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Scripting revised

  1. 1. Scripting (Revised)Scene 1: The period of equilibrium where shots of students are shown as they asare socializing with friends and are in a relaxed environment.Camera Shots:Establishing shot of the school. (fades)Medium shot of students in the corridor (socialising)Close up of one of their facesLong shot of students outside the gates of schoolCut to medium shot of the group.Close up of their faces (happy) X3Mid shot in the classroom showing Derrick sitting down, and Ashley standing talkingwith her friendsPoint of view shot in a classroom from Derrick looking at AshleyActors:Groups of students: ExtrasDerrick: RyanAshley: SindyJob Roles:Camera Operator: Vanisha, CharlotteDirector: VenetiaRisk Checker: SindyScene 2: The locker scene where Derrick gets the courage to ask Ashley out.Camera shots:Medium shot from behind Derrick at his locker.Cut to medium shot from the side of his locker.Cut to close up from inside the locker, showing Derrick looking inside.Close up of inside showing a lot of pictures of Ashley.Close up from the side of the locker door about to close, when Ashley is revealedstanding nearby.Tracking shot of Derrick walking towards her.Tone card of “What You Doing Friday?”Medium shot of Derrick slamming his locker and an image falling downCut to a close up of the image falling. (With the sound of laughter)(Continuity Editing)Close up of his eyes, the screen then fades to black.Actors:Derrick: RyanAshley : SindyJob Roles:Camera Operator: Charlotte and VenetiaDirector: VanishaRisk Checker: Sindy
  2. 2. Scene 3: The revision scene where the group are revising in a classroom. Jay is thefirst one to leave which then leads to the others one by one leaving by which pointthe disequilibrium starts.Camera Shots:High angle of the group studying in a classroom.Mid shot of Jay leaving.Close up of Jay’s hand opening the door handle.Fade to black, then close up of Sasha’s face.Close up of Brad’s face.Actors:Ashley: SindySasha: NanouBrad: DavidJay: AnilJob RolesCamera Operator: Vanisha and VenetiaDirector: CharlotteRisk Checker: SindyScene 4: Sasha is in the hallway looking for Jay, however comes into contact withthe villain.Camera ShotsMid shot of Sasha in the hallway.Shot reverse shot of Sasha in the hallway (looking forward, turning back then lookingforward).Two shot of the villain and Sasha as she turns around.Actors:Sasha: NanouVillain: RyanJob RolesCamera Operator: SindyDirector: VenetiaRisk Checker: Charlotte and VanishaScene 5: Jay has been locked in the bathroom and is struggling to get free and alerthis friends. When he finally manages to escape he is met with the villainCamera ShotsClose up of Jay’s hand frantically trying to open the door handle.Mid shot of Jay banging on the door to show that he is locked inside.Close up of Jay’s hand frantically trying to open the door handle.Two shot of Brad and Jay, Jay banging on the door, Brad reassuring he will get help(no speech just acting)Close up of Jay’s phone showing low battery (slow)Mid shot of Jay who bangs his head on the door (as if in defeat)Pan upwards to the mirror which shows writing in redClose up of the writing on the mirrorMid shot of Jay trying to break the door, which eventually breaks openMid shot of Jay falling on the floor (Continuity editing)Point of view shot from Jay looking at someone’s feet in front of him.High angle shot of Jay in fear (fade to black)
  3. 3. Actors:Jay: AnilBrad: DavidVillain: DerrickJob Roles:Camera Operator: Vanisha and SindyDirector: VenetiaRisk Checker: CharlotteScene 6: Brad is in the hallway confused and in fear. He then leaves withoutwarning his friends and tries to escape in order to save himself.Camera Shots:Mid shot of Brad in the hallway looking back and forth.High angle of Brad looking back and forthMid shot of Brad turning aroundHigh angle of Brad looking up in fearClose up of Brad’s face in fearHigh angle of Brad in the school yard running to escapeTracking shot of Brad runningClose up of Brad’s hands trying to open the gate which is lockedOver the shoulder shot of the villain behind Brad.Two shot of the villain behind Brad, the villain holding a knife outClose up of the knife, which then moves towards the cameraActors:Brad: DavidVillain: RyanJob Roles:Camera Operator: Charlotte and VenetiaDirector: SindyRisk Checker: VanishaScene 7: All the while her friends are in trouble, Ashley is unaware of what ishappening as she is busy revising and listening to her music.Camera Shots:Point of view shot from the villain looking at Ashley through the door. (handheldcamera) (slow)Close up of Ashley listening to her music. (slow)Close up of Ashley’s phone showing missed calls (slow)Over the shoulder shot of Ashley using her phoneClose up of Ashley in fearActors:Ashley: SindyJob Roles:Camera Operator: VenetiaDirector: CharlotteRisk Checker: VanishaScene 8: Sasha, from managing to escape the villain earlier in the hallway, is now
  4. 4. hiding in a cupboard from the villain. However her luck runs out as the villain is fullyaware of where she is.Camera Shots:Close up of the villain’s feet on the stairsMedium shot of Sasha inside a cupboardPoint of view shot of her looking through the door (heavy breathing)Medium shot of her turning her head to look on the other sideCut to a point of view shot of the villain appearingActors:Sasha: NanouJob Roles:Camera Operator: SindyDirector: VenetiaRisk Checker: Vanisha and CharlotteScene 9: The ending sees Ashley in a confrontation with the villain after realisingwhat has happened to her friends.Camera Shots:Medium shot of Ashley in a dark lit roomClose up of Ashley’s face (hear heavy breathing)Full body shot of Ashley in the room (hear voice over of someone calling her name)Mid shot of Ashley turning aroundMid shot of her in shockActors:Ashley: SindyJob Roles:Camera Operator: CharlotteDirector: VanishaRisk Checker: VenetiaNOTE: Where we have more than one person at a designated role, during the courseof filming that particular scene the role will be shared so that everyone in our grouphas an equal part when we film the scenes for our trailer.