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5th Edition English

  1. 1. as & hristm r!!! M erry C ew Yea Ha ppy N
  2. 2. Publication General Director Cheryl Andiön Direction & Coordination Vellyqueen Communications Colombia vellyqueen@gmail.com Direction y Journalistic Editor Kathya Sanmiguel Staff Sophia Saad/Turkey Journalist & Polititian Arianna Sanpedro/Mexico Lawyer & Writer Aaron / Colombia Stacie Michele Jones, Indiana USA B.A. Humanities Archana Kadam / India Photography Cheryl Andiön Commercialization Vellyqueen Communications © Colombia Cover Egypt Invented Christmas © 2010 Vellyqueen Magazine All rights reserved Copying the articles of this issue is not allowed Without authorization of our Editorial Committee www.bellyqueensuperstars.com www.vellyqueen.com
  3. 3. Content DECEMBER 2010 Christmas and Egypt … Shisha, Nargile… 6 28 Ancient Egypt, Cradle of What is all about this smo- Christmas ke.. Dancing at Heavens Door 34 Reuvenation through dance 12 Stacie tells us about Yoga How does it work Healing Drums 16 The Power of Drumming Therapy
  4. 4. Editorial Dear Readers: I’m so pleased on being back after a few months of readjustment. Our magazine did some turns thanks to a massive response on behalf of our readers and writers that are willing to become a part of our team and part of this nice cause: Helping & Renewing lifestyles with wisdom. Is not only about being “nice people” but being it with the highness required and with the wisdom that implies to be better people each day. With the certainty that being better every day, each one of us, that are the part that we can control from this path called life, we can achieve a communitarian transformation that obliges those who are around to be conscious that the old patterns are already obsolete, that only serves to expired interests that belong to a society that already so evolved require some new visions even If we have to go back to basics, where all started, to ancient knowledge, to remember who we are. Is a new lifestyle that makes a calling to our inner sights, that inner soul that one day became aside, but, that now is claiming to spread out to say, I’m here. We al know that to be here we need the knowledge and that is exactly what I want to share. Teaching people and student to discern by themselves and to say yes only if they are really convinced. There is a truth that is the only truth and is that one that is inside each one of you, and is only us the ones who can decide and are architects of our own destinies. We wanted to make a change to give the second step in our life as a company to tell the story about how is to change and how it is done, there are 2 ways to do it, from inner to the outer side, or from the outer to inner side, it will get even either ways, since we are reflecting what we have inside… Physical change has to join a change of mind too that allow a coexistence based in tolerance something so forgotten these days. And this is what Vellyqueen’s philosophy is based on. Through all our sections and de- partments, we will be getting to the same point, the point where each one you encounter your own self and revaluate your inner side.
  5. 5. Editorial In this Christmas edition I want to extend a warm hug to our readers, writers, translators, editors, to all that group that has made possible that this, your magazine, is every month in your desks. I also want to tell something to those little people that we share a smile with this month in those poor villages, in the name of Vellyqueen Foundation to whom we say thank you for so much warmness and so warm reception. To those premature babies from the hospitals that are so needed of love and charity to keep on fighting for their lives; to all those mommy’s with cancer that are trying to deal their deceases with a so positive attitude that brings us hope to a better future and teach us so much to say thank you every day for what we have instead of complaining for what we don’t have; to all those kids and people that in this moment are praying for some help in the streets I send my biggest warm hug, love and charity that in this days are so open like doors to God since people are saying I CAN, and helping is like we help ourselves too. Just have faith in a better future is just matter of time, and from now we are going to say yes, to being a better human being, to those people who suffer, just remember that is a lesson, that boring subject with the horrible teacher that made our lives an “8” but, at the end of year, once the subject is passed there’s no way back to it? Well this is how life works too, just keep the strength and the certainty that this will remain no longer, you will graduate with honors, because you know, when you have been in the jungle, and come out from it alive, you are not a survivor, you are the owner!!!! With all my love I dedicate this edition to you all, and wish a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2011 !!! Happy Holidays!!!! Cheryl Andion Director Vellyqueen Magazine
  6. 6. Wishes our readers and all the world a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2011
  7. 7. Origins of Christmas on Ancient Egypt Osiris, ¿Jesus predecessor?: Ancient Egyptian Connections with Christmas
  8. 8. No need to deep too much in New Testa- by his envious brother Seth. His dead was ment readings to discover in it uncountable revenged by his son Horus, Falcon headed links with Egyptian culture. Jesus spent so descendant, that Osiris had with his Wife many of his childhood years in Egyptian and Sister Isis. Already 2 decades ago, Temples and coincidences between his story Claude-Brigitte Carcenac published her and Osiris makes him become one of the book, “ Jesus, 3000 years BC”. most inspired prophets by Ancient Egypt. The fundamental thesis that that defends The parallelisms between Jesus of Bethle- this job is that Christianism that we all know hem, just like they appear in new testament, now was born in Alexandria under the influ- and the legendary life of Pharaoh’s God ence of Jewish that had embraced Serapis Osiris, the “mummyform” God of green or Cult, a Greek form of the millenary cults to black color, makes us think about the possi- Osiris. Was Jesus himself who, after his ini- ble connection between both characters. tiation in Egypt, took possession of Osiris and Horus myths to transmit them centuries The weight between Ancestral Egyptian be- later dissolved on his evangelization? Or lieves and Christianity is undeniable. maybe his followers did decades later after “Moses was educated within all the wisdom his death when they started to print the re- of the Egyptians and he was powerful with counted of his life on what we call now the his words and works. We can also read on New Testament.? Acts of the Apostles. His importance tran- scended centuries later on Greco-Roman Similar Icons world. Is then when ancient books spoke Christianism is, since its creation, a reper- about so many wise man an d philosophers toire of traditions of oriental origin, not only spent years in teachings in Egypt. Egyptian. The ethic essence that the Bible transmits in all its books, can be found with Solon, Plato y Pythagoras are only some of no difficulty on any Egyptian or Babilonic the most known. Jesus himself spent un- script. One of the most clear examples can countable years of his childhood in Egypt be found on Salm 104. This text “inspired” the country of the Pharaohs after running and adapted for Judeo-Christian traditions, away with his parents after Erodes edict. is a clear copy of “The Hymn to Aton” of the Traditions say that it was in Heliopolis the convulsive period of Egyptian history starred city of the sun, where he was instructed with by Pharaoh Akhenaton. Focusing more on the ancient Egyptian priests knowledge, with Jesus’s evangelic life, the famous Beati- no doubt, it was here where he had contact tudes that are read on Mathew (Mt. 5, 1-11) with Osiris legend. Egyptians say on their were also read 2000 year before on Egyp- millenary sources, that Osiris was the crea- tian papyrus of Master Ptahotep. On Jesus tor of agriculture, symbol of Renaissance case, his relation with Osiris myth seems to and life, just like the transmitter to human be unquestionable. In fact, in the New Testa- kind of the ways of living in a civilized world. ment we can find evidences that indicate At the end of his days, Osiris was betrayed that, more than Osiris figure, Jesus tradition, drinks from the multiple blends existing on his mythic legend.
