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WHY ACCOUNT PLANNING?                                                                                MIAMI AD SCHOOL

ART DIRECTION   Christina Ta
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JOHNNIE WALKER                                                                          The Assignment
JOHNNIE WALKER                                                                                                The Assignme...
JOHNNIE WALKER      Creative Executions

Print	“Cosmo”    Print	“Neat	Preference”   Print	“Government	Warning”

JOHNNIE WALKER                                                                  Creative Executions

Key	Visual	“Exclus...
ART DIRECTION   Ronney Chong
COPYWRITING     Maggie Harn
WHOLE FOODS                                                                               The Assignment
The Assignment
WHOLE FOODS                                                                            Make people spend mo...
WHOLE FOODS                                                                          Creative Executions

Creative meets ...
WHOLE FOODS                                                                                  Creative Executions

The	sma...
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                Zachary Slovin
TWITTER                                                                              The Assignment
The	future	is	here.
              It‘s just not widely distributed yet.
                                         - William...
TWITTER                                                                               Creative Executions

.    MAKE	TWI...
TWITTER                                                            Creative Executions

ART DIRECTION   Christina Ta
COPYWRITING     Maggie Harn
THE NEW YORK TIMES                                                                         The Assignment
THE NEW YORK TIMES                                                                     The Assignment
THE NEW YORK TIMES                                                                     Creative Executions

Creative meet...
THE NEW YORK TIMES                                                     Creative Executions

No Bullshit.
Brand Me
No Bullshitting.                                                          My Twin Brother Nicolas.  ...
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Planning Portfolio


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This is my Planning Portfolio from Miami Ad School Minneapolis

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Planning Portfolio

  1. 1. Oliver Vedolin ADDRESS 2 Avenue A 0009 New York, NY MOBILE (+) 646 92 40 48 eMAIL oliver.vedolin@gmail.com TWITTER @AskingMyself BLOG oliver.vedolin.tumblr.com
  2. 2. ew tahw tuoba ssel s‘ti YAS ew tahw tuoba erom dna OD 2
  3. 3. WHY ACCOUNT PLANNING? MIAMI AD SCHOOL Quite simply because it has by now become a matter dear to my heart. Learn, learn, learn I might already have 2.5 years of experience as an account planner, but in fact I never really learned this profession as such. In Switzerland I was mainly engaged with writing articles and preparing Three years ago, following an accidental meeting in a club, a job interview in a bar and several workshops. As accout planner I was mainly active as project manager of bigger clients and pitches, cans of beer later, I put my foot in the door of the advertising world innocently and curiously. and thus never really gathered much experience in the actual field of planning. And I`ve never regretted it to this day. Because of this I traveled to Minneapolis with ambitious intentions and clear conceivabilities. In the 10 weeks at Miami Ad School my aim was to learn account planning from scratch and to work closely with promising creatives. My aim was always trying to make every member, including me, better through honest and intense teamwork. I wanted to learn how the creative process works and As an account planner one firstly has to feel fun and passion for advertising. The most where and how I could improve my creatives. My intent was to learn from the American culture and important thing for me is that I am happy and enthusiastic when I go to work every day and to get a picture of the country and people of the Mid-West, where I would like to spend my future. feel sure that I am on the right track. Duck Duck Goose Duck Duck Goose was the name of one of our courses in which we had to present a new As a strategic planner one has to like people. I delight in observing people and discovering campaign every week and right from the start I realized that I would be struggling with more than their habits. Precisely because I have a background in political science, I am interested in one challenge. On the one hand we only had one week to plan and realize our campaigns and how people interact, live and communicate. The structure of a society, its groups and ensuing on the other we were paired up with a different creative team every week, sometimes containing ways of living, purpose in life and moral values are determining factors of each and every members who had never worked with a strategic planner before. In other words, I had to get to individual. It is only when one has a certain amount of curiosity, the right questions and an easy know the American brand landscape as quickly as possible, earn my creative members` trust and forthrightness that one can put oneself in the consumers’ position in order to understand their write the best creative briefs that would meet my high quality requirements. Retrospective, without behavior and way of thinking. false modesty, everything succeeded well. Through my ideation workshops that I conducted at the beginning of each project I managed to win the hearts of my creative members and to urge them to think harder and push ideas further. Even if I am not the person who shouts the loudest, nor do I plunge myself into marketing I was able to benefit greatly from various tensions and discussions with my creative members for my books, go to every advertising party or only dress in black, I still believe that I have found my future function as an account planner. But please assure yourself of our ideas and campaigns. vocation in account planning. The main thing is that I am happy and if the same applies to my boss and to the client, then so much the better.
  4. 4. PROP$ ART DIRECTION Christina Ta COPYWRITING Maggie Harn 4
  5. 5. JOHNNIE WALKER The Assignment We were given the very broad assignment to present a new campaign for Johnnie Walker that could replace the current BBH campaign. Johnnie Walker – A Global Brand Icon The “Keep Walking” Campaign was highly successful Advertising in the Category is Generic and Boring Johnnie Walker, founded 1820, is a brand of Scotch whisky produced in To understand why the BBH campaign was so successful, I analyzed the The Scotch and Whiskey category associates itself with traditional success Kilmarnock. It’s the most widely distributed brand of blended Scotch whisky in current campaign. There is little doubt that the “Keep Walking” Campaign was archetypes with a generic positioning that highlights the scotch as a tasteful the world, sold in almost every country and with yearly sales of over 130 million one of the most innovative and effective ad campaigns in the liquor history. The must-drink for successful (business-) men. The advertising in the whiskey bottles. Johnnie Walker is a global icon and the 3rd most powerful spirit in the campaign plays off the insight, that those men in the 21st century are judging category is generic and always targeting men by portraying successful, world, considered to be a brand leader in the worldwide whiskey market. The success not to be about displays of status but about having a thirst for self- confident and self-satisfied men surrounded by a very harmonious or sexy scotch category in general, led by Johnnie Walker, is rapidly encroaching the improvement. The campaign successfully resurrected Johnnie Walker’s brand environment. vodka category. icon “The Striding Man” as the connection between the desire to progress and the brand. The campaign is now ten years old, and has been used in more Our Strategic Approach The Johnnie Walker Brand Personality than 120 markets. We knew it was very difficult to outperform the “Keep Walking” campaign. The To have an in-depth understanding of the brand and as foundation for my only way in which we could escape the category was to leave the comfort zone Business Challenges further thinking, I took a deeper look into the brand positioning of Johnnie of the cozy Scotch and Whiskey category. We needed a new drinker audience Walker. The brand positions itself on the spirit of hard work and perseverance. There are several business challenges that we identified. that would appreciate Johnnie Walker and or we had to find a message that is The famous Scotch brand is also associated with distinct brand values such as 1. Competitive landscape: New spirits, beer, wine and champagne are relevant in our today’s society and culture. substance, excellence and masculinity, which are relevant to men at different competing in the same market. Consumer taste is varying more, and we all The brand has quite unparalleled success. So much success, that 43 glasses stages of their lives. face an expanding universe of drinking mixes and opportunities. of Johnnie Walker Black Label are consumed per second around the world. 2. Target new consumers: Johnnie Walker has very loyal drinkers, but However, women are responsible for only a quarter of that statistic, which depends on an aging consumer base while it cannot rely on younger obviously shows just how much whiskey, particularly Johnnie Walker, is consumers who have yet to define which whiskey they prefer. considered a man’s drink. You will rarely come across a female who is a 3. Leverage core brand attributes in these epic days: The current economic whiskey drinker especially one who can drink it neat. From that observation, slowdown will inevitably impact the global drinks market but the extent of the provocative messaging begun, asserting the superiority and dominance its impact remains unclear. We are living in epic times. There has been a men have, and always have had. historic shift in consumer behavior towards a more mindful consumption. Nothing can be taken for granted anymore. 4. How can we revitalize the dialogue with the consumer? The attention span of the consumer is very short, and they’re permanently distracted. Consumers are currently resetting and re-evaluating their brand choices. Johnnie Walker has to reassure the consumer’s choices and habits in the this new era. BRAND INSIGHT MARKETING CHALLENGE STRATEGIC SOLUTION Johnnie Walker is deep-rooted in man’s culture and Johnnie Walker has successfully turned into a strong For a new positioning, we want to make Johnnie Walker is associated with distinctive brand values such as global brand, but after 10 years of the same positioning, matter more. Asserting the superiority and dominance of substance, excellence and masculinity. the brand needs new impulses. men, we want to revitalize the most heated rivalry of all time - the battle of the sexes.
  6. 6. JOHNNIE WALKER The Assignment We were given the very broad assignment to present a new campaign for Johnnie Walker that could replace the current BBH campaign. Johnnie Walker Brand Insight Big Idea Johnnie Walker is unapologetically a man’s drink, and women are simply not Exclusively male. Without apology. allowed. They’re excluded. As much as women have worked towards equality throughout history, whiskey drinking is still out of their reach. Creative Strategy Heritage 
 Based on the big idea, our creative strategy will do following: Tradition Validate men for being whiskey drinkers – but not in way that strokes their egos, coddles or cheerleads them for being so, which opposes much of Inefficiency ! Inefficiency ! Zone 1 Zone 2 the current competitive advertising. Taste 
 Secondly, through a way of reverse-psychology spark an “anything you can Spirit of Men Palate do, I can do better” feeling in women, making them desire to be Johnnie Walker drinkers to even the playing field with men. After the successful revitalizing of the Johnnie Inefficiency ! Inefficiency ! Walker brand, it needs new Zone 3 Zone 4 And thirdly, our campaignwill stand out from the clutter by adressing an energy to cope with upcoming challenges untold and provocative cultural truth. Indulgence 
 Sociable Johnnie Walker needs a new direction: Escape the category, differentiate or die INSIGHT BIG IDEA Johnnie Walker is unapologetically a man’s drink, Exclusively male. Without apology. and women are simply not allowed. Advertising in competitive landscape: generic and boring. 6
  7. 7. JOHNNIE WALKER Creative Executions Print “Cosmo” Print “Neat Preference” Print “Government Warning”
  8. 8. JOHNNIE WALKER Creative Executions Key Visual “Exclusively Male. Without Apology.” Instore Promotion “Path of Emancipation” As customers enter the store, they will be guided to the Johnnie Walker display by a branded yellow line featuring significant moments in women’s history. The line will ultimately lead to a sign that maintains that idea that whiskey is unapologetically a man‘s drink. Johnnie Walker Website, it asks you about your Age and Gender Johnnie Walker does its part for responsible drinking by verifying of age information with website visitors. To align with the campaign, another question regarding gender has been added. However, there is no option for “females,” as they are not allowed. 8
  9. 9. PROP$ ART DIRECTION Ronney Chong COPYWRITING Maggie Harn
  10. 10. WHOLE FOODS The Assignment Make people spend more in Whole Foods. Whole Foods in a Nutshell Business Challenges The Consumer Mindset in a Recession Whole Foods started out with one small store in Austin, Texas. 29 years later, In the past few years, the consumption of organic and natural products has The recession has caused society as a whole to re-evaluate what is important. Whole Foods is the world’s leader in natural and organic foods, with more grown steadily and become more sophisticated and more widespread. People The people‘s priorities naturally change and their problems are very tangible. than 275 stores in North America and the United Kingdom. Once Wall Street’s started consuming natural and organic products driven by a significant shift Everybody is looking for a deal. Defensive spending rules are on the rise, thrift darling, the brand is struggling. Since peaking at the beginning of 2006, its toward environmental issues and healthy eating for health reasons and using spending is trendy, consumers are looking for smart sacrifice opportunities, stock has dropped more than 70 percent. their purchasing power to express social and environmental concerns. To save money while spending. A big shift happened in the past few years. Organic and natural foods have understand why people are spending less I identified the following 3 key People are forced to make decisions about how they spend their money become more commoditized since Wal-Mart entered the organic food market findings: and they’re struggling to pay for higher-priced fuel and food. They’re trading in 2006, making products affordable for those who couldn’t afford a healthy A. Whole Paycheck down to lesser products and discount-oriented stores. 20% of shoppers have lifestyle. Other big retail and food companies followed and naturally claim their Since the start of the recession, consumers continue to scale back on healthy changed where they buy groceries and household essentials because of the share from the profitable pie. With the increased competitiveness and blurred food purchases and Whole Foods has clearly suffered from its bad reputation economy. Research shows, that consumers have focused on cost-cuttings offerings, Whole Foods lost its unique positioning as a retailer of organic foods. as an expensive place to shop for healthy and fancy food. Even as some on high-expenditure such as fashion, furniture or home entertainment, and Especially in a recession, lower-priced competitors like Trader’s Joe or Safeway worry about the economy having eased in recent months, that heavy price tag less critical areas such as dining out less. The biggest beneficiaries have are enticing health conscious shoppers away from Whole Foods. around the neck is still hurting and keeps shoppers away from Whole Foods. been dollar stores and discount grocers like Aldi and Save-a-Lot, which offer Think of Whole Foods, think of Whole Paycheck? This nickname and B. Trading-Off and the ‘Aldi Effect‘ a limited selection at extreme discounts. The losers are convenience stores, perception is one of the biggest challenges we have to solve. Aware of that High-end consumers who are typically one of Whole Foods main audiences conventional supermarkets and natural food stores like Whole Foods. heavy price tag around their neck, Whole Foods has begun to offer discounts, are starting to trade-off principles against the need to economize. The ‘Aldi However, organic food never was a mass market, organic sales account only adding lower-priced products and emphasizing value in its advertising. It effect‘ is widely noted, as prosperous shoppers look for canny deals on for 3% of the total market (2007). Premium positioning and high prices has is even inviting customers to their shops to show them where the cheaper commodities. kept organic food out of reach for consumers on a budget, and now, with the products are. C. Whole Foods has lost its Mojo recession in full swing, it‘s not surprising that Whole Foods Market is suffering. Whole Foods drifts toward the middle, which has made the store more popular Even the wealthier and loyal shoppers are cutting back on anything perceived with a broader range of people. The gross of today’s Whole Foods consumers as extravagant. are more interested in prepared foods than in whether the eggs are organic or not. This shift towards the middle carries a downside because people move ahead of Whole Foods. These shoppers think it is important to have a smaller carbon footprint and to want to help small farmers. Even enthusiastic Whole Foods consumers consider Whole Foods to be too expensive and make trips to other food stores because they tend to see Whole Foods as a “special occasion” trip. BRAND INSIGHT MARKETING CHALLENGE TARGET RESISTANCE Whole Foods is much more of a competitive Considering the key findings and market environment, we When people walk into these big beautiful Whole Foods place to shop than people give them credit for. have to change the perception and convince people that stores, it’s hard for them to think of a value-oriented type Whole Foods is an economical place to shop. of retailer. 0
