French trends 2012 2013/ Through regional and local newspapers
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French trends 2012 2013/ Through regional and local newspapers






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French trends 2012 2013/ Through regional and local newspapers French trends 2012 2013/ Through regional and local newspapers Presentation Transcript

  • Frenchman, Frenchwoman etc.2012/2013 Trendsillustrated through regional and local pressPrivate & Confidential © 2011 1
  • 2011- 2012From “Deal with” to “Do for”When 2011 was the year of finding new ways to dealwith the crisis,2012 rimes with people reaction of tending to do forthemselves and others.Private & Confidential © 2011 2
  • Refocusing on social and territorial close circles Driven by a lack of trust, this new trend is carried by : + invididual optimism (when we usually talk about French collective pessimism) + the will to act for oneself, with, and in the middle of its communities.Since they can’t trust politics or brands, people live off their own back.Private & Confidential © 2011 3
  • This new positive move leads to 13 phenomenons « Live» the crisis Les nouvelles résiliences 1. The boiling pot 1. Gamble on oneself 2. « Cultivate our garden » 2. Me, myself and I 3. Us people 3. Our plurial lives Earn less, live better The self quest against outside 1. Consumer degree 2. Collaborative consumption 1. Sweet, slow life ! 3. Econology 2. Info-chaos 4. The simplicity come back 3. Avatars and identitiesPrivate & Confidential © 2011 4
  • Part one :“Live” the crisisA pessimism record-breaking due to :• Mass bad news• Mistrust towards powers and institutions Private & Confidential © 2011 5
  • The Boiling pot + Indignations,claimings, lack of trust towards collective action, but not local politics.86% of French People trust regional council , when 76% mistrust politics + People feel their vote matters. Private & Confidential © 2011 6
  • The Boiling pot+ Before 2012/Collective meeting and politics tochange things+ 2012/Waiting for a meaningful change+ The quote/ “When national democracy weakens ,the local one strenghtens.”+ Symbol/The IndignadosPrivate & Confidential © 2011 7
  • “Cultivate our garden”* + State and collective actions won’t change the world, we remain to ourselves. + Through individual optimism, we promote happiness through simple things. + Thenew French is both hedonist and pragmatic.8/10 is the average mark given by Frenchpeople to their livesPrivate & Confidential © 2011 8 *Quote from a referent French novel : Candide, written by Voltaire
  • “Cultivate our garden”+ Before 2012/Incertitude anxiety+ 2012/Incertitude as a norm+ The quote/“Everything is a mess, let’s be happy”+ Symbol/The Lol Project, Free Hugs…Private & Confidential © 2011 9 *Quote from a referent French novel : Candide, written by Voltaire
  • Us People + Shared and simple happiness + We reinvest into solidarity, help, fraternity… in our 69% give their trust to people they know closeness.Private & Confidential © 2011 10
  • Us people+ Before 2012/Competitive individualism+ 2012/Benevolent egotism+ The quote/“Still thinking through themselves, peopleremain less selfish.”+ Symbol/Intouchables. A french movie about adisabled helped by a suburban recidivist.Private & Confidential © 2011 11
  • Part two :New resilienciesPeople self-focus in response to the lack of trust :• Individual initiative appears as the only way to go through Private & Confidential © 2011 12
  • Drawing your own path + Searching and valorising individual adventure + Being selfsufficient and creating your own path : fleeing inaction and waiting for a change coming from outside. + They tend to gamble more and360 000 companies created in 2010, when 170 000 in 2008. more.Private & Confidential © 2011 13
  • Drawing your own way+ Before 2012/“Helped job”+ 2012/Owner-manager status+ The quote/“Gambling, for better or worse, but at leasttrying.”+ Symbol/Statement of skillsPrivate & Confidential © 2011 14
  • Me, myself and I + Self affirmation through statuses and behaviours + Frenchpeople emancipate themselves by exposing our personal identities, far away from classes belonging. + Oneselfas a brand : origin,More than 7 people over 10 publish their pictures, interests, job, hobbies, tastes, opinions videos…Private & Confidential © 2011 15
  • Me, myself and I+ Before 2012/Social status+ 2012/Personal branding+ The quote/“I is another.”+ Symbol/The Klout.Private & Confidential © 2011 16
  • Our plural lives + Breaking traditional, life styles. + End of the “unic and stable life” : one employee, one partner… We live different lives at the same time. + Life is about recompositions and reinventions : hedonist individualism also means 11% of reconstituted families in 2010, plural lives. when 8% in 2008Private & Confidential © 2011 17