  9. 9. t yp t Eg cien e An t ic s S ol So we can see very evident parallelisms taken from the stories of his Son Horus and his Sister and Wife Isis. Therefore, Jesus’s similitude is not with Osiris, but with and Standard God with a more com- plex legend, in which more myth can be fit that also trespassed our traditions, linked moreover to re- incarnation and a hope of an afterlife over an inevitable death. Up to certain point, seems logic. About Osiris childhood we have no clue, no writings. Happens the opposite about his son Horus childhood that stories are uncountable and rich in variety, that we are able to see in between lines, on Jesus’s childhood. From all these it comes, for example, the traditional identification that can be seen on Virgin’s Mary with the child on her arms, with the classic icon of the Egyptian figure of Goddess Isis and her son Horus on her lap. Not only is the composition of the image identical, but the details that compound it: Virgin’s gesture with the crown, her hand over the chest feeding the baby, etc. With almost one hundred percent of certainty, this role model was obtained by old Christians from Isis images that were in the walls of the temples of this Goddess in Rome. This way the figure Jesus- Horus trespassed to the European Medieval Tradition. In it, the most important examples were pre- served through the roman and Gothic statues.
  10. 10. With almost one hundred percent of certainty, this role model was obtained by old Christians Thoth and the Annunciation from Isis images that were in the walls of the temples of this Goddess in Rome. This way the Jesus birth and the circumstances that pre- figure Jesus-Horus trespassed to the European ceded also present very similar elements clearly Medieval Tradition. taken from Egyptian tradition. One of the dorms that surround the Sancta Sanctorum from Amon’s Temple in Luxor, we can see over one In it, the most important examples were pre- of the walls one of the most curious Egyptian served through the roman and Gothic statues. representations, that for his sovereign justified Added to some other elements that are seen in the divine origin of royalty: The divine birth that Roman iconography with a clear Egyptian ori- is in the commonly called Birth Hall. Although gin, we can understand that is not a crazy iden- the pass of time has damaged inevitably the tification of Osiris with Jesus and some of his emboss of this Theo gamy, still can be appreci- stars. At the beginning of 4th century BC the ex- ated the stages that supposed the encounter pansion of Isis-Osiris cult was very ample in this with divinity. Similarities between the birth of region. Amenofis III jyst like is in this case in The temple of Luxor, with Jesus are remarkable. In this ex- ample the main star was Amenofis’s Mother, Is difficult to admit that, if we accept that he did- Mutemuia. In one of the first embosses la future n’t remain in Egypt just like it has been said Queen Mother plays the same role as virgin also, and that he really lived in Palestine, Jesus Mary. IN there she is presented to God Amon of wouldn’t have know some chapels that existed Tebas by God Thoth that, Ibis-bird Headed, was in the honor of Mother Isis through all Palestine. in charged of taking good note of everything that 2000 years ago Isis religion was disseminated was happening in this divine encounter. through all the Roman Empire. Among soldiers it was the most flowed believe, for what is not weird to find references of Egyptian cult in other According to these embosses and exactly like religions bon from the shadows of Rome during what happened with Virgin Mary, and Holy Spirit these years. such a contact never supposed a sexual con- tact, but a simple magical gesture. In Luxor’s case, this encounter represented bis a bis, be- tween Mutemuia and Amon in which they ap- pear seated and handholded. This way we can see how an idea of such an mystic union be- tween Holy Spirit and Virgin Mary very far from physical contact and direct contact finds a re- flection on Ancient traditions of the union be- tween a God and Pharaoh’s Mother.
  11. 11. Announced by Stars The same Magic Kings Like we have explained, there are no texts Our next similarity example, between Jesus preserved, where birth and childhood of God and Horus, is clearly exactly the same. Osiris spoken. Maybe this detail is another Through Mathew Gospel, Mt, 2, 1-11 we know element that has in common with Master Je- that when Jesus was born 3 kings from East sus: In both cases there are no data about first presented themselves. They followed a star years. until they got to Bethlehem’s House in which the kid was born. Well, for Horus “myth” which On the contrary, we do know when they were is not a myth anymore contains a very similar born and under which circumstances. We ingredient. Egyptian temples had something have also seen that Jesus birth was similar to called, Mammisi or Birth Temple. Horus’s the son of Osiris. Since the New Tes- tament, to be more exact, Mathew Gospel, Inside, stories about celebrations and rituals gives us a new clue that relates Jesus and related to divinities birth were told. In the spe- Osiris once again. cific case of Temple Edfu in Egypt, honored to Falcon God Horus, the moments of this divine For ancient Egyptians Osiris’s birth was the birth are recreated in all its different stages as first day of the year, meaning the date that Sir- if it was a modern cartoon. What is amazing is ius star appeared in the firmament. This hap- that in those walls the same Magic Kings are pened by mid of June of our modern Calendar. foreseen. During these days near summer solstice Even though Mathew never specifies numbers ( June 21st ),the Egyptians used to exchange or names, in Egyptian texts 4 of them are presents. It was the opening of Opet’s Holiday, named. Each one of them came from one of the celebration of the beginning of a new year the four cardinal points, meaning that they that foretells continuity and cosmic balance were coming from far Egypt and all directions. during the next 365 days. Their mission was, just like the mission of the In Jesus’s case celebration is exactly the sacred writings, adore and bring each one of same just that in another season of the year. them a present to the newborn kid. Surpris- Morelikely to be near to Winter solstice ( De- ingly these gifts were Gold, Incense, myrrh cember 21st ) and no matter if there is no re- and a book of magic. But similarities don’t stop cord about which star, planet o conjunction is, in here. In relation with this legend about divin- also counts with the presence of star as an ity birth oh Pharaonic ages, one way that announcing element of the imminent birth. Egyptians had to celebrate this tradition was giving eggs as presents. Today we will call them Easter eggs, for Jesus Easter birth.
  12. 12. The Egyptians used to relate the yolk of the In Egypt the fish was also the symbol of the egg as the sun and the life that popped out deceased. In some representation of God from the shell. Giving these products they as- Anubis, mummifying the body we are able to sure natural course and balance, which see how this is replaced by the fish. means that it was a way a little speculative of adoring the same goals that God Osiris was chasing about life and resurrection. Later, Jesus will recover this idea like the soul of mankind. This is how the word “Ichtus” Despite of these clear similarities is very curi- meaning “Iesous Christos Theou Yios Soter”, ous to see that most of the writers of those Jesus Christ son of Savior God, in the writings days seem blind among all this evident paral- of the first Christians. lelisms between Jesus origins and in this case rituals to Osiris. The puritans sustained that all Other parallelisms with Osiris these similarities that Osiris ad Jesus shared is the devils master piece. The links between aspects of the legend of On the contrary , author like Juliano and Ter- Osiris and Jesus’s life go further more of what tuliano, called the attention over these writings we are able to see in this article, centered and its coincidences that for them had nothing mostly on Christmas celebrations. Plutarch ( II to do with devil. They were all the opposite. AC) published on his Morelia the unique total And instead of that the idea of Jesus was version that has arrived to us about Osiris’s Spreads all over the region and thanks to legend. Isis and Osiris picks a whole cast of Saint Paul, in a way that no one would imag- traditions that we are able to find in uncount- ine back then. And not before the hieroglyph- able Egyptian versions, than have been kept ics were decoded in 1822 by French philolo- until today. gist Jean-François Champollion silence kept hiding an uncomfortable truth that church has been manipulating ever since. In this master piece, we can find for example, that Osiris died one Friday and died the third Jesus, Egyptian fisherman day after, something identical to what we have heard about Master Jesus with his disciple In the fishing scenes in some tombs of Luxor Jude, and Osiris was betrayed by a sibling, his belonging to the New Empire (Near 1400 BC), brother Seth… spare moments are not shown just like we are suppose to imagine. The symbolism reflected is much more elaborated. And, even though has come to us totally deformed due to Jewish -Christian tradition, still can be seen its real background. The message transmitted, is the idea of becoming with the fish shape, to illus- trate the 2 main stages of the soul though the after life waters. This way the soul will be iden- tified with Osiris. Jesus took this symbol when he became fisherman of human kind.
  13. 13. Dancing at Heavens Door Stacie Michele Jones, B.A. Humanities Mama, take these guns away from me, I can't use them any- more. There's a long black cloud followin' me. I feel like I'm knockin' on heavens door. Bob Dylan
  14. 14. I forgot my kaftan! What was I going to wear over my costume? After a bit of grumbling, I decided to use the yoga/beach blanket I keep in my van. I had 2 1/2 hours until show time and something had to cover my costume! I had no idea it would evolve into a surreal moment. A few minutes later, I’m standing out on Prospect Ave in a purple and pink folkloric belly dance costume shaking the sand out of my beloved pink and white yoga/beach blanket. I was admiring all the bright col- ors in the window of an empty store front, until I was startled by a strange voice. “Hello, young lady.” Wow, young lady is flattering when you’re 40 years old. There was an old man that looked liked a repairman surveying me. “What are you? A belly dancer or something?” “Yes, sir I am!” Why am I 40 years old and still calling people sir? “Where do you do that? In there?” He pointed to the empty store. “No over there.” I pointed to White Rabbit Cabaret across the street. “What is that, a rabbit place?” “No, it’s a night club.” He hands me a small piece of paper. “Here read this. It’s a lot better for you than belly dancing.” Jesus is coming. Are you ready? Those are the words emblazoned on top of this paper. “Excuse, me sir, but there is nothing wrong with belly dancing.” “He’s coming!” Then he walked away. “Jesus loves eveybody, even belly dancers!”, I’m shaking my fist,screaming and everyone in Fountain Square heard me. So I was irritated, why did this guy assume that I need to get ready for the coming of Jesus? I could say I am a yoga practicing, belly dancer that did my sun salutes that morning. However, I’m just another fe- male human being I said my morning prayers. I wasn’t holding just any old blanket, it’s yoga blanket- a sacred object. That blanket has been in my arsenal for 10 years. I’ll keep washing it and it will be a source of comfort to anyone in needs until it’s thread bare. Upon returning to White Rabbit Cabaret, I proceed to tell anyone who would listen about my surreal en- counter. The bartender informed me that the piece of paper in my hand was a “tract” and that I had been witnessed. Witness to what? Discrimination? Finally, my blood pressure was low enough to do what I do before every show: roll out my yoga mat, step into Tadasana and press my palms together. Every time I do the world instantly becomes a more civil place. I finished my warm-up as always, sitting in Sukasana and chanting the following prayers 3 times each:
  15. 15. Oddly enough, the blanket was too small to work as a cover-up for my costume. I just wore a sweater instead. The show went well and once again I was filled with unconditional grati- tude. But 24 hours later I was still on Prospect Avenue talking to the guy that looked like a re- pairman. Why? Because I’ve walked away from my own defense too many times. I have let far too many rude comments about yoga slide. I have practiced silence after far too many sexual innuendos about belly dancing. Why have I remained silent and walked away? Because of the yogic principles of Ahimsa and Sauca. Ahimsa is the practice of non-violence. It includes: “Not speaking that which, even though “Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna truthful, could injure others.” Sauca is cleanli- Krisha, Krishna Hare, Hare ness and includes pure thoughts, “attending to Hare Rama, Hare Rama internal cleanliness such as avoiding the impuri- Rama Rama, Hare Hare” ties of anger and egoism.” Somethings are not worth getting mad about, but I keep walking “Lord Krsna Lord Krnsa away from the same battle. So many people Krsna Krsna Lord Lord thought yoga was just a fad and I would get Lord Rama Lord Rama over it. However, I have been practicing for 20 Rama Rama Lord Lord" years and I am not going to stop. and When other people degrade my spiritual prac- tice, it breaks my heart. I respect the religious Lokaa samastaa sukhino bhavantu beliefs of other people. I am not entitled to re- "May all worlds be happy." spect from anyone, but I certainly appreciate it. I collect funny yoga jokes and advertisements Translations by Randall K. Moore that exploit yoga. Belly dance is an art form. Please gentleman, do not broadcast your lack of respect for women. Pretend to have some class and taste and keep your perverted comments in the locker room.
