How Amazon business works


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The basically description about how Amazon business works.

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How Amazon business works

  1. 1. How Amazon Business Works Name : Nguyen Van Duc Student ID : s1180245
  2. 2. The idea behind Amazon business● The motto of Amazon: "To be Earths most customer centric company where people can find and discover anything they want to buy online".● Improve the marketing structure.● Provide methods and products to make more benefit, not only from merely buying and selling goods.● Create a wide community where people can exchange their opinion about products to each other, making the online purchase become more trusting and convenient work.
  3. 3. E-commerce strategy● The participant of third-party partner ○ Large retailers: ■ Amazon acts as an immediately part supporting the buying and selling process on sites of the retailers ○ Small sellers: ■ The tools like Amazon Market, Amazon zShops, Amazon Auctions help the small seller sell your products.● Completely integration level ○ Amazon Services: ■ Support tools and methods to build an e-commerce website base on Amazon Platform. ○ Associate Program: ■ cooperate with other websites to allow them to put Amazons link and earn some money. ○ Amazon Advantage: ■ Provide a method to help the manufacturer buy theirs goods directly
  4. 4. Amazon technology● A powerful central data warehouse ○ Linux-based technology with three the worlds largest database. ○ Consisting of 28 Hewlett Packard servers with 4 CPUs per each node and running Oracle database software. ○ Three main functions : query, historical data and ETL. ○ Handling milion of back-end operation and queries every day.● Highly confidential security system ○ Automatically encrypt the users credit card number during checkout process. ○ Letting customers choose to encrypt every piece of theirs information. ○ Employing Netscape Secure Server with SSL protocol. ○ Users credit number is stored in non-Internet access Database
  5. 5. Amazon auction● Registration ○ You need to have an account in order to buy or sell a product. ○ In amazon, the account for sell different from the account for buy items.● Winning Bids ○ The basic operation of any online auction process. ○ The participants with the highest bids at the close of the auction will become the winners. ○ Each of the auction is limited in specific time period.● Payment Options ○ Credit card, debit card.. are accepted. ○ In the person-person auction, depending on the agreement between buyers and sellers.
  6. 6. Amazon advantage● A cost-efficiency and brilliant self-promotion marketing structure.● Having multi-pronged approach to online sales.● Multi-leveled e-commerce strategy● There are many affiliate program: ○ Post Amazon links and earn a commission on click-through sales. ○ Support building a Website based on Amazons platform -> Becoming a software developers playground.● Having a giant database together with many confidential security solution
  7. 7. Customer tracking● A best of breed system ○ Data about users is collected when users visit ○ The supporting of the giant database.● Product recommendation standard ○ Product that relate to what you are searching. ○ the product that you have seen or bought in the previous visited session. ○ The product that is purchased by other people who had the same searching word as you.
  8. 8. Amazon community● Using the personalized experience to create a big community in which everyone can share their review about the products to each other.● Very useful with people who want to buy a item while dont have much information about it.● "So youd Like To..." and "Listmania" list ○ A set of products you find interesting : a book, a video or a good computer device... ○ Available to publish to everyone in community.
  9. 9. Conclusion● Amazon have all necessary conditions to become the world most successful e-commerce company.● A special model in which the combination of technology and business achieve the perfection.● Amazon play an important role in making online business become popular than ever.● With the quickly development of the world, especially in e-commerce, the influence of Amazon will be more important in the future.