (total of four) of Amstel Lite, Hmmm… located near KFC on Hamdan Street, Golden which only cost Dh 50, we wandered over to Golden Fork seems to offer something for everyone. So folks do Ann Fork, for our Chinese dinner. Slurp! We were hungry! pop in for a meal! “This was my third visit there. The first two times were Russo Ropin’ in Customers! Rodeo Gr ill Petit Labelled as the best steakhouse in town by its regular customers, – An Elegant Rodeo Grill at the Beach Rotana Hotel and Towers is worth a visit. Affair A club atmosphere with a dress code of smart casual does present a mind boggling styling challenge for any fashionista. However, once you enter through its doors your sense of smell will overcome all your nervous impulses. Tempo popped in for a bite and asked some of its customers, some nervous (we Good News ladies! Ann Russo Petit has setup shop in Wahda Mall. Your search for are not the Spanish Inquisition people!) and some very unique, affordable and fashionably chic evening wear is over. This trendy boutique obliging, about the food: carries one-of-a-kind haute couture party dresses and night gowns designed for it exclusively by Ann Russo and other casual dresses made in France, Italy, Turkey “Their stakes are the best, their beverage list is great too!”- Natalie G & China. The shop’s manager, Mohammed Jasim told Tempo that the outlet caters “Wagyu stake is great and the service is excellent, eat the steak or eat somewhere to women’s demand for classy and elegant evening gowns at affordable rates. The dresses are tagged at Dh 2500 onwards. What the shop lacks in spatial dimensions, it else!” - Danny M. more than makes up for it in variety, design and vibrant colour palette of the formal “The meat was a little bland for me but otherwise everything else is lovely!” – Aiman A. wear it showcases. It is well worth a visit if your closet space needs a dash of grace and sophistication. Also worth a try are their desserts like the lemon parfait, citron tart, chocolate pyramid, mandarin sherbet (lemon flavour – they sure love lemons), citrus crème brulee and a delightful chocolate tart. For seafood lovers, Rodeo Grill provides mouthwatering seafood cuisines as well. Tempo recommends the lobster bisque! 6 6 Tempo December 2009 www.abudhabitempo.com 7
  5. 5. My ABU DHABI homesmart Heritage Village Everyone has something they do better than anyone else. You have the brag rights and Tempo is giving you the space, so send us your helpful tips and tricks to making life simpler and richer. Just make sure its all original and all you! Omron Khan is the Managing Director of a marketing firm. He often travels back and forth between UAE and UK. This is what he had to say about the Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi: “If you’re a new visitor to Abu Dhabi you may be asking yourself, “Where are the camels?” This month’s picks... “In the midst of shiny buildings and luxurious shopping malls one easily forgets that Abu Dhabi was once a desert inhabited by camels and Bedouins. Some tourists may find themselves putting in some “ Instead of buttermilk, I use fresh milk soured with a tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice when extra effort to locate places which showcase Abu Dhabi’s culture and heritage. After all, they do need cooking.” – Jenny M. to feel that they are actually in another country. “ I store shoes in boxes to protect them against scuffs and scratches and I click pics of each pair “Do not despair! There is a little slice of history amongst all the glittering modernity in the form of Heritage and stick ‘em to the side of the box to make my last minute shoe hunts easier!” Village. If you’re a culture vulture like me you’ll enjoy learning about the traditions and lifestyle of Bedouins – Kim Sullivan TempoTip! in this recreated living exhibition of how the original inhabitants of this land used to live before oil was discovered. “ When cooking meat, I often shred it to make it seem more than it is.” – Adriana Jones “OK… so it is a little staged, but once you enter this open-air museum overlooking the Corniche juxtaposed in the “ I never hang delicate items like loose knits. I always fold them to prevent stretching.” not be tossed between high rising sky scrapers and Marina Mall, you are certainly transported to a simpler, calmer era. You can stroll Sneaks need thorough – Marium Shabbir washing machine for through a traditional market, view the mud brick houses and yes… they have camels too! You can opt for a camel ride or orkout r a sweaty w observe falcons in the regular falconry demonstrations. cleaning afte the insoles, “ When buying sunscreen, I always make sure it has an SPF of at least 30 and it is water resistant.” ead, remove session. Inst rush – Roma Nath with a toothb n brush of dirt lutio “It’s well worth a visit and don’t worry, the camels don’t bite!” dipped in a detergent so eet YOUR MEET.... … Jane Cagais sneakers with “ I always vacuum seal meat products to make them look fresh and prevent those unsightly and stuff the M YO while they freezer burns.” – Rana Noor newspapers air dry. It's a ... Send us your tips: editorial@abudhabitempo.com NEIGHBOUR “I have moved to Abu Dhabi from Taiwan quite recently. It has only been two weeks since I began working here and I love this place already! Like most people, my quest for a good job brought me to the capital city and understandably, I was apprehensive about relocating to oodThing Eko Friendly UAE this far away from home. “However, once I came here I realized that Abu Dhabi is G Products in UAE so culturally diverse that I instantly found people from my homeland in the Philippines. Now I have a couple Have you ever wondered where you can find eco-friendly golf balls in UAE? How about of friends who I can go out with on weekends and on biodegradable toys, colour pencils made from recycled newspapers, sun jars that store special occasions. sunlight, handmade Nepali paper or renewable cellulose loofahs? By now most of you must be wondering (with raised eyebrows no doubt) whether these products actually exist! They do and they are available in Ekotribe, a company which offers environmentally friendly “Taiwan was a nice city to work in but people there rarely substitutes to a wide range of products. Their product list includes: solar powered totes, spoke a word of English and it was difficult for me to bamboo kitchen ware, eco-friendly shower heads, green books, BPA-free water bottles, and bridge the communication gap. I do not face such reusable shopping bags etc of superior design and quality which on disposal get absorbed problems here as almost everyone in this city knows into the environment. Showcasing products from brands like Illume, Totally Bamboo, English. I am learning a few words of Arabic as well! Preserve, Tucker Bags, Planet Pixies, Ecominders and many other designers, Ekotribe provides environmentally safe products for a better lifestyle. They even plan to open an “I do miss my family back home. I have a one year old online store: www.thegreenecostore.com Jane Cagais is a server in an upscale coffee shop in Marina kid and a husband both of whom I dearly love. I hope to Mall. Tempo joins her for a cuppa as she tells us why she bring them here some day so that I can give my son a Catch them in the capital next year during the GreenBuild World Summit in ADNEC calls Abu Dhabi her new home... better life and my family a better future.” (May 24 - 26). Meanwhile visit: www.ekotribe.com 8 Tempo December 2009 www.abudhabitempo.com 9
  6. 6. PEOPLE METER Making a The Inside People Meter is an offbeat way to learn more about Each of us can in his, or her, own way make a difference in our world. Sometimes this can be a simple our community and its people who come from gesture, and sometimes it is a kind word. This page is dedicated to the hero that resides in each and every one of us, and to the sharing of great news that will make our planet a better place for us all. truth different backgrounds, cultures and walks of life. This month, we invite Sara Svensson and Ramadina Macusang to participate in TIME FOR SOME Volunteer in Quick Questions Abu Dhabi People Meter. WINTER a) If you could be one celebrity who would you be? Sara: Michelle Obama CHARITY Putting the Facebook phenomenon to good use is an Abu Dhabi based volunteering group called, Volunteer in Abu Dhabi (no points for guessing that one!). Founded by Lola Lopez, the group has more than 750 followers who receive Ramadina: Elizabeth Taylor Abu Dhabi Mall Winter Charity Arts and Crafts Fair direct posts on their Facebook page whenever someone posts about a volunteering opportunity. Joining