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Dear Readers :

I’m very pleased to deliver Bellyqueen Superstars May’s Issue. As everyone knows our
mission is to promote...
Hindu Weddings, Perfection in
   honoring the Goddess
Hindu weddings include symbolism in the             After the wedding a ceremony known as
rituals, traditions feasts and c...
Since the initial simplicity of a marriage, the ceremony has gone complicating along the years
to reinforce it extended fa...
Maharahtra will carry a sari of nine yards.
                                                    The majority of brides now...
This part of the ritual’s been lost, and instead of it, the bride’s mother, sisters in law or his sisters
make the arati t...
The legend says that once Svaha asked
                                                   the Fire to assure the continuous...
In the north and in the east, the ritual to put sindoora, or vermillion dust, on the line of
the hair of the bride, this j...
Happy Mother’s Day

                   _tà|Ç TÅxÜ|vt 4
To my Beloved Son…

With love I look at you, even before you inhab-...
Customer satisfaction is our prime goal.

We are well-reputed as one of the most eminent Belly Dresses Exporters
from I...

The secret of sacred healing
       In our hands
Sanskrit word that means seal or sign, symbolic gestures         Its origins, are still not clear, although in west we kno...
3. Middle Finger: Represents the element ETHER, its mission         How to make it
is to provide us the necessary energy t...
_________________________________                       How to make it

Naba Barsha

By : Anandita Basu   Bengal
Naba Barsha is the celebration of
Bengali New Year !! Naba Barsha in
Bengal marks the first day
of Baisakh - the first mon...
Quality is seen in every step we take

             Logistica Total
The company that transports your product
  With the sa...

        By : Cheryl Andiön
I sit and wait in this paradise and I contemplate its magnifi-      I will look for you over and over, until
cence, I see ...
It was in 2004, in a summer day when i saw for the first time an Indian movie. I was surprised about this type of movie, s...
What is Bollywood ?
                                                  By Alisha from India

The Word Bollywood was crea...
¿What means to pull your ears?
Your pull your ears in so many varied ways, but especially when
you want to say I’m sorry, ...
¿What means when the palms are together?

You will see this in movies, when someone meets another person usu-
ally the cha...
¿What means when you move your thumb on someone?
                                   Making a fist and extending the thumb,...
¿What means when you lift your pinky finger?
In the left, in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Kajol is amused: she just asked...
The Ganges
The Goddess
and the story
Of all the rivers of the Indian subcontinent, the
                                                           Ganges, by cu...
The Ganges receives some of the Hindu festivals and more important religious congregations. It empha-
sizes especially the...
Wild Wild East: Music according to Karim Nagi.

The best percussionist of the Arabian world is away from being a bad-te...
He knows songs from 80 years ago or less, in the golden age of Cairo, where Nasser wanted to
expel British people out, and...
As in "Arabiqa", that was from born from his desire to show all the
expressiveness of Arabic music, through dance and musi...
When you shared in the show, at Colsubsidio Theater, the impression I had was a perfect comple-
ment of music, when played...
LL: ¿Why is that every time that someone asks
                                                  about influences when you ...
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  1. 1. Take the Goddess for a night out Bellyqueen Superspa
  2. 2. Publication General Director Cheryl Andiön Direction & Coordination Bellyqueen Superstars Communications Bogota Colombia bellyqueensuperstars@gmail.com Direction y Journalistic Editor Kathya Sanmiguel Staff Anandita Basu/Dancer/India Sophia Saad/Turkey Journalist & Polititian Arianna Sanpedro/Mexico Lawyer & Writer Chef Moustafa Tahoun Iran / Writer & Chef Catalina Rojas/Journalist & Writer/Colombia Lux Lancheros/Journalist/Dancer Photography Ayhan Topcu/Turkey Commercialization Bellyqueen Superstars © Bogota Colombia Cover Waters in the skies of Taj Mahal Third Edition © 2010 Bellyqueen Superstars Magazine All rights reserved Copying the articles of this issue is not allowed Without authorization of our Editorial Committee Www.bellyqueensuperstars.com
  3. 3. Content THIRD EDITION MAY 2010 The Lotus Flower Hindu Weddings Soul Mates 7 24 Perfection in Honoring the Goddess Not a fairy tale anymore... To my beloved son 15 26 Bollywood Perfection in movies Happy Mother’s Day LatinAmerica Mudras The Ganges 17 34 The sacred healing in your hands The Goddess and the story Naba Barsha Wild Wild East 21 37 New Year in Bengal The music according to Karim Nagi
  4. 4. Dear Readers : I’m very pleased to deliver Bellyqueen Superstars May’s Issue. As everyone knows our mission is to promote the Oriental and Arab fusions with our Latin World to make our knowledge grow in spaces we never even imagine; comes to us through great beings that have lived in this earth and some others that are still walking on earth. Today I want to deliver a message from a culture that has framed my life since I can remember. They have given a base of existence and that’s why I want you all to have, at least a glimpse of what is to live from fear to love. This is something that I teach day after day in my school, making this experience not only a hobby that makes us feel different, but a life style that can make a shift even in our material worlds. We pretend to create integral beings, complete beings capable of something we lost long ago, capable to believe. I want to try to make a difference complementing all the knowledge that you already have, giving to you all the bases and all the answers to the possible questions you might have through this readings. I want to teach my readers and make them learn how to pick the right choice out of so many tools that we have with this knowledge. Opening your doors to worlds that might have been hidden but now they are opened. An oldest knowledge that is discretely coming to us, the ANCIENT INDIAN CULTURE. We all have heard about it, but, what do we really know? Today we will start with the adding of new knowledge that, enhancing the one we al- ready have about ancient Egyptian culture, will give you more tools about what is ex- actly what you want to believe. Is not a mix of 2 things, is about the same thing in dif- ferent languages. These 2 cultures explain in details, and also answer some questions that in the past were not revealed. I’m so proud on being one of the carriers of this knowledge, with which I have so many years already, and that through this your maga- zine, I will try the biggest achievement, printing in your brains the knowledge that has been always around but we have been blind to it. Is too much information but I will try to be as specific as possible so we are going to be in the same tune. An unique knowledge, that has been repeated century over century, but just has changed in language, so don’t get confused. I want to thank the Indian Embassy, Friends of India organization, and all those that make possible that this magazine is on track. Thanks to our dear friend Anan- dita Basu from India, great person and a great dancer here in Colombia, also helping us in the veracity of the information. To our writer Arianna SanPedro from Mexico City, Luz Lancheros from Colombia with her amazing interview to one of the “big ones” in Bellydance, and also to Catalina Rojas, great friend of our team who is also honoring all woman in Latin America due to the celebration of Mothers Day with her great and so inspired poem to a son, and me… All I have to say is Through this issue I want all woman in the world to honor the inner Goddess within, that one that is sleeping that one that is claiming to reborn as the super heroes we were once, that one that says, keep it up, you are the best! And Happy Mothers day Latin America…… I know this reading will be of your full satisfaction and we hope that the topics that we deliver here generate the necessary curi- osity to investigate even more, to make you all have that knowl- iön edge thirst that will lead you all to be the greatest and wisest. nd yl A With all my love Cher
