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Vellyqueen Magazine English Version

  1. 1. The most expected Oriental Dance Contest by those girls that know how to express art through their bodies and their souls You can’t lose the opportunity of being one of the best of colombia ! Info : Phone : 321 4514208 Organizer Team : Bellyqueen Superstars Oriental & Latin Arab Dance Studio See you here
  2. 2. Publication General Director Cheryl Andiön Direction & Coordination Bellyqueen Superstars Communications Bogota 57 1 2952173 Direction y Journalistic Editor Kathya Sanmiguel Our Team Catalina Rojas H Colombia / Journalist Koldo Gondra del Campo Pais Vasco Bilbao / Journalist & Antropologist Ahmed Abdelhamid Egypt / Journalist & Doctor Chef Moustafa Tahoun Iran / Journalist & Cheff Sofia Saad Turkey / Journalist & Polititian Ariana SanPedro Mexico / Journalist & Lawyer Commercialization Bellyqueen Superstars © Bogota Colombia Cover The romance Between East & West First Edition © 2010 Bellyqueen Superstars Magazine All rights reserved Copying the articles of this issue is not allowed Without authorization of our
  3. 3. EDICION 1 MARZO 2010 Keti Sharif, 10 Secrets to better Bellydancing 7 Bellydancing 27 Tells us what ’s the secret to better Why should we practice it, and its dancing technique. benefits. Healing what it was impossible: 11 HARMONIC OVERTONES 31 1001 Latin Arab Flavors In each edition discover all the Harold Grandstaff Reknown Musi- magic of middle east mixed with cian talks about his “OVERTONES” west in o ur gastronomy section. On Valentines Day The Astro Bellydancer 19 34 Discover how the planets can step What is love ? Is all here. on your dance. Unicorns, existed or not ? Vegetarianism 22 42 And here is the story ….. Each day more people learning how to balance and eat healthy.
  4. 4. Editorial country is like the exact copy of a World that we have al- ready heard about, Latin people; the physical shape, al- though a different language their ways of moving area al- most exactly the same, their food has a different name but is the same and in a very fun way our Arab Chef “Chef Mami” will make his presentation every month about what is really happening in Latin Arab Gastronomy. We have from Basque Country the winner of numberless awards in writing Koldo Gondra del Campo who wants to share with us his experiences, his feelings. We have from Egypt Ah- med Abdel Amid Egyptian Journalist that will tell us his day by day in life in Egypt among other writings. From Istanbul Dear Reader : we have Sofía Saad with writings of Turkish life among To me is more than a pleasure to take to you Bellyqueen other things winner of the best public writing in Turkey…. Superstars Magazine. A magazine that was since the be- From Mexico we have Arianna San Pedro our national ginning, thought and born for Latin Arab Fusions. Here we award to the Mexican writer living us the opinion about are showing 2 worlds that though they look different they belly dancing in wonderful Cancun. From our loved Colom- are not that much. We will show why are we called Latin bia, Catalina Rojas who has been editing more than 13 in Arab Fusions internationally, not because we are Latin’s our country worked in CNN International in also entertain- speaking about Arab world, or Arabs talking about Latin’s, ment section in lately news who is sharing with all of us her also not because we are those who want to represent their scripts having faith that she can give a benefit to our belly culture in far west, is because this trans-culturation that the dance and Latin Arab fusions magazine. With this wonder- planet is leaving this days we knew that we are more alike ful team among so many that cooperate with our firm Belly- than what we think, over that the 2 worlds live life with the queen Superstars, THE BELLYQUEEN SUPERSTARS same passion and our writers belong to both worlds and TEAM, and all those who make possible the existence of they are so willing to set their experiences, here in this, this magazine y say see you soon hoping that all our Read- your now magazine and showing all the respect I fusion ers have the best experience digest in reading, and also this 2 worlds in a majestic way, due to the majestic team hoping that we can make people understand what is a real that is here joining me from now on. Latin Arab Fusions LATIN ARAB FUSION! more than a brand is a communion between worlds teach- With all my love ing, that at the same time fight for going out of the apathy Cheryl Andiön in which they have been with much fun each month will be delivered to you an issue that promises to take you to a world that it hasn’t been known but sounds to everyone. Is so much fun to see that every time I go to Egypt or any Arab
  5. 5. Magic Power Arts Wisdom Folklore y Ethnology Everything in just one festival
  6. 6. Keti Sharif 2. Relax your jaw, relax your hands Relax your jaw, relax your hands. Dancing with a slightly open jaw will relax your whole body. The jaw in yoga is linked with the pelvic area, so by relaxing the jaw, throat and neck will actually help release the flow of energy in the hips! Egyptian dancers always have their mouths slightly open. This is why lip-synching will often make your dancing very relaxed. Also relax your hands, let them feel and flow with the music. To test this, try to shimmy with clenched fists and j a w , t h e n r e l a x t h e m . 3. Be present, be IN tune the music Be present, be in tune with the music. Totally immerse your- self in the music the way your body dictates. You must un- derstand your body, instinctively knowing its timing and tech- niques. The analytical mind must take a back seat so the creative mind can take over. The secrets here are a) listen- 10 Secrets to Better Bellydancing by Keti ing, b ) breathing, c ) focusing, d ) flowing. These are the Sharif easiest ways to centre yourself and engage wholly with the music and movement. You can improve your dancing by being aware of ten simple things. 4. Simplify Its easier than you may think...and less is definitely more! Simplify. In dance, less is more. Keep your moves simple, clear and clean. Follow the beat and accent the beats that 1. Step the rhythm with your feet asked to be accented. Don't double time or throw in accents Step the rhythm with your feet. Everything comes back to where there are none. Let the body respond to the instru- rhythm - it is the pulse, the base, the groundwork for your ment in the way it is being played, held and felt by the musi- dance. You primarily feel the rhythm with your feet and lower cian - arms to flutes, shoulders to violins and req, chest to body - legs and hips. When your feet 'feel' the rhythm and accordion, belly to loud, lower belly to qanoon, hips to tabla, pulse or step on the 'doms' and raise for the 'taks' your body feet to base tabla. understands the rhythm. Apply this principle whether dancing on the spot or travelling with your steps.
  7. 7. 5. Vary your movements with space, level, timing Vary your movements with space, level, timing. Soheir Zaki mastered the art of using only several simple moves, but made them look like many. The same move keeps its hyp- notic momentum when the level is changed, ie: the knees bend to make it appear lower or the dancer raises herself on the balls of her foot to lift the move. The move can be doubled when the tempo increases or the beats occur in more rapid frequency. It can be halved and slowed down to create accented beats. Lastly, become a master of space when you dance - learn to turn well, step into bal- anced floor patterns and train yourself to turn sharply so that you face the front and then the back with ease. 6. Use your arms like the conductor of an orchestra 8. Practice WITHOUT a mirror as much as possible Use your arms like the conductor of an orchestra. When Practice WITHOUT a mirror as much as possible. Get the music is deep and low, let your arms remain low and used to feeling the music, generating a mood, being to- poised as you dance. When the musical scale rises, lift tally present as you dance. What you see in the mirror is your arms to follow it. For the crescendo, lift your arms the reverse of what you actually look like. A video is a high. When music like the qanoon for example trickles more accurate image of yourself, that's why we some- from high to low scale, follow it with your arms and hands times feel our dancing on video looks 'foreign' to us! as if describing falling rain. Lift the arm with the music as When dancing in front of a mirror, you tend to look for- though you were 'lifting' the music itself. ward and the head, shoulders and chest don't relax like they should in natural dance. 7. See the music, let your eyes light up 9. Technical challenges when learnt well, later become See the music, let your eyes light up. Arabic dancers use creative tools their eyes in a very relaxed yet powerful way. They see Technical challenges when learnt well, later become the music. Do the same when you dance. When the melo- creative tools. Technical steps and 'routines' require to- dies get high and light, look upwards, as the Persians did, tal focus as they are being learnt. It even seems to go believing dancing was for the Gods. For dynamic earthy against the grain of 'organic' dance. But the body has an drums, look down at your hips and enjoy the movement. incredible cellular memory. Practice, practice, practice. During 'question and answer' sections within the music, Logical dance steps, turns and transitions first engage be two different personalities engaging in 'conversation' - your analytical mind, like riding a bike or cooking a new one is demure, the other robust. Let the changing charac- recipe. However once mastered, the experience later ter of the music fill your body and express it with your becomes a creative and enjoyable one. You begin to eyes - be sultry, triumphant, melancholy, passionate, coy, forget the mechanics and enjoy the senses. Once your mischievous. body learns the technicalities of bellydance, they be- come second nature and part of the creative process.
