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Pluto Self Government Ppt
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Pluto Self Government Ppt


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This is a presentation on why Pluto should be self-governed and decide for itself whether it should be a planet or not.

This is a presentation on why Pluto should be self-governed and decide for itself whether it should be a planet or not.

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  • Pluto has a government, it is not in your realm of understanding. It is of Pompelanaian decendencry. :merlin:
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Pluto Still a Planet In Loving Memory of those who were lost in the trans-Plutonic wars
    • 2. Why should Pluto govern itself? “Once a planet, always a planet!” -Plutonian motto Pluto has been a long standing member of the planetary community Pluto never agreed to be governed by any Earthborn committee Pluto has a sizable civilian population which is oppressed under the new leadership Pluto will stage revolt if not given control back
    • 3. What resources would a self-governed Pluto offer? Trade - Pluto has a great amount of metal ore, ice, and weapons technology to sell to off-planet merchants Military - In addition to weapons technologies, Pluto could stand as a forward military base on the forefront of interstellar exploration Projected Off-Planet Research Hours 15000 Science - Pluto could serve as a base for 11250 scientists to experiment 7500 under different natural conditions than Earth 3750 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
    • 4. What social benefits are gained by Pluto’s self-government? The cultural expanse that is upheld by the Plutonian public could reveal itself to Earthborn peoples Artwork and music would not be lost to an oppressive government influence A diversity of interplanetary governments would allow for fair solutions to planetary and interplanetary disputes, without bloodshed
    • 5. What threat would Pluto pose if given self-control? Given that the standing population is the integral from zero to two on a cartesian coordinate system of the Plutonians Locations function f(x)=x with respect to x, On Earth On Pluto A.K.A. two persons, and the entire population is bound to Earth and are only Plutonian citizens by paper, no military threat would exist 100% Plutonian citizens are characterized as lazy, so the political & social threat level would be minimal
    • 6. How would the economy of Earth fare? Pluto’s Economy Earth’s Economy The Plutonian citizenry is 0.0001% already monetarily invested in Earth, so it would be economic suicide to not 99.9999% stay heavily involved in Earthly economics Size comparison of the Plutonian economy vs. the Earthly economy.
    • 7. How much of a trade benefit could the solar system see? Projected Interplanetary Trade (millions of $) 1000 Our researchers are 750 only speculating, but there could be a 500 ? growth of more than 10,000% in 250 interplanetary trade 0 2008 2009 2010
    • 8. How could researchers utilize a free Pluto? Researchers could develop new weapons in Pluto’s vast fields of nothingness, without harming anyone Also, vast experiments, such as the Large Hadron Collider, could be set up on Pluto, costing less for the land and disturbing no one Amount of Pluto Used (in sq. miles) 4 Researchers could utilize 3 Pluto’s cold atmosphere 2 to set up experiments 1 that need to be closer to 0 absolute zero 2007 2008 2009 2010
    • 9. What would political leaders gain from a free Pluto? Any political leaders who campaign for Pluto’s release from oppressive UN treatment may expect Plutonian campaigning for that politician in their next race Anyone else who attempts to help Pluto gain the right to self-government may get one free hug certificate FREE HUG CERTIFICATE This ticket is redeemable for one (1) free hug from either Christian Gonzalez (Bangkok, Thailand) or Austin Tussing (Fairfax, VA, USA). OI-< OI-< OI-< OI-< This offer is not available with any other offer, and all certificates expire 12/31/10. See website for details.
    • 10. Thank you for your time Please help Pluto regain it’s self-governing status 100% real Pluto.