Business Buyer Insights 2013


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Business Buyer Insights is gebaseerd op daadwerkelijk aanschafgedrag binnen achttien verschillende categorieën producten en diensten. De categorieën variëren van breedbanddiensten en catering tot bedrijfsschadeverzekeringen en energielevering. Voor iedere categorie is in kaart gebracht hoe het oriëntatieproces verloopt, welke informatiebronnen het meest waardevol zijn en welke verschillen in leadconversie er optreden. Het helpt u om de juiste beslissingen te nemen als het gaat om het investeren in bijvoorbeeld whitepapers, zoekmachinemarketing, aanwezigheid op beurzen of de bezetting van uw salesforce.

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Business Buyer Insights 2013

  2. 2. BUSINESS BUYER INSIGHTSAs a professional in B2B marketing is critically aligned to counter all& sales, business buyers give you a this? Where do you find the vitalhard time more and more often. insights you need?It no longer suffices to be present Surely you can turn to a countlessat trade shows, spend part of your number of gurus, specialists, blogsbudget on direct marketing and and communities in the field ofhave your sales force travel the B2B marketing & sales. Valuable ascountry. Conversion rates of all these sources may be, it is muchtelemarketing continue to decline, more important to turn to thosetrade shows do not offer you an who can provide you with the rightincreased number of leads and answers: your target group.your sales managers are anything How do they actually go about itbut able to compensate for this when considering buying a businesstrend. Moreover, you come across service or product within yourbuyers who have done a great deal category? To what degree do theyof homework before coming to make use of white papers, onlineyou. In fact, occasionally a buyer videos, word of mouth, professionalhas more knowledge with regard advisors and so on? How long doesto the offer in your category than the buyer journey actually take andyour sales manager does. at what moment do they approach suppliers?So how do you make sure that Such insights are vital to enhanceyour marketing and sales strategy your commercial success. 2
  3. 3. WE FILL IN THE BLANK SPACEUp until now, dependable insights ever comprehensive study on theinto business buyers were not behaviour of business buyers in thereadily available, especially not Netherlands. Results werewhen it came to the Dutch market. presented in March 2013 at theSpotONvision and TNS NIPO have annual B2B Marketing Forum intaken the initiative to fill in this Amsterdam. We bring you Businessblank space. After offering you the Buyer Insights in order to help youB2B Marketing Barometer in 2011 become more successful as aand 2012, we now introduce marketing or sales professional.Business Buyer Insights, the firstIngrid Archer spotONvision Reg van Steen TNS NIPOGraphs or data from this report can be freely used, provided the source is mentioned:Business Buyer Insights 2013 by spotONvision and TNS NIPO.Free downloads at and
  4. 4. CATEGORIES COVEREDBusiness Buyer Insights covers 18 these buyers actually did whendifferent categories of products they explored the offer, consideredand services that can be purchased suppliers and finally made theirby organisations. It shows what choice. ACCOUNTANCY OFFICE EQUIPMENT ENERGY MAINTENANCE CONTRACTING FLEXIBLE WORKFORCE CLEANING PAYROLL SERVICES BROADBAND SERVICES SECURITY MOBILE PHONE / INTERNET CATERING COMPANY LOSS INSURANCE COMPANY HEALTH STAFF TRAINING INSURANCE EXPRESS MAIL COMPANY PENSION INSURANCE CONSULTANCY ON PARCEL MAIL ONLINE MARKETINGThis study offers insights into Dutch business buyers of organisations with over 10 employees. Both profitand non-profit organisations are included. We interviewed a total of 731 business buyers who in 2012 –in the course of a buying decision – explored the offer of at least one of the business services or productsthat are covered in this study. In other words: we focus on actual buying behaviour in the preceding year.Fieldwork took place in January 2013, making use of TNS NIPO Businessbase, the direct access panel ofbusiness buyers of TNS NIPO in the Netherlands.