  8. 8. 10. Detach and focus at the same time by surrender- ….Two people have branded my Middle Eastern ing to the music dance life, with proper names I can say them loud, Keti Sharif from Egypt and Amira Mor oriental blood living in New York. For me they have been the great prove that it is possible to take bellydance to higher Detach and focus at the same time by surrendering to grounds. the music. Dance is a kind of meditation - a very inte- They are the living representation of the conscious grated, present-moment experience. With meditation, through dance and always I have been wanting my you must detach from the rambling mind thought students to perform in the path that they have initi- process and remain clear and open by focusing on ated, not only for their dancing styles but for the Halo breathing and posture. The same applies for belly- that they leave after they drop out of the stage. dance. By surrendering to the music and letting it 'guide' your Woman that dance with their soul, with the soul of a body, you release mental blocks that stifle creativity. universal dancer. In the sphinx festival I had the When you are fully engaged in the flowing, creative chance to see the amazing job that our Keti Sharif did process of dance you detach from the judgmental on the workshop level, what is more relevant of her mind that constantly assesses if you are doing well or personality is that she knows how the enhance her- poorly, right or wrong. Instead, focus on the purity of self and at the same time keep it at the level of the each move; your merging with the music. In this human being, her classes ad the outcome that the meditative state, the mind does not interfere with festival showed how good things can be done, but judgement and you produce your most authentic something that got my attention was the great humble dance expression. that she manifests. Not an easy task when it comes to spotlight; she keeps straight in her convictions en- hancing her world through dance, with her love. From an audience, musicians and dancer's perspec- tive - I was surprised when in Le Méridien Pyramids in Cairo, Egypt when her workshops started, Topics A relaxed, tuned-in dancer is the most enjoyable to never seen before and probably never taught also, watch. and I clap her bravery when she started to restart our A relaxed, tuned-in dancer is the most enjoyable to dances taking them into 5000 years ago. In an amaz- play for. ing festival as it was the Sphinx Festival 2009, and as A relaxed, tuned-in dancer is the most enjoyable very surely will be the 2010 festival the one I want to dancer to be. make an very warm invitation to all those that know what is this dance for. With high standard work- Keti Sharif Cairo, Egypt shopers that just want to take us into a more com- plete dance starting from their history, their rhythms. Cheryl Andiön
  9. 9. I want to say how grateful I am with this big an amazing woman for a great festival, and for be- We Recommend ing so kind on sharing with us this article that will AL RAWABI teach, a will fulfill all the gaps that might appear on bellydance. You can read more about this festival in the web- site . With all my love I say good bye hoping that Keti will have an amaz- ing year around her new baby and the halo of this great teacher light your paths through belly- dance. May God bless you all Cheryl Andiön Open Kitchen restaurant , attrac- tive for its offers of classic Leba- nese plates that, without being ex- cessively sophisticated or too elaborated satisfies for its high quality . Cl 85 No 12-61 Tel : +57 ( 1 ) 4813573 Bogotá D.C.
  10. 10. ….I will start this story like a fairy tale, because at the end of this conversation you will see that this has ended exactly like a “ happily ever after” thing… Once upon a time … I was seated in my desk thinking exactly on how to develop a method to make my students improve their dance in the appropriate way and faster.. 5000 thousand years ago there was a powerful technique ( talking about Egyptian ancestral teachings ) that lead people to do things with 100 percent of efficiency speaking in all matters, brains, bodies, minds and souls. Is the communion of this 4 things that make a human being to be- have effectively but this can only be done by being totally INNER HEALED. All of a sudden like from heaven this wonderful man Harold Grandstaff Moses, a musician that was brought from the stars started to talk to me. He was promoting back then, a wonderful music that he produces, but what you will not believe is the result of listening to this music, after his words I will explain the exact effects of it in mine and the others life…. Harold Grandstaff Moses February 24 at 6:38am You seem like an angel, are you? ( smiling) I am not an angel, as my wife and my friends could assure you. ( Smiles) However I do believe in angels and I have a concept of being surrounded by angelic beings, forces and energies. There are times in my life that I consciously choose to act from a place of highest good, and in those moments, the angelic energies merge and blend with my own energy to a greater degree. My music follows carefully the laws of Harmony, laws with which any good angel is intimately aligned. What and who are you? ( Again, smiling ) I have a simple phrase which summarizes this question with a seed thought: “ I am a harmonically unique vi- brational signature of the Divine - a chord in the Cosmic Harmony. ” It is something I teach at The Institute of Harmonic Science, a non-profit educational organization in Phoenix, Arizona. This phrase, which we publish in a variety of formats, is designed to remind us of our true essence. Like every aspect of Cosmos, we are vibra- tion within a Field of vibration. Many people are beginning to understand that our atoms, our molecules, our cells, our bones, our tissue and indeed all aspects of our physicality are all vibrational manifestations. What is not understood so well is that our feelings, our emotions, our thoughts and our spirit is vibrational as well. Thus, when I speak of my “ h armonically unique vibratory signature ” , one of the things I am saying is that though the majority of our atomic vibrations may be similar ( and in fact, mostly identical ) the vibrational content of my ‘ s elf ’ as a whole entity is quite different from your, or any other being or form. It is this unique quality of our harmonic uniqueness which allows us to express fully as our self.
  11. 11. What is exactly do you want to transmit with your music? This is such a wonderful question for a composer and a performer. My goal first and foremost is to be true to Harmony. I am in love with the beauty of music - a beauty which is based on the architecture of ‘ right relationship. ‘ I seek to utilize frequencies to convey emotion, thought and feeling. The end result is my music creates a sense of an open heart, a transcendent mind, and a renewed spirit. I seek to transmit a greater sense of being connected with the Harmony of the divine. Does this music work with brain waves, or is it something different? It would be fair to say that all music influences brain waves, however the result is not always positive. My research in the field of harmonic overtones has allowed me to create a music which creates unique states of consciousness which stimulate health and well-being. Harmonic vibrational theory suggests that every cell, tissue and organ collectively participate in a venture of vibratory agreement and disagreement. Our bodies, our minds, and our spirits exist as a localized energetic field of frequency-based communication designed to bring the many parts into a state of wholeness - into a state of Harmony. We provide the listener with a sonic field which has been engineered to synchronize their heart, mind and body. Dr. Andrew Weil said of our first harmonic CD project: “ The Drone is a powerful and effective psy- cho-acoustic technology – a way to influence consciousness through sound. In this case the influence is toward a desirable state of calm and attentive centeredness. I recommend trying it. ” What instruments are used in here to complete the healing experience? I have several distinct musical elements which I use in my compositions. First are the acoustic instruments. As a violist, pianist and vocalist I am keenly aware of the impact live instruments have upon the body. Each week I play music for patients at Cancer Treatment Centers of America as part of the Body-Mind depart- ment. I am always moved by the effect this live acoustic music has on patients and staff. Second, I utilize a proprietary form of engineering to create my “ Harmonics for Health ” series. Because these engineered harmonic arrays can carry complex streams of bundled frequencies across a localized or broad spectrum, numerous opportunities exist to stimulate and influence the body. Preliminary studies have shown that engineered harmonic overtones can lower blood pressure, reduce levels of anxiety & stress and reduce pain.