  5. 5. Hindu Weddings, Perfection in honoring the Goddess
  6. 6. Hindu weddings include symbolism in the After the wedding a ceremony known as rituals, traditions feasts and celebrations that Bidai is next (farewell of the bride) that con- include customs that were inherited from dif- sists of putting a coconut under the wheel ferent generations. There are different types of the car before the bride raises her veil of ceremonies such as Bengali, Muslim Ni- before her husband for the first time. At kaah, Said Sikh, Tamil and Garba Gujarati this time, generally the groom gives her a marriage, but they all share family rituals. piece of jewel. An Indian wedding incor- All the ceremony isa round the "Brahman", porates and symbolizes an amount of rites the great religious authority; is full of symbols and rituals, traditions, festival and celebra- and practices that are intended to teach the tion, and covers thousands of small cus- couple lessons for future life together. The toms small that were inherited from one three basic rituals are: the ritual “homa” to generation to another. Is one of the oldest offer to the element fire; The "panigrahena", traditions of the Indian culture. Be it a ben- that indicates the bond of union of the bride gali wedding (of the state of West Bengal), and the groom; the ritual "satapadi", that a nikaah Moslem, a Said sikh, a tamil consists of the attainment of seven turns that marriage or a sheaf gujarati, all these have the bride and groom should give around the a thing in common - the existence of fam- sacred fire. The bride and groom use a ily rituals. The Hindu culture is the one that great color in the wardrobe. The bride usu- rules in the India. The elements of the ally dresses in red, with multiple decorations ceremonies were established more than and embroidered in gold threads and pro- 40 centuries ago in the Hindu old writings fusely dressed of jewels and glass beads. called Vedas. Is not only the bond between The groom dresses, exactly with festival man and woman, but the bond of the wardrobe, in cotton with embroidered. families too. Vivaha - Literally "to take the girl in a special way or for a special pur- The ceremony begins when to the groom is pose, to become a wife". Vivhaha or the received by the brides mother in her house, wedding ceremony is one of the oldest doing the Aarti (ceremony) and he is taken to and more important rites of the passages. the Mandap (place where the rituals take Kanyadana or delivering the daughter in place). The family of the bride takes care of marriage was considered the major sacri- the guests and that do not lack anything fice that a man can handle. It was also a make sure that anything’s missing. . sacrifice that the man carried out to immor- talize its vansha or lineage and thus to ful- fill its duty toward his pitras. The concept of the reincarnation was acquiring a greater importance, and thus also the need of offspring. The funeral rites and Shradha that the place us in heaven and assures us the sal- vation, only will be able to be done by the son. And due to this, the importance of the marriage as the path to achieve this pur- pose. Considering the marriage as Sacrament, the Hindus have granted to this physical union, a spiritual dimension.
  7. 7. Since the initial simplicity of a marriage, the ceremony has gone complicating along the years to reinforce it extended family. The Hindu wedding recommends a ritual function for all the important family relations. This way, the dispersed relatives gather for any wedding in the family thus to play their roles. Due to this, the marriage is designed to fortify family ties. Nowadays, marriage is perhaps the most important social event for any family, reflecting the regional colors that cover the basic Vedic rites, according to the different local Paddhatis. Even this days a muhurta is chosen according to the time of year and the horoscope of the bride and groom. Beforehand the preparations of wedding begin. The wedding normally cele- brated in the bride’s residence, today, in the nearby park, in a hotel or a ball room. The family congregates, passing evenings singing, dancing and eating. The previous day to the wedding, the bride, their friends and female rela- tives join for the Mehendi, ceremony where they are decorated with henna in the palms of the hands and feet. The other women with mu- sic and dance, joke with the bride and her future husband and in-laws. The day of the wedding a canopy or mandapa (mandapkarana) is made , where the ceremony will take place. Normally it is done of wood and decorated with fabrics and branches of flowers around the posts. During the morning of the union, different so many rituals happen either at the bride’s home or the groom’s home. Their bodies are anointed with cur- cuma, wood pulp of sandalwood and oils, that clean the body, they smooth out the skin and scent it. Subsequently, the bride gets dressed with her best Then they are bathed with canticles and with her relatives help. Even in the Vedas this and Vedic mantras. Nowadays, part of the ceremony is mentioned. In different parts these acts done symbolically apply- of India, the bride is seen with different codes, orna- ing a sign of curcuma, wood of san- ments and decorations. The clothing of the bride is dalwood and oil on face and arms, normally typical of the area she lives in. A bride in before the shower. Rajestan will use a lehenga, a bride in Punjab will use a salwar-kameez and a bride in
  8. 8. Maharahtra will carry a sari of nine yards. The majority of brides nowadays dress in sa- ris of different tones of red, pink or mustard. The bride will use as many traditional jewels as her family can reunite for that day; she is the incarnated Lakshmi in person, owner of prosperity to the New home. Just the clothing, the ornaments of the bride vary also accord- ing to the local tradition. Nevertheless, most of the brides wear necklaces, earrings, brace- lets, rings, nose earrings, anchors and the fa- mous toe rings. Ornaments as armlets, tikas, hathaphula and waistbands, traditionally im- portant, nowadays are optional, not used in all the zones anymore. Traditionally, the bride is decorated with aid of her natural beauty. For example, the nails were decorated with henna, what left them red. Kajal in her eyes and scented water was sprinkled on her. Al- though, most of the brides, in towns and in cities are using good brands cosmetics and perfumes. In South India, the flowers are still an important decoration, while in the north they are just rediscovering this so pretty tradi- tion. Most of the Northern grooms dress with shervani with a churidar pyjama, a bhanda gala suit, or western suit. The turbans are also popular, for the groom and the important members of his entourage. In the south, the bride and groom can dress with the traditional one (dhoti) and djubba (kurta) or well they can wear a suit of three pieces. The northern couples are prepared for the occasion adorned with sehera that con- sists of a veil of flowers tied to the turban, to protect his faces from evil eye during the walk. The act of tying the sehera (seherabandi) grants the groom the status of Vishnu. This it is done since priceless gift of a daughter, Kan- yadana, can only be offered to a deity. Just a white mare, with the relatives and friends before the groom’s family and friends leave walking and chanting around the groom. the house for the Redding, a muhurta is se- Meanwhile in the bride’s house, her father re- lected for the Seherabandi. The groom’s sister ceives the groom in a ceremonial way, with a in law ties and puts the sehera over his head. scented beverage mixed with honey, (this rit- At that moment, the wedding procession or ual is known as Madhuparka) and escorts bharat, leaves the groom’s house seated over him inside the house.
  9. 9. This part of the ritual’s been lost, and instead of it, the bride’s mother, sisters in law or his sisters make the arati to the groom while he walks inside. Petals of flower are thrown to him, and scented water is sprinkled. The ancient ritual were the father of the bride use to sacrifice a cow at this very moment, has been replaced into giving money to a Brahmin. Followed by a ritual called milni or milai literally “encounter” . The members of bride’s family are formally introduced to the groom’s family. Before the wedding ritual started, the names of the ancestors are announced before the guests, with the gotra and pravara ( this is the gotrachara custom). Giving the idea of good social position and ancestors of the families. Jaimala is the next step, is when the groom and bride put the garlands to each other as symbol of mutual acceptance. Jai means “victory” and mala means “garland”. This is one of the most important parts of the wedding even though is not mentioned on Vedic writings. Probably comes from svayam- vara. After this, the couple sit together, the girl by the right of the groom, in the Mandapa before the sacrifices moat or Ha- vana kinder. The bride’s parents sit at her right; the priest in front of them, at his left and in the center, there is the sacred Now it comes the Kanyadana. The father, the grandfather or the brother f the bride, gives the girl to the groom. He delivers her in a symbolic way, first to Vishnu. The priest summons the deity with mantras. The bride’s father takes her hands and pts them inside the groom’s; transferring him his responsibility to the groom. The groom assures the father that he will not fail in his dharma, Martha or kama. Then, In south India, the man ties a tali ( see Mangalasutra ) around the The fire ritual Pradakshina continues with the couple making 7 circles around the FIRE of sacri- fices. You call these circles also Pheras, and means union. Vedic Mantras are sung, offers are made to fire asking for blessings while the couple walks around the fire. In the first 3 circles the girl walks before the man, the next four are where the man leads the dance. After each turn they sit and the priest sings the corresponding mantra.
  10. 10. The legend says that once Svaha asked the Fire to assure the continuous associa- tion. The fire declared at that moment, that all the tributes dedicated through fire would be done under his name. There- fore, after any oblation, the priest invokes his name, saying "Svaha". Agni describes himself as Dhumaketu ("whose sign is the smoke"), Saptajihva ("seven tongues"), Hutasa ("devouring of the offerings") and Rohitashva ("that has red horses"). It is said that has the golden teeth, with hair in flames. Many Puranas gives Brahma or to Dyaus and Prithvi the origin of Agni. The legend says that the Agni Purana himself has been given originally by Agni to the Wiseman Vasishtha to teach him in Agni. Literally “FIRE ”. This Vedic deity is the varied matters. On the other hand, aside personification of the 3 forms of FIRE: The from the glorification of Lord Shiva, de- sun, the Lightning and the sacrifice FIRE. scribes forms of adoration, duties of the (Yagya) kings, the art of war, medicine, grammar In the Sutra period, Agni, along with Indra and poetry. Nevertheless, some scholars and Surya constituted the Vedic Triad. Except say that this Purana is only an anthology for Indra, in the Vedic writings most of the of previous works. hymns they are directed to Agni more than During the pheras, the bride has to climb to any another deity. The Fire inevitably was a stone, to be instilled symbolically of its deified by their importance: allowed to cook firmness, to help her to be loyal and faith- the food; gave light in the night and dissi- ful to her husband. Now is when the pated the harmful spirits that, by that time, most important part of the ceremony beliefs said that lived in the darkness of the comes. The Saptapadi, in which the cou- night. It provided heat and moved away the ple take the 7 steps together, looking to presence of wild animals. the north, in which the bride comes by the left of the groom, freeing the strongest By the time passes, nevertheless, this triad part of him the right one, to be in charge has been replaced for the Trimurti. Less ado- of the world. ration to the fire like absolute deity and more Legally, the commitment of the wedding worshipped as a divine filter and mediator is firm now, in this Paddhatis saptapadi that expresses the done oblations to the fire are included. The legend says that during like the sacrifice toward the deities. Since the Shiva and Parvati’s wedding will be at the fire has always been present in all the the left ater the agni pradakshina, as important ceremonies, the Fire is reverenced symbol of being married. Parvati said that as divine witness. Consequently, in a Hindu she will not accept this as a marriage wedding is consecrated to the fullest one unless Shiva grant her the 7 wishes. Shiva when the fire is a witness. ('Agnisakshi'). In fulfilled them all and made 7 Stipulations name of the wife of the fire Svaha all the of- that Parvati accepted and then came to fers are made. his left.
  11. 11. In the north and in the east, the ritual to put sindoora, or vermillion dust, on the line of the hair of the bride, this job is done by the husband (this ritual is called sindoordana). The husband rubs his ring in the vermillion and puts a line where the line of the hair of the bride begins up to the crown of the head. With this, the ceremony is complete. The guests spread petals of flowers to the bride and groom while the couple leaves the mandapa. The newlyweds touch the feet of the par- ents to receive their blessings and all of them congratulate them. Now the bride goes to her new home, saying farewell to her family with tears in her eyes ( viadi, “farewell”). Now she belongs to another family and not anymore to her parents, since she has been already delivered. While her family cries her husband and companion celebrate that they are taking with them Lashmi’s reincarnation. Walk to their home danc- ing and singing. The Smritis recognize 8 different wedding methods that have been prac- ticed along the years. Just a few are common this days. Marriage is considered like origin of all the domestic sacrifices and sacraments. Is be- cause of this that the majority of the Grihyasutras begin with a description of this ceremony. Their origin as ceremony goes back to the Vedic period since the Vedas contained hymns and verses to be recited in the ceremony. Since then, has been considered like an integral part of life, binding not only in this life, but also from now on. According to the subsequent writings of Manu, the divorce and second nuptials were not permitted. The majority of ref- erences of marriage in the old texts indicate that the Aryans were monogamous. Never- theless in the Mahabharata some references of polygamy have been found. Currently the divorce and second nuptials are completely legal nevertheless the polygamy is a criminal offense toward the Hindus and is punished by the law. With all this care and the use of so many sacred essences and elements, there is purity around this union, this ritual of Hinduism, I think that good results are guarantee, don’t you Cheryl Andiön think?
  12. 12. Happy Mother’s Day _tà|Ç TÅxÜ|vt 4 To my Beloved Son… With love I look at you, even before you inhab- ited my inside Uç M VtàtÄ|Çt eÉ}tá Now that I have you in my arms And now my soul have found calm in your smile I blessed that day you chose me like your Life to guide you with my hands mother To swing you when you are in fear When the coldness strains in your early years You’re the Light of my life Hugging you and keeping you in my heart Now in eternal spring, with your kisses You are everything, everything what my fantasy If one day I am missing never imagined Because God is making his call Also my silences, that’s what you are Be strong to the hostile destiny That I’ll be always with you Because, how with just words I can explain That now in my lap you observe what I write And me, feeling the scent of your beautiful body If you walk And the warmness that escapes to your tender- And the winds caress your face, there i will be ness Just like the sun That you are what I most love! That will warm your cheeks My beloved son And in the nights, over the moon to keep your How many times to the sky I wish dreams ill be seated That you come to my encounter, in this earth… And the prettiest star her bright I will steal With madness I desire you To put it in each kiss that you will give… And now you are looking at me! In there my soul will be living By your lips, to curl in your strong heart. Now what i ask my stars is life To give you one and a thousand kisses But I am here To care of you with great care I haven’t gone yet To have the joy to see you reach the stars I’ll be the guide in your path And with my hands, for years, caress the I won’t miss any surprise that you will keep from softness of your hair me The words you haven’t said So many joy that life has for you My angel, that’s what you are in my life You charge a body to come to life to give me infinite happiness!!
