Zuidas, a new city center of Amsterdam


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Client: De Complete Stad, Royaal Zuid, Zuidschans and Projectbureau Zuidas

Assignment: Develop an area campaign that enhances Zuidas’s reputation and image as a residential neighbourhood.

Solution: Breathe life into Zuidas by linking businesspeople, the hospitality industry, companies and visitors.

Brand concept: Meeting. Hello World, Hello Zuidas, Hello You.

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Zuidas, a new city center of Amsterdam

  1. 1. hello 012zuidasA lively, cosmopolitan area thanksto a joint campaign.Vandejongamsterdam
  2. 2. ClientDe Complete Stad, Royaal Zuid, Zuidschans andProjectbureau ZuidasAssignmentDevelop an area campaign that enhances Zuidas’sreputation and image as a residential neighbourhood.SolutionBreathe life into Zuidas by linking businesspeople,the hospitality industry, companies and visitors.Brand conceptMeeting. Hello World, Hello Zuidas, Hello You.
  3. 3. hello zuidas must exude a cosmopolitan air
  4. 4. Platform Pr-machine researcher director events agency radar Presenterinspirator guide Program eye-opener motivator networker hosthello zuidas has multiple functions a brand concept with a cheerful, positive tone of voice
  5. 5. Hello World! Get down on your knees in a Zuidas street and discover the world of the Diggers. The Diggers live in a world below Zuidas and are afraid of sunlight, fresh air and people. One day, the three curious, brave Diggers Coach, Pr and E trade their stuffy under- ground life for a look at the world above the surface. On their expedition, our heroes discover a world full of fresh breezes and tall buildings. They observe the residents of Zuidas and report back on their adventures to Diggers Headquarters. Slowly but surely, the Diggers who stayed behind discover that the world of Zuidas is a nice place to be – maybe even for them?imaginary characters the diggers show the way to a new perspective on zuidas
  6. 6. hello zuidasThe three housing consortia De Complete Stad, RoyaalZuid and Zuidschans seek to promote the Gershwinresidential area in Zuidas. This presents a few com-munication challenges. The public associates Zuidasmainly with the business world, and the area has suf-fered negative publicity. In addition, Zuidas will remainunder construction for several more years. How do youportray Zuidas as the Dutch rival to Berlin’s PotsdamerPlatz, Paris’s La Defense and London’s Canary Wharfwhen you can’t yet show much proof? The area’s success will depend on how well mar-ket parties and the city succeed in focusing attentionon it in a consistent way. Vandejong therefore advisedthe housing consortia to cooperate with ProjectbureauZuidas on creating the right image for the area. Thiswas the beginning of a Zuidas-wide area campaign.
  7. 7. Houses sell better if they are situated in lively neigh- Area promotion with a cosmopolitan airbourhoods. A lively Zuidas will attract more shops,restaurants, hotels, and visitors, too. Vandejong in- Ambition like this calls for communication with a cos-troduced the brand concept Hello World, Hello mopolitan air. Vandejong identified four appropriateZuidas, Hello You, centred around meeting and get- message pillars on which participating parties couldting acquainted. The brand brings together everyone base their communication and activities.in Zuidas – developers, businesspeople, employees, 1. From living to lifestyle. Zuidas is not a tradi-restaurant and hotel staff, and visitors. They can make tional residential area – it’s much more than that. Inthe area’s ambitions reality. Together, they can add life Zuidas, you’re not buying square metres but cubic me-to Zuidas and then introduce the neighbourhood to tres. You’re not buying a home, you’re buying big-citythe rest of Amsterdam and the world. life. Communication will make visible the area’s cos- mopolitan, lively atmosphere. New activities shouldTowering ambition stimulate this liveliness – practise what you preach! 