  12. 12. Finally, I employ extremely high quality orchestral samples recorded by the Vienna Symphonic Library in Austria. These samples allow me to create scores which provide the sonic illusion of a full symphonic or- c h e s t r a l e x p e r i e n c e . What inspires you to get these amazing, healing results? It is important to state that my intent in the beginning was not to create healing results, rather to create beautiful music. As it turns out, music which follows Harmonic law, and is scrupulous in it’ s intonation will create healing results. I am a faithful student of Harmony, and know that sound of beauty always reaps it ’ s reward upon the listener, and the performer. When did you start to notice that you have the talent for a special music like this? A major change in my playing began 20 years ago when I was still living in Boulder, Colorado. For a num- ber of reasons, I decided to enroll in a course in eurhythmy, a form of body movement to music and sound developed by Waldorf School founder Rudolf Steiner. After studying this method for several months I played a performance of Bach ’ s “ Air on the G-string ” at the 1st Congregational Church. I had a very mystical experience in which I left my body on the very first note and slowly ‘ f lew ’ from the balcony over the pews in a large circle until I returned back into my body on the last note. Music was never the same for m e a f t e r t h a t . In the past 25 years I have worked extensively to perfect my skills in improvisation. As a classically trained symphonic musician this did not come naturally. However I am now fluent as an improvisation artist and have discovered my ability to play music which resonates deeply and personally with individuals. These ‘ m usical soul readings ’ have become a signature of mine which I utilize often to assist people in their p a t h , a n d t h e i r p e r s o n a l t r a n s f o r m a t i o n . Can you tell me a what other experiences have you seen from your listeners and clients? My first CD “ Edges of the Soul” has elicited thousands of letters and emails over the years it have been available. Many people tell me they listen to the CD daily and that each time the music takes them to a new place. One gentleman, who became a dear friend, called me to say he had a problem with my music. I asked him what was the nature of his problem and he said that he had been listening every day and he did not want to go to work anymore. When I asked him if he had a favorite song he shared he was not sure since he always left his body and went on a deep journey while the music was playing. One of the themes of listeners comments is that my music takes people on deep journeys. My engineered harmonic overtone recordings have a similar effect. “ The Drone ” , which has been an un- derground best seller, is a mainstay for people who are on the spiritual path. The entire “ Harmonics for
  13. 13. Health ” series has created a rich collection of stories about the transformative power of overtones. My fa- vorite involves a hospice worker who played “ The Heart Drone” for a patient whose breath had slowed to once every 52 seconds and whose blood had pooled in his arms and legs. After 30 minutes of having these overtones playing, his nurse reported that his blood circulation and his breathing returned to normal and his vital signs miraculously stabilized - a state which remained for nearly 24 hours before he finally passed away in his sleep. The harmonics overtones create remarkable changes in the mind, body and spirit. It is why I say “ E ngineered harmonic overtones make the body sound, and the spirit light.” I see it this effect on listened again and again. Your latest job, what is it about and when will it be available in the market? I am working on a book which is a guide to identifying and experiencing the power or your personal “ heart note. ” This material is based on years of research and testing which shows that each person has a note which is resonant with their own heart, and when that note is heard, and especially if it is sung, amazing things happen within. This book will be available in mid April. I am also completing the mixes for the remaining 8 “ H armonics for Health ” series. The first four have cre- ated a real buzz in the transformational and health care markets. The entire collection will allow a listener to literally program their day with specifically tuned sounds which will positively effect their consciousness, their physical bodies and the quality of their spiritual connection. When these material is complete, I other new recordings in progress which will showcase my piano and viola improvisations. Meantime I am leading a weekly vocal gathering which teaches a form of improvisational spiritual singing called “ I n-Chant” , as well as leading a new choir for the homeless through the Lodestar Day Resource Center in downtown Phoenix. Are there any special recommendations for listening to your music? Yes. Be present and take the time to truly listen. Music is often relegated to the role of being in the back- ground while the listener is doing other things. To me, that is a bit like walking to a table which is filled with marvelous food and only smelling the aroma and enjoying the presentation. Music is best when it is treated like a fine meal, where the notes are savored for their complex flavors and their nurturing qualities. Above all my music is most powerful with the eyes closed while being consciously listened to and fully felt. Are we going to have the chance to have you visit us in Colombia one day? I would very much enjoy teaching and performing in Colombia. I offer workshops which are designed to pro- vide participants with ways to experience music as a transformative practice and a spiritual tool.
  14. 14. My classes are rich in both the physics and metaphysics of sound and vibration. And of course I very much look forward to playing you a “ musical soul reading” Cheryl. I would be honored to cooperate and create with you in any capacity. Where can my readers find your music? The easiest way to hear samples of my music and to purchase downloads or CDs is at this site: http:// D ownloads.html I also invite your readers to find out more about Engineered Harmonic Overtones here: http:// Finally, my main web portal is: Thank you dearest angel for including me in your newsletter. HG And this is how a great man says Good bye, the one we are Joint to have soon in our country. After all this time of living his music, I have discovered that the world is easier when it comes to it. After I listened to it the first time I knew that I will never use other thing different that Harold ’ s Harmonic Vibra- tional songs; That ’ s when I thought on using them in my Oriental & Latin Arab as a complement of this learning & healing of my girls, because it had an immediate effect on me. Since I work with people that really need to raise their self esteem, they need to remember who they are and what are they doing in this path, they need a lot of spiritual support due to hard lifes, hard situations they have faced. After all this is why this music is about : HEALING. And Harold’ s Harmonics did a great job, joining the method I have in the studio with his music was, like my students say “ A miracle ” after every meditation. They call it a miracle because they have experi- enced major changes not only in their attitudes but in their bodies; woman that have kids after being diag- nosed “ infertile ” , people that come with some kind of illness they dare to say that is because of this heal- ing process they are in in this place; as we all know that every illness has an spiritual origin this music can change the wrong “ b rain waves” and turn them into the right ones by just listening to it. Healing proc- esses and treatments where 100% effective and also a lasting effect which was exactly what I was looking for. Usually patients go to the spa, gym, pool, make sports, searching for a peaceful moment and even though this feeling is good, it never lasts. As soon as they get home if there is a problem in motion the healing process ends there. The method was created exactly to make this sensation of happiness everlasting. And combined with Harold Harmonic creations, we made the hit. My students usually call his music, “ t he an- gelic music” or “ the music from the stars ” they say that they feel transported when they start the
  15. 15. directed meditation with this music and the comments usually are : “ I feel I have changed after this ” . “ I feel like I have left earth for a while ” . Isn ’ t this amazing ? Well all this is created for you my read- ers, and now we all can have access to it. From the deepest part of my Heart, Thanks so much Dear Harold for being present in this notes, and also you my readers, you must know that we are going to have the pleasure to have this eminence of man here in our country soon. Bellyqueen Superstars will make it happen for you. Just to prove all our dear friends that there is a way to live heaven before we leave earth. With all my love… © 2010 Bellyqueen Superstars Magazine All rights reserved
  16. 16. Bellyqueen Superstars uses healing music from The Institute of Harmonic Science “We are working with Harmony to transform the world one note at a time.” The Institute of Harmonic Science is dedicated to the pursuit of musical instruction as a path for restoring the body, mind and spirit. We develop new systems for training the voice and teaching music to all ages and cultures. We encourage the elevation of the human spirit through indi- vidual toning, community singing and musical performance. We believe music can transform the spirit and heal the heart of humanity. The Institute of Harmonic Science D r . H a r o l d G r a n d s t a f f M os e s - Di re c t o r 730 E. Rowlands Lane • Phoenix, AZ 85022 a 501c.3 non-profit educational organization 602-439-9195 •
  17. 17. By Ahmed Abdelhamid Egypt To all those who are coming out of that precious thing called love ... What’s Love? On falling out of love, take some time to heal and then get back on the horse. To love is to risk When you think of your past love, you may view rejection, to live is to risk dying, to hope is to risk it as a failure. But when you find a new love, you failure. But risk must be taken because the view the past as a teacher. In the game of love, greatest hazard in life is risk nothing! To reach it doesn't really matter who won or who lost. for another is to risk involvement, to expose your What is important is you know when to hold on feelings is to expose true self; to love is to risk and when to let go! You know you really love not to be loved in return. someone when you want him or her to be happy, even if their happiness means that you're not Love - isn't how much you can get, but how part of it. Everything happens for the best. If the much you can give; it's not about giving up, but person you love doesn't love you back, don't be holding on; not about how you say, 'I love you,' afraid to love someone else you’ll never love a but how you show it's true. person you love unless you risk for love. Love strives in hurting. If you don't get hurt, you don't It is something far more precious, but something learn how to love. Love doesn't hurt all the time. far more fragile. Hold on to it too tightly and it Though the hurting is still there to test you, to will crumble in your fingers. Hold it too loosely help you grow. Don't find love, let love find you. and the wind might blow it away and shatter it That's why it's called falling in love because you on the cold ground. Listen to the voice in your don't force yourself to fall. You just fall. You can- heart but be absolutely sure the voice comes not finish a book without closing its chapters. If from your heart. you want to go on, then you have to leave the past as you turn the pages. Love is not destroyed by a single failure or won by a single caress. It is If you love someone, let them go. a lifetime venture in which we are always learn- If they return to you, it was meant to ing, discovering, and growing. The greatest irony be. of love is letting go when you need to hold on If they don't, their love was never and holding on when you need to let go. We lose yours to begin with. someone we love only when we are destined to find someone else who can love us even more It's ok to kiss a fool, than they can love their selves. it's ok to let a fool kiss you, but NEVER let a kiss fool you.... © 2010 Bellyqueen Superstars Magazine
  18. 18. To all those who have found real love, never let it go ... MORE THAN MY LIFE By Catalina Rojas To love more than my life Is to forget the body and to let the soul free Is to love until dead and keep on loving Because real love never dies. Loving in the way I love u Is coming back to body when needs to be touched, When needs to be kissed When there is a need to feel the muscles trembling by touching the other one, your body… I come back to my body when I feel the desire of caressing you while you sleep, Or when your hands are in a hurry searching for me To please the thirst of your lips before my naked skin… And then, to leave the touch to faint When the soul flies away again, A journey where free of this body feels “ I love you ” and “ Y ou love me ” , Two free souls that in silence fight to light ashes already burned, And feel that is shaking again, To sweat, To scream, To love with my body and let it die, So later keep on loving with the soul. I love you with the red of the roses that you put flirtingly over my hair; I love you with the red of the petals of the roses that you surprise me so soon; I love you with its color, because they keep its texture, The softness of you Light back, El aroma de tu pecho fuerte, The tender of your eyes, And the madness of that so yours, so mine that you gave me one day in the afternoon, One day of January, Of fresh breeze, sunshine and eternal love! I love you with the innocence of that day, I love you freely, like seagulls love life.
  19. 19. THE LEGEND OF THE UNICORN IN EUSKAL- HERRIA by Koldo Gondra del Campo Many are the countries where the unicorns appear like integral part of the culture and the legends. Nevertheless, in the Iberian peninsula there is only and an unique legend around this “ magical “ animal : The unicorn of Betelu in Nafarroa. There are strict details in it that converted the unicorn a popular myth, an animal, object of all greed, due to, among other things, to the belief of the healing power that the horn possessed. "Bit as a lion and kicked like a horse. ..Nothing is more freaking than the roar of this animal, therefore its voice re- sounds as a thunder". These words were written by Ctesias, Greek historian and doctor of Artajerjes Mnemón, in the IV century b.c. in his master piece Indika. This author assured that the unicorn, equivalent to the re´em in He- brew, to the Chinese ki-lin or to the Greek monokeros, came from India. In Euskal Herria it was known as adar- bakar or adarbakoitz.
  20. 20. Euskal Herria (which means the Euskera Country in Spanish)[1] is the term in Euskera as it was recognized, accord- ing to the basque teachings society,[2] «a space or cultural European region, located boths sides of the pyrenees that joins the territories of the Spanish and French states. Therefore, it is known as Euskal Herria or Vasconia to the space that the basque culture is manifested in all its dimensions». THE LEGEND OF THE UNICORN OF BETELU Comes from the Araitz Valley, Nafarroa, a medieval legend is told in which an unicorn is the main star. After many wars against Muslims, the king Sancho the great finally get to pacified his lands. He was married to do- ña Aldonza and both of them had two virtuous daughters: Violante and Guiomar, the first one brunette and the last one blond. They were jolly, smiling and they made happy all those with the ones that they lived with. One day, a hansome Knight appeared in the Castel . He was going to fight unfaithful and far lands. And just with a look, Guio- mar and the knight fell in love. Butt he very next day the gentleman had to go and he never went back dying in the war. Guiomar very sad, but she was disimulating not to worry anyone. Years later Aldonza died, and her husband, Sancho the king began to die of sadness. In spite of the good care and attentions that he received from his daughters and servants, the king was weakened day by day. It longed for the death to be able to go with his beloved dead wife. Medical and faith healers treated the king but none managed to heal him, until a hermit arrived at the Court that after examining he assured that Sancho would be able to heal thanks to a concoction that knew. That if, it should be drunk inside the horn of an unicorn. As in the castle there was not no unicorn horn, the hermit assured that in the forest of Betelu lived one. According to him, only there was an only way to capture it. Consisted on making it sleep in the lap of a virgin woman that not to have suffered griefs of love. Therefore the unicorn will dazzled with the beauty and the female purity. Everyone thought about Violante and Guiomar. The first one, the oldest, offered herself without doubting it and left to the forest of Betelu. Upon hearing the to whinny of the animal escaped running terrified and returned to the castle. The king was already dying. Because of it, Guiomar decided to go to the forest accompanied by a select group of crossbowmen. She was still suffering grief of love. Upon arriving at a space, saw the animal and approached. The unicorn was grazing when Guiomar tried to extend its hand to caress it. The unicorn cannot be deceived or cheated, because of it, the animal attacked furious against Guiomar and crossed it with its horn. The crossbow- men finished later with the beast. Guiomar had died and her body was taken to the castle next to the horn of the unicorn. The king healed after drinking the concoction of the hermit from the horn. But he did not live a lot more, since the his daughter’s death broke his heart and no longer there were concoctions neither potions to be able to heal him. In this legend Basque-Navarre some distinctive elements can be seen and magic capacities of the mythical animal: Its fierceness with no equal, the taste of the unicorn for purity and the virginity and the curative power of its horn. . There was a real case very seemed to this legend. The king Enrique IV of Castilla entrusted his better men the mission to capture an unicorn with the only intention of curing his sexual impotence, since also was attributed to the horn an aphrodisiac power not comparable to anything. The historian and naturalistic Ctesias describes the unicorn as a wild donkey in similar size to the horse, with white body, dark red color head, deep blue eyes and
  21. 21. provided with a horn of a meter of long that he was carrying in his forehead, with a purple color tip, the black central part, in contrast to the whiteness of the base. Ctesias says that those who drank from this horn turned into a cup will not suffer of epilepsy and they were immune to poison. The medieval legend of Guiomar is based, therefore, in an element of the old tradition but also in its own tradition of the Middle Ages, expanded by San Isidoro of Seville in the VII century a.c. in his piece Etymologies. I mean, Ctesias affirmed that the unicorn was impossible to capture, nevertheless, to San Isidoro drop out the idea him of the bait using the maiden to achieve it. The description of the unicorn will vary, therefore, with the elapse of time, being San Isidoro, in great part, the one that the gave ohysical aspect acquaintance in our days (white horse, with beautiful hair and spiral horn) and the one that Christianized it. EVERY LEGEND HAS SOME OF REALITY BEHIND Many legends have some attempt truly. According to the sweedish paleontologist Bjorn Kurten and the Catalonian biologist Miguel I Segui, there was at the end of Pleistocene (approximately, 1 million Years ago), in the Prehistory, an animal that survived until no more than 5,000 years. It had two so straight horns that the Nature made it to have a species of sheath hardened covering both, giving the sensation of having just one . Was an antelope, of the family bovidae, call Procamptoceras brivatense ( There are fossils in the French Paleon- tological Museum of the High Alps). Also another called ungulate existed Tsaidamotherium in the Miocene and the Tertiary one (23 millones-5,3 mil- lions of years b.c.). Was a real unicorn to all lights, a bóvido also, but that did not live together with the mankind. The idea that it was a vision of an Indian rhinoceros the cause of the myth is not maintained anymore, therefore in Mohenjo-Daró, one of the first civilizations in the Indus Valley , where Pakistan is, now a days, they knew to the rhinoceros and they represented it also in boards and showed an unicorned animal , thicker than a horse and less than a bull. In turn, the animals with two horns were represented in the seals with an "average moon" style horns. This made it very clear, since this culture represented in its seals of soapstone (humid clay) real animals, included the rhinoceroses, lions, orices, bulls, cows. ..etc.. In fact, one of each three seals found currently in the ruins of the city of Harappa represented these "unicorns", for which two things can be deduced: or were very abundant animals or were scarce and venerated, judging by the pedestal that have been represented also in such seals. Perhaps this animal survived to the Medieval Times (s.IV to b.C), or were recalled during generations. Ctesias and other authors of those days were based on Babylonian writings and they exaggerated and they invented many of their characteristics. As a curiosity, we may emphasize that the first representation of an unicorn appears already in the Caves of Lascaux (15,000 to b.C.), in France, in the "Parlor of the Bulls", near the entrance.