  5. 5. BUYER JOURNEY DIMENSIONSBusiness Buyer Insights focuses on various aspects of the buyer’s journey,such as: How often buyers orientate on a certain category How many suppliers they consider during the buyer journey How loyal they are How long the buying process actually takes Which online and offline sources of information are used Which sources of information are considered to be valuable, and which ones less valuable At what point, during the process, do buyers contact a supplier Variation in conversion rates of suppliers Budget spent annually on a categoryThis booklet describes a selection thing as the B2B buyer, as variationof relevant findings, without across categories is highlypretending to give a full view of substantial. If you would like tothe B2B buyer journey. In fact, receive detailed information aboutBusiness Buyer Insights clearly your specific category, pleasepoints out that there is no such contact TNS NIPO. 5
  6. 6. THE BUYING CYCLE How often does your target group most of them doing this at least embark on a buying journey? As once a year. However, when you one can imagine, buying cycles are a supplier in categories such as vary from category to category. security, accountancy or cleaning From this fact we can deduce that services, the window of opportunity there may not always be a clear regarding a single prospect opens start to this journey. Having said significantly less often. that, if you are a professional in the This is relevant information for your marketing or sales of office commercial strategy. The hit rate of equipment, staff training or mobile direct marketing activities for services, you have a statistically instance is highly dependent upon better chance of approaching the chance of reaching your pros- prospects who are in the window pect at the right moment. From this of opportunity. Organisations are point of view, it makes less sense to relatively more often looking for use DM in accountancy than in (new) offers in these industries, mobile telecom services. THE WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY DOES NOT OPEN EQUALLY OFTEN FOR EACH CATEGORY ©2013 TNS NIPO read: 54% of energy business buyers have (re-)considered the offer of suppliers in 2012 62 67 54 59 44 32 35ACCOUNTANCY SECURITY CATERING ENERGY OFFICE EQUIPMENT MOBILE TELECOM STAFF TRAINING
  7. 7. SOURCES OF INFORMATION USEDBusiness buyers can draw on an increasingly make use of searchincreasing number of sources when engines, supplier websites andexploring the offer in each category. LinkedIn. On the other hand, someWe have assessed ten online and offline sources are losing ground:ten offline sources in this regard. trade shows and exhibitions,Looking from a distance, it will brochures and unsolicitedcome as no surprise that online information by phone will need tosources are definitely on the rise. be reinvented to become moreBusiness buyers point out that they relevant to buyers. ONLINE SOURCES OFFLINE SOURCES SEARCH ENGINES (GOOGLE, BING, YAHOO, A.O.) TRADE SHOWS AND EXHIBITIONSWWW CONGRESS / SYMPOSIUM / COMPANY WEBSITES SEMINAR S PA M BROCHURES / FLYERS COMPANY EMAILS UNSOLICITED BROCHURES / FLYERS BLOGS REQUESTED SPAM UNSOLICITED INFORMATION LINKEDIN COMMUNITIES BY PHONE REQUESTED INFORMATION OTHER ONLINE COMMUNITIES BY PHONE TWITTER ADVERTISEMENTS FACEBOOK SALES FORCE INDEPENDENT PROFESSIONAL ONLINE VIDEOS ADVISOR ©2013 TNS NIPO OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA WORD OF MOUTH
  8. 8. USAGE OF INFORMATION SOURCES VARIES STRONGLY BETWEEN CATEGORIES General findings with regard to the Another – ironic – example can be use of sources of information are seen in the field of advice on online actually not all that relevant for marketing strategies, where each individual category, as we business buyers very often turn to witness a strong variation in this an offline source: the sales regard. For example: supplier representative (61% of them do websites are significantly more so). This compares to just 33% of important when business buyers energy business buyers who do the are checking out the offer of staff same thing. Does all this mean that training programmes: two out of a sales force is not important in the three make use of such websites. energy industry? No, it does not, This is quite unlike the situation in but it does show that it merits a the field of accountancy services, tailored approach for each where just one in four business category. buyers take the time to see what websites of accountancy firms have to offer. 67 61 ©2013 TNS NIPO 33 24 CONSULTANCY ONSTAFF TRAINING ACCOUNTANCY ENERGY ONLINE MARKETING SUPPLIER WEBSITES SALES REPRESENTATIVE
  9. 9. PERCEIVED VALUE OF SOURCESIt will come as no surprise that On the other side of the table,business buyers value information three sources of information standreceived from an actual person the out as being least valued by thosemost. This becomes clear if we look who made use of it: telemarketing,at the three most valued sources of direct mail and advertisements.information. It puts the rising use It calls for a serious evaluation ofof online sources of information such marketing instruments.into perspective. Ultimately, most With a decreasing ROI of DM, onebusiness buyers want to be able to may wonder whether it is worthlook someone in the eye exploring alternatives such as(admittedly, word of mouth can inbound marketing instruments.also be received online). APPRECIATION OF SOURCES OF INFORMATION (BASE: THOSE WHO USED SUCH A SOURCE) MOST VALUED LEAST VALUED ©2013 TNS NIPO INDEPENDENT UNSOLICITED PROFESSIONAL TELEMARKETING ADVISOR WORD OF MOUTH ADVERTISEMENTS UNSOLICITED SALES FORCE DIRECT MAIL 9