2. The world at your doorstep. An internationalIn recent years, Amsterdam’s Zuidas district has devel- atmosphere already pervades Zuidas, thanks to theoped a strong reputation as a base and place of business area’s architectural qualities, the presence of the mul-for numerous multinational companies and organi- tinationals, and their expat employees. This atmos-sations. Residential living and leisure, however, are phere is strengthened further by Zuidas’s status as ancompletely new dimensions for the area, which will infrastructural junction, with a motorway, a railwayreceive heavy investment in the coming years. Zuidas line, and Schiphol airport a stone’s throw away. Zuidastherefore needs to acquire the image of a new, attrac- connects Amsterdam with the rest of the world. Thattive part of Amsterdam. It is set to be one of the city’s means its communication must take into account anhottest neighbourhoods, full of exceptional, exclusive, international target group.top-end restaurants, hotels and shops as well as arts, 3. Think BIG. Zuidas’s ambition demands bigcultural, sporting and recreational facilities. Its tow- thinking and grand gestures. This means its commu-ering ambition and cosmopolitan air will set Zuidas nication should be above average in quality, with anclearly apart from Amsterdam’s other districts and easy self-confidence.contribute to the city’s strong international position. 4. Zuidas, Amsterdam. Zuidas is part of Amsterdam and brings something new to the city. We want direct
  8. 8. and open-minded communication that – like Amster- scale. The brand centres around the idea of meetingdam itself – is free and distinctive, with a twist. It and getting acquainted – whether it’s the world meet-chimes with the city’s three core values: innovation, ing Zuidas, Amsterdam discovering new sides of thecreativity and the spirit of commerce. neighbourhood, or active parties in Zuidas creating something new together. The brand is an invitation toStrategy of a joint brand help build Zuidas’s future. Hello Zuidas communicates interesting ideas andThe Zuidas brand has many different initiators and initiatives important to the area’s development (such aswill soon have even more owners and transmitters. new store concepts, innovative forms of transport andStrategically involving active partners as brand am- sustainable building trends). It also invites the worldbassadors will lead to a snowball effect. The first goal, to inspire the initiators of Zuidas. Hello Zuidas servesthen, is to mobilise all interested parties. For them, as a source of inspiration, showing people everythingthe brand is a communication platform they can use they can experience in Zuidas right now and, most ofto make their activities visible. But it will also function all, where the opportunities lie. Hello Zuidas doesn’tas an events agency that will bring existing interna- just dream about life in the neighbourhood, it activelytional events to Zuidas, encourage new initiatives, and creates it. Hello Zuidas exudes a cosmopolitan air andorganise activities itself. Finally, the brand will be a acts as a facilitator. Hello Zuidas collects plans andPR machine that bundles together activities going on ideas, presents them in a clear manner, and brings to-in Zuidas and makes them visible in the media. The gether the people who can realise them. Hello Zuidasbrand as a platform, events agency and PR machine can also function as a director, presenter, host, guide,will make the second goal possible: the attractive pres- researcher, radar system, networker, and eye-opener.entation of Zuidas to the public. The world of Hello ZuidasMeeting and getting acquainted We designed the brand with an illustrator. A graph-Hello Zuidas is a brand name with a strikingly open, ic style would allow Zuidas to be seen from a newsimple, disarming character. It represents a positive perspective. An airy, friendly manner could suggestview of the world. Its chief communication value lies the liveliness that was not always yet present. Vande-in the way it combines grand ambitions with a human jong worked with the French illustrator Geneviève
  9. 9. Gauckler, whose work strikes the right note of opti- the doings of the parties currently active in Zuidas. Itmism and is lively and bubbling with energy. The look only makes sense to communicate with the mass publicand feel of Gauckler’s work provide an appropriate once you’ve got something to tell.counterweight to the current look and feel of Zuidas, The core of Hello Zuidas is a website where Zuidas’swhose street scene is dominated by large amounts of various parties and functions can come together.glass and steel and a businesslike atmosphere. The Ambassadors will have their own pages for promot-characteristics of Gauckler’s work complement the ing their products and services – first to each other,image desired for Zuidas: international, cosmopoli- and soon to the public. Ambassadors will be regularlytan, and intelligent with a twist. Her visual language invited to Hello Zuidas working lunches through theplaces Zuidas on a human scale. website. These sessions will enable new encounters and Gauckler created friendly animated figures living inspire people to