  22. 22. Either Babylonians or the towns ofmesopotamia, Greeks the hunt of the narwhal, in the Indian rhinoceros one horn and Romans represented unicorns in the Antiquity. The (that Marco Polo noted in his trips as the discovery of the Chinese, in turn, believed in the Ki-lin, oriental unicorns, mythical European unicorn) that according to their mythology taught to the Chinese and in the "non-existence", back then, of a single town the secrets of their calligraphy and the meaning of the horn being. letters. Nevertheless, the root of the myth seems to be real and THE MEDIEVAL Myth AND THE SÍMBOLISM the trail we have it in the National Museum of Pakistan in Karachi and in the Culture of the Valley of the Indus, In the Middle Ages the myth of the unicorn was diversified, whose writing for now, has not been able to be deci- abandonment to be a current animal and became little phered. more than divine and magical, getting into, even, to be- come the alchemy symbol by excellence. Also was adopted as symbol of nobility, purity and chastity (also fierceness) and authors like San Isidoro compared it with Christ. Koldo Gondra del Campo Historian and Anthropologist The idea of the white unicorned horse began to be ges- tated . And was then when the idea of the business arose, Basque Country of the exploitation of the myth and of faith. Began, in this way, the hunt of the narwhal in Icelandic waters, the whale with the spiral tooth, seemed like the horn of the unicorn. Many kings, popes and nobles paid fortunes for those horns, believing that they belongedto the unicorn. That continued thus to the XVII century when it began to be doubted the existence of the animal. In the "Century of Lights" the unicorn was related to the fraud and medieval ignorance, associated to that age called "dark" and "impregnated of ignorance" and tried to show that its existence was always a fraud. The illustrated people based on
  23. 23. Belly dance Benefits space; seems like, in a first instance, a much exaggerated appreciation. But , if we notice ¿Why to practice belly dance? what area is, resides the center already men- tioned, where the assimilation and elimination organs are, where life living sexual cells are Ancestral art of Healing the internal produced, and finally in woman’s case, where femenine energy, mind, body, rescuing the Miracle of gestation is made, having been in the I AM conscious, go back to wisdom, a certain time canal a channel of the link be- forgiveness, imperturbability… tween mother and child, is not difficult to de- We provide the necessary tools to trans- duct the why of this force, the power, that’s form successful woman into complete brings stability, that nourishes the earth, which woman, capable to grab the World with- is the central of power of that micro cosmos out fear, to feel, t olive, to inspire, and that is the human being. never ever decay… Paradoxically , this part of the body, which is Apart from the life we are living, more less central, and which we should be more con- steady, more less fast; there is a common de- nected, end up being one of the darkest due to nominator on a big portion of urban population, the capacity that the “ME” has to perceive it, to and is composed on varied ingredients: the raise the consciousness; the most perceptible large amount of responsibilities, the constant area within the corporal image are the hands, pressures, the demand of dominating time; feet, head; the belly is an area that supports leaving us energy less and with the sensation of the most common repressions y blockings, its being “out of tune”, our body unbalanced, an rigidity is related to defensive attitudes, with instrument that is not emitting that beat that denials over pleasure an d the wellness of a re- will achieve if it is in peace. We can affirm that laxed and free womb. there are ways to beat the unconscious barriers (so to deal a bit better con with the contextual ones) that block us from a harmonic develop- ment of the being, in the physical unit, mental y affective and indissoluble. Far from pretending that belly dance works, without any other element to help, as a therapy for certain pathologies that make the body act “out of tune”, yet we can say that belly dance can cooperate in the search of the lost balance, that contributes in an ample way to raise the consciousness of the body related fundamental mechanisms, specially those of gravity center and vital strength of the organism (which is the most workout on traditional belly dance); process fundamental process to achieve the self knowl- edge needed to perform in society. Saying that, as a belly dancer, you can experi- ment a sensation of absolute power just by practicing a small undulation, without even more through
  24. 24. Particularly, belly dancing practice gives me bases to affirm that, if we start on having conscious of our body, and its possibilities of action, of its “being in the space”, every, abso- lutely every merely intellectual learned value, will take a new meaning, a new dimension, be- cause u start to know them through the itself, with your own filters, but from “being yourself” complete, upright, consolidated. As we know in the oriental world, they never lost the notion of the “center” in comparison to the demand of the intellectual functions that we do as it in this part of the planet, and naming Dropsky “is in the union of the head with its conscious values and the womb with its instinctive values were In this west portion of the earth that we have t rest the only chance to a real human maturity”, olive in, since kids, al at least most of us, were lets add the emotional facts, and we conclude used to this notion that what really matters is to that belly dance can end up being an excellent have brilliant ideas, that the real revealing truth catalyser of this 3 aspects that build the human of the questions ,of the mysteries of life emerge being as an unit and a path to return to the from the intellectual; and is not that the think- own nature, that seem obdurate mostly for the ing is a Left over product sea, on the contrary, life styles that we are living. is one of our treasures; is just that the human being, being an unseparate from a whole, a complete being can not unlink the body from Psyquic and emotional benefits intellect; a mature persona must be capable to If we take specifically the main point on belly know his or her body, its processes, its limita- dance, we should go back to prehistory and tions, capabilities, and at the same time being point that the objective of this dance is to capable to think, think over, to have a critical find harmony between spirit and attitude in front of the world; nowadays seems body, and the way is the contraction and mus- like, and more over this notion of “virtuality” of cular relaxation in the lower torso through circu- mankind, that the body is lefting over from the lar movements, in a difference between the oth- moments, that flesh is disturbing the communi- ers that center the movement in the muscles cation with the other ones. and extremities. Bellydance training crashes in other arts of the body too, making stronger the abs muscles, the lower back and particularly the pelvis. This last point let us see the wisdom of our ancestors, due to the circular movement of the abs mus- cles implies interior pressure extremely useful for the waste processes in the human body. Be- sides, Racing has a double function, on one hand it invades of endorphins our brain raises dopamine, for what we obtain natural relaxa- tion, and on the other hand let us beat the iner- tia that makes us feel to do nothing.