  13. 13. Customer satisfaction is our prime goal. We are well-reputed as one of the most eminent Belly Dresses Exporters from India. The fabrics used by the vendors in the manufacturing of the Belly Dance Dresses are of optimum quality that ensures fine finish and colorfast- ness. Customers are eased with the availability of the Embroidered Belly Dress in varied sizes and specifications. Moreover, the sequence and em- broidery of the Belly Dresses has also played a vital role in the enhancement of the demand at international level. Exclusive suppliers, designers and distributors for Bellyqueen Superstars Colombia
  14. 14. Mudras The secret of sacred healing In our hands
  15. 15. Sanskrit word that means seal or sign, symbolic gestures Its origins, are still not clear, although in west we know associated to Buda. They lock and guide the energetic them thanks to eastern world and are brought to us as a flow and reflexes to the brain. consequence of the introduction of their doctrines and ide- ologies. These gestures are very used by Hinduism and Bud- There are so many mudras, also those that joint hands dhism. By curling, crossing, stretching and touching the with bodies, but those are called Asanas. But there are fingers and hands, we can "talk" to the body and mind as also some very simple and we will start with those so you each area of the hand corresponds to a certain part of the can warm up with the idea. mind or body. Even simple mudras can be so powerful that can lead us to achieve the biggest goals. To practice these mudras we From the little finger to the thumb: each finger represents need no great ability. All we need is the right mentor and earth, metal, fire, wood, and water, respectively. The en- also practice, especially with those that are a bit more tire universe lies within your ten fingers and it is also said complicated due to the pressure that some of them re- that there is an infinite number of Mudras. Mudras can be quire. used both for meditation and/or healing. Fingers are joining among them in so many ways some Mudra, a word with so many meanings, Is defined by a time we just need a soft friction and some others will re- mystical position of the hands. With this symbols, done quire pressure. with the hands can represent drastically, mind processes and statuses. It seems that mudras were born with the Due to the several qualities of each one of them, we rec- Indian dances that are considered the highest expression ommend to use them during a while that can last from 3 to of spirituality. 45 minutes and generally is convenient to work with them once a day at least. There is something important to say, The spiritual significance of these mudras encounters the even though there’s a lot of power within them, miracles in perfection of this expression in Hindu Art. In Vajrayana here are done with practice. The magic you can find here Buddhism, mudras carry an special function: to make reli- is not going to be revealed in one day. gious offers and create a connection between the practi- tioner and Buddha that are summon repeating also man- The body has to change patterns, old patterns most of the tras. This also used in Hatha Yoga and also other types of times and this will not take one day to be changed, just meditations and visualizations. like bad patterns in us were not made in one day. This requires a mind shift so the body can understand the sig- These gestures are so important. They allow us to appro- nals and winds of change. The more you use them the priately channel the energy of our bodies, and also lead us more you heal, is a treatment so we have to help to make to achieve a good number of goals just like spiritual eleva- the changes come fast. tion, physical and emotional healing. Mudra, a word with so many meanings, Is defined by a mystical position of the There are, in our hands, just like in our feet, reflexes, a hands. With this symbols, done with the hands can repre- nerve terminal that correspond to each part of our body sent drastically, mind processes and statuses. It seems and that’s why each position affects in a different way a that mudras were born with the Indian dances that are specific part of us blocking or unblocking those that are considered the highest expression of spirituality. not corresponding to a harmonic flow of energy. The spiritual significance of these mudras encounters the perfection of this expression in Hindu Art. In Vajrayana 1. Thumb: Represents the element FIRE and its ener- Buddhism, mudras carry an special function: to make reli- getic mission is to balance the body energy nourishing gious offers and create a connection between the practi- when it needs to be nourished and destroying what it tioner and Buddha that are summon repeating also man- needs to be destroyed. In it lives our divine conscious as tras. This also used in Hatha Yoga and also other types of well. meditations and visualizations. These gestures are so im- 2. Represents the element AIR and its mission is to give portant. They allow us to appropriately channel the energy us the ability to create and to think. This finger brings us of our bodies, and also lead us to achieve a good number divine inspiration. In it lie our different moods. The fourth of goals just like spiritual elevation, physical and emotional chakra is assign to it. healing.
  16. 16. 3. Middle Finger: Represents the element ETHER, its mission How to make it is to provide us the necessary energy to act and live in har- mony with the spiritual world that we have in our hands. The fifth chakra is assign to it. This mudra must be done with the right hand, exactly like 4. Ring Finger: Represents the element EARTH, and its mis- you see it in the picture. With the palm of hand looking to sion is to provide us of the necessary strength to defend our- the outside of the body, with slightly open fingers without selves and to fight for what is ours, also gives us the balance forcing the hand and bend them as if they need to rest in a to face any situation. The first Chakra is assign to it. natural way. The left hand rests over the heart. We recommend making 5. Little Finger: Represents the element WATER and its mis- a meditation, visualizing yourselves overcoming fears, sion is to provide us the possibility to interact in the correct anger, doubts, anxiety etc. way with other human beings, with our society. The second chakra is assign to it. _________________________________ APAN VAYU In this edition 3 of the basic mudras, and all the explanations. Abhaya, Apan Vayu and Atmanjali. ABHAYA This mudra is so easy to work with. Although is kind of difficult the first time you practice it until practice makes perfection. Must be practiced with both hands. Is fabulous for resting and spiritual balance. Properties 1. In the physical level: Heals cardiac pains and illnesses related to the heart. 2. In the mental level: It helps to pay more attention to This is one of the most spiritual mudras that exists and has life plans. Gives us trust, and mental rest believing that great influence over the spirit and our psyche. Many Gods and everything will be right. Gurus from east and west appear in this position. Even Jesus 3. In the emotional level: Makes our feelings be calm was using it those days. and at the same time it elevates them into something more divine. Properties In the spiritual level: Helps us to develop the spiritual bal- When we need to feel with hope and protected knowing that ance that we all desperately need. we can overcome any obstacle that can appear, this mudra is How to make it the one we can use. There are moments in our lives in which we feel especially vulnerable and unprotected, this mudra be- This mudra requires both hands. As you see in the picture haves like that praying we use to elevate to heaven, healing the thumb is in contact with the middle and ring fingers, our deepest fears, and inner conflicts. Is the light in the dark- while the index is attached to the palm of the hand. The est tunnel. little one keeps stretched. That fear is replaced by the hope of the final success and that The meditation required for this mudra is one of balance trust that we most need when it comes to those daily prob- and inner clearing. It is connected to the fourth chakra lems. clearing and its bond to universal and unconditional love.
