Mining waste reduction methods


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MIN-NOVATION project pilot units

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Mining waste reduction methods

  1. 1. MIN-NOVATIONMining and Mineral Processing Waste Management Innovation Network Mining Waste Reduction Methods PhD Veiko Karu, Tallinn University of Technology, Department of Mining
  2. 2. PROJECT PARTNERSHIPMapa do wklejenia
  4. 4. PROJECT GOALS Bringing mining sector stakeholders together Promoting innovative approaches to mining waste prevention, recovery, recycling and re-use Pursuing cross-regional initiatives
  5. 5. PROJECT PILOT UNITS • ESTONIA• Mobil installation for recovery waste from oil shale and limestone mining • FINLAND • Lab for mining and processing waste research • POLAND • Installation for recovering waste from coal mining • SWEDEN• Mobil installation for recovering of different solid waste materials (slags, alum shale residues, fly ashes)
  6. 6. MIN-NOVATIONMining and Mineral Processing Waste Management Innovation Network PILOT INVESTMENT FOR ESTONIA “Waste-to-product mobile unit”
  7. 7. Oil shale for oil or electricity Pilot unitOil shale waste rock Limestone for aggregate or backfilling
  8. 8. THE PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION Crushing bucket
  9. 9. THE PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION Mini wheelloader
  10. 10. THE PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION Sieving unit
  11. 11. Enrichment unit for oil shale
  12. 12. Mini beltconveyor
  13. 13. MIN-NOVATIONMining and Mineral Processing Waste Management Innovation NetworkPILOT INVESTMENT FOR POLAND
  14. 14. INSTALLATION PROJECT 1 – wastes charger 2 – crusher conveyor 3 – retaining construction 4 – impact crusher 5 – vibrating screens 6,7,8,9 – belt conveyors 10 – product containers 11 – de-dusting system
  15. 15. INSTALLATION PROJECT • Wastes loaded from waste stockpile by loader to charger • From charger material is directed to impact crusher M5 • After crushing material is led to two-deck vibrating screens • Fraction >31.5 mm is redirected to impact crusher • Fraction 5-31.5 mm (final product) is put to product container • Fraction 0-5 mm („SecondaryImpact crusher M5: waste”) is directed to second• Capacity 1,5 tph container• Power 7,5 kW • Product containers periodically• 1000 RPM cleared to product stockpiles
  16. 16. WP 5 Pilot investment by Örebo Univ. (P4)A mobile unit for recovery of metals from various categories ofmining waste and metal-rich process residues(1) Crushing/milling(2) Leaching(3) Recovery of elements from solutionin sequence:• A combination of a jaw crusher and another type of mill crushing the waste down to roughly 0.1 mm.• A leaching apparatus designed to leach (using manipulated water solutions) solid waste using high pressure and temperature.• A mixer-settler unit for recovery of metals by using liquid/liquid extraction
  17. 17. WP 5 Pilot investment by Örebo Univ. (P4)
  18. 18. MIN-NOVATIONMining and Mineral Processing Waste Management Innovation Network FINNISH PILOT INVESTMENT Kainuun Etu Ltd
  19. 19. DISCRIPTION crushing crushinggrinding grinding screening screening sieving sieving flotation flotationKAJAK filtering filtering fine grading fine gradingMIN-NOV Thermodymanic reactions, material optimization, chemical characterization, material modification…
  20. 20. THE PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION - ELEMENTS AND CAPACITY Elements of investment (by now) XRF MiniPal4 Chamber furnace for chemical for material characterization modification of the samples TGA-DT, DSC for thermodynamic reactions and material optimization Capasity: so far only preliminary experiences . XRF: 20 min / sample; TGA-DT, DSC: 3 samples / shift, furnace: 1 heating / 1 kg / shift.
  21. 21. WAYS TO KEEP INFORMED ABOUT MIN-NOVATION See Min-Novation website: Sign up for Min-Novation newsletters Join the Min-Novation Linked-In group Min-Novation conference at the end of 2013 in Poland Contact project manager: or communication officer:
  22. 22. THANK YOU ! Veiko Karu Tallinn University of Technology, Department of mining