  • Our plural lives+ Before 2012/One life, one way to built it.+ 2012/Multiple lives, different ways to live it.+ The quote/“By taking more personal choices, peopleredefine conjugal life and multiplyexperiences.”+ Symbol/Gleeden.comPrivate & Confidential © 2011 18
  • Part three :Earn less, live betterTo face crisis, people :• rationalize their budget,• try to consume strategically, according to their• value Private & Confidential © 2011 19
  • Consumer Degree + End of mass consumption, sum up to owning a product. + French people are expert, they want to make the right choice, according to what they are and expect. + They criticize, they zap brands, and discuss into communities. + Good deals overhold brand78% of French people worry about how they will monitary end the month affect. Private & Confidential © 2011 20
  • Consumer degree+ Before 2012/Brand talking, consumer listening+ 2012/Good deal, consumer communities,consumer becoming a seller.+ The quote/“We live in a C to C area.”+ Symbol/Online comparatorsPrivate & Confidential © 2011 21
  • Cooperative consumption + Catch-as-catch-can system + Mutualhelp, getting by together, and cooperative use + Renting, exchanging, sharing your flat, your car, your stuff among communities. We 59% have a car, when 76% 30 years ago. 27% already lived in a flatsharing entered the “co” era.Private & Confidential © 2011 22
  • Cooperative consumption+ Before 2012/Property+ 2012/Use+ The quote/“I don’t need a drill, I need a hole in my wall.”+ Symbol/Barter partyPrivate & Confidential © 2011 23
  • Econology + Greater part of French People become “locavorous” : they consume seasonal and local fuits and vegetables, to take part in sustainable development. + Collaborative, smart and economical, the new70% think that the mention « local producer » encourage the consumption is also ethical. purchasePrivate & Confidential © 2011 24
  • Econology+ Before 2012/New products+ 2012/Local products+ The quote/“I stop eating peaches in March, andstarwberries in october.”+ Symbol/AMAP : Baskets delivered, in order helpingfarming agriculture.Private & Confidential © 2011 25
  • The “simplicity” come back + Less to be better, less to be happier. + Overconsumption doesn’t match anymore with individual happiness. + Glamour and bling-bling : out ! Let’s stick to basics 73% choose home made by pleasurePrivate & Confidential © 2011 26
  • The “simplicity” come back+ Before 2012/Performance+ 2012/Essential+ The quote/“Unknown during the XXth century, thebreadmaker is the new trendy XXIth device.”+ Symbol/Picnic and barbecue.Private & Confidential © 2011 27
  • Part four :The self quest, against outsideSpeed cult is over : French now tend to detoxand finding themselves and others, again.Private & Confidential © 2011 28
  • Sweet slow life + Endof Commuting – Working –Sleeping*, we entered the slow delight era. + Frenchwant to control time, and not be urge by it anymore. + Time became the new claim for happiness. 46% of French people use their mobiles during holidaysPrivate & Confidential © 2011 29 *Métro-Boulot-dodo
  • Sweet slow life+ Before 2012/Save time+ 2012/Take your time+ The quote/“Should I explain here, the biggest, themainest, the most useful of education rules ?It’s not about saving time, but wasting it.”Rousseau+ Symbol/The nap barsPrivate & Confidential © 2011 30 *Quote from a referent French novel : Candide, written by Voltaire
  • Info-chaos + Now information is personnal, fragmented. We don’t seek for it, it comes to us… it’s everywhere. + Inspite of this and the new sharing facilities, we are very likely to forget. + We, thus, tend to rationalize and give back meaning to information.Today, French people have 42 contacts with a medium, when 34 in 2005 Private & Confidential © 2011 31 *Métro-Boulot-dodo
  • Info-chaos+ Before 2012/The TV News (everyone was watching thesame thing)+ 2012/Twitter+ The quote/“When cames the “info-obesity”, seeking formeaning and understandibng is an urge.”+ Symbol/SoLoMoPrivate & Confidential © 2011 32 *Quote from a referent French novel : Candide, written by Voltaire
  • Avatars and identities + Identity demand is rising, facing with speed, lack of meaning, globalisation… + Strong communities, created through internet, but also paradoxically localy. + We show our attachment to 21% of French people quote Magret de Canard national identity. as their favorite mealPrivate & Confidential © 2011 33 *Métro-Boulot-dodo
  • Avatars and identities+ Before 2012/Family Tree+ 2012/Folklore+ The quote/“Local places are now, besides socialnetworks, the new source of identity.”+ Symbol/Registration plate(when department numbers have been removed from it,people reacted very strongly and demanded keeping it.)Private & Confidential © 2011 34 *Quote from a referent French novel : Candide, written by Voltaire
  • ImagePrivate & Confidential © 2011 35
  • Image and Text Copy text here.Private & Confidential © 2011 36