  16. 16. Why did the street evangelist think belly dancing was bad for me? Is he interested in knowing that my unborn son and I almost died in a car accident nine years ago? When that happened I already had a serious neck injury, because eleven months prior I had been rear ended in a three car pile-up. Belly dancing and yoga healed my damaged spine and soothed my soul from the trauma. So no, belly dancing is not bad for me. I know the street evangelist and I agree on one thing, the world needs Jesus. Jesus is always on my guest list, because every day I offer my art to the highest power. I feel confident say- ing that I will never forget my kaftan again!Stacie Mich- ele Jones lives in Noblesville, Indiana U.S.A. and has been dancing for 31 years. Her com- pany, Tapestry Ki- netics preserves movement traditions through education, practice and research. She teaches dance, Pilates Mat and yoga privately and at IU- PUI continuing studies. tapestrykinetics@gmail.com
  17. 17. Healing Drums A guide to sacred drumming
  18. 18. The drum has been the guiding force in my life for many years. A Guide to Sacred Drumming. I had a deep respect for the power of the ceremonial rhythms and drum traditions, but I had to follow my own path of rhythm. Though Princess Jasmine was my mentor, the drum became my teacher and creative addiction. I developed an insatiable thirst for its rhythms. I became a rhythm seeker, learning new rhythms from other drummers, from nature, and from dreams and vi- sions. I explored the rhythms of many of the world's shamanic and spiritual traditions. It was only natural, at least from my perspective, that rhythm, as a path, would lead me to the rhythmic roots of all cultures. As I learned the drum ways of various world cultures, I found the same rhythmic quali- ties underlying all of them. Like the colors of the rainbow, each culture has its own hue or identity, yet each is a part of the whole. Although the focus or intent differs from cul- ture to culture, rhythmic drumming invariably has the same power and effects in all traditions. The resonant qualities and attributes of these rhythmic phenomena are uni- versal and come into play whenever we drum. The sound waves produced by the drum impart their energy to the resonating systems of the body, mind, and spirit, making them vibrate in sympathy. When we drum, our living flesh, brainwaves, and spiritual energy centers begin to vibrate in response. This sympathetic resonance leaves reverberating effects up to 72 hours after a drum ses- sion. These powerful effects can best be described in terms of their influence on the subtle energy centers known as chakras.
  19. 19. The Seven Chakras The spiritual traditions of the Hopi, Cherokee, Tibetan, Hindu, and other cultures teach us that there are vibratory centers within the human body. All describe spin- ning wheels of energy called chakras, lying along the spine. There are seven major chakras situated along the vertical spinal axis from the genital region to the crown of the head. They vary in size, depending on their level of activity. When highly active and energized, they can expand to the size of a small plate. They can shrink to the size of a penny when closed or shut down. When in balance, they are about the size of a silver dollar. Each vortex of energy is associated with a specific color of the rain- bow, distinct parts of the body, and with particular functions of consciousness. Chak- ras function much like electrical junction boxes, mediating spiritual energy through- out the entire mind-body system. They are the interface among the physical, men- tal, and spiritual aspects of one's being. Imbalances in chakras lead to imbalances in body, mind, and spirit. Drumming creates a vibratory resonance that activates, bal- ances, and aligns the chakra system. The Base Chakra The first or base chakra is red in color. It is located at the base of the spine and is associated with issues of basic health and survival. It is related to the anus and the adrenal glands. Resonating the base chakra grounds the spiritual forces in the body to the Earth and the physical realm of reality. When poorly grounded, your spatial understanding is impaired. You may stumble around physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Grounding enhances your ability to function effectively on a day-to- day basis. Drumming also maintains a grounding Earth connection for those seeking altered states of consciousness or alternate realities. One of the paradoxes of rhyth- mic stimulation is that it has not only the power to move your awareness out of the confines of the conceptual mind into realms beyond time and space but also the ca- pacity to ground you firmly in the present moment. It allows you to maintain a por- tion of ordinary awareness while experiencing non-ordinary awareness. This permits full recall later of the visionary experience. The base chakra is also known as a storehouse for a fiery energy that, if awakened, rises up the spine, illuminating all the chakras. In the Hindu tradition, this dormant energy is known as the "kundalini" or "serpent fire." This spiritual flame within can be rekindled by drumming, thereby igniting the Rainbow Fire of a fully activated chakra system. With the rising of the kundalini and the activation of succeeding chakras, an individual becomes more highly conscious and spiritually transformed.
  20. 20. The Sacral Chakra The second or sacral chakra is orange and is located just below the navel in the abdominal area. This chakra affects the sexual organs. The functions associated with this center are emotion, vitality, fertil- ity, reproduction, and sexual energy in general. Likewise, any problems in these functions can be iden- tified and resolved through this chakra. The physical transmission of rhythmic energy to the sacral chakra removes any blockages that may hamper these functions. Drumming is an excellent way of keeping your sexual and creative energy vitalized, a great help in channeling energy into your work and everyday life. The Navel Chakra The third chakra is located just above the navel in the solar plexus and is related to the digestive or- gans. Yellow in color, it is the seat of the will-your power center. Its energy expresses personal power, which is called hiimori (windhorse) in the Mongolian tradition. It is associated with action, assertion, empowerment, and ego mastery. It is the area where chi or life force is stored. Malfunctions in the na- vel chakra may leave you feeling tired, powerless, and withdrawn. Shamans tend to believe that this is a very important chakra since the accumulation and maintenance of power are fundamental to sha- manic practice... Many shamanic cultures place great emphasis on drumming, for the drum unites masculine and femi- nine energies, generating the force that weaves the web of life. Drumming cultivates life force energy in the lower energy centers of the body, which is then stored in the area of the solar plexus. This en- ergy can then be directed back to the higher chakras or toward healing and creative endeavors.
