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Testing the efficacy of new mockups: findings and proposed solutions

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  • User Research: Home Page

    1. 1. USER RESEARCH: P2PU HOMEPAGE • What We’re Up To • Tools & Methods • Labeling Test • Annotation Test • Realizations for Next Time • Next Steps Vanessa Gennarelli @mozzadrella CC-BY
    2. 2. WHAT WE’RE UP TO homepage should be badass. To wit: • Can new learners find the info they need to enroll in a course? • Can course organizers find the info they need to start a course? Vanessa Gennarelli @mozzadrella CC-BY
    3. 3. TOOLS & METHODS• Verifyapp:• Respondents recruited via P2PU listserv, Twitter and Facebook• Labeling test: • Focused on a new user’s experience• Annotation test: • Focused on course creator’s Vanessa Gennarelli experience @mozzadrella CC-BY
    4. 4. LABELING TESTThe lowdown: • 995 viewers, 100 responses, 48% from US • Prompt: "Label each marker with what you think it is, and what else youd want to know about a course before you enroll." Vanessa Gennarelli @mozzadrella CC-BY
    5. 5. LABELING TESTResults: • “Featured courses” concept is well-understood • Course covers look like a price tag • Need more precise labeling: • “badge” “peer” “course” • “Create a Course” may be Vanessa Gennarelli too intimidating, suggest @mozzadrella “Give” CC-BY
    6. 6. THE DREADED ACTIVITY FEED• Often mistaken for our Twitterfeed--> :( • “Tedious list of every minute change made by users of the system”• “Many of the comments will be germane to the particular conversations and so not that accessible” • “Lets get rid of activity feeds on the front page, they are just annoying”• “The activity feed means nothing for a person that has just come to the page for the first time. could be in a sidebar, to show that it is actually something going on, but its too prominent here”
    7. 7. LABELING TEST- RECOMMENDATIONS Ta ke at ou r Take a tour Sign up• Tweak course • “Take a tour” Instead of activity feed: cover box feature • Schools• Include organizer’s name • As a 3rd button, • Badges awaiting or as a ribbon on review the top-nav• Include signup • Pictures and button profiles of power users Vanessa Gennarelli @mozzadrella CC-BY
    8. 8. ANNOTATION TESTPrompt: "Click and drag on the area youd expect to findinfo about how to create a course. Add notes to areasthat dont make sense to you." Vanessa Gennarelli @mozzadrella CC-BY
    9. 9. 538 viewers, 62responses, 53% ANNOTATION TESTfrom US Prompt: "Click and drag on the area youd expect to find info about how to create a course. Add notes to areas that dont make sense to you." Create a Course button more frequently-usedLabeling very than top-nav & topunclear: why should nav is redundantwe learn with peers? Users are confused by the call to action Activity feed was before they understand again pointed what P2PU is about out as irrelevant Vanessa Gennarelli @mozzadrella CC-BY
    10. 10. ANNOTATION TEST- RECOMMENDATIONSReconsider the “Find” vs. “Create” flow“Yikes! I’m new to P2PU and you are sending me down two very different rabbit holes!Show me the courses FIRST! That way I can learn the culture and can be inspired to createone myself later on.” Option 1 Option 2 Learn More See More Give a Course Courses Homepage is mostly One path-- featured courses to give labeling could be Vanessa Gennarelli new users a sense of “Learn More” or the culture. Bottom of “Get Started” @mozzadrella page would be choices. CC-BY
    11. 11. REALIZATIONS FOR NEXT TIME• Use only the annotation test• Double-barreled prompts--VMG *knows* better• Solution: run several tests with one question or prompt• Each successive test gets fewer results, so perhaps stagger them Vanessa Gennarelli @mozzadrella CC-BY
    12. 12. NEXT STEPS• Work with Chris and Dirk to prioritize & implement recommendations• Always. Be. Testing.• Results are on Dropbox (PDF, .csv, slides): http:// Vanessa Gennarelli @mozzadrella CC-BY