the effort b) A hidden talent you The Nobel Prize winning humanitarian are Ryan Rowe, Suparna Mathur, and Volunteer coordinators: possess? organization, Médecins Sans Frontières Sofia Diop and Mame Diop. From recruiting volunteers for a Sara: The talent of secrecy. (MSF) is the driving force behind many diabetes walk on F1 race track or sorting through books for charity events. This time around a second a charity sale, Volunteer in Abu Dhabi is the fun volunteering Ramadina: I love to dance and I do hand book bazaar is being organized on organization with a serious goal: it well! 11th December so that mall goers can buy books at bargained prices. MSF is Volunteering can help you find your emotional feet, re-discover Sara Svensson Ramadina Macusang renowned for its efforts towards c) What is your worst fear? lost faith and heal wounds. The joy of giving and helping those Swedish Philippino rehabilitation of victims who suffer at in urgent need will fill you with warmth and a joy beyond Sara: Losing my loved ones and the hands of calamity (both natural and... expression. There is no feeling in the world quite like putting ignorance. man-made). It will also hold a tombola shoes on a child who has never had any. Ramadina: To be alone. where lucky shoppers will win prizes! The What first word comes to your mind when I say...? unlucky ones will still go home satisfied as – Lola Lopez they will know that they have contributed So if you wish to volunteer and have no idea of where, when d) If you could be president of your to a worthy cause. and how; join their group and make everyday count! country for a day, what would you Colour Rainbow Colour Life HelpingHand do first? Music Hajen Music Magic Sara: Call my brother and two sisters Bag Travel Bag Silent Lady to join me for a Presidential Tempo’s (aka ‘the Rahma briga de’) Vote! House Future House Fulfilled Breakfast and hire ecologists for future planning projects. Anger Fear Anger Frustration Junk Useful Junk Disrespectful Ramadina: To take all the The largest ever ar children and give them a home and my of volunteers Every month a container filled with clothes, toy, mobile Art Life Art Life in UAE was mobilize proper education. d during Formula phones and other items of necessity is sent to Iraq where Light Healing Light Hope One Abu Dhabi GP. it is distributed to those who need it most. Contact Rasha Can you guess Smile Powerful Smile Love the magic number? Al Mukhtar on Facebook for details on collection points e) Your weapon of choice in a fight? A whopping 800!! located in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. They can even arrange Concert Manu Chao Concert Daily Sara: Maracas Thanks guys, all yo ur efforts paid off. for a pickup if the location points are not close to Time Flies Time Gold Ramadina: Magnum 357 your home. Rules Helpful Rules Tough Silence Golden Silence Lonliness Making a Difference is a celebration of good people and good deeds. Please share with us your ideas, activities and community ‘public-good ‘ stories. Send them to editorial@abudhabitempo.com 10 Tempo December 2009 www.abudhabitempo.com 11
  7. 7. handy handyhelper NAPKIN ARTICHOKE Every letter speaks a thousand words. Welcome to FLOWER f! ert Yoursel the enchanting world where understanding and Ass discovering your inner-self is as easy as scribbling Abu Dhabi is hosting so many international events that it is something on a piece of paper. Graphology is com- only a short while before your hostessing skills will be put to monly known as Handwriting Analysis and it is the the test by guests visiting from back home or science involved in producing a personality profile of maybe worse... your In-laws! 'So what?' you say. Afterall, you have aced all cooking classes, thrown away all unsightly Assertiveness is the ability to make your feelings and are aggressive then you need to figure out why people the writer by examining the characteristics, traits and junk (or atleast hidden it) and the house has survived a rights known to others while making sure that you don’t feel threatened by you. strokes of his or her handwriting. Tempo gives you a round of merciless cleaning. But wait! Have you paid encroach on theirs. It is an integral tool in office chance to get your handwriting analyzed by Graphologist Riddhi Doshi for free! Send in your attention to all the details? For example: How do you plan to communication. Being assertive is about being direct Criticism: You must be ready to listen to and identify scanned writing samples to place the napkins on the table? If your and honest but most people have to learn this skill as all constructive criticism that comes your way. Don’t try reply is: 'In a messy heap', then you need to read this next bit! they are either too passive or too aggressive. Both of pleasing everyone at once. Just make small changes in letters@abudhabitempo.com with ‘Art of Oracle’ in the subject line. which are a safety hazard in an office environment! your everyday routine, for example: try listening to what Here’s why... people really want. Writing sample from a reader who wishes to Do it in Steps • It helps in stress management as you clearly Say ‘NO’: Let go of the fear of disappointing people. You remain anonymous: communicate your views to fellow office workers. need to know when to say ‘no’. Colleagues indulging in gossip want you to join in while you are busy with work; • It tends to reduce conflicts in your dealings with others say ‘no’! Another office worker needs a favour and asks because you present your views without offending you to finish their 100 page report by tomorrow; say ‘no’. them. You get the idea, right? • Your needs are met as per your requirements as Your voice: If you have a different opinion then the Step 1: Begin with a Step 2: Fold in all the colleagues know exactly what you want. popular one, don’t be afraid to voice it. Speak your mind square cloth napkin corners towards the when others ask for your judgment. If they want to placed on the table with centre of the square. know what your cubicle buddy thinks they’ll ask him! • People can count on you and this forms the root of Keep this information handy for your own safety. Cut out and paste on your fridge its design side facing stronger, trustworthy office relationships. Analysis: You are very emotional – Your energy levels down. Don’t feel attacked: Similarly, when people differ from are good and you can work for long hours – Also your view point, don’t feel ambushed. Confidently state • It gives you peace of mind and body. You don’t get have trouble saying ‘No’ – Your speech can get blunt your beliefs with sound reasoning and others will soon ulcers fretting about office politics as you are more at times – You have the ability to forgive but you understand the way you perceive an issue. Engaging in focused on your work. never forget – Tend to adhere to selective listening a war of words never ends with the other party saying, – Digestion is weak – Sometimes you get a little “Oh I see my mistake, I understand you perfectly now!” overconfident – You are creative and fond of music Become More Assertive – Tendency to put on weight is high – Prone to being Assess yourself: Take a good look at where you stand. cheated. What changes in personality and style to do you need Step 3: Fold in the Step 4: Flip the napkin corners once again. over very carefully. Fold to make to get people to take you more seriously? If you Great Time Advice: Write till the end of the page and ensure that you make the most of all opportunities that come in the corners towards Management Tip #3* your way. the centre one last time. Be sure to replenish your office materials Step 5: Hold the napkin ahead of time. Manage your stocks and in the centre with your inventory, reordering ahead of time, so Riddhi Doshi finger. Pull out the flap is a renowned that you won’t waste time in the future under each of the cor- Graphologist waiting for stocks to arrive. ners. You can place the practicing in UAE napkin in the middle of & India. To know * Part 3 of a 12 issue series the dinner plate. Love & Joy, more about this interesting art form, Riddhi join her Facebook group: Art of Oracle Remember to smile as guests rave about your new napkin folding skills. 12 Tempo December 2009 www.abudhabitempo.com 13
