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Buy your own PC

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A presentation of an effective way to buy a gaming computer from scratch.

A presentation of an effective way to buy a gaming computer from scratch.

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  • Some of the components I bought could have been much less expensive, but with lower quality. Even though they were more expensive they gave better quality and a better gaming experience.
  • HD 6850 is good for high quality, but not max settings for graphics. It is ideal for a gamer on a budget. 960 stream processing is good especially for a multi tasking gamer. PCI express 2.1 has better qualities to the older versions such as higher maximum system bus throughput, lower 1/0 pin count, and smaller physical footprint.
  • The dual core E-450 is very fast and reliable and good for gaming and has higher integrated graphics. The case I thought looked pretty cool and was nice to have dual fans.
  • I got the best savings for an individual component as you can see here and I was very pleased with how that worked out.
  • The keyboard and mouse are efficient and sensitive for fast in game reflexes and for such a low price was very helpful for my budgeting. The headset has good sound quality on both input and output and looks rather comfortable to wear.
  • This was rather cheap for a good quality cooling system for just $13.00. It has a good rotations per minute speed and covers a large area in a small amount of time with 40 cubic feet per minute.
  • I was very pleased with the savings I was able to find! There were some smaller and less notable savings such as ten dollars off the original prices of the motherboard/CPU and graphics card. By far the best deal was zero shipping costs!! This was really nice because I didn’t have to worry about it at all. These aren’t all my purchases, but rather the more notable ones.


  • 1. My Purpose I designed my PC for gaming. Some of the parts were expensive. The more expensive parts came with pros and cons.
  • 2. Graphics Card Sapphire Radeon HD 6850 960 Stream Processor PCI express 2.1x16This particular graphics card was given a four out of five rating on, but was priced at only $140.00.
  • 3. Motherboard/CPU combo andCase 2x240 pin memory slots Maximum memory supported: 8GB Integrated dual core E-450, Radeon HD 6320 GraphicsFinding this rather inexpensive ($120.00) motherboard/CPU combo was surprising for its 5 out of 5 rating. •Rosewill FBM-01 -Case •Dual fans Micro ATX. •Mini Tower •$30.00
  • 4. Monitor Acer Widescreen LCD monitor Original price $130.00 Price I got it for $80.00 Savings $50.00 18.5” screen
  • 5. Extra Accessories Keyboard/mouse comboThe keyboard is a standard USB plug in, but the mouse is an Optical mouse and even though they are together only $10.00 they are of a good quality. Headset plus microphoneThe headset is not a requirement if you are into gaming, but since most online games incorporate chat it is a good thing to have.
  • 6. Cooling System Evercool SB-RV Lubricate Rocket V system cooler, with integrated heatsink 1800-2600 = 10% RPM 40 CFMIt is easily installed and adjusted as needed. It is cheap at $13.00
  • 7. Finale Costs and GoodDeals The Monitor was the best deal for an individual component, with a rebate value of $80.00 from the original $130.00 The cooling system and memory storage were very cheap and made integrating these parts very easy with there wide range of compatibility and adjustments. Finally, the best deal was not having any shipping costs! I had no shipping costs because I bought all my parts from Grand total $789.88