cooperate and create life in Zuidasin a colourful world. She elaborated the Hello Zuidas – for example, by planning a stylish joint event intro-brand style and brought the characters – the Diggers ducing the area to the public with special activities,– to life. These first residents of Zuidas live in an un- such as Gordon Ramsay cooking at Gustavino, anderground habitat. One day, three brave Diggers dare ABN Amro master class featuring top internationalto go above the surface and discover a new world. We speakers, and Theater het Amsterdamse Bos stagingsee all developments in Zuidas through their eyes, performances on a building site.depicted in a surprising, inspiring way. In this way, a virtuous circle will be created. Activities will create life, which will attract new targetRunning a campaign through creating life groups, making it more attractive to invest in more life. This, in turn, will yield content for communica-Hello Zuidas is all about life. The campaign’s power tion about Zuidas.and visibility will increase as parties that bring life tothe area embrace the brand and run with it. We have Vandejong & city and country promotiontherefore proposed an atypical media mix. We will notmake advertisements and brochures talking about how Cities and countries were not designed to sell them-lively Zuidas is but organise special activities to liter- selves. After all, a place is essentially just a few squareally bring life to the area. The campaign will consist kilometres or tons of brick. Extraordinary life is whatof creating life. It therefore will focus first of all on makes a place extraordinary. People create atmosphere.
  10. 10. In positioning a city, country, neighbourhood, streetor building, Vandejong therefore asks: What are thefuture users’ needs? What is required to make the arealively? And: How can we involve the residents andbusinesses who will ultimately really make the place? A logo and a slogan aren’t enough. A place needsa substantive programme to unite people and a com-munication strategy that supports it. With this as astarting point, Vandejong develops campaigns to putplaces back on the map.
  11. 11. an introductory video presents hello zuidas to the area’s current users
  12. 12. the public campaign introduces the diggers
  13. 13. In their first When no oneadventure they was around wecome up from sneaked into theDiggs Town, room ourselves.cross the ring We could hardlyroad and are wait to seethrown up in what changesthe air when a it would makecar passes over in us.their head.After surviving Coach: “waaah,the ring road E, what wasthey find that?”themselvessurrounded by E: “A big, fast,big, luminous shiny creature…mountains. it tried to hypnotise me… I think he suc- ceeded…” PR: “Yeah me too! I like it. More! Can we?”You probably They appear hol-won’t believe low and strange.this, but we dis- Silly Creaturescovered these are steppingodd little rooms in and out. Thethat transform Diggers enter aspeople. well..
  14. 14. about Vandejong hello zuidasVandejong is an enterprising, strategic, creative strategy, concept and productioncommunications agency. We like to work with Vandejongpeople who dare to forge new paths and believein mutual inspiration. Vandejong stands for hon-est, sincere communication with a distinctive in collaboration with:style. Our strategists and creatives work closelytogether on brands and campaigns. We bring in illustrationsadditional experts when necessary. We therefore Geneviève Gauckler (Parijs)contribute in a broad way, from brand concepts text synopsis diggersand creative strategies to concrete campaigns, Heleen Suèrmaterials, and even new services and products.
  15. 15. 001 Foam Download the latest cases at A museum as brand vandejong.nl or request them from002 neau info@vandejong.nl World water for world citizens003 Foam magazine Exhibitions in a magazine more information004 anno Ilse Huijg We make history! Agency manager005 university of twente ilse@vandejong.nl We create futures006 Foam Fund Contact us Investment advice t: +31 20 462 2062007 university of twente e: info@vandejong.nl Start studying008 stichting Waterexpo 2010 vandejong.com A revolution in thinking about water blog.vandejong.com009 un. giFt Fight human trafficking010 Cineville There’s a new town in town011 dutch ministry of Foreign affairs Alliances for a better world012 Various Consortia Hello Zuidas013 the groene hart The Randstad’s experimental garden014 City of amsterdam housing department 150 years of Wibaut015 Castrum Peregrini Intellectual playground016 Foam / anP historisch archief / museum of national history New greetings from...