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Genie Timeline 2.0
Genie Timeline 2.0
Genie Timeline 2.0
Genie Timeline 2.0
Genie Timeline 2.0
Genie Timeline 2.0
Genie Timeline 2.0
Genie Timeline 2.0
Genie Timeline 2.0
Genie Timeline 2.0
Genie Timeline 2.0
Genie Timeline 2.0
Genie Timeline 2.0
Genie Timeline 2.0
Genie Timeline 2.0
Genie Timeline 2.0
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Genie Timeline 2.0


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Genie – soft
    Backup Redefined
    Genie-soft Confidential
  • 2. Products
    Products :
    Genie Timeline 2.0 (Home and Professional) - 2010
    First Version: 2009
    Genie Backup Manager 8.0 (Home ,Professional, Server)
    First Home version: 2003
    First Professional version: 2004
    First Server version: 2005
    Genie Archive for Outlook
    Genie Mail Backup
    Outlook Express Backup
    Genie-soft Confidential
  • 3. Awards
    Genie-soft Confidential
    Genie-soft harvested many awards for it products including the following:
    PCWorld Magazine
    PC Magazine – Editors Choice
    TUCOWS – 5 out 5
    Genie-soft Confidential
  • 4. Testimonials
    Genie-soft Confidential
    “We would also like to congratulate you for the quality of your product. It exceeds the quality standards of many other software products in its category”
    “…a good case can be made for rating Timeline the best CDP software on the PC market.”
    PCWorld Magazine
      “ I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your support .  I am now using Genie Backup pro 8, and also Genie Online Backup.  This is good customer support you gave, and that is why we will stick to using your product...Keep up the good work...”
    Chris Harris,  Development Manager Soft-Designs, Inc.
    Genie-soft Confidential
  • 5. The Consumer Challenge
    Complicated softwareGUI that is difficult to manage
    Cumbersome backup configuration that might be difficult to understand
    Unreliable solution that will not always work when needed to
    Genie Timeline 2.0 is the ideal solution for Home and Small Business Users because:
    They perform frequent changes, updates, and have exponential data growth.
    Home users feel that backup software is a burden “I’d rather copy and paste”
    They lack the knowledge of backup software
    They need the best in class data protection solution
    They are looking for a simple and reliable data backup
    Genie-soft Confidential
  • 6. Product Portfolio
    Genie-soft Confidential
  • 7. Genie Timeline 2.0 “Backup Redefined”
    What is Genie Timeline 2.0 ?
    Time Machine a term started with Apple for its Mac OS X users, Many Windows users requested for a similar system that runs on windows OS , mainly creating incremental backups of files ; allowing the users to go back in time and view the multiple versions of the file(s) and restore it.
    Zero Maintenance After setting the backup for the first time, users will not suffer the burden of selecting any new files to backup. Genie Timeline 2.0 will automatically detect any new files and perform backup simultaneously
    Zero Scheduling No need to set schedules; the computer is monitored around the clock with the IntelliCDP™ feature in Genie Timeline 2.0
    Zero Resource Conflict Genie Timeline 2.0 will not effect the machine’s performance, enhanced with multiple performance modes depending on CPU usage Genie Timeline 2.0 will run seamlessly in the background.
    Genie-soft Confidential
  • 8. Why Genie Timeline 2.0 ?
    The first Windows Time Machine
    Genie Timeline 2.0 brings the term “Set it and Forget it ” to life
    Providing users with the ultimate experience: easily backup, restore and recover whatever needed, whenever needed.
    Total system protection and recovery as an OS subsystem
    Continuous update of system files to give users up to date Disaster Recovery protection
    Integrates with Windows to be the OS backup subsystem
    Backup information and file/folder recovery through Windows , right click and drag and drop options , blending into Windows Explorer
    Advanced technologies such as Block Level Technology backs up only changes within large files saving both time and space
    Automatic Purging done intelligently saving space in the backup drive
    File Versioning enabling users to go back in time and restore earlier versions of files
    Powerful search engine for fast restore
    Genie-soft Confidential
  • 9. Value Proposition
    Instantly monitor changes as they are made
    Intelligently select data
    Minimum effect on CPU usage
    insignificantly effects the users workflow
    Plug ‘n Go: where data is continuously monitored even if the backup drive is not available; once it is, it will resume backup from where it left off automatically
    Users can search their data using any web browser
    Up to date Disaster Recovery using Genie bootable
    Intelligent purging
    File versioning
    256 AES Encryption
    Zip Compression
    In House development of "Block Level Technology” submitted for patent
    Native Backups (Restoring files without the need of Genie Timeline software)
    No need for any appliance works with all types of devices
    Around the hour tech support
    Genie-soft Confidential
  • 12. How does it work ?
    In three simple steps:
    1- Select Backup Drive
    2- Select Data
    3- Set Backup Options
    • Complete Data Protection
    Genie-soft Confidential
  • 13. The Three Step Setup
    1- Select Drive
    2- Select Data
    3- Set Backup Options
    Local Drives
    System Files
    All Email Applications
    Desktop & My Documents
    NAS/ LAN Drives
    AES Encryption & Zip Compression
    DAS/ External Drives
    Office & Financial Files
    eBooks ,PDF & Bookmarks
    Cloud (Coming Soon)
    *Users can add ,edit or remove any file, folders and data types
    Real Time and Complete Data Protection
    Genie-soft Confidential
  • 14. Complete System Protection
    After completing the three step setup , Genie Timeline 2.0 will start a full system backup, constantly monitoring changes on files
    Users can keep track of their backup status and what type of files are being backed up using the Backup Breakdown feature that contains rich diagrams and information about backup status
    Genie-soft Confidential
  • 15. Timeline & DAS (1:1)
    *USB, Firewire & eSATA
    No user intervention
    Simple backup
    Up to date Disaster Recovery
    Protection level status through Backup Breakdown
    Not effecting user’s work habit experience (No CPU usage)
    Data on DAS Natively
    Plug ‘n Go (when DAS is disconnected Timeline will monitor changes & automatically resuming upon reconnection)
    Genie-soft Confidential
  • 16. Timeline & SOHO (Many:1)
    Works with standard users
    Organizes backups on NAS by Computer Name / User Name
    Native formats: name preserved allowing media center
    to scan/play media files directly
    Silent deployment using simple scripting language (no installation or job creating wizard)
    Automatic detection when in wireless/network range.
    Genie-soft Confidential
  • 17. Under The Hood
    Genie-soft Confidential
  • 18. Genie – soft
    Backup Redefined
    Genie-soft Confidential