  11. 11. The Assignment WHOLE FOODS Make people spend more in Whole Foods. Organic and Natural Grocery Shoppers Our Strategic Approach There are 2 different kinds of organic shoppers: the healthy and social grocery Based on the brand insight, that “Whole Foods is much more of a competitive shopper. place to shop than people give them credit for” we ask ourselves, how Whole We target the healthy grocery shopper. They are characterized as cross-over Foods could stay relevant to cash-strapped consumers? consumers who are concerned with their health and well-being. They have The solution was simple: we just had to take a closer look to the product range more interest in their choices than in loyalty. The healthy grocery shoppers are of Whole Foods. In 1997 Whole Foods introduced its private label “365 Everyday usually those who purchase organic and natural food as part of their lifestyle. Value” and “365 Organic”. The line comes in both natural and organic selections They perceive Whole Foods as a healthy and trendy alternative to conventional and is about 20% lower priced than an average product. As an approach we supermarkets and grocery stores. Affected by the economic downturn they created a totally new brand gateway experience (see left). will trade off Whole Foods products with other, less organic groceries and turn Focusing on the “365” private label we kill two birds with one stone: their expensive and healthy lifestyle into a more frugal one. A. There’s a great opportunity for Whole Foods to raise the awareness for The social grocery shopper is the traditional Whole Foods customer and the private label and reinforce the fact that Whole Foods is an affordable The “6” Gateway experience for Whole Foods has a different motivation to buy at Whole Foods. They first got interested in place to shop. The “365” starts a new conversation about the prices and natural foods and appreciate the bigger and clean version of the old natural helps to change the disadvantageous perception. food store in their neighborhood, the racks are filled with organic and socially B. By communicating the private label we are not damaging and responsible ingredients. The social grocery shopper actively seeks for green cannibalizing the umbrella brand. Creating a “365” campaign shows the and sustainable goods. In today’s world they feel limited in their choices of initiative and efforts of Whole Foods to take consumer needs seriously. goods, they would buy more if they had more confidence in labeling and there By focusing on the healthy grocery shopper, the campaign allows us to was wider availability of green goods. Lack of alternatives and thanks to the carry them through the recession. long lasting loyalty they still will shop at Whole Foods. The food may be more C. Private labels are on the rise: recession drove some of the shift from expensive, but for them it is worth it. branded to private label food products among US consumers. According to a U.S. study by Mintel, private label food product introductions in 2009 made up 25% of all food product launches. Last year, private label food sales grew by 9.3% versus 4.5% for branded food product sales. Mintel reports that private label food sales are expected to grow another 8.1% in 2009. Campaign overview INSIGHT STRATEGIC SOLUTION BIG IDEA “I love Whole Foods, but shopping there makes The emphasis on the private label starts a new Naturally Affordable. my economical situation even worse.” conversation about prices and shows that Whole Foods takes consumer needs seriously.
  12. 12. WHOLE FOODS Creative Executions Creative meets Strategy Creatively, the executions use simple and unique comparison methods to show consumers how they can remain or become a Whole Foods shopper despite using their entire paycheck. Using relevant touch points, like online coupon finders and farmer’s markets, budget-conscious consumers are introduced to benefits and value offered by Whole Foods through the 365 Everyday Value line. Billboard Magazine in cellophane on which guerilla price tags are placed Club card for smart shoppers, it’s eco- and thrifty friendly! Either from the Compare Flyer site or WholeFoods.com, customers can view and select the weekly coupon offerings. Once they make their selections, they will be prompted to either print their final choices or load them onto their WF Club Card, simply by entering in the card`s number to redeem their savings at the check out. 2
  13. 13. WHOLE FOODS Creative Executions The smart eco-friendly and reusable paper bag Guerilla/ambient at the farmers market Direct Mailing and in-store “Normally we`re against additives. But, in this case, we added more space to the bag since Whole Foods and it`s “365 Everyday Value” line will set up an unidentifiable booth at farmers markets in strategically selceted cities, your money goes farther when you shop our 365 Everyday Value and Organic line.” where the stores are suffering a loss of customers, for example. As consumers are becoming especially budget-conscious, they`re susceptible to the common misconception that organic and natural foods are expensive. To eliminate this concern and to raise awareness of the affordability offered within the “365 Everyday Value” line, customers visiting our booth will either be given too much money back during their transaction or given an extra piece of their purchase. Doing so, will reinforce the cost-savings experienced with the “365” line. QR-Codes: be smart, up-to-date save money in an easy way As consumers are becoming ever-budget-conscious, they`re susceptible to the common misconception that organic and natural foods are expensive. To dispose of this misunderstanding, we will raise awareness that these items do not need to be sacrificed during such times. They are definitely affordable through Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value line, which is demonstrated through the use of 2 price tags on the same product. The inconsistent pricing will spark confusion and conversation, allowing he opportunity to reveal the line`s typical affordablility. QR codes on the product will lead Smart Phones to valuable information such as recipes, nutirents, coupons, suggested pairings etc.
