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Aspires Testing Services Presentation

  1. 2. How do I enhance product quality and accelerate time-to-revenue using Test Automation?
  2. 4. Competencies DOMAIN CoE SERVICE LINES CUSTOMERS Education and E-Learning Healthcare and Life Sciences Retail and Distribution Manufacturing Government Industrial Automation Financial Services Media & Entertainment Consumer Electronics SaaS Web 2.0 Test Automation New Product Development Product Advancement Product Sustenance Product Re-Engineering & Migration Independent Verification & Validation Professional Services Usability & Documentation Enterprise Software Consumer Software Software Enabled Business Innovative Enterprises Engineering & Systems Software Data Infrastructure .NET Java LAMP C/C++ ROR Delphi SharePoint ATG
  3. 5. Product Testing Services FUNCTIONAL TESTING TEST AUTOMATION <ul><ul><li>PERFORMANCE TESTING </li></ul></ul>Performance Benchmarking Load Testing Capacity Planning Test Automation Consultancy Test Automation Development Automated Test Execution Automation Script Sustenance Test Consultancy End-to-end testing IV&V SERVICES MANAGED TEST SERVICES Testing CoE SLA <ul><li>Functional Testing </li></ul><ul><li>Regression Testing </li></ul><ul><li>Integration testing </li></ul><ul><li>Security testing </li></ul><ul><li>Business scenario testing </li></ul><ul><li>User acceptance testing </li></ul>
  4. 8. ‘ Platform’ to collaborate extensively with all stakeholders to achieve quality Continuous process improvement which improves the overall product delivery Assures ‘reduced defect leakage’ thus saves reworking cost and investment on innovation Integrated QA Approach Helps QA team as an integral part of development that maximizes the test coverage and removes the risks in the release cycle Measures Product Quality at every stage of development life cycle and yields more defects at the early stages of product development
  5. 9. Aspire’s Test Automation Strengths Proven Expertise 150 years of combined experience in automation of Enterprise software, Consumer software, Engineering and Systems software Singular Focus 10+ years of focus on ISVs and product-class applications Asset Library Knowledgebase across frameworks. Inventory of reusable functions and components for automation frameworks Best Practices   Team Strength   100+ member product testing team with average experience of 5+ years Test Automation Center of Excellence
  6. 10. Test Automation Tools - Expertise Tools Scripting Language Framework Winrunner TCL Hybrid QTP VBScript Hybrid Rational Functional Tester & Java PropelQ / Java TestComplete VBScript, Jscript PropelQ Test Partner VBScript Hybrid RanoRex Hybrid Selenium Java Junit, TestNG, Push2Test Watir Ruby PropelQ SilkTest Java Hybrid Squish Python Hybrid
  7. 11. Test Automation Consulting Automation Script Sustenance Automated Test Execution Automation Script Sustenance Analyze test effort levels, test process maturity, Organizational readiness, stability / complexity and future plans for product Understand business risks involved in not doing regression testing Evaluate test related feasibility, organization related feasibility, and technology feasibility Build proof of concept for a few critical scenarios in the product under test and recommend the tool Test Automation Consulting Test Automation Consulting Test Automation Development
  8. 12. Test Automation Development Test Automation Consulting Test Automation Development Automation Script Sustenance Automated Test Execution Automation Script Sustenance Understand product and test process Prepare test harness and implement appropriate test automation framework Develop, review and test the script Document and release the script Create script design and define test data Identify regression scenarios for automation
  9. 13. Automated Test Execution Test Automation Consulting Automation Script Sustenance Automated Test Execution Automation Script Sustenance Create execution plan and list the automation scripts to execute in a given testing cycle Analyze test results from the automation tool and report defects identified in the defect tracking tool Schedule the planned scripts in the test lab through a test management tool or custom program Define test data and test environment for the current test run Test Automation Development
  10. 14. Automation Script Sustenance Test Automation Consulting Automation Script Sustenance Automation Script Sustenance Understand product and analyze existing test scripts Release scripts Test scripts Fix or enhance scripts based on change request Test Automation Development Automated Test Execution
  11. 15. Test Automation Framework Integrated Development Environment Test Automation Management Tool + + PropelQ - Introduction
  12. 16. Test Automation Framework
  13. 17. Aspire Automation Methodology
  14. 18. Test Automation Management Tool (TAMT)
  15. 19. > Plug in for visual studio > Integrate with your build process > Delivers quality code > Saves development effort > Run required automation scripts > Check selective features or modules Integration with Development Infrastructure
  16. 20. Performance Testing
  17. 21. Value Proposition Key Benefits Achieve faster time-to-market Integrated QA approach allows for testing the products early and often through out the development life cycle Increased test coverage and reduced cost of failure Increased ROI on test automation efforts using Propel Q Flexible working model What Aspire brings to the table
  18. 22. Resources <ul><ul><li>Test Automation ROI Calculator ( ) </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>QA Budget Calculator </li></ul></ul>