  21. 21. The Heart Chakra The fourth vibratory center is the heart chakra and is located in the center of the chest between the two nipples. Green in color, it influences the heart and is associated with love, compassion, and affec- tion. This chakra forms a bridge, linking the upper three chakras to the lower three. Drumming acti- vates the heart chakra, thereby balancing the descending higher chakra energies against the ascending lower chakra frequencies. From the heart, these harmonious energies resonate outward into the web of life. Researchers have found that drum rhythms affect the heartbeat. The heart's pulse may speed up, slow down, or gradually entrain with the pulsation of a drum rhythm until they are locked in perfect synchronization. In fact, many shamanic cultures use a healing heartbeat rhythm pulsed at around sixty beats per minute, which is the average heart rate of a person at rest. The heartbeat is one of the reasons that people so strongly and naturally connect to the drum. Each of us, after all, enters the world, having spent nine months listening to a heart-drum in the womb. We are imprinted with rhythm from the very start, and rhythm is the heartbeat of life. Shamans around the world believe that the drum is coming into power again to awaken our hearts, for we must now learn to live from the heart. We have been living from the navel center, using our ego and will power for mastery, control, and con- quest. If we focus on the heart center, we can hear divine will. Our actions then spring from divine will rather than the ego. To live from the heart means to walk the "rainbow path," to walk in balance like the colors of the rainbow, to respect all pathways to wholeness. The rainbow symbolizes unity, whole- ness, and balance. Mongolian shamans believe that this balance, called tegsh, is the only thing that is truly worth pursuing in this world. When humans lose it, they create imbalance within the web of life. It then requires the unity of all colors, all cultures, working together to bring the web back into balance. The Throat Chakra The fifth energy center is blue and is located at the base of the neck in the nook where the clavicle bones meet. Known as the throat chakra, it is associated with the vocal cords and the thyroid gland. It is the chakra of communication, telepathy, and creative expression. Unexpressed emotions tend to constrict this energy center. Drumming activates the throat chakra, greatly enhancing self-expression, creativity, and telepathic communication with others. More importantly, drumming opens your ability to hear and recognize the truth of your inner voice. Your inner truth is your sense of what is correct-your innate tendencies and inclinations. In every situation, we should be humble, open, and receptive, sus- pending all previous judgments in order to grasp the inner truth of the matter. If we rely on the truth of our inner voice to guide us, our actions will be in accord with the times. The Brow Chakra The sixth chakra is that of the brow, third eye, or place of "shamanic seeing." Located between and slightly above the eyebrows, it is indigo in color. This energy center is closely associated with imagina- tion, inner vision, and psychic abilities. It is related to the pituitary gland. It functions as a link between the inner world and the outer world. Malfunctions of the brow chakra commonly manifest as headaches and eye tension. Resonating this chakra remedies any problems in function and opens the door to a reality separate from the ordinary world. Rhythmic drumming enables us to perceive and journey into the inner realms that shape and direct our reality. Vast worlds of extraordinary richness and complexity emerge when the brow chakra is activated. Archetypal figures symbolizing transpersonal and spiritual qualities arise, such as images of deities, spirit guides, or power animals.
  22. 22. Drum Circles and Meditation Workshops
  23. 23. The Crown Chakra The seventh or crown chakra is located at the top of the head. The Hopi call this energy center kopavi, meaning "the open door" through which higher spiritual knowledge is received. The crown chakra is associated with the pineal gland, the color violet, full enlightenment, and union with the cosmos. Drumming activates this chakra, thereby facilitating a state of unity consciousness. One's sense of being a separate individual gives way to an experience of union, not only with other individuals, but also with the entire universe. The benefits of attaining this state of unity consciousness include relaxation, healing, more energy, better memory, greater mental clarity, enhanced creativity, and communion with the resonating web of life. Feelings of peacefulness, timelessness, and spiritual well-being are common, along with a oneness of feeling and purpose with the totality of a dynamic, interrelated universe. This experience of mystical union with the cosmos is said, by many of the world's spiritual traditions, to be the final realization. Consciousness rediscovers its true nature and recognizes itself in all things. Drumming is a simple and effective way to induce this profound state of consciousness.
  24. 24. If we focus our attention on the individual chakras while drumming, we can experience each energy center becoming active, balanced, and aligned with the other chakras. The basic steps are as follows: First, select a location where you will not be interrupted. It must be a quiet space, at least for the duration of the exercise. Allow yourself fifteen to thirty minutes for this exercise. It is best to dim the lights and sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor, keeping your spine straight. Next, you should smudge the space and yourself with the smoke of an herb. Smudging cleanses the mind and environment in preparation for spiritual or inner work. The sacred smoke dispels any stagnant or unwanted energy, opens the energy channels of your body, and raises your personal power or windhorse. According to Mongolian shamanism, windhorse can be increased through smudging, drumming, and other forms of shamanic practice in order to accomplish significant aims. Sage, cedar, and sweetgrass are traditionally used for smudging, but any dried herb is ac- ceptable. Light the herbs in a fire-resistant receptacle and then blow out the flames. Then use a feather or your hands to draw the smoke over your heart, throat, and face to purify the body, mind, and spirit. Next, smudge your drum by passing it through the smoke. Conclude the smudging by thanking the plant whose body made the cleansing possible. The next step is to calm and focus your mind by performing a simple concentration exercise. Close your eyes and focus on the breath as it enters the nose and fills your lungs, then gently exhale any tension you might feel. Continue breathing with a series of even inhalations and exhalations until you are calm and relaxed. Once you are fully relaxed, begin drumming the steady lub-dub, lub-dub of a heartbeat rhythm pulsed at around 60 beats a minute (or 30 heartbeats per minute since one heartbeat equals two beats). This slow pulse tempo has a calming and centering effect. Sustain this healing rhythm until the end of the exercise. Close your eyes and focus your attention on the physical location of each chakra, one at a time, be- ginning with the first one at the base of the spine. Visualize a red disc of light, about the size of a silver dollar, at the base of your spine. Imagine this energy center pulsating in sync with the heartbeat of your drum. Feel the sound of the drum vibrating at the base of your spine. As the sound resonates this area, experience the base chakra awakening, balancing, and aligning with the other chakras. Hold your attention on this chakra for a minute or two, and then allow the im- age to fade. Move up to the second chakra and repeat the same focus and imagery. It is located about two inches below the navel and is orange in color. Move up to the area above the navel in your solar plexus and focus on the third chakra, which is yel- low in color. Move up to the center of the chest between the two nipples and focus on your heart chakra, which is green in color. Move up to the cleft in your throat and focus on the throat chakra, which is blue in color. Move up to the area between and slightly above the eyebrows and focus on your brow chakra, which is indigo in color. Move up to the top of your head and focus on the crown chakra, which is violet in color. End the exercise with four strong beats.