  14. 14. PROP$ ART DIRECTION Paige Miron COPYWRITING 4 Zachary Slovin
  15. 15. TWITTER The Assignment The assignment was vague but challenging: Make Twitter more relevant. Our Client Why Twitter is so successful? Strategic Challenges of Twitter Twitter is the golden child of social media Embracing the complexity of our world Organizing and filtering the information overload Twitter is one of those phenomena that have more impact on social networking Twitter’s growth just continues to explode and proofs that we are eager to The rise and empowerment of the consumer is the most significant trend than most communication services this generation has yet seen. Twitter has embrace simplicity in a more and more complex world. For us reason enough of the past 2 decades. The convergence of technology, information and started as a social networking and microblogging service that allows users to to get to the bottom of hype and figure out what the key success factors of entertainment has radically changed in the past few years. Ever evolving send and read short, text-based posts. Twitter is currently the third most used Twitter are. technology and our social connections tell us who we are, how we connect social network based on their count of 6 million unique monthly visitors and 55 A. Twitter fuels interaction, connection conversation in an easy way and how we function as a society. The availability of information has become million monthly visits. Twitter has now enough users to be a forced into politics, Unlike other social networking sites, signing up with and using Twitter ubiquitous. The flipside of people’s empowerment is the information overload marketing and culture. takes a relatively low time investment. Twitter is not complex and has they’re suffering. In the past few months, Twitter has undergone a remarkable evolution. only few features. Twitter is a No-Brainer. Twitter users became more sophisticated and mature. They passed the Twitter’s purpose has shifted from a simple social relationship platform to a B. Twitter stands for Mobility and Simplicity stages of curiosity, confusion and indignation. Now they’re looking for real and social context, information and commerce platform. Twitter is now defining Tweets can be sent or received by PC or mobile. Especially the relevant value. The real value and fascination of Twitter is the generated data future products and services and is offering companies new avenues to amenities of staying in touch with your “friends” while you’re away from and information. All these glimpses into other lives, bits of information, links to connect and interact with its consumers. It has caught the imagination of many a PC make Twitter a powerful tool. videos, articles or pictures, is what makes Twitter valuable. people from all walks of life. Marketers, journalists, politicians, tech-savvy C. There is no right way to use Twitter Therefore Twitter needs to grow with its fan base and provide better tools to mommies, sport stars, small-and-medium business owners are using the There is really no right way to use Twitter because you can tweet about organize and filter the information overload. Twitter needs new ways to refine service and made it the ultimate source of real-time and breaking news and anything that is on your mind. You can tweet about random thoughts, and extend online information to a real life experience. gossip. Twitter is the undisputed pulsating centre of the Now-era. For many the personal mood or you can swap links or pictures with each other. people Twitter has become the most important source for breaking news. BRAND INSIGHT FACTORS OF SUCCESS STRATEGIC CHALLENGE Twitter has undergone a remarkable evolution from a Twitter is so successful because it‘s a no-brainer. It allows People are looking for real and relevant value. To become simple social relationship platform to a social context, users to share their thoughts and feelings with their more relevant, Twitter needs new ways to refine and information and commerce platform. friends or role-models. There is no right way to use it. extend online information to a real life experience.
