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vSphere 5 changes for backups and administration, by Rick Vanover, Backup Academy


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I'm going to start off talking a little bit about VMware vSphere 5. From there, we're going to go into some of the specific topics of how it's different for both virutalization administration and …

I'm going to start off talking a little bit about VMware vSphere 5. From there, we're going to go into some of the specific topics of how it's different for both virutalization administration and backup. Specifically, we're going to talk about the scale has changed. VMware vSphere 5 has really done a good job of scaling upward for virtual infrastructures. We're going to talk about what is virtual machine hardware version 8. Then we're going to talk about storage. vSphere 5 is often referred to as the storage release. We're going to go through a number of features, such as storage DRS, VDDK5, VMFS5, as well as the new version of HA. Then we're going to wrap up talking about how backups are impacted with vSphere 5.

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  • Identify backup requirementsKey technologies to make VMware backups successfulVirtual machine design and provisioningTreatment and organization of backup jobsArchitecting jobs to meet retention and availability requirementsBackup job alerts, notification and management
  • Transcript

    • 1. vSphere 5 Changesfor Backups and Administration Rick Vanover MCITP vExpert VCP Veeam Software Twitter: @RickVanover @Veeam
    • 2. About the SpeakerContributor to industry publications
    • 3. Agenda About VMware vSphere5 Major changes in scale Virtual machine hardware version8 Major changes in storage Storage DRS VDDK 5 VMFS-5 New version of HA How backups are impacted with vSphere5
    • 4. Why vSphere 5 Changes are Important Over time our vSphere administration practice needs to change as the technology changes ● ESX 2 / GSX -> VMware Infrastructure 3 ● VMware Infrastructure3 -> vSphere 4 ● vSphere 4 -> vSphere 5 The technology changes impact everything ● Virtual machine characteristics ● Storage ● Networking ● Supported configuration Impacts backup configuration, performance and design
    • 5. About VMware vSphere 5 Leading virtualization platform Robust features: DRS, HA, VMFS, Advanced storage VM VM VM VM VM Windows Windows Windows Windows Windows VM VM VM VM VM Windows Windows Windows Windows Windows ESX(i) host(s) Shared storage resources
    • 6. About VMware vSphere 5 First major series to be ESXi only ● Important for anything where host-based agents are required ESXi – vmkernel Hardware monitoring agents System management agents Host processes and 3rd party agents
    • 7. Major Changes in Scale Incredible limits for the virtual machine ● 32 vCPUs, 1 TB RAM among others Scaled up hosts ● 2 TB RAM, more network interfaces vSphere5 Configuration Maximums ● ● Authoritative resource for vSphere configuration parameters
    • 8. Virtual Machine Hardware Version 8  New virtual machine format for vSphere5 ● Version 4: VMware Infrastructure 3 ● Version 7: vSphere 4 ● Version 8: vSphere 5 Updated with vSphere Client or Update Manager New configuration maximums permitted with new virtual machine hardware Up-to-date configuration is important for feature-rich backups
    • 9. Major Changes in Storage Most vSphere5 major new features are for storage Advancing features for additional performance ESX(i) host(s)  Not just limited to VMFS ● Storage I/O control for NFS ● VAAI offloads for NFS storage Fibre iSCSI NFS DAS Channel Storage resources
    • 10. Storage DRS Technique to pool VMFS volumes logically VMFS Cluster at 6 TB Logical datastore 6 individual VMFS-5 datastores (6x1 TB, example)
    • 11. Storage DRS Core metrics: free space and latency Allows administrator to customize priority for response
    • 12. VDDK5 Virtual disk development kit5 was released with vSphere5, updating the previous release from vSphere4 Use for hot-add Traditional explicit VMDK VM VM of virtual disks assignment Backup to this VM Code-level changes ESX(i) host(s) Many backup products During a snapshot, may use hot-add temporary co-mapping of VMDK for improved backup performance Storage resources ● Reads ● Writes
    • 13. VMFS-5 For fibre channel and iSCSI storage protocols VMFS is a clustered file system ● Purpose built for virtual machines ● No coordinator node or software mechanism VMFS-3 is both backward and forward compatible ● vSphere 5 can downward format at VMFS-3 (3.54) Easy to upgrade from VMFS-3 to VMFS-5 ● Consider new format Numerous enhancements ● 1 MB block size ● Sub-block algorithm ● Atomic Test and Set (ATS) primitive command Block size now supports all support file sizes ● Important for snapshots
    • 14. VMware HA Rewritten for vSphere 5 Protects against host failures New HA architecture: Fault Domain Manager (FDM) No dependency on DNS ● Still provision DNS in a correct, robust manner New master / slave node concept vSphere 5 Clustering technical deepdive Best book to learn this and other vSphere features
    • 15. How Backups are Impacted with vSphere 5 Changes in core features, such as VDDK underscore the importance of full support of vSphere features Clean configuration is critical to successful backups: ● Storage ● Networking ● Virtual machine up to date ● Supporting infrastructure
    • 16. Additional vSphere 5 resources VMware vSphere5 documentation ● (Short URL for Getting started with vSphere5 (VMware KB TV) ● (Short URL for vLaunchPad ● ● Blogs ● Documentation ● Podcasts ● Storage resources ● News resources
    • 17. What We CoveredAbout VMware vSphere5Major changes in scaleVirtual machine hardware version8Major changes in storageStorage DRSVDDK 5VMFS-5New version of HAHow backups are implicated with vSphere5Additional vSphere5 resources
    • 18. Enjoy and share this material Feel free to promote this material Recommend your peers to pass certification Blog, Tweet and share this material and your experience on Facebook You’re an Expert? We will be happy to have you as Backup Academy contributor. Apply here. Web: E-mail: Twitter: BckpAcademy Facebook: