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Social Interaction In 10 years#IEApplication


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How do you imagine social interaction within 10 years, taking into consideration the impact of technology on human relations?

How do you imagine social interaction within 10 years, taking into consideration the impact of technology on human relations?

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  • 1. Our Social Life in Next Ten Years —IEapplication, China, HE Shulun
  • 2. OVERVIEWThe progress of social interaction shows the developemnt of technology in the same time. Socialinteraction start from the talk to friends in meeting, party and club. Later, friends live far away,they start writing to each others. When the technology develops, friends have opportunity tocommunicate with others by phone, then messages. Entering in Information Age, Internet playsan important role in the social life.
  • 3. Internet Social Life since 20 years ago·When we enter in Information EmailAge, Internet becomes a big market fordevelopers. A lot of products appear in a Online Chat Roomshort time, much more than social ways inpast centuries. This is a crazy age. Instant Messenger·We get to know Internet tools such asEmail, which makes us communicate more Online Gamequickly, first Instant Messenger tool ICQappeared in 1997. Online Community·With the development ofeconomy, people have leisure time to playonline game and communicate with Blogstrangers through online chat room andonline community.·Blog seems like a post space, but it’s reallya social tool. Blogger can tell friends orstrangers what they are doing.
  • 4. Self-adjusted Market·Internet Market is a self-adjustedmarket.·Any unsuitable Internet product willbe eliminated naturally.·Whether the internet product isgood or not, the experience ofinternet users is most important.·“ Save The Best For Last”. Theproducts who can stand the ordeal ofusers can bring good experience touses. For example, online chat roomdisappeared gradually; Yahoo hascanceled the business ofYahoo!Messenger
  • 5. Who are they in our life?Nowadays, we are eager to haveappropriate ways to keep in touchwith friends or to find interestingmethods to make new friends. You can share your daily life throughfacebook, twitter and google+;You can post your photo throughInstagram,Pinterest and Flickr;You can tell friends where you havebeen through Foursquare;You can show your profile throughLinkedin; you can talk to friendsthrough MSN and Skype;You can upload interesting videos onYoutube.You prefer which one? It depends onyou!
  • 6. ANOTHER LEGEND OF SOCIAL NETWORK SITE IN 2013? WHY?·There is little possibility thatanother legend similar to that offacebook will appear in 2013.·Firstly, the market is becomingsaturated.·Sencondly, Investors reduceinvestment in informationtechnology industry these years,expecially in Social Network Sites.·It’s hard to build a new empire ofsocial network site to fight withfacebook in a short period withoutdifferent idea and enough funding.
  • 7. In Next 10 Years?The Information Age ischanging all the time.·Five years ago, we call it Ageof Google·Now it becomes Age offacebook.· Who gains more users iswinner.· According to the time, trendof internet development willchange from one to anotherin next 10 years, but themode of social interaction willbe comparatively stable.
  • 8. To Real-World Actions·In America, over 90% teenagers are users ofSocial Network Sites, 75% have personalpage, 51% check at least one time everyday.·In the same time, over half of Americanteenagers prefer face to face communicationto Social Network Sites. They believe thatface to face is more interesting, which alsomakes them easily understand each other.·With the progress of society, ways of socialinteraction among teenagers are changing:33% prefer SMS, 7% prefer Social NetworkSites, only 4% choose telephone call.Overall, for teenagers, new technology is anadditional way of communication, not asubstitue.
  • 9. Relationship between online social interactions and offline activities·Social Network Sites become the mainplatform of advertisement. Businesses cangrow their customer base, increase revenueand drive greater participation by linkingonline interactions to offline activities.Survey:more than half of users on socialplatforms have taken offline action directly asa result of an online interaction.·Activities posted online encourage moreclients participate in offline promotionactivities.·Advertisement posting will become the mainprofit pattern of Social Network Sites-Exccessive brand explosure will make worseuser experience and lead them participate inoffline activities.
  • 10. future?Real-World SocialInteraction linked toMobile Apps·With the popularization of smartphone, Social Interation will becomedependent on mobile application.Survey:mobile apps have an increasinginfluence on offline action, 44% ofsmartphone users report using a mobile appto help them achieve a goal such asimproving theirhealth,fitness,knowledge,education orappearance.· Social Networ Sites will develop moreinteresting mobile applications.· Social Interaction will return to face to facemode.·Social Network Sites must strengthen thecombination between online and offlineactivities to increase user engagement.·New type of Social Network Sites willappear but it’s hard to exceed the currentones in a short time. Most users will have atry but finally return to old ones.
  • 11. Thank You!• Texts&Pictures by He Shulun, From China• The research is based on international background, not on one region.• In different regions, there are regional popular Social Network Sites such as weibo, renren in China.