  16. 16. The future is here. It‘s just not widely distributed yet. - William Gibson Identifying user needs How we would leverage the relevance of Twitter How we would leverage the relevance of Twitter Information overload and unmet expectations Advertising can’t make Twitter more relevant Creative thinking about a business problem A journalist once said: „Twitter is great at “now.” But as far as I can tell, it‘s lousy Our challenge was to organize and filter the overload and to create a better We identified 4 different areas where we could increase Twitter’s relevance (see at ”then.”“ Despite the fact that Twitter’s hype has reached a fever pitch, they brand experience in order to make Twitter more relevant. Given the challenges graphic attached): are facing serious challenges: 20% of Twitter accounts are dead, 50% are lazy and the analysis of the problems, we came to the conclusion that advertising 1. Make Twitter more relevant as a “now”-search engine and tiny 5% of the users are creating 75% of the noise. Twitter already starts can’t leverage the relevance of Twitter. No, we figured out that Twitter needs 2. Fuel the ongoing conversation and social networking to lose relevance because new users have such high expectation resulting in a different business approach to create a new and relevant brand experience 3. Improve the Twitter user experience disappointment. and therefore provide meaningful tools to support the experience. 4. Increase the relevance of Twitter for businesses 1. Tweets and Users are lost in translation: Average Tweet drops “off the radar” after about 10 minutes. Make Twitter more Fuel the ongoing 2. Adulteration: Chatter, noise, useless information and spam is ever Increase Relevance of ! Improve the Twitter ! relevant as a “Now”- Conversation and Social Twitter for Businesses User Experience Search Engine Networking increasing. The more new Tweeples, the bigger the noise and available www.Twitter.com information 3. Keeping uo: to be honest, it’s pretty hard to keep up with what so many Ad Space InfoNation! Personalized people have to say. I feel like I miss a lot of important information from Site for by Twitter Businesses Real-time friends and other. feed to InfoNation Newspaper! Site 4. Conversation overload: it’s difficult to manage conversations or to follow Feed 140news subscription many conversations because there is no threading or archives in the Twitter clients. Real-time feed •  Real-time to InfoNation conversation station 5. Enough is enough: Users are starting to feel „too“ connected: check-in •  Customer Services Personalized •  Upload maps •  Promotions Site for •  Search messages at late or early hours, higher cell phone bills, the need to tell •  Rebates/Coupons Private Live Feed to interactive Users billboards acquaintances to stop announcing what friends are having for dinner. 6. Facebook Lite is a new and simplified alternative to Facebook.com that InfoNation Dock loads a specific set of features quickly and efficiently. The Lite version is Ambient Campaign a potential rival to Twitter in its ability to conduct real-time search, an area where Facebook recently has been seeking to expand. •  Save Search •  New Followers 7. Google Wave could be Twitter killer, and the Facebook killer too. •  Maps 4 areas of improvement to increase the relevance of Twitter INSIGHT STRATEGIC SOLUTION People suffer from information overload. Information is To make Twitter more relevant, we identified 4 areas fragmented and ubiquitous. People are asking for easy where Twitter can improve the user experience and tools and features to filter and organize information. provide real and relevant value to its users. 6
  17. 17. TWITTER Creative Executions . MAKE TWITTER MORE RELEVANT AS A NOW-SEARCH ENGINE 2. FUEL ONGOING CONVERSATION AND SOCIAL NETWORKING 140news.com - the first real-time newspaper of the world InfoNation - are looking for the next bakery? 1. Citizen Journalism 2. Social Relevance that forms opinion (number of hashtags) 3. Newsworthiness 4. Twitter Newsroom with professional journalists Article Filtered organized bits pieces of information, prepared and edited Real-time LED-Heading newsstand Get your information from the people nearby by professional journalists - headlines are 40 characters 40news.com Stay tuned what`s going on on the world - Live billboard with live-feed 40-newsroom
  18. 18. TWITTER Creative Executions . IMPROVE THE TWITTER USER EXPERIENCE 4. INCREASE RELEVANCE OF TWITTER FOR BUSINESSES PersonaliTweet, the personalized Twitter page that filter and Interactive Twitter user page for businesses, simple but effective organized the newest tweets and updates. Get a special-deal from the Sprint Now-Network, Tweets per mobile are included in personal mobile plan Timeline function - never miss a conversation with your friends again 8
  19. 19. PROP$ ART DIRECTION Christina Ta COPYWRITING Maggie Harn
  20. 20. THE NEW YORK TIMES The Assignment With our campaign we had to attract and acquire more EDMs as home delivery subscribers. We had to grow share amongst EDMs and better position and define The New York Times as a business “must read”. Following sections were part of my Creative Briefing I gave Target Group Market Structure and presented to my creative duo. The EDMs we are talking to are able to connect seemingly disparate and unre- The media market has become very competitive. The Internet has broken down lated information to improve their understanding of the world which is the basis many traditional definitions. Anyone can be a publisher now. Even communi- Heritage History of The New York Times of their success. Innovation comes from their deep knowledge of the own busi- cation companies like Verizon are becoming content companies. NYT’s (and The New York Times (NYT), the Gray Lady, is one of the most influential ness paired with a broader understanding of the larger environment. When they other newspapers) circulation are dropping and revenue streams are decreas- newspapers in the world with a rich legacy that affects not only its readership‘s think of a newspaper, they are looking for a single essential source for filtered, ing (Advertising, Subscribers, Newsstand). The direct competitors of NYT are perception of various world events, but also it also has a significant impact tightly edited window