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Twitter for Business
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Twitter for Business


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The ups and downs of Twitter. Did you know that 60% of new Twitter users quit using this social platform within the first week! That's because once you set-up your account, people ask Now What? …

The ups and downs of Twitter. Did you know that 60% of new Twitter users quit using this social platform within the first week! That's because once you set-up your account, people ask Now What? Twitter for Business will show you how to connect and start creating meaningful business and personal benefits right away! You'll learn secrets to building influence on Twitter and ways to build an audience that wants to connect to you. Get on the road to social media influence and business success!

Published in: Marketing, Technology, Business
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  • If you have less than 200 twitter followers, twitter will be boring. If you’re not there spend 20 minutes a day to begin building your following. There’s no shortcut to building your followers. The only legitimate method to attract targeted follows is to find them, follow them and hope they follow you back. Rule of thumb is that about 70% of the people you follow will follow you back.
  • Twellow is like the yellow pages for Twitter. Sign in for free with your twitter information and you can find and follow targeted users. You can search by category, industry interest. Everything under the sun. You can also search by city. And you can add yourself to up to 10 categories so that people can find you.
  • Transcript

    • 1. for business Vanessa Cabrera Chief Creative Officer Your Social Media Mentor, Inc.
    • 2. @vanessacabrera #acntwitter Vanessa Cabrera Chief Creative Officer Your Social Media Mentor, Inc. @vanessacabrera
    • 3. @vanessacabrera #acntwitter Twitter for Business Follow Presentation at #acntwitter
    • 4. @vanessacabrera #acntwitter Twitter for Business With its real-time human driven results, Twitter has become the networking, information and search engine of choice for many business professionals. Why? Twitter can help you: • Attract new audiences and potential customers, partners and suppliers • Follow news on your industry, market, competition, and customers • Solve problems quickly • Stay on top of the latest research, opinion, insights, and competitive intelligence • Learn new skills • Strengthen new and existing business relationships • Open up low-cost marketing opportunities
    • 5. @vanessacabrera #acntwitter Twitter for Business Studies show that about 60% of people who try Twitter quit after the first week! Why? Once they set up their profile, follow a few celebrities, tweet about what you’re doing now, and see what happens. They never got past the first step an onto the next step of learning how to use twitter effectively.
    • 6. @vanessacabrera #acntwitter Five Set-Up Basics Twitter success starts with setting up your profile correctly. 1. Always include a personal photo 2. Include a link to your website 3. Create a biography with your business interests. Add some personality! 4. Choose a short easy to remember user name 5. Even if no one is following you yet, add a few tweets
    • 7. @vanessacabrera #acntwitter You’ve Set Up Your Twitter Account…Now What? You want to learn and use twitter to build your business. Business Benefits are created through 3 elements: 1. Targeted Connections 2. Meaningful Content 3. Authentic Helpfulness
    • 8. @vanessacabrera #acntwitter Targeted Connections No amount of work, time, or dedication to marketing and social media networking will work if you haven’t surrounded yourself with people who might be interested in you and what you have to say. Start building your connections
    • 9. @vanessacabrera #acntwitter 10 Ways to Attract Targeted Followers 1. Start following people you already know by looking for them on Twitter
    • 10. @vanessacabrera #acntwitter 2. Look through people’s public lists Twitter Tip! Add yourself to your lists so that anyone who subscribes to your list has the option of following you as well.
    • 11. @vanessacabrera #acntwitter 10 Ways to Attract Targeted Followers 3. Use Twitter’s standard “Who to Follow function 3. Use Twitter’s “Find friends” function
    • 12. @vanessacabrera #acntwitter 5. Use
    • 13. @vanessacabrera #acntwitter 10 Ways to Attract Targeted Followers 6. Watch whom your followers are recommending and 7. 8. 9. 10. tweeting Do a twitter search by your business interest Connect with contacts via your other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Linkedin Attend Twitter chats within your industry Include your Twitter handle in your email signature and on your business cards
    • 14. @vanessacabrera #acntwitter Provide Meaningful Content Be present on Twitter. Provide consistent, compelling content that will peak the interest of your new twitter connections. What to tweet? • Tweet about what interests you • Tweet in the moment • Link to your blog • Link to comments you created on Linked, Facebook and other platforms • Retweet
    • 15. @vanessacabrera #acntwitter The Mighty Re-Tweet! A re-tweet simply means re-sharing someone else’s tweet, Benefits of the re-tweet 1. It takes the burden off of you to consistently create content. 2. A re-tweet is a sincere form of flattery. It’s a way of saying loved your content, thus I will share it with the rest of my followers for them to benefit 3. It puts you on the radar screen of the person you tweeted. Re-tweet tip: 7 things you didn’t know you could do on Facebook RT: @vanessacabrera: 7 things you didn’t know you could do on Facebook RT: 7 things you didn’t know you could do on Facebook via @vanessacabrera
    • 16. @vanessacabrera #acntwitter Offering Authentic Helpfulness The Most Important Phrase You’ll Ever Say in a Meeting: How Can I Help You? When someone does something great, an interesting blog post, some helpful tips, a helpful solution etc…try to make an effort to compliment that person publicly on Twitter “@justinc thanks for providing great twitter tips! Follow Justin you won’t regret it!”
    • 17. @vanessacabrera #acntwitter Offering Authentic Helpfulness Remember you are building a P2P relationship – person to person. If you are consistently tweeting about yourself, and sell, sell, selling your services and or products, your followers will sniff this out and runaway. Business has always been built on trusting relationships and networking online is no different
    • 18. @vanessacabrera #acntwitter Examples on how to be authentically helpful • Answer questions • Read people’s profiles, visit their website and find out something in common • Remember the almighty Re-tweet • Check your @mentions frequently. Make sure you know who is mentioning you and try to respond or acknowledge their genuine efforts
    • 19. @vanessacabrera #acntwitter Examples on how to be authentically helpful • Show gratitude
    • 20. @vanessacabrera #acntwitter Examples on how to be authentically helpful • Be yourself – be honest and let people see your personality • Use every opportunity to extend the conversation and the relationship by taking it offline, in an email, a phone call or a meeting.
    • 21. @vanessacabrera #acntwitter The #Hashtag Nation What is a #hashtag? On social media sites such as Twitter – a word or phrase preceded by a hash or pound sign (#) and used to identify messages on a specific topic.
    • 22. @vanessacabrera #acntwitter Twitter Chats What is a twitter chat? A twitter chat is a group of people with a common interest, that get together at a specific time on Twitter to have a discussion, share ideas etc. The discussion is united by a #hashtag, so that all interested tweeps can follow along.
    • 23. @vanessacabrera #acntwitter Twitter Chats Ultimate Benefits for Twitter Chats 1. Chats are a great place to share ideas with like-minded people 2. Build your Targeted Connections – great place to make new connections. Once you begin to “follow” people within the chat, it may be a good idea to create a list based off of your favorite chat members 3. Chats can give you insight into your own brand and new ideas on how to build your brand 4. By participating in chats – this can increase your influence on twitter 5. A company, brand or individual can establish a voice of authority by creating and leading a chat.
    • 24. @vanessacabrera #acntwitter Final Tweet Tips Whether you’re a pro at Twitter or just getting started remember to • Be patient • Be persistent • Be yourself • Be helpful • Be open to new possibilities of what your new twitter connections can bring to not only your business but to your life.
    • 25. @vanessacabrera #acntwitter Vanessa Cabrera #Thank you! @vanessacabrera References: The Tao of Twitter by Mark. W. Schaefer = @markwschaefer Mashable Twitter Studies