Top 10 Best Practices for VMware Data Protection


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FEATURED SPEAKER: Eric Siebert, VMware vExpert
Join Eric Siebert, a world-renowned VMware vExpert, as he discusses the top 10 best practices for protecting your VMware virtual environment.
You will learn how to:

Get the most out of your backups and put them to work for you
Ditch traditional backup methods and perform backups at the virtualization layer
Verify your backups so you can ensure they are restorable

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  • Top 10 Best Practices for VMware Data Protection

    1. 1. Top 10 Best Practices for VMware Data ProtectionEric Siebert: vExpert, Author, Blogger Twitter: @ericsiebert Blog:,
    2. 2. Administrative points on this webinar Questions ● Can use the virtual Q&A panel. ● This webinar is recorded and available for replay after a few days. ● At the end of the webinar, we can raise virtual hand for dialog questions. ● Stick around until the end of the webinar! − Winners will receive a choice of books! Overview of Veeam
    3. 3. About Veeam Veeam Software develops innovative products for virtual infrastructure management and data protection. Reduce costs, mitigate risk, and fully realize the promise of virtualization with Veeam.
    4. 4. Agenda Topic overview ● 10 best practices for VMware data protection ● Explain the differences with backup & recovery between physical & virtual environments ● Cover different areas from the vStorage APIs to quiescing to backup techniques ● Show you how Veeam Backup & Replication and vPower revolutionizes VMware backup & recovery Questions and answers Drawing and wrap-up
    5. 5. Overview Backing up VMs may seem simple & easy but there is more too it than meets the eye Backing up VMs using physical server techniques is inefficient and wasteful Virtualization architecture changes the way that you should do backups In this webinar we will cover 10 best practices for data protection in a VMware environment And the countdown begins…
    6. 6. Tip 1 – Don’t backup at the OS layer Don’t use physical backup techniques with VMs Physical servers use a backup agent installed on the operating system
    7. 7. Tip 1 – Don’t backup at the OS layer OS backup agents work with VMs but are inefficient Backup server has to go through the virtualization layer to get to the OS layer
    8. 8. Tip 1 – Don’t backup at the OS layer Virtual machines should be backed up at the virtualization layer Need a backup application designed for virtualization Backup server backs the VM up by mounting its disk, guest OS is not involved No resource overhead on the VM when backed up More VMs can be backed up simultaneously Veeam Backup & Replication was built specifically for virtualization
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