  25. 25. Drum Circles and Meditation Workshops
  26. 26. At the completion of this exercise, sit quietly for several minutes. Sense the rush of sensory input previously blocked out by the sound of the drum. Bathe in the soothing afterglow of physical and spiritual well- being. Take adequate time to process the experience. You may feel very spacey and lightheaded. Moving energy up the body from the base chakra to the crown chakra is very powerful. If you would like to ground the energy back down into your body, close your eyes and fo- cus for a few moments on the base chakra. Visualize roots extending downward from the base chakra deep into the Earth. When you feel grounded, open your eyes and jot down your experiences in a journal. The Rainbow Fire The Rainbow Fire symbolizes illuminated mind, clarity of all aspects of consciousness. Metaphorically, it describes the aura of iridescent light that radiates from a fully activated chakra system. This prismatic illu- mination within allows us to fully integrate the wisdom of all seven cen- ters of consciousness. It clears the mind of illusions and obstructions, transforming thought patterns of confusion to reveal inherent clear mind. The fire of clear mind is ever present within each of us, and to remove any obstruction of its clarity is the duty of all people, so that each may find the way to unity and harmony. Drumming is one way that we can cultivate the fire of clear mind. The drum's beat ignites the Rainbow Fire within, illuminating the path and showing us the way. With clarity of mind, we can readily perceive what aims are in accord with the cosmos, not wasting energy on discordant pursuits. Through the insight and understanding of illuminated mind, we can bring enlightenment to the world!
  27. 27. Meditation after Drum Circle
  28. 28. Let’s make a better place for you and for me … and let’s heal the world ! MJ Our whole world is in pain... India Egypt Colombia Let us not wait until December to come to help our brothers and sisters of the world that are in pain. Lets heal our people, and so we will heal the planet. Mother earth will feel better, and will help us to give a better and a safest place to inherit to our kids? Don’t they deserve this gift? Are you sleeping well? What goes around comes around so please think of what you are leaving to your sons…. Just exactly like what you think when it comes to money.. no matter how much money you keep, for sure you will not be able to buy anything coz there will nothing to buy in a near future…
  29. 29. What is Shisha ?
  30. 30. Whether you call it hookah, shisha, sheesha, hubblebubble or nargileh, it all points to the same delighful oriental smoking tool - the pleasantly bubbling and heavenly smelling waterpipe! Care- fully heated by little smoldering chunks of special hookah charcoal, the fruit-flavored hookah to- bacco does not really burn but gets "roasted" instead, producing a rich smoke that is drawn via a metal tube through the water in the bowl, and then though a flexible hose to the shisha smokers mouth. Hookah smoking is widely spread through the Middle East, North Africa, parts of the former Soviet Union, and further eastward throughout Central Asia. In the West it's much more recent; although travellers brought home the odd nargileh and hookah and contentedly smoked them with what- ever tobacco happened to be at hand, mainly during the last ten years or so did muassel or fruit- flavored sheesha tobacco become widely available, giving a nice boost to use and enjoyment of water-pipes. Your webmaster Jaap Verduijn, by the way, smokes shisha wherever he goes: the pic to the right shows him in Egypt. There are several manufacturers of hookahs in the Middle East: especially Egypt , Syria and Tur- key export many pipes. But also Japan produces water-pipes of good quality, and in fact it doesn't matter where the shisha pipe comes from: apart from relatively small local differences, hookah construction and workings are simple and standard. I will tell you all about... the hooka pipe! What is a Shisha? Shisha is a method of smoking tobacco (or other flavored molasses) without directly lighting the tobacco. This is done by heating the tobacco with coals. The smoke that the heated to- bacco gives off is drawn through pipes, through water and out into the mouth. What are the health risks? As with any form of smoking there are health risks, however because the tobacco is not directly lit, and the smoke is bubbled through water, many of the harmful substances are removed. Re- search indicates that harmful substances may be reduced as much as 90% as compared to smoking, including 99.9% of Tar and 99.5% of nicotine. Further more if the smoke is just tased and not fully inhaled risks of cancer can be further reduced. What is the difference between Shisha, Sheesha & Hookah? As you may be able to tell from the title, they are all the same thing. Shishas also go by the following names: Water Pipe, Hukka, Arguileh or Nargileh. The different names are dependant on which country you are taking the name from. Shisha originates in the Middle East and North Africa.
  31. 31. What do you smoke in it? Traditionally Shishas are for smoking flavoured tobaccos however it is now also possible to get tobacco free molasses that are tar and nicotine free. The available flavours are hugely diverse some of my favorites include: Cherry, Double Apple and Mixed Fruit although there are also menthol, vanilla, chocolate, toffee and on and on! Buying a Shisha: Unfortunately as it will soon no longer be possible to try shisha in a shisha cafe, at least in the UK (there are numerous, typically in arabic areas of cities), you would have to have a friend with a shisha in order to try before you buy or you can hire a shisha from somewhere such as www.shishapipe.net. I would however recommend shisha particularly to all smokers, particu- larly social smokers and those who are trying to quit smoking. So what do you need to get started?  Shisha (there are many many different types out there) - Your decision should take account of height (small ones are cheaper, but no less effective), looks, number of hoses (1 hose per 3 peo- ple you expect to typically use it on each occasion)  Tobacco or Molasses - just choose whatever flavours you think you'll like. I don't think there is any real difference in flavour between tobacco and molasses so just choose your preference.  Coals - I'd suggest starters get quicklight charcoal disks, these can be lit with a normal lighter. Once lit, leave to let the outer part burn off (make sure the fizzing has covered the entire disc) be- fore putting the disc on the foil (if you don't wait the smoke will taste horrible! You have been warned!).  Foil Discs - I would suggest buying foil discs for shisha. You can use kitchen foil however I have heard that kitchen foils have chemical coatings that probably aren't to healthy to inhale.  Disposable Plastic mouthpieces - These are by no means neccesary unless you are particu- larly concerned about hygeine. How to assemble it: There are a few techniques to smoking shisha that need to be mastered, however once you have, it is very simple. First of all, let's look at the parts of a shisha: Charcoal Screen: This is usually foil pierced with small holes. The coals sit on this. Clay Bowl: The tobacco is placed in this and the Charcoal Screen is wrapped over it. Can also be made of pyrex or similar. Bowl, Hose & Base Grommets: These grommets ensure that the shisha is kept airtight, this is very important as if it is not airtight, the smoke will not flow through the shisha to your mouth.
  32. 32. Pictures Courtesy of: Felipe Buitrago, Sheffield UK
  33. 33. Shaft: Also known as the stem this is what draws the smoke down from the bowl into the water in the Glass Base Tray: The tray is not a neccesity, it is what any coals that you are not using sit on. Glass Base: The water goes into the glass base (it is important that the water level is at least an inch above the bottom of the stem and an inch below the top of the base). Hose: As the smoke is drawn down into the water and bubbles up through it, it is then drawn through the hose. You suck the smoke in through the other end of the hose. Often the hose will have a disposable plastic tip that makes sharing a hose more hygenic. How to smoke it: The basic flow of the smoke is descrbed in the section above. But here is a 5 step guide to smoking shisha:  1. Fill glass base with water  2. Put tobacco in the bowl, cover in foil & pierce the foil with a toothpick (I use a dart :-P)  3. Light coals (remember to wait for the fizzing) place on the foil  4. Smoke and enjoy!  5. Wash out glass base, & clay bowl (if you leave it, the residue gets stuck on and is very hard to remove!) How to improve the flavor: The best way to improve your shisha experience is through trial and error, but here are a few tips:  Make the holes in the foil as small as possible, put 12-20 holes evenly over the face.  Put the tobacco in the bowl so that it is about 1cm below the rim.  Don't pack the tobacco, just leave it at about the same density as it is in the packet.  Make the water as cold as possible, I usually put some ice in it.  For a really special flavor try using milk instead of water! If the taste turns bad, it may be because the tobacco has started burning. The big question in here is, is it as bad as so many articles say? Well I have found so many opin- ions about it and the most interesting late days was a comment a Wise guy in Colombian Moun- tains said that there is no better connection to spiritual world than smoking shisha, which means is all about being careful and do not exceed the proportions right?
  34. 34. Customer satisfaction is our prime We are well-reputed as one of the most eminent Belly Dresses Exporters from India. The fabrics used by the vendors in the manufacturing of the Belly Dance Dresses are of optimum qual- ity that ensures fine finish and colorfastness. Customers are eased with the availability of the Embroidered Belly Dress in varied sizes and specifications. Moreover, the sequence and embroidery of the Belly Dresses has also played a vital role in the enhancement of the demand at international level. Exclusive suppliers, designers and distributors for
  35. 35. Rejuvenation through Dance Like being reborn... The secret "Chi" of Bellydance, Bollywood Dance, Chinese Dance, Temple Dance or any Dance ...
  36. 36. Which bellydance moves rejuvenate and The older Tai Chi masters called these exer- balance the body and mind? cises 'vital inner massage for health'. How are they related to ancient Taoist heal- ing exercises? Even though not all dances have this effect over our bodies and mind, for sure there are Many who participate in dance know that many other varieties that will allow the stu- bellydancing makes you feel great. What is dent to improve in some other disciplines. it's secret? How does this ancient art - based on simple rolling, undulating moves - ener- gize the body and mind? The secret of the dance is it's circular, rolling patterns. They activate energy and promote good health. Its that simple. There is no great mastery re- quired - the moves are easy enough to repli- cate by the advanced dancer and novice alike. Living in Singapore for some time, I became interested in the ancient exercises my Chinese friends did - exercises to rejuve- nate the body and mind. I have found that the ancient Chinese exercises used in Tai Chi have a similar flow and pattern to the movements used in bellydance. Here, I'll explain the endocrine system in a The aim of the various Taoist exercises like very basic manner, highlighting the hormonal the dragon, bear, tiger, eagle and crane effect on the body. Then these endocrine poses for example, rejuvenate the internal energy systems will be related back to the organs. The Tai Chi masters tell me that if body and specific dance movements. external exercises such as vigorous sports, weight training, aerobics classes, running, The endocrine system linked to the etc are not balanced by internal exercises, chakra system the organs will be depleted and the result is premature ageing. Even excessive hatha or power yoga is believed to create extra inter- In Taoism, the glandular or endocrine sys- nal 'heat' in the organs, resulting in dryness tems that produce vital hormones are and ageing that often shows on the face. viewed as the base networks for overall The exercises in Tai Chi, similar to belly- health, well being and balance - both physi- dance, harness vital energies to rejuvenate cal and emotional. Nobel prize winning Dr the internal organs which are the master or- Alexis Carrel stated that the glandular sys- gans that produce hormones and thus re- tem was the "wheel of life" that sustained all plenish the overall hormonal balance and cellular function in the human body.. 'chi' or energetic life force in the body. The moves are also relaxing so the exercises are pleasant to do - they energize the body and heal the internal organs at the same time.
  37. 37. The seven glandular systems are in similar alignment with the chakras: Pineal - crown chakra (violet) Pituitary - third eye chakra (indigo) Thyroid - throat chakra (blue) Thymus - heart chakra (green) Pancreas - solar plexus chakra (yellow) Adrenals (kidneys) - solar plexus belly chakras (orange) Gonads or sex hormones - belly and base chakras (red) Really, its all about energetic vibration. Organs are houses of energy, music is energy, and movement is energy. There are patterns and interlinking energy systems that will work together and support the other. To simply be aware that energy is transferable helps us experience the connectivity between t h i n g s . Hormonal balance vs imbalance The 5000 year old medicinal theory suggests that one must have all hormonal levels balanced for opti- mum health. If one energy system is depleted, the others will also suffer weakness because of it, yet if even one system is strengthened, the whole endocrine system will improve. The pancreatic system for example, affects the thymus or heart area. In appropriate levels of insulin produced by the pancreas will alter the thickness and viscosity of the blood, which will in turn be more difficult to pump through the heart's arteries. This is why many diabetics also have high blood pressure. Another example is the link between kidneys, adrenalin and the ability of the kidneys to filter the blood efficiently. Excess constant stress or the use of cortisones can cause anemia and bone weakening. Stress is extremely depleting on the whole body. So by either energizing or depleting one organ, the other organs will be affected.
