Letter of offer cheng choon ean(draft)

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  • 1. Foodsource Export International Corp.Sdn Bhd Blok 55-23D & E, Menara Northam, Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, 10050 Penang, Malaysia T. +604 228 0886 | +604 228 2882 | F. +604 226 0410Date: 20th April 2012Name : Cheng Choon EanIC No : 861120-35-5848Address : 1-27-7 Halaman Krystal, Lengkok Free School, 11600 Penang, Malaysia.Dear Ms. Lee,LETTER OF OFFER: POST OF Accounts cum Admin AssistantWe are pleased to offer you the position of Accounts cum Admin Assistant in FoodsourceExport International Corp.Sdn Bhd on the following terms and conditions:During the period of your employment, you will:  Diligently and faithfully apply yourself in the business of the Company and devote your fulltime to the said business  Not to direct or indirectly engage in any other business unless it is disclosed and agreed either verbal or written to and by the Company before the employmentBasic Job Scope:  Responsible for full set of accounts for the company and analysis.  Ensures that all accounting activities are performed in the most effective and efficient manner.  Perform supplier and bank reconciliation.  Preparation of monthly accounts closing.  To prepared the monthly/weekly reports for review.  To handle general administrative duties.  To provide assistance and support on day-to-day administrative, accounting tasks and human resource duties in the company.  To ensure proper documentation, arrangement, report, filing records are consistent with the completeness of supporting documents.  Maintain proper filling with Receiving, distributing of document via courier, post or fax.  Other HR & Admin functions as and when assigned from time to time.  To manage all other ad-hock tasks as assigned by the superior from time to time.  Work closely with all the departments in order to accomplish greater operational efficiency.  Attend incoming / outgoing calls.  Other duties as assigned.
  • 2. SALARYYour salary will be RM 2,400.00 (Ringgit Malaysia Two Thousand Four Hundred) per monthpayable in arrears. The Company shall not be responsible nor liable for your personal incometaxes.CONTRACT TERMSThe below yearly salary increment will be given if you accept to work under Two (2) yearscontract period:1st Year: 5-10% Salary Increment2nd Year: 5-10% Salary IncrementThe salary increment after 2nd year will be reviewed according to your working performanceWORKING HOURSOur working hours are:Monday to Friday - 9:00am to 6:00pmTRANSFERAt the discretion of Management and depending on Company’s requirements, you may betransferred to any branch, subsidiary, and associate company, without any loss of service orreduction in remuneration. All relocation costs will be borne by the Company.PROBATIONThree (3) months to Six (6) months from the date of commencement 1st June 2012 anddepending on performance, the probation period may be extended at the Management’sdiscretionBENEFITSThe Company shall provide you with the following:Annual Leave Service Period No. of Working Day From 1st to end of 2nd year of service 8 From 3rd to end of 5th year of service 12 From 6th year of service 16
  • 3. Public HolidayGazetted public holidays which are observed by the Company shall be published annually.The total number of days to be observed as Public Holidays shall be fifteen [15].Medical and HospitalizationMedical expenses for you shall be borne by the Company. However, optical, dental,maternity and any other treatment for sickness arising out of self-inflicted injury is excluded.Foodsource Export International Corp.Sdn Bhd will bear treatment cost up to maximum ofRM30.00 per visit (RM50.00 per visit if injection is necessary). Should the treatment costexceed this RM30.00 limit, the employee will have to pay the excess amount. The totalliability of the Company for the medical benefits for each employee shall not exceedRM500.00 in the aggregate in any calendar year.Other ExpensesThe Company shall reimburse you all reasonable out of pocket business expenses. You shallsubmit an itemized account for any such expenditure in a form satisfactory to and dulyapproved by the Company.EPF and SOCSO (if applicable)The Company shall make the statutory deduction from your salary as employee’scontribution every month and shall contribute the quantum as specified in statute asemployer’s share towards the funds.Income TaxMonthly deduction for Income Tax will be made through payroll as per the Schedule ofMonthly Tax Deduction Table.TERMINATIONThe Company may terminate this employment:  With immediate notice in the event that you shall at any time fail to perform any obligation under “Company Handbook”.BUSINESS CONDUCTDuring your employment, your conduct should not discredit you or the Company. You areexpected to perform the duties assigned to you in a loyal, efficient, responsible, trustworthyand honest manner.You will at all times faithfully and diligently perform and observe such duties as may fromtime to time be assigned to you and devote the whole of your time and attention to thedischarge of such duties.You will not engage directly or indirectly in any other employment or business activitieswithout the written consent of the Management. You shall not divulge any matters that maycome into your knowledge relating to the affairs of the Company or its personnel (except asmay be necessary for the proper discharge of your duties).
  • 4. NON-DISCLOSURE OF INFORMATIONYou are to ensure that all information relayed to you during your tenure in the Companywhich are trade secrets, intellectual properties and classified information, are not to bedisclosed to any person or persons (except to those authorized by the Company to receivesuch information) and should be kept confidential at all times during your tenure and afteryou leave the Company. Any disclosure or breach of this confidentiality will entitle theCompany to institute legal proceedings against you.SALARY or BONUS are strictly confidential, shall not be disclosed to any party or individual atany timeOTHER TERMSIn no event, shall any act or omission of whatsoever kind of nature by you give rise to anyliability, claim or cause of action whatsoever against the Company. The Company recognizesthat its sole remedy will be to terminate your employment in accordance with paragraph“Termination”.Please sign and return the duplicate of this letter signifying your acceptance of the offer onthe terms and conditions stated above. The letter of offer is valid for 14 days from thehereof for acceptance and shall otherwise lapse automatically.For and on behalf ofFoodsource Export International Corp.Sdn BhdSharon Lau…………………Director ACKNOWLEDGEMENT SLIPI, Cheng Choon Ean, I/C No. 861120-35-5848 hereby accept the offer for the postOf Accounts cum Admin Assistant and agree to the terms and conditions stated therein.I shall report for duty on 1st June 2012.____________________________ SignDate: