The Live Experience


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  • The Live Experience

    1. 1. THE LIVE EXPERIENCE A State of Contextual Evolution
    2. 2. INTERLINKING. . • Creating innovative ideas that involve the audience in an experiential process • Interlinking on and offline campaign elements . so they don’t just reiterate the same message in another way/place, but operate like acts in a well crafted play
    3. 3. EMBRACE POWERFUL EXPERIENCES. . • People love real connections • People love live and immersive interaction • . People love discovery and escapism • People love scale and intimacy WHAT WE DO IS HARD. . • You need to get it right, or people notice • It must be relevant, or people don’t notice • It’s hard to get it right but easy to screw up • Experiential is not for everyone • . Never settle for good enough • You need to be able to challenge common opinion with relevant and thought provoking ideas
    4. 4. . 7 PRINCIPLES TO WORK BY. Be Authentic. Be Adaptive. Be Relevant. Be Transformative. . Be Fresh. Be Immersive. Be Social.
    5. 5. . BUSINESS CHALLENGES, NOT BRIEFS. • The job, is to solve problems. Creatively. • The solution that is suggested may not always be what the client brief requests • At times it means giving answers to more questions than were asked • . The job is to see solutions the client can’t see, which is why the response is not always exactly to the brief that is given • The response always needs to answer the business challenge behind that brief
    6. 6. BE BOLD, TAKE RISKS. . • There are no rewards for being timid • If the client had all the answers, why would they need us • If no one ever took. a risk in business, they would go out of business • An assuring swagger and a big, bold (calculated) risk can go a long way
    7. 7. CREATE UNIQUE EXPERIENCES. . • Create original things that offer discovery and delight • Make people feel better off because of them • Value thinking and thoughtfulness, from people and brands • . Deliver surprising new solutions • Create journeys that jolt the most disenchanted preservers of the status quo • It’s about creating an idea first that makes people feel excited to be involved
    8. 8. KLEENEX - LET IT OUT. .
    9. 9. KLEENEX - LET IT OUT. .
    10. 10. .
    11. 11. . MOBILE AND REAL TIME ENGAGEMENT. • Mobile technology will allow more real-time streaming and consumer expectations • Technologies and devices will help brands move from messaging to digitally-enabled, . increasingly live, real-world experiences • More digital experiences will break-out into the real world and will require active participation • Consumers will demand more real-time live-to- mobile experiences, that delivers them control
    12. 12. CREATE IDEAS THAT ONLY . WORK FOR THAT BRAND. • Partner with clients and create ideas that help to grow brands • Be problem solvers: think strategic, creative, relationship-building, brand-refreshing • Focus on always creating ideas that only work . for the brand they are intended • Success as a measure? If you were to remove the logo, or erased the branding from the experience, it could still only be for that one client
    13. 13. . THINK EVOLUTION, NOT ONE-OFF PROJECTS. • Create brilliant moments in time, that deliver ongoing experiences and conversations • Don’t be limited in where and how this happens • Don’t worry about live versus online, be real to the content • . Never be precious, the dialogue is what counts • Keep the experiences ongoing over time and across audiences; there are no boundaries • To customers, it’s one brand, one ongoing experience, that continues to entertain and be great
    14. 14. BUDGET - “WHAT WOULD I. DO IF IT WAS MY MONEY?” • Be commercial, focus on the creative challenges • Face these challenges head-on • Success, is measured not by selling clients more, but by helping our clients sell more . • Clients objectives and budgets are paramount • Simple rule of thumb: spend our clients' money as if it were our own
    15. 15. THE END. . Paul Vandeleur .