  8. 8. KICKING Lifestyle Pearly Whites! So you must have given plenty of thought to healthy changes you need to make in your life for next year; like giving up full cream dairy products, going for early morning walks and spending more time with your family than at the What is the first thing people notice about you? No, it’s not the Gucci shoes or the Rolex wristwatch. Although we are office etc. Have you thought of resolutions for your home? Yes, you read it correctly; a person’s home is where he or she sure they have played their part well in helping you make a good first impression. The answer is: Your smile. Actually, to spends so much time, and so it makes perfect sense for it to reflect their changing attitude towards life. be more precise, your teeth. You might be a bombshell like Salma Hayek but one look at rotting or discoloured teeth and Let’s welcome 2010 with the latest limited edition from The One. people will run in the other direction yelling, “Freddy Kruegar on the loose!” So how do you keep those yummy treats from spoiling your teeth? The answer is simple: Don’t eat them. However, unless TempoTiues,! p you are a monk of some sort, there is no way that’s possible! Tempo understands your dilemma (actually, most of us are in the same boat as you). So here are few tips on side-stepping the problem: Resolution # 5 bl Remember to rest your back, use Purples, soft ns, s, golden gree CHEAP TRICKS TO AVOID a trendy cushion for support. metallic llows are the greys and ye is ‘in’ colours !th TEETH STAINING season · Use a straw to drink cold drinks and other beverages (those which will not raise eyebrows on use of a straw, for example: if you drink green tea through a straw we will be thoroughly displeased). This way the liquid bypasses your teeth, lessening surface staining. Resolution # 4 · Drink plenty of water after eating foods that stain, typi- Everyone needs a reminder now cally those foods with alot of artificial colouring in them. and then of how much you love them! · Mommy was right! Brush your teeth twice a day, everyday. Period. · Schedule regular teeth cleaning sessions with your dentist. Experts say that professional whitening can last a lifetime if you watch what you eat and drink. · Deeply coloured foods are to be avoided while whiten- Resolution # 3 ing and two days after the treatment. Some major teeth Keep track of time; don’t waste it staining culprits to watch out for are (hold your breath): on unnecessary things. soft drinks, red wine, smoking, sports drinks, blueberries, coffee and tea. Tempo says: Don’t smoke, stick to mineral water and keep smiling! Naturally Gorgeous Winter means cool weather, long walks and unfortunately dry skin! Don’t worry; Tempo is here to your rescue. We give you an easy recipe for Skin Softening Honey Bath: Take 2 tsp honey, 1 cup very hot water and a few drops of pure essential oil. Resolution # 2 Make more good memories and Dissolve the honey in the water. Pour the mixture into the bath water. Switch of your mobile phones and relax. Resolution # 1 preserve them tastefully. Light up your life and your home. 14 Tempo December 2009 www.abudhabitempo.com 15
  9. 9. My Style TrendSETTER Tempo's very own Trendsetter brings you the latest fashion in the capital. Tempo spots Shirt: French fashionable and Sunglasses: Connection Dh 150 Monsoon smart dressers Aldo - Dh 60 For her around the city. Begonia floral scarf Monsoon SPOTTING... For her Desiree metal Name: Kadill Ali sequin scarf V-neck Jumper: Age: 33 years Scarf : Next Next - Dh 180 Dh 50 Nationality: Afro British What do you do (work)? Polo Ralph IT Sales and Marketing Lauren Forever 21 For him For her Lambswool scarf Bohemian love scarf Where do you get Trousers: French your hair done? Connection - Dh 270 Nivea Haus The One Thing I Regret Buying: Sunglasses, I end up loosing them! Forever 21 For her The One Thing I Smoked current scarf Dream of Buying: Private Jet Wrap it up! Your most valued Shoes: Aldo Dh 200 OUR FASHION This season Tempo brings fashion possession: EXPERT SAYS: you a hot must-have Black and white Looking accessory for a cool new PRADA shoes dapper, Kadill! look. Dudes and dudettes, You have managed the scarf is back! Take My Style Inspiration: Will Smith and Usher to pull off the your pick from a variety of Tommy casual-yet-urban sophisticate look. designs, colours, textures, Hilfiger My Style Philosophy: Not so easy. and let’s not forget the For him Be brave, be bold and be you! numero uno deciding Camo scarf factor... brand name! Would you like to be featured on My Style Blueprint? If you do contact: 026673349, blueprint@abudhabitempo.com 16 Tempo December 2009 www.abudhabitempo.com 17