  17. 17. _________________________________ How to make it ATMANJALI As we have said, this mudra has its maximum expression when is done raised over the head and stretching. We recommend to make them every morning before you go out of home, so will be protected, or do it when you feel that your energies are low. First raise your arms and then join the hands over your head. Then close your eyes, take a deep breath, letting all the en- ergy of the position to flow all over your body. You can stay like this as much as you can. Usually you stay like this until you feel that the energy is all restored and renewed. Again, do it with meditation music great element to be used here, and visualizing yourself in a very calm status. We will continue in our next issues where we will be teaching This mudra is very known in every religion on earth because also mantras, asanas among other topics… it is related to prayers and begging for a divine granting, in spite of the fact that Christianism at the beginning forbid it and only priests were allowed to use it. diön Besides in many eastern cultures is used to express grati- n tude for something. A eryl For sure more than once you have used it. But now you will Ch have the chance to discover all the power that resides in it, so from now on, you will be conscious of the energies that you are moving when you do it. The real way to do it, and the one that reaches the highest power of it is when you make it over your head and with the arms stretched over it. This mudras works in the four levels. 1. In the physical level: introduces and regenerates corpo- ral energy enhancing our immunological system and gives us so much strength and vitality. 2. In the mental level: Relaxes our mind, clears our thoughts. Harmonizes left and right brain hemispheres so they will work coordinated. 3. In the emotional level: A balance is set in motion with great inner peace. Relaxes and allows us to soothe our emotions. Also contributes with a freeing sensation from our heavy loads. 4. In the spiritual level: Puts us in direct contact with God and the energy he has for us. Also is wonderful to ask for wishes to be granted, those that come from our heart to the divinity.
  18. 18. Naba Barsha New Year in By : Anandita Basu Bengal
  19. 19. Naba Barsha is the celebration of Bengali New Year !! Naba Barsha in Bengal marks the first day of Baisakh - the first month of Ben- gali Calendar. The festival usually falls on the 13th or 14th day of April according to English Calendar Year. Naba Barsha festival is known as Poila Baisakh in Bangladesh and is celebrated as a national holiday. For Bengalis, Naba Barsha is the beginning of all business activities. Businessmen and traders pur- chase new accounting books and start new account known as Haalkhata. People also worship Lord Gane- Naba Barsha Traditions and Cus- sha by chanting mantras. toms Naba Barsha Celebrations Joyful and culturally rich people of West Bengal celebrate Naba Barsha Naba Barsha celebrations are marked with joy, enthu- by dutifully performing set customs siasm and hope. Songs, dance, games besides recit- and traditions. To welcome the New ing of poems are organized in various parts of the Year, people clean and decorate their West Bengal to mark the occasion. Enthusiastic peo- houses. A very important tradition of ple of Bengal also celebrate the eve of Naba Varsha Naba Varsha is the making of elabo- as Chaitra-Sankranti and bid farewell to the past rate rangolis or alpanas in front of the year. house by womenfolk. Rangolis are prepared with flour and its center is Early in the morning of Naba Barsha, Bengalis take adorned with earthenware pot deco- out processions known as Prabhat Pheries. To par- rated with auspicious swastika. This ticipate in Prabhat Pheris ladies clad themselves in pot is filled with holy water and traditional Bengali sari (white sari with red border) and mango leaves to symbolize a pros- flowers in hair while men wear dhoti kurta. The day is perous year for the family. On Naba spent in feasting and participating in cultural activities. Barsha, people of West Bengal propi- People also visit friends and dear ones to wish each tiate Goddess Lakshmi - the Hindu other "Shubho Nabo Barsho !!" mythological Goddess of Wealth to pray for prosperity and well being. Jai Shree Mataji Many devotees also take a dip in a lots of love, nearby river to mark the occasion. Anandita
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  21. 21. Soul Mates By : Cheryl Andiön
  22. 22. I sit and wait in this paradise and I contemplate its magnifi- I will look for you over and over, until cence, I see the water running and I realize that I am no I reach perfection in me, just the exact more than a being in this immense sea of divinity I walk perfection I need to be with you, Is you aimlessly because I search for you and I don’t even know the only one that motivates my existen- you, I know you must be anywhere, I know, because God ce, is for you that I am here, and is for told me before I left his home. Before we got here we were you that I want to transform into a divided, becoming two souls that will love each other eter- better being. nally. My mission, searching for you, to make you my moti- vation to fulfill my goals here on earth, but, why divided ? Do you think it would be fun to walk elsewhere feeling your- If you feel that your life has no sense, self complete from our day one, what’s the point on coming that nothing what you do fulfills your if I have it all, Including the love for me. Because you and I expectations, that you have it all but are one I will search for the part I am missing the part I you have nothing, that passion, attrac- love… tion, desire, company, resignation, My happiness will be to find you and through this search loneliness, fear or certainty that you walk and live my experiences. Do you think that if we were lost someone worthy, is confused with complete since born would make any sense to come and love, then keep on looking for me, that walk on earth, there must be a reason that pulls you to be a I will be here looking for you. Just better person, don’t you think? Is you the one that moti- don’t let time be our enemy, remember vates my steps, my learning, is searching you how I reach a that in this game rues don’t let us buy better me, so do you, and I know we will be together when time, although if you decide to stop we are ready to be, or like our father says when “ you are looking for me and come in another ready for each other” . He split us, not make us feel alone lifetime to keep on searching just tell here. He did it for the great love he has for us, and only like me so I can wait for you and I will look this we will reach his paradise again. Don’t you see that is for some more space in my mind to re- love what gives us strength to move on? member that is for you than I de- If you change your fear to feel, to live, to enjoy, to search for scended here… I will not stop, the me, into giving wings to your feelings, give some time to search is not over, is for you that I search of love, cultivate within you too, if you change all this learned the word love, and is you the for the joy that true love can give to you, you will see how one I want to love… but… fast I will get to you, and how easy your life will become. We are not much without the other and you know it, I don’t know if you reincarnated in the same timeline I did or you If you feel that there’s nothing that can are just watching over me from heaven, I haven’t seen your replace me, that after me there’s noth- face yet, I haven’t heard your voice yet, but I have the cer- ing more, that every time you try to tainty, for sure, that the day that you arrive to my life noth- forget about my existence your are not ing else will matters because we both are one and we will be able to succeed, that no one is com- together, always. Our love will ease our pains and our lives, pared to what I am, that I changed I know that that very day I will see in your eyes the print of your ways, that I bring you insanity, the legacy I want you to have from me, my sons. That day that I am the one that most admires my anguishes will end, my loneliness, my sadness, my obliv- you, that there’s perfection in me be- ion of myself ….. Soul mates love, God says, is the most per- cause the true love you feel sees perfec- fect love ever created, because it was created by him, and to tion... that there’s tenderness, humble- it we have to fly. That day will be overwhelming, because I ness, that days without me are so long, will have the privilege of being with you, again, since is not that I leave an emptiness that enhances the first time that I search for you, have you forgotten? We your misery, that you worth nothing if have been together already, I know your scent, and through you are not with me no matter how it is that I search and I know you do it so. Maybe, in this hard you try… that nothing can re- lifetime our paths have crossed and we haven’t seen it yet, place the quality of my love, my sacri- maybe it wasn’t the moment or were we little kids? To soon fice, then, you have found me, so don’t to encounter? Did we let it pass? But that doesn’t matter, me go without letting me know that because I will keep on searching for you through time and you are around, make me understand space, until that sacred day comes where our souls will be- that is you, and only you, the one that come one. has been searching for me…
