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  • From these events big names came always out. 10 startups and who is the winner? This is more funny than serious… Meybee MeeBee´s app – “Who is free http://bit.ly/fqZy6g? One of the finalists. We will see. Hopefully something new.. Zinga will be also there!
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  • 10/01/09

Vator splash presentation Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Lessons of Entrepreneurship PRESENTATION AT: Name: VatorSplash Date: May 13 th 2010 PRESENTED BY: Name: Gurbaksh Chahal Date: May 13 th 2010
  • 2. A Little About Me
    • Born in Taran Tarn, Punjab, India
    • Immigrated to United States a year after my parents in June 1986 .
    • Social Adaptation and Adversity
    • Dot-Com Euphoria of the 1995 – 1998
    • Fascination with Double Click
      • IPO at $300MM, Peak at $15BB
    • October 1997 Market Crash
    • Survival Mode
    • Evolution from First Interview to becoming a CEO
  • 3. Background Founded ClickAgents 1998 DEC 2000 DEC 2004 JAN 2005 FEB 2007 OCT Merged with Value Click for $40MM Founded BlueLithium
    • Focused on using Data and Analytics to create lift
    Raised $11.5MM Venture Financing
    • 8x return in 2 ½ years (WaldenVC, 3i)
    • Offices in the USA, UK, France, and Belarus
    • Third biggest ad network in US; Second biggest in UK
    Merged with Yahoo for $300MM 2009 gWallet Launches SEP
  • 4. Lessons of Entrepreneurship
  • 5. Becoming an Entrepreneur
    • The #1 Myth and #1 Question I get asked:
      • How did you come up with the idea?
      • Can you help me think of a great Idea to start a Company.
    • The Truth
      • Ideas are 1% of the journey. Some of the most successful Companies are copycats of an idea that already exists. 99% of is it all pure EXECUTION.
      • Examples:
      • My Examples: ClickAgents, BlueLithium, gWallet – entered into a crowded marketplace.
      • Launched the product, got it to parity, innovated, and then separated from the pack through execution.
  • 6. Keep the Blinders Off
    • Be Open to Change.
    • Don’t obsessed on one direction or an idea . It will change. If you get attached or obsessed with that idea – your forcing something to survive.
    • Take the blinders off . Look around. Don’t be afraid to go off on all sorts of unusual directions, since that’s where you might just find the most unusual—and promising—opportunities.
      • I remember all my initial presentations for CA/BL. The first power point was 360 to what the Company eventually became. Don’t get emotional. Logic and emotions don’t mix.
      • Even my third venture, gWallet changed directions from a coupon platform into a Virtual Currency platform.
  • 7. Hire Only Rockstars
    • Quality over Quantity . Don’t surround yourself around deadweight. Find that 1 person that does the power of 10.
    • Don’t be frugal . Find the right people for the right jobs, and pay them what they’re worth. We all love and need rock stars
    • The first 5 employees will let you know if you have a real company. The first 20 will tell you whether or not you’ll have a big Company or not. Find the right DNA from the start.
    • Hire the smartest people you can find . Smart people make beautiful music together. Lots of smart people, working in unison, can have the power and beauty of a Beethoven symphony.
  • 8. Never Keep Yourself Vulnerable
    • Never make someone have control of something in your business that can make you vulnerable.
    • Consider everyone replaceable . If you don’t – you’ll end up in an unexpected situation where your destiny will no longer be in your hands.
      • ClickAgents Example
  • 9. The Hunger
    • Surround yourself around people that want to see you successful and are hungry.
    • Too many people in this world want a handout. Money doesn’t grow on trees and you don’t want your hard work to be rewarded to someone that doesn’t contribute. So, be careful and only surround yourself around the right people.
    • The AdRevolver Deal
      • Risk and Reward ($500k to $15 mil)
  • 10. Embrace Rejection
    • Everything happens for a reason . Learn to accept rejection and embrace it. It will only make you stronger.