  25. 25. Dancing coordinates muscles and nerves with mind. When the ear feels the music, relaxes, the body manifests and get fusion with the melody or the rhythm that’s boosts a sensation extremely pleasurable called. Actually, the new medicine uses dance and music as therapy; and in spite of that dancing is not the final pill it does contribute to beat depression and psychological and psiquiatric diseases, agitation and neurosis, actual pathologies in our days. Now, going back specifically to belly dance, we should say that if we see a talented belly dancer, we will notice that in this dance the sound seem to sprout from the body itself, being it a harmony music or a fast music a tabla base, and we can name some of the emotional benefits to practice belly dance:  Unfreezings or Unblocking. Provoques a physical unblock psyquic and mental that leads to change attitudes and feel more safety to life.  Emotional expressions. It works itself with states of mind such as the sadness, the happiness, the mischief, the sweetness, that are reflected in the body, is a dance that is ca- pable of translating it what happens in the inte- rior of the dancer, finding in this form of dem- onstration a great relief, tranquility and har- mony.  Awakes Creativity. It is a dance that val- ues the capacity of improvisation, of creation of the interpreter, of the expression of feelings, is a way "to tell a story", values the spontaneity, thing that does not happen in all the dances, and much less in the social life.  Aid to recover the confidence in us and to conquer old fears. Along our lives, we can build negative ideas about us or of our body, generating low self-esteem and insecurities. This dance contributes to unfold our behavior, Physical Benefits to move us from simple and more natural way.  Rigidity : Thanks at work by separated of  Enhances femininity. Helps to be con- each part of the body as hip, thoracic box, nected with the essence of the female thing, chest, shoulders, head, etc, permits the un- and being able at the same time to exploit that freezing, the fluency and the coordination; and power of seduction, conquering imposed preju- the elimination of the known knots of tension dices by the society. The eroticism only is that are formed whether for stress, physical found in the look of the one that observes. exhaustion, or the lack of exercising of certain Makes you better in communication. To muscles. dance with others, be it in a group or improvi-  Better blood circulation. Exercising the sations, or the only fact to share a space where muscles, this last ones need more oxygen, and we use this body language, does that we free circulatory system Works to give it to it, so the us from inhibitions and we believe ties with our heart will beat faster, making blood flows with companions, very different to the ones that are more intensity cleaning the cells from toxins, so created out of that environment. them metabolism will work In a very elevated regenerating level. Reduction of blood presure.
  26. 26.  Menstrual aches and digestive system. It has been verified that the pains abate thanks to the pelvic movements that massage the zone doing that work better internally, without need to search to chemistry. We know also that you said wave motions, favor the waste disposal, given due help to the operation of the digestive system.  Posture Vices. Nowadays, due to some jobs, we tend to distract the adequate posture creating long term serious problems with consequences like painful aches. The posture that you keep in this dance eli- minates bad habits y and gives more flexibility in the back since it seeks the axis and balance in a very natural and relaxing way. It Avoids the artrosis. Harmonizes the function of the muscles with the cartilages and the articulations. The exercise stimulates to these "visagras" of the body to do them mobile and feeds them with the natu- ral lubrications of the body. To live a sedentary life causes the loss of this natural process and the conse- quent loss of the elasticity. Belly dance stimulates the flowing movement of the body, thing that other dances do not achieve. Burns calories. According to so many studies, in this dance you can burn 350-500 calories per hour. And finally, we will point that ancient Egyptians used dance as a sport, making their bodies more resis- tant, getting over in so many cases the hope of life to the contemporary Egyptians. © 2010 Bellyqueen Superstars Magazine All rights reserved
  27. 27. Egyptian Koshari or “ Calentao ” There “KOSHARI”, Here “CALENTAO” but the flavor exactly the same, in this section you will be able the most exquisite plates in Latin Arab cuisine and why are they gourmet fusions.. Imagine, mixing into a single dish, pasta, rice, lentil, chick peas, onions and garlic and adding to this chili sauce. The idea sounds horrific, until one tries out an Egyptian favorite called Koshary. “I had always heard about Koshary, and its importance to Egyptians. You can see it in movies and you would hear Egyptians in Saudi Arabia describe it as the most delicious traditional dish, so I was keen to try it the moment I came to Egypt. Now I’m an addict,” said Wael Fawaz, a Syrian medical student at Misr (Cairo) University for Sci- ence and Technology. “You can’t visit Egypt and not eat Koshary, you’ll miss a lot,” he added. Koshary is a traditional Egyptian meal that consists of a strange combination of macaroni, spaghetti, rice, black lentils, chick peas, garlic sauce and a spicy tomato chili sauce, all topped with fried onions. It is sold from carts by street vendors, in restaurants or even made at home and each is considered a different taste experience. The Koshary man stands in front of the large containers that hold each of the dish's ingredient. Usually, there is a line of people waiting to be served. Once you place your order, you stand in a row wait- ing to give the Koshary man your receipt that states the price of your dish. At the moment you give him the receipt the Koshary man grabs a bowl, and scoops a little of each ingredient into the bowl and sends it to your table. Each Koshary dish takes about five seconds to prepare (of course, after the ingredients are cooked). His speed can be surprising to you. “I have worked here since we opened 10 years ago, and be- fore that I sold Koshary on a street cart, so I have to be fast. My hands are accustomed to the same move- ments I do all day everyday, so you can say that I memorized the movements rather than think about them,” said Aziz Awad, a Koshary man in one of the restaurants downtown.
  28. 28. As the Koshary man scoops, he knocks his metal spoon against the sides of the bowls, making the Koshary sym- phony that you won’t hear elsewhere. When the Koshary man prepares an order of more than four the restaurant fills with sound as if it was a rehearsal for a concert. “The res- taurants of Koshary are very noisy. One sits to eat while the Koshary man practices his drums in your ears. It's weird but I guess it’s a part of the Egyptian identity which you get used to in time”, Although if you visit the Atlantic coast any relation to reality is mere coincidence ... At the table, all the dishes are aluminum except the two glass bottles that contain two different kinds of sauce, one made from vinegar and oil, the other from spicy red pepper. “The chili is a whole new dimension for the meal. You can eat Koshary and it would taste good, but for it to be this delicious you have to use chili. That creates all the taste,” said Waleed Abdullah, an office boy. Koshary is considered a meal that is inexpensive yet fills up the stom- ach of an average Egyptian. “Koshary is both affordable and delicious. Ingredients 1 cup of lentils, 1 cup of macarroni( rings ), 1 cup of rice, 3 spoons of oil, Salt, Pepper Taqleya : 1 one big onion in rings 1 garlic piece 4 spoons of oil Sauce: 1 cup of smash tomatoes / or ketchup - 1 spoon of vinegar- salt- cayenne pepper- 1 spoon of oil Preparation A) Sauce : Heat the oil, add tomato, let it boil, add Vinegar, salt, cayenne pepper, let it boil in low fire until is getting thick B) For Koshari: 1- Clean the lentils, put it the pan filled of water, put them in the stove until they are done. 2- Add the cleant rice, and enough water to cover it let it boil, then cook in low fire. 3- “Taqleya” isprepared like this :marinate the garlic with dry cilantro and y fry in oil with the onion 4- Cook the macarronis, strain them. 5- Heat the oil, put it over Koshari. 6- Serve Koshari, a layer of lentils, then macarronis, put the tomatoes' sauce and Taqleya in another recipient for optional use 7- Tomatoes sauce can be replaced by fried onion rings.
  29. 29. Quality is seen in every step we take Logistica Total The company that transports your product With the same importance that we give to our customer tel : 4047021 Bogota Colombia
  30. 30. The astrological Bellydancer By Arianna SanPedro Just like human beings are one way or another related to the universe , in the same way our dances connect to it…. Learn how.