unto larger, global dynamics. The influentials are the “criti- the heavy-weights such as Washington Post, USA Today, Wall Street Journal on the news judgment and editorial perspective of other media. The liberal cal 10% of the population who drive what the other 90% think, do, and buy. and other information platforms like news sites on the web, radio, iPhones and NYT presents is the superstar of national and international news and the Nowadays, EDMs are under great pressure because they want to outsmart smartphones, television or periodicals. The days of the general news source indisputable arbiter of fashion taste. their competition. But, we’re in times where mistakes are more costly than ever. are receding. People nowadays don’t find the news; it finds them. Real-time news and infor- Brand Personality Category Drivers mation - especially national and international news — are anywhere. Waning Reading the New York Times is insightful, intelligent, offers in-depth and a great Material products, controlled by the business, are no longer the resources for recognition of in-depth journalism’s value in a world that increasingly relies on read, every day, for hundreds of years. NYT contains proprietary content from the future but rather knowledge and competencies. The real value of organiza- blogs and aggregators. more than 25 offices and newsrooms from all over the world, it has archives, tions are the knowledge and creativity in people’s heads and bodies. We are and a unparalleled editorial offering. living in an idea economy where ideas In general, for readers it is a wonderful Business Opportunities time, technology, globalization and web equal more empowerment, more news People are consuming The New York Times across multiple platforms, but Brand Future and more viewpoints. The media world is changing - from print to web and mo- within the portfolio, print has slowed. As such, NYT has an opportunity to The NYT will undergo a transformation from a traditional print-focused editorial bile. People want real-time information and enjoy the ubiquity of available and protect and grow the print share, especially against the EDM segment because department into a modern media house which utilize modern technologies and specialized news and information. they are of great value to NYTs advertisers. formats to distribute their content and communicate with their audiences. Their commitment to quality will remain as a single constant over time. Brand Perception What are the Key Differentiators of The New York Times? EDMs think the New York Times is very good, but they don‘t think it‘s impor- 1. Depth and breadth: The New York Times has an unique and surpassing What does the Brand believe in? tant. The New York Times readers have a very intimate relationship with the standard of quality-journalism. Depth and breath. The Company’s core purpose is to enhance society Times, and they bring a very high level of expectation to it. Our target thinks by creating, collecting and distributing highest-quality news, 2. The NYT enjoys a strong credibility and authenticity, nationwide. that the New York Times is very insightful, intelligent, in-depth and a great read. information and entertainment. Every day. The New York Times tis widely considered to have good insightful 3. The NYT has a strong brand. Since 150 years, the NYT takes the national content. The New York Times is known to set the pace for the entire culture, temperature and is the indisputable arbiter of international national news, that takes a lot of responsibility and authority. fashion and art. KEY MESSAGE MINDSET TARGET GROUP COMPETITORS The Times is the most relevant, trusted and respected EDMs are under great pressure because they want to Readers are consuming news and information across thought-provoking source of all that are curious in the outsmart their competition. But, we’re in times where various platforms, so the New York Times is competing world, and it’s essential reading for the influential set. mistakes are more costly than ever. in a much wider category. 20
  21. 21. THE NEW YORK TIMES The Assignment With our campaign we had to attract and acquire more EDMs as home delivery subscribers. We had to grow share amongst EDMs and better position and define The New York Times as a business “must read”. Strategic Platform Idea Statement I briefed my creative team with the following strategic platform: Think. The greatest Readers are the greatest Leaders. Think small. Think fast. My platform plays off the greatness and rich history of the New York Times. The Think different. newspaper and its journalists won more than hundred Pulitzer prizes, they`re Think diamonds instead of squares. know as the newspaper with the greatest in-depth articles and journalists. A. Readers appreciate its surprise factor and thought-provoking articles. Sure, thinking had something to do with it - This platform clearly focuses on leadership, read what my boss is not necessarily thinking the unthinkable - reading. Information and knowledge is key in business, getting the big but thinking provocatively. picture is crucial and EDMs have to think vertically, horizontally and That’s why true leaders are dedicated to how through time to think. They’re receptive to a broad range of information, knowing it reveals the keys to every advance that ever was, is and will be. B. With this platform we are asking ourselves and themselves, what does This is how we see the New York Times in the competitive landscape. So, the New York Times is their emblem for provocative thinking. it take to become a great leader. Daily. C. The role of NYT is the fact, that the NYT belongs to the essential equipment of a great leader. D Connections Planning Cube Where, when and how we would target EDMs. STRATEGIC PLATFORM BIG IDEA BRANDING The greatest Readers are the greatest Leaders. For provocative thinking. Daily. The new name for the 7-day newspaper: The Provocateur. 2
  22. 22. THE NEW YORK TIMES Creative Executions Creative meets Strategy The platform and insight led the creative team to communicate a message that The New York Times is the variable needed for their different thinking. The newspaper is the key component to connecting with and making business changes since inspiration can be found on any page in any section. Print “Future Value” Print “Compound Average Growth Rate” Print “Return on Investment” 22
  23. 23. THE NEW YORK TIMES Creative Executions Web banner TVC Voice-Over: Innovation happens when unrelated ideas come together to inspire a new way to see things. That’s why as a leader you must read everything. So, subscribe to the New York Times your single essential source for provocative thinking. Landing page of The Provocateur Daily. 2
  24. 24. No Bullshit. Brand Me No Bullshitting. My Twin Brother Nicolas. Some Thoughts from my girlfriend Jennifer. I found describing my own personality very difficult, thus I asked „Other than in one-on-one basketball game, my twin brother is “Oliver is a very considerate person who is a great contribution various people from my immediate environment to write a few lines an introvert person who, although he sometimes finds it difficult, to any kind of relationship, whether as a friend, partner or team about me. I asked them to describe my persona in a couple of words prefers the compromise in escalation. In certain situations his member. His considerate nature might at times also be of slight and if possible to add a short anecdote of my life. No bullshit, the temperament wins against the otherwise so top-heavy and hindrance to him since he tends to have difficulty in saying NO whole truth. well thought through. During his personal development these to work or helping his friends out in whatever he can. Yet, his self contradictions have taken my brother around the world once awareness and ability to recognize and work with his strengths My Parents. before and further sharpening of his good- natured character will as well as his weaknesses make him a self critical individual, „You were born into a happy family, mother, father, elder sister and take him around the globe many more times in the future.“ constantly working on improving himself to become an even better twin brother. You were a cheerful little boy, funny and happy to play friend, partner and co-worker.” with your brother and sister but most unhappy when on Sunday My older sister Andrea who lives in London. mornings we took you for a jog. As you grew older, you became a „One of my first memories of Oliver is him standing on the Stefan who is one of my best friends. little detached from your family. Mama thinks this is a result of her balcony in the middle of the winter doing judo rolls and “Oliver is a young man with many talents. But what I adore most straight and tough Chinese upbringing. On one hand you wanted your pretending to be Mac Gyver. Surprisingly, however, my brother about him is his cooking. Moving in our flat share was like living freedom, on the other hand you lacked the self-confidence to live your never developed to be a dab hand at DIY. Despite being almost in a five star restaurant. Can’t wait for him coming back and freedom thoughtfully. We do think that lately you have changed for the same age, we three siblings grown to be very different preparing that honey soy chicken.” the better and that slowly, slowly you find your path. You are a hard personalities. Oliver is a quiet soul, to whom personal interaction worker, good team player and could go very far if you manage to find is more important than anything else. He is open-hearted and he a good emotional balance between your private and professional life. easily connects with other people.“ Like his father, Oliver is a great soccer fan (FC Zürich), is a bit sad when it comes to judge your soccer playing abilities, but on the other hand we are very proud to have a great basketball player in our little family!“ 24
  25. 25. CURRICULUM VITAE Career Objective Be a Kick-Ass Planner. Education What my former bosses think of me Miami Ad School „Oliver Vedolin is an outstanding high performer and was an asset to our company. He was always very proactive, Account Planning Bootcamp, Minneapolis cooperative, and motivated at work and he would always go the extra mile to fully deliver value to his clients and proj- July 2009 - September 2009 ects. We consider Mr Vedolin to be a highly committed person with a strong orientation towards goals and achieve- University of Vienna ment. He was well respected not only by our clients, but also by his superiors, clients, and colleagues. Oliver Vedolin PhD program in Political Science and “International Affairs and Governance”. distinguished himself by his amicable personality and communication style which has made him a very well liked and October 2006 – January 2008 (not completed) respected person in the agency.“ Doctoral Thesis (Prof. Dr. Gernot Stimmer): Europeanization of Switzerland Dr. Caspar Coppetti and how the EU applies Swiss political processes. Young Rubicam Switzerland University of St. Gallen Partner Head of Planning Licentiate in “International Affairs and Governance” (Lic. rer. publ. HSG), October 2000 - March 2005. „Mr Vedolin is a constructive and team oriented, cooperative individual who always worked to the full satisfaction of Core electives: Political Science, Economics, Law and Literature clients and colleagues. He successfully structured analytic frameworks for client case work. He furthermore developed Topic of Diploma Thesis (Prof. Dr. H.P. Fagagnini): The Area of Conflict of persuasive deliverables and consistently met case objectives and deadlines. We have considered Mr Vedolin to be a Development Policy and Swiss Banking Secrecy motivated and committed person with a strong orientation towards goals and achievement. He was well respected not Freies Gymnasium Zurich only by our clients, but also by his superiors, case staff and colleagues.“ Matura Type Economy, August 1995 -January 2000. Dr. Herbert Wanner Arthur D. Little Switzerland Professional Experience Partner Managing Director Young Rubicam New York Freelance Account Planner For what brands I`ve already worked March 2009 - July 2009 Young Rubicam Group Switzerland Account Planner May 2007 - February 2009 Online holiday platform Beverages/coffee Insurance capsule system Publicis Group Austria Account Planner February 2007 - May 2007 Euro RSCG Switzerland Retail Junior Account Planner Automotive Automotive January 2006 – September 2006 Arthur D. Little Management Consulting Zurich Internship in the Strategy and Organization Practice Plumbing/Toilet Systems May 2005 - August 2005 Insurance BrandAsset Valuator 2