    • No one wanted to fund me at ClickAgents, but I still sold it for $40 million . I had 3 investors back out of funding me at BL, but I finally waited till I didn't need the money and I raised $11.5 million and better numbers than the rest. And, one VC told me I was going to miserably fail at BL.
    • Other Industry Examples: JK Rowling, Magellan, etc.
  • 11. Raising Capital
    • Never raise money when you need it . Raise it when you don't need it. No investor will give you money when you need it. They’ll smell your weakness.
    • Raising Capital + Weakness = Failure.
    • When you are raising Capital – competition resonates well. VCs can be emotional creatures. They aren’t risk takers. They will only invest when they smell a competitive process. Make a competitive process.
    • And, once you've raised the money, take the right risks . Without any risks there isn't any rewards.
  • 12. Asking for Help
    • Don't expect help from others until you realize you can give them something.
    • The business world is primitive and it’s about what you can do for then. If you don’t bring anything to the party – don’t expect any charity from someone to do a favor.
      • This is one of the reasons I never got any help at ClickAgents.
  • 13. Need vs. Necessity
    • Understand the difference between need & necessity .
    • The dot-com world was the first example of this. The subprime fall out was the next example of this. Greed isn’t good and remember money is finite . Spend every dollar like your last .
    • And realize the only thing people will be impressed by is your performance, and absolutely nothing materialistic.
  • 14. Exterior Stereotypes
    • The #1 characteristic any entrepreneur will need to have is: confidence . If you lack it, that’s okay. So, did I. But – I don’t anymore.
    • The business world is a stereotype. Don't let it get to you. Do whatever you can to focus the conversation on the purpose of that moment. And let whatever stereotypes or misconceptions they might have fade away.
      • (16 year old example, no high school degree)
  • 15. Relationships
    • A real successful business is not run by algorithms but by relationships.
    • Relationships are everything in the life and most importantly business world .
    • No product is perfect when it launches. But a relationship can be your entry point.
    • Never burn a bridge . There have been many times I’ve been shut down, insulted, told that I was going to miserably fail, but I bit my tongue and I never burned a bridge. I let time and performance fix everything.
  • 16. Make Decisions
    • Sometimes the problem in the business world lies not in making the wrong decision but the inability to make a decision. That's why big Companies end up acquiring Companies like mine because they can't react fast enough to execute.
    • Make decisions, even if they maybe wrong . Because if they're wrong you'll learn not to do them again. But, at least you’ll learn something from them.
  • 17. Negotiation & Perception
    • Always negotiate from a position of strength . If you need something from the other guy, you’ve already lost. People want what they can’t have. Become the thing people want.
    • Remember : Perception is reality. What they see is more important than what is, so show them what they want to see and tell them what they want to hear.
    • Believe in yourself and SELL THE DREAM . No product is perfect or ready until you put it out there.
      • Google Example after Netscape
  • 18. Thick Skin
    • Grow a thick skin—a very thick skin . People will question your ability to succeed, and the loudest among them might make you doubt your own talents, so you’ll need a thick skin to drown out the noise. The silence will help you focus on your objective, and you will prevail.
      • My Internal Board Example
  • 19. 5 Key Decision Rule
    • When you run a company - there will only be 5 major decisions you make that will your Company successful or break it.
      • For BlueLithium mine were:
      • Hiring my dream team (My First Five)
      • Acquiring AdRevolver (Hunger)
      • Raising $11.5 million (Capital)
      • Opening up Europe a year after the US (Risk)
      • Selling to Yahoo at the right time for $300 million even though it was a mixed board decision. (Execution)
    • Make those 5 decisions wisely.
  • 20. Final Thoughts
    • Take the advice of that late great comedian, Jimmy Durante: “Be nice to people on the way up because you will probably meet them on the way down.”
      • Do the work. Keep your eye on the tiger. Fight like hell. Defy the odds. It’s worth it. Never compromise your morals.
    • One of my favorite themes in life from Steve Jobs: Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish.
      • Never forget where you came from, and never forget where you want to go.