Macbeth Act 1-3 Presentation


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Macbeth Act 1-3 Presentation

  1. 1. Macbeth Act 1-3PresentationVanessa Tam
  2. 2. The play starts off with three mysteriouswitches who plan to meet again to seeMacbethMacbeth is the Thane of Glamis and a wellrespected knight of the King of Scotland(Duncan)Banquo is a knight of the King Duncan andfriend of MacbethMacbeth and Banquo hear about theprophecies from the witches on the wayback from battleMacbeth learns that he will become Thaneof Cawdor and King of ScotlandThe witches’ prophecy starts Macbeththinking of murdering King Duncan tobecome the King of ScotlandAct 1: Witches, Macbeth and Banquo three mysterious witchesMacbeth
  3. 3. Lady Macbeth is wife of MacbethShe influences Macbeth a lot tokill DuncanLady Macbeth readsMacbeth’s letterShe wonders if he is cruelenough to kill King Duncan byhimselfShe also learns that KingDuncan is visiting her castle(“perfect timing” for Macbethto murder)Act 1 : Lady Macbeth
  4. 4. Lady Macbeth tells Macbeth toact normally when their guestsarrive at the castleMacbeth backs out of the planbecause he is not ready to killLady Macbeth gets angry andpressures himMacbeth agrees to go kill KingDuncanAct 1-Planning Out the Murder
  5. 5. When Macbeth goes to seeDuncan, he sees a dagger.He does not know if it is hishallucinationHowever, Macbeth goes to dohis murder.Act 2- The Murder
  6. 6. Lady Macbeth is waiting forMacbeth to return from hismurder.Macbeth is freaked out from themurder scene and takes thebloody dagger with him.Lady Macbeth has to clean upafter Macbeth.Act 2- The Wait
  7. 7. The murder of King Duncan is discovered.Macbeth’s servants are accused of killingKing Duncan.Macbeth kills the servants and says he wasangry that they killed the king.MacDuff is a Scottish noble and suspiciouswhen Macbeth kills body guardsMalcolm and Donalbain are the sons ofthe king and they decide to flee becausethey feel like they are in dangerAct 2-The DiscoveryDiscovery of the dead body of King Duncan and Donalbain decideto flee
  8. 8. Ross is a Scottish nobleRoss is talking to an old manabout supernatural events thathappened during the night ofthe murder like Duncan’shorses trying to eat each otherMacDuff shows up and says heis going back to his castleMacbeth is going be crownedKing of ScotlandAct 2: Aftermath of the Murder
  9. 9. Macbeth is thinking about the witches’prophecy that Banquo’s descendantswill become kingIn an aside, Macbeth reveals he doesnot want Banquo’s children to be king.Macbeth meets with some murderersto arrange for the killing of Banquo andFleance (his son).Macbeth tells the murderers thatBanquo is their enemy and his own aswell.Banquo is killed, but Fleance escapesAct 3: Plans to Kill Banquo andFleanceBanquo is killed.
  10. 10. Lady Macbeth and Macbeth have abig banquet for all the LordsMacbeth thinks he sees Banquo’sghost sitting in his chair and startstalking to itThe other lords are suspicious ofMacbeth’s weird actionsLady Macbeth asks all the lords togo home and reassures them thatMacbeth is just stressed outAct 3: The Banquet
  11. 11. Macbeth tells his wife that heis haunted by bad dreamsHe says he will go ask thewitches for more predictionsso he can know in advancewhat will happen next.Act 3: Macbeth and StressMacbeth asking the witches.