  10. 10. STILL A SMALL ROLE FOR SOCIAL MEDIAThe TNS NIPO B2B Marketing infancy. In fact, business buyersBarometer of 2012 showed make very little use of Facebook ormarketeers investing heavily in Twitter within each specificcompany websites. And rightly so, category. LinkedIn is a modestas Business Buyer Insights is exception to this rule, thoughshowing a strong rise when it fewer than one in ten businesscomes to usage of websites and buyers make use of LinkedIn whensearch engines. it comes to gathering any sort of information on a category.Despite a perceived increase in Within some categories such asusage, the likes of LinkedIn, Face- company loss insurance schemes,book and Twitter are still in their LinkedIn is not even used at all. % BUSINESS BUYERS CLAIMING TO USE MORE OFTEN ©2013 TNS NIPO 55 49 55 49 12 17 11 WWW TWITTER FACEBOOK LINKEDIN SEARCH ENGINE SUPPLIER WEBSITES 10
  11. 11. A HIGHER DEGREE OF SHOPPING BEHAVIOUR DOES NOT NECESSARILY IMPACT LOYALTY In certain categories such as mobile accounty services witness shopping telecom and staff training, business behaviour that is less strong, but buyers more often check out what also a lesser degree of loyalty when the market offers. This does not a customer does take the time to appear to be related to loyalty see what the best offer is. however. In fact, security and 100 % staying with present supplier COMPANY LOSS INSURANCELOYALTY COMPANY PENSION INSURANCE MOBILE PHONE / 75 INTERNET STAFF TRAINING ACCOUNTANCY ©2013 TNS NIPO SECURITY 50 25 50 75 ORIENTATION % of buyers who orientate 11
  12. 12. LENGTH OF BUYER JOURNEY AND TIMING OF RFQ LENGTH OF BUYER JOURNEY AND TIMING RFQ As one can imagine, the buyer journey takes more time with regard to categories that are perceived as being more complex or less urgent. CATERING On average it takes 98 days when it comes to company pension plans, whereas looking for a supplier of CONSULTANCY ON ONLINE MARKETING temporary workers takes a fraction of that time (17 days on average). But when does the business buyer actually contact a supplier for the COMPANY PENSION INSURANCE first time to ask for a quotation? ©2013 TNS NIPO FLEXIBLE WORKFORCE TIMING OF RFQ Rumour has it that the timing of an requested fairly early when it comes RFQ takes place when more than to mobile telecom services and at a half of the orientation process has later stage when one is considering taken place. This is anything but the hiring a consultant when it comes to case, as on average suppliers are an online marketing strategy. For the approached for an RFQ much earlier latter category, the timing of RFQs is than that. Again, we do see variation somewhat scattered throughout the between categories in this regard. buyer journey. For instance: quotations are TIMING OF RFQ DURING ORIENTATION PROCESS ©2013 TNS NIPO ADVICE ON ONLINE MARKETING STRATEGY MOBILE TELECOMSTART ORIENTATION = timing of RFQ END ORIENTATION
  13. 13. FOUR B2B SALES STRATEGIES Buyer behaviour is dependent upon present if making the wrong decision the perceived lack of knowledge of 4. a consultative selling strategy if the buyer on one hand, and the there is a large degree of lack of perceived purchase risk on the other knowledge along with a high risk hand. This basically calls for four B2B perception. sales strategies: 1. a self-service sales strategy if We have plotted some categories in the buyer perceives little lack of the diagram shown below. Please knowledge on the topic and little take note that the right sales strategy risk is always dependent upon the actual 2. an informing sales strategy when buyer. In other words: an individual there is a degree of lack of business buyer with a great deal of knowledge, but little risk knowledge about, say, pension 3. a reassuring approach when there insurance schemes may not need a is no significant lack of knowledge, consultative selling approach on this but if a degree of perceived risk is topic. HIGH MAINTENANCE CONTRACTING ACCOUNTANCY COMPANY PENSION INSURANCEPERCEIVED PURCHASER RISK REASSURING CONSULTING (complexity of purchase) COMPANY LOSS INSURANCE INSPIRED BY JOEL YORK OFFICE EQUIPMENT STAFF TRAINING SELF-SERVICE INFORMING ©2013 TNS NIPO LOW PARCEL MAIL MOBILE TELECOM LOW PERCEIVED LACK OF KNOWLEDGE OF PURCHASER HIGH (complexity of information)
  15. 15. ABOUT SPOTONVISIONFounded in 2006, spotONvision is a buyer insights, content marketing,B2B marketing agency with a strong lead management and marketingand proven track record in helping automation combined with handsonmarketing professionals drive strategic B2B marketingstrategy and pipeline growth. professionals enables our clients toWith a dedicated passion for B2B drive pipeline, credibility and, a vast knowledge of the With more than 30 years ofbuyer process, content marketing experience in marketing, sales andand technology, spotONvision communications, spotONvisionbelieves in customer-based and serves clients in various B2B markets.holistic marketing. By bringing spotONvision are also the foundersstrategy, execution and technologies of the B2B Marketing Forumtogether spotONvision helps Benelux.customers to increase the value ofmarketing in the organisation. www.spotonvision.comOur four-corner framework of twitter: @spotONvisionABOUT TNS NIPOTNS NIPO is the Dutch branch of dedicated panel of business decisionthe international organisation TNS, makers, have parented initiativeswhich has a footprint in over 80 such as the B2B Marketingcountries. TNS NIPO has decades of Barometer and publish a monthlyexperience when it comes to corporate sentiment studycovering business-to-business (Ondernemerspeil in Het Financieelemarkets. We develop precise plans Dagblad). If you want to knowthat identify growth opportunities more about our expertise in B2B orfor our clients. We do this in in other markets, please contact us.various areas such as innovation,product development, positioning, www.tns-nipo.combranding, customer experience or twitter: @TNS_NIPOfor instance pricing. We own a 15