  38. 38. What master gland affects all others the most? The master glands, according to the Tao, are the sex hormones. Tai Chi exercises to activate the balance of the gonads consist of circular 'hula-hoop' movements in the hips to recharge the area. The Chinese believe that if the sex hormones are not balanced and strong, the rest of the body will be depleted of vital energy. The simple hip circles used in bellydance will activate the produc- tion of sex hormones and hence the exercises have been used to regulate irregular menstrual cy- cles, PMT and even alleviate the symptoms of menopause. The Chinese Tai Chi masters believe this is an exercise men should do to. The shimmy is a potent hip vibration that accelerates energy through this area, stimulating blood flow and reproductive health. Taoists believe that harnessing the energy within the gonads is the key to longevity. African ritual dance, Hawaiian, Polynesian and other fertility dances with heavy drums tend to activate this area. Earthiness and a feeling of g r o u n d e d n e s s a c c o m p a n y t h e s e m o v e s . Dance moves: Hip circles, pelvic rolling circles, figure of 8's A d r e n a l i n a n d t h e n e r v o u s s y s t e m The kidney's adrenals release adrenalin which is over produced in states of high anxiety and stress. This can deplete the other energy systems and unbalance the nerves. Undulations and swaying moves of the lower torso and belly can help the massage the kidneys and rejuvenate the internal organs. The shimmy is also a good activator for the kidneys. The adrenals produce a fiery passion, a dynamism which is seen in Latin and Spanish Flamenco dance - its energy can be acti- vated through guitars and string instruments. The 'tiger' pose in Tai Chi practiced on the balls of the feet with the arms reaching forward whilst the back becomes rounded to massage the kid- n e y s . Dance moves: Shimmies, accents, figure of 8's I n s u l i n a n d t h e d i g e s t i v e s y s t e m A weak pancreas secretes insulin into the bloodstream causing hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and cravings for sweets and carbohydrate which once consumed over stimulate the weak pan- creas and hyperglycemia (high blood sugar) may follow. triggering diabetes. A strong pancreas is also a useful aid to proper digestion. The pancreas can be internally massaged through the figure of eight move and also the full torso undulation or body wave. Brass instruments and warm rich melodies activate these moves. In Tai Chi the 'bear' pose is done with the abdomen protruding forward whilst walking rhythmically to massage the pancreas. This can help with regulating insulin production which in turn neutralizes sugar cravings. Undulating and rolling the mid and lower torso can help strengthen the pancreas and surrounding organs that aid digestion - namely the liver, g a l l b l a d d e r , s t o m a c h a n d i n t e s t i n e s . Dance moves: Undulations, figure of 8's, belly roll
  39. 39. Happy heart and super immunity The thymus, if tapped daily as in the Tai Chi practice 'Do-In', boosts health and immunity. The ribcage circles and chest and shoulder shimmy activates the thymus which, in turn regulates the heart and circulatory system. The violin's smooth strokes or the accordion’s stretching notes create a swaying effect whilst the req played at the shoulders activates the shoulder shimmy. Music that 'pulls the heartstrings' is ideal to stretch and sway the upper torso to. The thymus rests in the body's 'emotional' centre. The 'eagle' exercise for the thymus in Tai Chi, performed with the arms outstretched to the sides, gliding as the eagle does through the air, is believed to combat melancholy. Dance moves: Chest circles, shoulder roll, upper body undulations, shoulder shimmy Energy and communications The thyroid in the throat chakra governs metabolism and growth. Head slides and neck extensions will help to activate this area. Zills - Artemis' 'Drums of the Air' work with the energy as the head sllides and neck moves. The thyroid's health is essential for overall energy, drive and effective com- munications. Hyperthyroidism over stimulates the secretion of thyroxin which speeds up the metabo- lism creating anxiety, whilst hypothyroidism creates letarhy. Taoists believe that by massaging the thy- roid and throat area the gland can be rejuvenated. Dance moves: Head slide, neck rotation, zaar or gulf style head sway House of Spirit The pituitary gland is the intelligence gland, controlling memory and thought and the pineal is the spiritual and intuitive centre. Humans are the only animals with a pineal gland - the Taoists believe this gives humans their quest for spirituality. Whirling, like the derwishes, serves to open these areas and stimulate the energies in these glands. Flutes, nays and oboes achieve the airy effect required to a c t i v a t e t h e s e a r e a s . The mervlana or whirling derwishes become very healthy and muscular from spinning, without any other exercises. This is because all the chakras are energized and the speed aligns their energy cen- t e r s . Dance moves: Turns, spins, veil work Bellydancing to massage and rejuvenate internal organs Dancers who wish to improve their health through bellydancing can practice the rolling, circular moves slowly, rhythmically and with a relaxed deep breathing pattern. If you wish to try Chi Qong, Tai Chi or the slower martial arts, try a local centre or group. The Pulse 8 'Body Temple' program incorpo- rates many bellydance isolations and rhythmic stretching moves with Tai Chi poses.
  40. 40. Wishes you all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!! May all your dreams come true to bring you to a nice reality…Thank you for a wonderful year !!!
  41. 41. Mariel Sitka February 27 at 8:59am I want to say Congratulations for your magazine!!! I think is very high quality and great content. I want to offer to you my cooperation, if you are interested in some topics, such as Arabic rhythms ( I wrote something about this topic) and all about Egyptian folklore since I was formed in Reda’s School and I coordinate this in Buenos Aires, The Kazafy Troupe, first professional ballet of Egyptian Dances in Argentina. Again CONGRATULATIONS! For this magazine and may success follow your life. Kisses Mariel Koldo Gondra del Campo ¡¡¡I want this to be the first of so many editions of your magazine!!! ;) Re: Celebrating our edition Bellyqueen Superstars Magazine. Enjoy Harold Grandstaff Moses WOW - A fantastic edition! Thank you for inviting me to be a part of this. I wish you great success, and thank you for sharing my music with your readers. Your comments are so moving to me, and I really appreciate that you understand how the beauty of Harmony transforms lives. Again, your work is powerful. I enjoyed reading your articles and especially your opening letter. I do know this will bring a new life to your work in the world. Blessings to you, my Cosmic sister. Harold Ayman El Nayeb What a fantastic and classy job you have done here sister! Articles are so well chosen you will be successful! CONGRATULATIONS! Yara Farasha habebtyyyyy♥♥♥ wawwawawawa, you leave me spechless what is this such a good job allbeee!!!!!! Amazing everything what you are doing, you are really a great publisher of Eastern Arts. wa7shtenyy awiiii.... bausiiii♥ 11 hours ago Many thanks to my dear friend Cheryl Andiön for creating this beautiful online magazine. I am honored that pages 11-18 feature an extended interview regarding my Harmonic Drone re- cordings. Cheryl is involved in healing work and spiritual expression through teaching belly dance in Columbia, South America. I know her to be a radiant being who is deeply committed to trans- forming the world through art and beauty. Thank you Cheryl for your kind spirit. So much success, sending so many kind regards!!! Anandita
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