  31. 31. We express ourselves through the four elements of the universe, Fire, Water, Earth and Air. As we know we are all divided into this four groups for everything we do in our lifes. Also our zodiac sign is de- termined by an specific element, which gives us special characteristics that makes a big influence even in our bellydance. That ’ s why we have preferences on steps at the moment of dancing. Girls of Fire : Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Girls of Water : Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Girls of Earth : Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Girls of Air : Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. The element of FIRE in Bellydance is passionate, dynamic, proud, powerful and exciting, The Fire ele- ment brings out passion and strength. Its energy and moods are a blend of openness, reaching out and giving. Explore your intuition and psychic by making shimmies. The element of WATER in Bellydance is sensual, deep, soothing, mesmerizing and mysterious. Water expresses femininity, intuition and beauty. Figure eights, shoulder rolls and undulations are a feature of the Water element. The element of EARTH in Bellydance is robust, sensual, grounded, rhythmic and strong. Taurus rules the throat and shoulders, Virgo the belly and Capricorn the knees. Powerful shimmies, stealthy steps and grounded gesture are a feature of the Earth element. The element of AIR in Bellydance is light, playful, flirtatious and free. Gemini rules the hands, Libra the hips and Aquarius the ankles. Air signs can spin, turn and travel with ease and have a sinewy graceful flow to their dance.
  32. 32. Strengths this month for each sign on dancing…. Aries : Strengths: Courage, determination, self-confidence, enthusiasm. Weaknesses: Impatience, silly arguments, allowing fear to limit choices. Charismatic marks: Athletic body, youthful attitude, a need to take the lead. Likes: Comfortable clothes, taking the lead, physical challenges, individual sports. Dislikes: Inactivity, delays, work that doesn't use one's talents. Best environment: Any situation that requires action, courage in the face of fear, competition, and freedom of choice. Aries indi- viduals are better outside being active than staying close to home. Leo Strengths: Warmth, humor, pride, joy, creativity, passion, generosity. Weaknesses: Arrogance, stubbornness, inflexibility, self-centeredness, laziness. Charismatic marks: Regal manner, powerful, strong, muscular. Likes: The theater, being admired, taking holidays, fun with friends, expensive things, bright colors. Dislikes: Being ignored, facing difficult reality, not being king or queen. Best environment: In the sun! Also any place where Leo has a chance to be creative or shine in front of others. Sagittarius: Strengths: Great sense of humor, idealistic, generous. Weaknesses: Will say anything no matter how undiplomatic, promises more than can deliver, can be impatient to the point of rudeness.
  33. 33. Charismatic marks: Open and interested. Generally tall, strong legs. Clothes for comfort, not style. Women act in a "tomboy" manner. Likes: Travel, being outdoors, freedom, philosophy. Dislikes: Details, being constrained, off-the-wall theories, clingy people. Best environment: Outside, on the move. Cancer: Strengths: Compassion, emotional sensitivity, fierce protection of loved ones, tenacity. Weaknesses: Manipulative, indirect conflict, clinging to the past, insecure, packrat. Charismatic marks: Medium build, round face, prominent breasts, a tendency to take charge. Likes: Relaxing near or in water, art, home-based hobbies, a good meal with friends, helping loved ones. Dislikes: Strangers, revealing of personal life, any criticism of Mom. Best environment: Cancer will always be most comfortable at home, close to family, familiar things, and dear friends. Scorpio: Strengths: Passionate, stubborn, resourceful, brave, a true friend. Weaknesses: Jealous, distrusting, secretive, violent, caustic. Charismatic marks: An intense look in the eyes, muscular. Likes: Truth, facts, being right, teasing, longtime friends, a grand passion, a worthy adversary. Dislikes: Dishonesty, passive people, revealing secrets. Best environment: Dark, sensuous places, any situation that offers power or rouses strong feelings.
  34. 34. Pisces Strengths: Intuitive, compassionate, artistic, gentle, wise, musical. Weaknesses: Can be a victim or martyr, fearful, overly trusting, sad, desire to escape reality. Charismatic marks: Soft, sometimes frail to medium build. Face easily shows emotion. Likes: Spiritual themes, time alone, visual media, time to sleep, romance, music, swimming. Dislikes: Know-it-alls, the past coming back to haunt, being criticized, cruelty of any kind. Best environment: On or near water, especially the sea. The movie theater. Taurus: Strengths: Dependable, patient, musical, practical. Weaknesses: Stubborn, uncompromising, possessive. Charismatic marks: Solid, big bones, tendency to gain weight. Likes: Gardening, cooking, working with hands, music, romance, high-quality clothing. Dislikes: Sudden changes, complications, insecurity of any kind, synthetic fabrics. Best environment: A secluded home close to nature. Good food is also important. Beauty and comfort are a must. Virgo: Strengths: Practical, loyal, hardworking, analytical, kind. Weaknesses: Worry, shyness, overly critical of self and others, all work and no play. Charismatic marks: A certain, reserved manner marks the classic Virgo. Virgos are generally medium to slight in build. Likes: Cleanliness, animals, healthy foods, books, nature.
  35. 35. Dislikes: Taking center stage, rudeness, asking for help. Best environment: Virgo is most at home in the company of animals and close to nature. Virgo likes power and enjoys be- ing the sidekick or indispensable assistant. Capricorn: Strengths: Responsible, good managers, disciplined, self-control, dark sense of humor. Weaknesses: Know-it-all, unforgiving, condescending, expecting the worst. Charismatic marks: Medium build, can get in shape with effort but tends to be a bit soft. Likes: Family, tradition, quality craftsmanship, understated status, music. Dislikes: Almost everything at some point. Best environment: Positive work situation, urban environments with culture and style, anyplace to be in charge. Gemini: Strengths: Curiosity, ability to share ideas, adaptable, affectionate, kind. Weaknesses: Scattering energy in too many places at once, fickle in love, nervous, short attention span. Charismatic marks: Expressive eyes, quick, bright, often small-boned, refined features. Likes: Music, magazines, books, music, blogs, chats with nearly anyone, short trips around town. Dislikes: Repetition and routine, being alone, being confined. Best environment: Any busy neighborhood, places where people gather to gossip, bookstores, museums. Libra: Strengths: Social, fair-minded, cooperative, diplomatic, gracious.
  36. 36. Weaknesses: Indecisive, will carry a grudge, avoids confrontations, self-pity. Charismatic marks: Attractive, graceful, medium build, no sharp features. Likes: Harmony, sharing with others, gentleness, the outdoors. Dislikes: Injustice, violence, conformity, and loudmouths. Best environment: Any place that is beautiful where the company is harmonious. Very social and happiest doing things in the company of another. Aquarius: Strengths: Progressive, original, humanitarian, independent. Weaknesses: Runs from emotional expression, uncompromising, temperamental, aloof. Charismatic marks: Good looks, beautiful eyes, angular faces, thin build. Likes: Fun with friends, fighting for causes, helping others, intellectual conversation, a good listener. Dislikes: Limitations, being lonely, broken promises, dull or boring situations, people who disagree with them. Best environment: Any gathering of people to exchange ideas. Next issue : The color on Bellydancing for each sign.
