Poster analysis last house on the left


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Poster analysis last house on the left

  1. 1. The black background represents isolation as it surrounds the house, therefore representing darkness and an edgy atmosphere as houses are meant to be a place where one can relax and feel safe, however when applied in horror films, it usually stands to denote an unsafe environment where representations of evil take place.“Last” and “Left” would play on the audience’s mind in being memorable as it is alliterative and therefore people would want to watch the film.The title having the addition of “on the left” connotes that there is something more sinister about the house than just being any house. It is as if it is directing someone to their house which could prove to be a deadly consequence.<br />The alignment of the words helps to make “house” stand out against the title which then serves to emphasize it as being the main focus in the film.<br />The house is in a black and white misty effect, almost ghost like which could symbolise that is haunted, or that there is something sinister about it.“House” is written in a blood like red colour that has been smeared. Suggesting that the house may be contaminated by evil, or where evil resides.The house is surrounded by the black background which conveys that it is in isolation from everything else, which is in relation to the title as “last” can symbolise it standing alone remote from everything else.The tagline addresses the audience by questioning them what would they do if they were in similar circumstances. This would attract the audience as they may be curious as to know what was done in order to make them want to take revenge. <br />The use of “you” in the question makes it personal.<br />The alignment of the tagline is neatly above the information making the overall appearance look professional.<br />The block of information about the production team has been written in thin italics in order to condense the information to make it appear professional, but not stand out against the main illustration of the poster.The website of the oficial horror film has been written lastly underneath the information which would further promote the film, and helps to give the poster an overall professional appearance.<br />I have chosen to analyse this poster as I feel that it is very effective in communicating that it is of the horror genre through the style that it uses of a mystifying effect surrounding the house, and its emphasis by using a dark portrayal of the house. <br />The style conveys a cloudy atmosphere as it presents the main image of the house as being almost ghost like which suggests that it may be possessed or spiritual activity may be perceptible. Also it appears as though there is a face where the two windows are lit up, therefore depicting that a spirit could be present or something evil resides there.<br />However although at first sight the house may look evil, or have the connotations of being evil, if it is compared with the title, it could suggest that intruders may have broken into the house and harmed a person’s loved one. Or it could suggest that the people who live there are not to be messed with, if one of their loved one’s has been harmed from the outside, then their family would want to take revenge and therefore it wouldn’t make the house that is evil, but more so the people who hurt someone, or took revenge.<br />This shows that it is of ambiguity as the picture is suggestive of one thing, where the actual tagline may be suggesting something else.<br />There is a juxtaposition of using house, as this should be a place of warmth and safety where one should feel at ease, however when combined with a “spiritual” appearance that has been portrayed, it immediately takes away that safe feeling that one should have when they see images of houses. <br />The poster conforms to typical conventions which is evident in the majority of horror posters. It follows the conventions of the use of red to connotate evil and danger, along with the surrounding black to emphasize this. The white however, in this case is in the effect similar to a cloudy and misty appearance which may not be suggestive of hope, but more so to emphasize the danger of being involved in the house, or being enclosed by it. <br />There is also a lot of emphasis to the title as it is not solely placed in a single line, with some of the words in red. It is written in a big font size taking the majority of the top thirds of the page, as well as entering the middle thirds of the page. Therefore it is effective as it makes the poster look bold and interesting as when complemented with the house, the two elements successfully stand to convey horror.<br />Overall this poster successfully portrays horror by using conventional elements such as the colour theme of red, white and black. It also has altered our normal perceptions of what a house should be, and has turned it into something that should be feared of.<br />