  23. 23. It was in 2004, in a summer day when i saw for the first time an Indian movie. I was surprised about this type of movie, so rich in every extension of the word, since we are so used to other versions and other ideas about what movie means, movies than don’t even leave a message anymore. Leaving aside all parameters of violence or sex, and the imprudence that only allow us to see how thirsty about money western producers are, there’s a merging world called Bollywood for our sake, the most beauti- ful interpretation of movies ever seen. Innocent and so full of significance; full of luxury, rich in choreographies and dialogues, we can notice how movies go back to beginnings with that touch of “Fantasia” and ancient spirituality that gives us a lesson of what can be done without letting human decadence be a part of new societies. Religiousness, firmness, rectitude, union, well, so many things that we already lost in this societies, that twists people’s ideas about what is good or bad; making money through managing minds. The strength of this new wave of movies is getting better every day and is becoming a recall of good manners, family. Also tells us who we are and were do we come from, to go back to our inner selves, to the spirituality once given. Alisha is going to describe this fabulous art. For now what I recommend is for you to watch this special movies, Is all about loving your parents, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham ( In Indian ) And Saawariya, 2 movies that perfectly described what is already said integrating in a very harmonic way all the elements of good movies…….and after being caught by this so romantic movies, you will be able to say “You are my Soniya” !
  24. 24. What is Bollywood ? By Alisha from India The Word Bollywood was created on early 70’s to call Indian commercial cinema. Comes from the game of words, Bom- bay (main producers of these movies) and Hollywood. Is a huge industry that these days produces more than 1000 movies a year and is the biggest and most productive and with more than 1000 million customers in the whole planet. The common topic is “melodrama” although are very common also action, comedies, romantic, mythology… always sealed with rich colors visual and scenery or ethnics, traditional values, acute dramas, sensuality… But the most important things in these movies are MUSIC and DANCING. Dances in these films, moreover in the old ones, are Indian; classic danced styles, historical, and folklore. In modern mov- ies the usually mix western and eastern moves, (of course with the indisputable Hindu touch), although is not common to see antique styles and modern in the same movie. Te “hero” or the “heroin” normally act with a group of very well prepared dancers, always framed in huge scenery changes and dressings. Gestures in Indian Cinema ¿Why some of them do not kiss? ¿Why some characters don’t kiss?. As you can see in Raja Hindustani im- age, they do. But is weird. No one wants to risk, o spook families… Also Bolly- wood interprets a huge gamma of personalities, from the illiterate to urban peo- ple. Ideas from morality differs from one group to another, so why to include a kiss, when is easier to avoid it and also to avoid offending public? Also actres- ses do not want to lose fans and conservative followers but also don’t want to disappoint journalists. But there are some that are not to into kissing on the screen so they are emphatic on saying no.
  25. 25. ¿What means to pull your ears? Your pull your ears in so many varied ways, but especially when you want to say I’m sorry, as physical admission and a regret demonstration. In here Juhi, in One Two Ka Four, is Reddy to dump Shahhrukh ( How can she resist?) … ¿What means when you touch someone’s feet? Touching feet is the biggest sign of granted respect generally given to old people or, like in this image in the movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, ( very traditional ) from wives to husbands. Why is it considered respectful? You might ask, well, Hindi Theology and Indian culture in general, says that feet are the most contaminated part of the body ( The head the most distant from the floor and is less probable to touch it, and the purest) . Is from here that we take the custom of taking the shoes away from us before we get inside a temple, (the shoes have been in so much contact with the floor) and also because you can never point anyone’s shoes is kind of rude. Therefore touching feet is huge sign of respect that they can give, “ they are so honorable that even touching their feet is a privilege” In here, Amitabh stops Jaya from touching his feet for real, a common an- swer maybe denoting modesty? To this respectful gesture.
  26. 26. ¿What means when the palms are together? You will see this in movies, when someone meets another person usu- ally the character will joint the hands and will say “Namaste”. Can be compared this in western world with hands shake if you like, but of course “Namaste” is more sacred and respectful than 2 hands shaking, unless you consider that not shaking hands is disrespectful and the big- gest insult. For example in this image of Raja Hindustani, Karisma hon- ored Aamir very gracefully by the way, and she joints her hands and bends before him. ¿What does it mean when someone waves the hand over your head? In the song “Yeh Ladka Hai Allah” from Kabhi Kushi Kabhie Gham, Daijaan waves the hand over the head of the Bride and then, making a fist with the hand, presses the knuckles in the head (cracking). This action diverts the “evil eye” symbolizing her permission to take from the Bride any evil that she can have and put in her if necessary so the Bride will be free. Es for sure a way to express how beautiful the bride looks, (means her beauty is so shiny and sparkling and her marriage so proper than even evil desire and feel jealousy). ¿What is the meaning of the bindi in the forehead? Arguments have passed through years, even in classrooms and cafeterias, wherever is the same about the symbolism of the bindi. Some people claim them as the marriage symbol, although there are so many single girls using them too. Others claim it as the 5th Chakra protector that is exactly placed in the middle of the eyebrows. Everyone has a different opinion about the bindi...anyway they are amazing, ¿isn’t it? At your right, Kajol sings over the words of her wisdom “bindiya” in “Saajanji Ghar Aaye” in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. ¿What does it mean the red line over the head? At the left, look at Aishwarya in her rol in Paro, a bengalí rich aristocrat’s wife in Devdas. She carries a red line called ber- mellón in the flip of the hair (you can see it clearly highlighted). This, differing from the bindi, has a clear significance: she is married and her husband is alive. If she becomes a widow, she would have to leave it. The legends say that this cere- mony started due to a Group of brides that were kidnapped in the wedding ceremony. The groom will fight for his bride, and if he kills the kidnapper, he will spread her hair flip with the blood of the dead kidnapper. (It wasn’t all the groom’s job, although according to traditions of Kshatriya class the Bride has to take a knife to the ceremony in case she has to defend her honor.). Indian moviemakers love this: just take a look over action movies and for sure you will be able to see the hero spreading this blood over his loved one.
  27. 27. ¿What means when you move your thumb on someone? Making a fist and extending the thumb, just like western people make the sign of “thumbs up” and then making a wiggle forward and back, is used like “ I am so ashamed with you “ this gesture also occasionally means “nah nah” is the equivalent of the spot in the nose that now is lost long time ago. In Devdas Aishwarya makes the gesture to Shah- rukh. ¿What means when you put Kohl over someone’s? When the woman of his affects looks especially gorgeous, he assumes that she has attracted the major part of jeal- ousy. Putting a black point on her face as a provisional “imperfection” works to divert the evil eye from another per- son that might feel attracted by her perfection. This is often done to little babies, but occasionally a woman is decorated with this small black spot when they are amazingly dressed. For example dancers in Bharatanatyam carry one during the performance. In the left, during the song “Aankhiyon ki Gustakhiyan” in Hum Dil of Chuke Sanam, Aishwarya puts a spot of kohl in Salman’s lips honoring her attractiveness. ¿What means when you wiggle a lamp over a tray? Make circle in the face of the man, the candle is lit. Generally this happens in 2 different contexts: Saying hi to the host, and venerate God. In the last case, in a lamp or in a clarified butter (ghi) hot plate, wiggle with circular surrounding movements, al around the deity image, a ceremony called aarti. The person that is wig- gling the tray offers what is inside of it. Usually there are candies to be offered to God, and they are brought back to the devotees as sacred food or like “prasad”. Keep on wiggling around the human beings as a way tor recognize the sacred within them, saluting like this is the way that guests are considered sacred and tells them that their visit is a honor. In the picture above Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kajol honors her boyfriend nearly her future husband, he is a form of God for her, at least while Shahrukh appears…
  28. 28. ¿What means when you lift your pinky finger? In the left, in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, Kajol is amused: she just asked Shahrukh that took too long the visit to a church. She answers with this gesture and she starts to scream, “¿In the church!?” ¿Why is she impressed? Well, in India, is a sign of wanting to go to the bathroom or just came from there… TRY TO DISCOVER BY YOURSELVES WHAT WE SAID HERE, DON’T MISS IT… Alisha Sarin
  29. 29. The Ganges The Goddess and the story
  30. 30. Of all the rivers of the Indian subcontinent, the Ganges, by culture and tradition, is the most sig- nificant one. Flows by the “gangatic” plains from north India toward Bangladesh, since its birth in the western Himalayas, in the political region In- dia, Uttarakhand. A long trip of 2,510 kilometers culminates arriving the delta of Sundarbans, in the bay of Flare. For a long time has been con- sidered a sacred river by the Hindus, and has been object of worship, understood as an incarna- tion of the goddess Ganga. Also it has been im- portant historically: many old provincial or imperial capitals (as Pataliputra, Kannauj, Kara, Allaha- bad, Murshidabad or Calcutta) were built in their banks. The Ganges and its affluent rivers washes a basin of millions square kilometers that serves as alimentary base to millions of people, with one of the greater densities of population of the world. The Ganges is mostly, India’s river that has kept the Indian’s hearts attracted since always. The Ganges history, from its birth to the sea, since old times to new, is the history of Indian culture and civilization, of the boom and fall of so many em- pires, magnificent and proud cities and adven- tures of the man…" Religious Significance Located in the Banks of the Ganges the city of Varanasi is considered by some as the most sacred one of the Hinduism and there is who spreads in its water the ashes of the beings beloved dead persons. The Ganges is mentioned by the Rig Veda, the earliest one of the Hindu writings. Appears in the Nadistuti sukta (Rig Prohibition 10.75), that list the rivers from east to west. According to Hinduism famous king Bhagiratha did constant periods of sacrifice to make that the Ganges, back then in the skies, land on earth and with it the salvation of his ancestors, affected by a curse. Ganga went down using Shiva’s knot, to make the land more fertile and sinless. For Indian Hindus, the Ganges is more than a river, is a mother, a goddess, a tradition, a culture that cleans the soul from all sins. Some Hindus besides believe that life is incomplete if they don’t wash themselves in the Ganges at least once in a life. Many families keep an urn with this water in their homes. This is done because it gives pres- tige to keep this sacred water, so, if someone dies, can drink a bit of this water. For most Hindus, drinking from the river can clean their souls from sins not only this life but the past ones. Can heal from any disease too. Old writings say that this waters carry the blessings of the feet of Vishnu, due to that mother Ganga is known as Vishnupadi, which means “ Giver of lotus feet of the supreme God Sri Vishnu ".
  31. 31. The Ganges receives some of the Hindu festivals and more important religious congregations. It empha- sizes especially the Kumbh Mela, that is celebrated each twelve years in Allahabad. Benarés -known in In- dia as Varanasi- has hundreds of temples along the banks of the Ganges; often they are flooded in rainy season. The city is also a point of prayer and of cremation of the dead. The old hindu legend says that HIMALAYA, God of the great mountain had a daughter of great beauty he named Ganga also as Maa Ganga (Mother Ganga) or Ganga Devi. The Goddess Ganga was at the begin- ning Vishnu’s wife, until he decided to give her to Shiva. Later she became also in the consort of a king, in concrete, the king Shantanu. Being married with this king the goddess played an important role in the birth of the 8 Vasus, the 8 Gods of the day: wind, fire, water, air, dawn, light, moon and North Star. According to mythology these Gods suffered a terrible prison payment that obliged them to be born again but as mortal beings. Ganga, being pitied of them became the great mother of all of promising to put an end to its exis- tence, looking for immortality. That’s how she did. Nowadays, The Ganges is considered a sacred river, showering with this water supposes the purification of the body and the soul.
  32. 32. Wild Wild East: Music according to Karim Nagi. The best percussionist of the Arabian world is away from being a bad-tempered man. He is away from being one of those obsessed purists that don ’ t understand neither the dancers, nor the modern music. Different form the others in his field, he dresses with hata, that so popular Palestinian scarf very famous nowadays, but with worthy clothes of the biggest follower of Die- sel. And, as if this is not enough, is the only one that is implied in all the processes of his work, and has been DJ to the best western style. This casual man is called Karim Nagi , and since young ages he wanted to make an Arabic metal band, being faithful to his roots. Then it became the most famous Egyptian percussionist, a favorite of dancers, and dancer of folk rhythms as dabke ( t ap danced across the Middle East area, to the Persian Gulf ) . He dared to combine everything with funk, pop, some elec- tronic music and Greek rhythms, as he showed in his CD "Turbo Table." Karim Nagi changed the music that has been governed by Muhammad and by his own strict rules. He did everything as it should, and it came out in a completely different way. As a teacher, is so purist as any respected Egyptian musician. Demanding, obsessed by his origins. Accurate. Prodigious memory.
  33. 33. He knows songs from 80 years ago or less, in the golden age of Cairo, where Nasser wanted to expel British people out, and legendary dancers such as Samia Gamal, and Tahiya Carioca started to make Oriental Dance famous, that later Americans sold as "Bellydance". Great orchestras, mel- ancholic arrangements, introspective. Or happyand carefree. Just as the music and Karim are. After talking for a few months ( after the Oriental Dance Festival where I met him ) about the old Egyptian songs, and after questioning the interpretation of oriental dance in Western world ( he sustains that inhere the dance is only because is easy, and "sexy" without understanding its cul- tural essence ) , I asked on Facebook for their influences in music, and everything he did, so damn different from other musicians of his region. Lux Lancheros ( LL) : After all what we have talked, will sound a cliché, but ¿what means music for you? ¿what is the difference between music and all the arts that you practice? ¿So why music then? Karim Nagi ( KN ) :Music is enchanting. It is the transcendental competition between noise and sound. I'm obsessed with it. But at the same time, if I do not see this middle ground, I avoid music. I prefer silence. When I express it, I feel this is about changing the phrases, what you mean, every time, without ruining the whole meaning of what you want to express. And how to do it without con- fusing your listeners. L.L: I see that in "Turbo Table", opposing "Arabiqa" is where you showed that Arab culture is fun, and original, you tend to combine all the traditional, which you love ( and me too ) , with the most modern and fun you find. What influences you to select certain genres, and mixing them, without sounding like all the pop that Westerners are used to listen? KN: I like the original music. If you are already modernized, is a little awkward then, to remix it. But if the song has roots, indigenous sounds, and is rich in traditional formulas, then work with it. I love giving a new life, trying to do is the essential. It is making it bigger in sound. Of course, is making the music, percussion, and from singing, something "Turbo." Better, more ori- ginal.
  34. 34. As in "Arabiqa", that was from born from his desire to show all the expressiveness of Arabic music, through dance and music in his CD, "Turbo Table" tried to show it closer to West. But Karim has never left his roots, and that takes him through different routes of sing- ers such as Cheb Khaled, Tarkan, so popular in Colombia 10 years ago. It is not singing the mother language, or play with the instruments already played. His origins are the basis of everything. He is Muslim. Egyptian. And moreover, as any artist, loves the art for art. The art to express what we are. "Once, some Hollywood producers offered me a fortune to use one of my songs in a movie. Not work anymore, but this movie will give a very bad image about my culture. I refused categorically. Now I have to travel to give workshops and sell many records to solve that, but I ‘m not regretting "he joked. He is uncomfortable with the idea that dancing, that is the soul of your country, is so unknown by the music and by the dancers. One sings with the body, he says. Arabic music and has a passion that to be performed by a Western dancer is required: listening, and working with music. "You are listening to the best Egyptian singer of all time, Oum Kalsoum. Do not ruin or fog her voice showing and flaunting what you can do "he used to tell us in his workshop. LL: According to you ¿How else can you complement dance and music? KN: I’ll be happy if the dancer changes when the music changes, and also if she interprets what she listens and of course as long as she doesn’t dance in a Tracy way. LL: ¿And in your case? ¿How can you complement your dance with mu sic? KN: Well in this case, I am not capable to dance all what I compose. There are so many dances that I wish I can do, but I prefer songs from others (Folkloric). But I think that the combination is perfect, some- times, like something simultaneous that wraps the sound and move- ments.
  35. 35. When you shared in the show, at Colsubsidio Theater, the impression I had was a perfect comple- ment of music, when played, and when it was interpreted. All in one, with the bonus of some modern bits. The man wearing the typical Egyptian Galabeya, preparing to go to play and dance by my side, backstage, could even go playing rock, and would not be wrong. In fact, it wasn’t seen. LL: When i hear “Turbo tabla” and when I see your performance on stage, I feel that theres al- ways a middle ground. He always starts from modern, where Arabic folk is, and where the mid- dle point is also. How do you manage to find it? KN: I think that the main idea is to keep the traditional musical native instruments of the Arab world. The “modern" side comes from the soundscapes, the diversity of rhythms, and the mecha- nization of them, in digital mode. If I did not take into account the Arab melody, and instrumen- tation, it would be much harder to preserve it against the mechanization and digitalization of Westerners. LL: And I supposed that this is reflection of your visual work … You tend a lot to pop- art, but you give a much defined Arab symbols in your roles. Everything is in one, ¿Isn’t it? KN: Yes it's true. My visual art is identical to my music: it is a hybrid of two competing worlds. It is the natural and mechanical, united in a third element. I love to add my art (on the covers of albums and posters) with my music. I feel that this gives an additional impression of my vision, and helps the viewer to understand me more. Of course, it helps. he was the graphic designer of almost all the covers of my albums. In the pro- ject that he did a few years ago with his friends, called "Reorientalismo" was meant to divert the wrong idea that the Europeans gave a bout his culture in the nineteenth century. I wanted to make it nicer, to show how he really was. With Karim, speaking of traditional, there is no middle ground. Farid the Atrache, Asmahan, and other singers from the golden age of Cairo, were his first teachers, and the best. The voices he loves them. It is the essence of Egyp- tian music.
  36. 36. LL: ¿Why is that every time that someone asks about influences when you play the derbake you end up naming singers? KN: The percussion comes from the music. I learned how to be a good musician listening to the singers, to the melody. I do not think that percussion, can exist by itself, or else. LL: You are Arab, you are Muslim, and you say that even is not fashionable, you're very proud of that. I wonder where your desire to glorify it came from, and at the same time to present it outside as some- thing unusual. Because watching one of your videos, where you combine the fallahi, peasant rhythm from Upper Egypt, with hip-hop, I see a clear intent. What is it? KN: I found my favorite songs, my rhythmic ideas, my dramas, and my "emotional manipulation" from the repertoire of Arabic music. I had my talented mu- sician friends to help me to record and mix. Then combine all the trappings of the music I heard in New York those days. Thus was born something in my head, a tradition "Turbo", a bigger sound. The real future. The solemnity of the combination of mel- ody and Arabic rhythm, with the solemnity of urban culture. A hybrid in my bicultural existence. That’s how Turbo Tabla, for example, is my way to etno- electronic, cultural and a bit maniac. LL. Manic or not, I see it is very inclusive, because you sold your CD in Colombia a price less than they sell the academies and record stores. KN: The future will include dialogue, design and other things in other terms. A "Turbo Theatre, perhaps." A comprehensive experi- ence of Arab culture, re-imagined, and the universality of all in- volved. Help me to continue this! You can listen and support my music. You can go to my classes, write me or write about me, or just share the love with music. Everything should be enjoyed by others. It's all about sound, meaning, intentionality. All this is a common project. LL. Of course, I will, Karim. From dance I can make this possible. And I am glad that the dancers and percussionists from Colombia have got your support in both processes and helping us to under- stand your culture. I think you're tired of hearing it, but thanks. KN: I will never get bored of listening it. Luz Lancheros Colombia