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  38. 38. VEGETARIAN WAVE There are two clear reasons by which the people BY CATALINA ROJAS choose this way of life and they reject the animal meat. The first one is because health is affected with the meat toxins , and the fat that these con- tains damages radically the cardiovascular sys- tem. The second has its base in the ethics, the Vegetarian diet is a boom this days. For Health responsibility with the environment and the eco- and Ethics, every day there are people in the logical support. World, that stick to this gastronomic wave. In the But there are more classifications or branches of whole world, there’s a boom of restaurants with the vegetarianism. Inside this gastronomic cur- very good offers. rent the ovo-vegetarians are distinguished also: these consume eggs, cereals and vegetables, but not milk and neither dairy products. Lactovege- tarians include in its diet, milk, cereals and vege- tables, but not eggs. Those that follow macrobi- otic diets are based on the consumption of food of the area where they live and that they have to be Still there are few good vegetarian restaurants of biological cultivation; they consume, cereals, compared with the number of the meat and vegetables and animal origin meats from animals chicken places , pizza restaurants and Italian gas- that have been fed ecologically and that they tronomic offers, for example; but in recent years have not been dealt with antibiotics, hormones the growth of this market has been significant. In and nitrites after sacrifice. Nevertheless, only fact, nowadays a major part of food establish- they eat chicken or fish, twice a week maximum. ments include in their menu options food for this segment of the population. This is one of the strictest diets within the vegetar- Being a vegetarian means not eating any animal ian wave. The macrobiotic one corresponds to a product, including all kinds of fish or birds. Never- philosophy that has as unique principle, the the- theless, some of them consume eggs and milk, or ory of the ying and the yang, founded over 5,000 dairy products. That group is known like `ovo- years ago by the philosopher Fu Hi. His followers lacto-vegetarians´. Those who avoid completely are convinced that the majority of the illnesses, if every product of animal origin are called pure not all, are caused by an inadequate Ph in the vegetarians. Of the previous topic has been blood. According to the specialists in the topic, if proved that the ovo-lactovegetarians are more we manage to stabilize the acidity in the body, we healthy that those who eat meat and the will be able to fight to a terminal cancer . And, ¿ “veganos” are even more healthier than the ovo- how to do it? By means of the adequate use of lactovegetarians. food.
  39. 39. The mixing is dangerous: the macrobiotic vege- faith that followers have in this type of diet, be- tarians will never eat fruits or fruits juices at the cause they have seen cured more evicted by the same time that breakfast and the lunch. They medical science with the monitoring of a simple eat them between one and another, but never diet. Who those that continue the diet, fruitarians with less than four hours of difference. Besides, are the ones that only eat fruits, dry fruits and after 5 pm they have prohibited the consumption seeds. The vegetables that consume fruits are of these food because they alter the Ph of the considered botanically, as is the case of the to- blood. mato and the pepper. Those that continue the diet raw “foodists” eat it every crude oil: fruits, The vegetarian diet is very healthy for body, vegetables, cereals and vegetables. Nothing can whenever an adequate balance among the food be cooked at more than 42 degrees centigrade. exist. The reason? To preserve the greater quantity of enzymes, mineral and vitamins of the food. The The ingredients utilized as base of its foods are: hygienist diet is the one that follow the ones that the brown rice orizica 3, a variety of rice with support the raw movement , but that admit to cook constructive glutinous quality and high-quality some steam things , so the food will not lose its energy; sesame oil, extracted in cold and with nutritious qualities. The semi-vegetarian diet highly nutritious value; soy and miso sauce , fer- covers whom eat mainly fruits, vegetables and mented food prepared from soy, rich in proteins cereals, but that do not rule out the possibility to and enzymes; the sago, starch of the achira; eat some fish occasionally. Other less strict they vegetables of biological cultivation, and vegeta- are permitted the consumption of chicken by their ble proteins as tofu and seitán. In the develop- low content of fat. The truth is that the vegetarian ment of this topic we could observe the diet is very healthy for the body ,whenever an ade
  40. 40. quate balance among the food exist. The protein body. The arteriosclerosis, for example, is very weird should be replaced in some way with the by-soy prod- in the vegetarian world. ucts, vegetables and grains, though when is not like this, problems are presented like lack of minerals like iron, calcium and copper. It is important to emphasize that those who follow a healthy diet, with vegetable oils pressed in cold, whole wheat flours, natural sweeteners and a strong percent- age of fruits and vegetables, will manage to maintain the adequate weight. Rarely we will be find a vegetar- ian with excess of weight. And although the concept of healthy food is not equal to light food, the vegetarians look for good quality food that helps anyone to be main- tained and in good shape. There is the idea that vegetarian food makes people be hungry and therefore many of them continue with the The radicalists in his topic affirm forcefully: "Eating regular diet. But the difference between one and an- meat is killing us". The National Cancer Institute , in other is that with the vegetarian food the body remains the United States, adopted a program called ‘ F ive a lighter. The meats are difficult food to digest, and that day', in which encourage the Americans to consume is the reason why people feel heavy or full, which does five portions of vegetables and fruits a day. not mean that they be better fed. Lesser Meat the healthier This, the specialists in natural health say, bio-energetic and homeopathy, was a good beginning; but would do The most convincing argument to adopt a diet without lack the second part of the campaign that was called meat, at least in which refers to the personal health, is ‘ Z ero a day ', referring to the total elimination of the the undeniable correlation among eating meat and the meats and the dairy products. T. Colin Campbell, one different illnesses. Moreover heart speaking. of the key investigators in The China Study – the larg- est diet and health investigation never done before – , Investigation proves that in cultures where the con- affirms: "In the next 10 years, one of the things that we sumption of meat is reduced, these pains are practi- are going to listen the most is that the animal protein is cally nonexistent. The Journal of the American Medical one of the most toxic nutrients than there have exist". Association reported that a vegetarian diet can prevent And it explains that the risk of illness grows dramati- between the 90 and 97% of heart illnesses , since the cally, even, when a small quantity of this protein is consumption of cholesterol is diminished and there are added to the diet. This it is understood perfectly when smaller possibilities that accumulate fat in the one considers that the meat contains approximately
  41. 41. 14 times more pesticides than the food that stems rice, the tofu, the by-products of the soy, the cereals, from the plants. After a time, the human body simply etc. What is not there, will be able to be found in the `gets bored´ of dealing with these toxins, being aban- naturalists and organic stores or markets. The major- doned to illness and, finally, to the death. ity of the organizations that watch for the health on a worldwide basis they advise a low diet in fat, and rich Meat toxins accelerate the process of premature ag- in fiber and vitamins. The world health Organization ing. Therefore they shorten the projection of life. considers that is vital to reduce the consumption of fat The investigators comparethe human body with a and to enlarge that of fruits, vegetables and cereals . complex machine of highly engineering. And, as The majority of diets for sick people, or the ones that every machine, our agency receives better some fuels recommend the doctors, introduce almost all the com- that other. ponents of a vegetarian diet. Then? If it is for lazi- ness, visit a pair of good places that offer incredible Of this will depend the function to the 100% of its ca- dishes, and later take the class to learn to manipulate pacity. The medical registrations of the entire world these food. Never it is too late to give our body the show that meat is the worst fuel so the human ma- tools that needs to be healthy. chine function and, besides, eventually charges a very high tax. The toxins of the meat accelerate the proc- ON BOLD ess of premature aging and, therefore, they shorten the projection of life. They have infinities more odds to RESTAURANTS AND SHOPS arrive at the age of 90 the vegetarian people, that do not have the contamination of all a life in their blood, In Bogotá that those carnivorous and little friends of the kind- nesses of our nature. Suna, natural path : Specialist in organic food, and has a store with national and imported natural prod- Knowing to eat vegetarian is the most powerful form of ucts. Menu required and functions under the premise reaching the good health. The Vegetarian Companies of `friends of the environment´ but with all the comfort of England and United States consider that this way of that deserve the creations of its chef. Calle 71 No. 4- life provides only benefits to our agency. For exam- 47. ple, the vegetarians have less possibilities to suffer illnesses of the heart, as well as hypertension, obesity, Mixtró, Cooks natural to your rhythm: Specialist in sal- diabetes, cancer, intestinal disorders, stones in the ads and wraps. Their secret are the mixtures and the kidney and in the blister, and even osteoporosis. And garnitures 100% natural. Is a fast, but healthy foods really, with a simple course of four hours, you will style restaurant. Carrera 9 No. 70 - 23. learn to choose the adequate food to create a bal- Catalina Rojas Colombia anced and healthy menu for their family. Nowadays we find in the supermarkets great variety of organic products and food as the brown
  42. 42. All the oriental Magic in just one place