The Natural Approach By Aulia Rahman


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The Natural Approach By Aulia Rahman

  1. 1. Natural Approach Aulia Rahman sem/ unit: vI/II Jurusan: tarbiyah Prodi: PBI NIM: 141100674
  2. 2. KEY FIGURES Stephen Krashen and Tracy Terrell in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
  3. 3. THE NATURAL APPROACH CAN BE EXPLAIN WITH FIVE HYPOTHESIS OF LANGUAGE BELOW : 1.The Acquisition-Learning Hypothesis 2.The Monitor Hypothesis 3.The Natural Order Hypothesis 4.The Input Hypothesis 5.Affective Filter Hypothesis
  4. 4. Purpose of the natural approach • Purpose of the natural approach • The aim of the natural approach is to develop communicative skills, and it is primarily intended to be used with beginning learners. It is presented as a set of principles that can apply to a wide range of learners and teaching situations, and concrete objectives depend on the specific context in which it is used
  5. 5. three basic principles of the approach: • "Focus of instruction is on communication rather than its form." • ·"Speech production comes slowly and is never forced." • "Early speech goes through natural stages (yes or no response, one- word answers, lists of words, short phrases, complete sentences.)"
  6. 6. Steps in natural aproach • a) Apperception • b) Exploration • c) Elabolasi • d) Clarification • e) Closing
  7. 7. Conclusion The Natural Approach belongs to a tradition of language acquisition where the naturalistic features of L1 acquisition are utilized in L2 acquisition. It is an approach that draws a variety of techniques from other methods and approaches to reach this goal which is one of its advantages. But the originality of this approach does not lie in these techniques but on the emphasis on activities based on comprehensible input and meaningful communication rather than on only grammatical mastery of language.
  8. 8. PROCEDURES 1. Start with TPR [Total Physical Response] commands.  2. Use TPR to teach names of body parts and to introduce numbers and se-quence.  3. Introduce classroom terms and props into commands.  4. Use names of physical characteristics and clothing to identify members of the class by name.  5. Use visuals, typically magazine pictures, 6. Combine use of pictures with TPR.  6. Combine observations about the pictures with commands and condition-als.  7. Using several pictures, ask students to point to the picture being de-scribed.
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