Foam, a museum as brand


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Branding agency Vandejong created a new form of cultural entrepreneurship: thinking in networks and connections. All communications media are viewed as extra exhibition space. The city is used as a gallery. We increased potential visitor numbers by producing a magazine instead of catalogues from the start.

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Foam, a museum as brand

  1. 1. a 001museumas brandIn a short time, Foam has won the minds andhearts of a large audience.Vandejongamsterdam
  2. 2. ClientStichting Fotografiemuseum AmsterdamAssignmentDevelop a brand conceptSolutionA new form of cultural entrepreneurship: thinkingin networks and connectionsBrand conceptMore than a museum
  3. 3. From 40,000 visitors in 2001 to 200,000 in 2009
  4. 4. always something to experience
  5. 5. Ryan Mc GinleyLocal activities...
  6. 6. frommuseum keizersgracht ambitions
  7. 7. to ambitions
  8. 8. zine ga m a gallery global a museum as brand unity comm brand In 2001, the Stichting Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam received the green light from the city to move ahead with its plans for a museum on Keizersgracht. The new museum asked Vandejong to develop all its communi- cation and create recognition among a mass audience. Vandejong developed a ‘museum totalomebasedevo- h concept’ ted to strengthening the museum’s relevance to the city, the photography world, the audience, and other adam institutions. The concept is an integrated vision whose starting premise is a new form of cultural entrepre- self it-your neurship: thinking in networks and connections. Eve- do - rything is geared toward reaching as many people as possible, to connect specific groups to the museum local and to each other. This concept turns the traditional image of a museum on its head. All communicati- ons media are viewed as extra exhibition space. TheCreate synergy each other Foam’s sub-brands strengthen
  9. 9. city is used as a gallery. We increased potential visitor an eye for quality. The organisation is suited to a brandnumbers by producing a magazine instead of catalo- style that does not get in the way of its ambition andgues from the start. The magazine is also distributed liveliness but rather supports and strengthens it. Theinternationally. A name arose naturally out of the con- design has therefore been partially determined by howcept: Foam. Light and accessible, it is derived from the the brand has Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam but usable in an Today, Foam is a strong brand family with manyinternational context. extensions, including educational projects for schools, its own cultural investment fund, and the internationalFoam is more than a museum Foam Magazine. The concept behind this strong brand family allows Foam to attract visitors from differentFoam seeks to help as many people as possible to enjoy strata of the population and a diverse age, to share its knowledge with them, and tofoster discussion. Foam therefore exhibits photography Accessible to the worldin all its forms: autonomous, documentary and applied,historic and contemporary. No hierarchical distincti- Foam’s first exhibitions were recorded not in a cata-ons are made among famous names, up-and-coming logue but in magazine form. This enabled more co-talents and amateurs. This attitude serves as the basis pies to be printed and more people reached. In 2003,for Vandejong’s communication concept. The desire Foam began using the magazine as an extra exhibitionto communicate with a wide audience calls for vigour platform, independent of what was on view at the mu-and broad-mindedness on the parts of the client and seum. Unusually, Foam publishes its magazine as athe agency. A near-limitless collaboration has arisen joint venture with Vandejong.between Foam and Vandejong, resulting in continually Foam Magazine soon firmly established itself in theexpanding services, product development and innova- art magazine segment. Internationally, it has receivedtive communication. abundant praise and appreciation from renowned pho- tography institutes, top photographers, curators andA brand for everyone gallery owners and collected many awards, some for its design. One of Foam Magazine’s main goals hasFoam is open, enterprising and multifaceted and has thus been achieved: it has given Foam an international
  10. 10. voice and presence. Do it yourselfOutside the museum Foam seeks to teach people to look at photography. To that end, it offers specific target groups custom-Conscious of its role and significance in Amsterdam, made ‘ways in’ that can help them to develop a criticalFoam has always put great energy into reaching the awareness of contemporary visual culture. Vandejongcity’s public. But not everyone is able or willing to visit developed the umbrella brand Foam For You for thisthe museum. So directly after its opening exhibition, purpose. Beside designing specific projects like FoamFoam asked Vandejong to organise another one in the Safari (for toddlers), City and Language (for immi-Vondelpark. Numerous professional and nonprofes- grants) and Photos in Dutch sign-language (for thesional photographers sent in their best work. Out of a deaf and hard-of-hearing), Vandejong has providedvast range of entries, the top 150 photos were selected content for Foam Lab (career coaching for the culturaland hung on lampposts in the park. sector) and What’s Your Story? (a cultural education We are all confronted every day with photographic project for upper primary and secondary schools).images in public space. These images usually trans-mit commercial messages. As a counterweight, Foam Independenceseeks to more often emphatically present itself in pu-blic space. After its first show outside the museum, To reduce Foam’s dependence on subsidies, VandejongFoam therefore continued to exhibit outdoors: again in has come up with ways Foam can generate its ownthe Vondelpark with Foam Oase and all over the Ne- income. Several have been carried out: one is Foamtherlands in 2009 with Nieuwe Groeten Uit... (‘New Fund, an investment fund that lets companies and in-Greetings from...’). Foam has also sought collaboration dividuals buy shares in Foam’s success. Foam uses thewith other institutions. Foam exhibitions have taken revenues to finance projects including its talent pro-place at museums including the Jeu de Paume in Paris grammes. The annual dividend paid to shareholdersand the Museum of the City of New York. Exhibiting consists of a print by a talented photographer whoseoutside its own walls enables Foam to reach a much work has been exhibited at Foam – a direct return onlarger audience than it could accommodate on Kei- investment.zersgracht.
  11. 11. Foam’s success the creation and maintenance of various communities around Foam’s programming.Foam has succeeded in attracting a broad public andin making photography accessible without compromi- Vandejong & culturesing quality. Since Foam opened in December 2001,it has grown enormously in every area. Alongside the The artistic and cultural sector plays an important rolecontinuous expansion of Foam’s diverse range of acti- in developing society’s brainpower, creativity and in-vities and numerous presentations, visitor figures rose novation. Outside-the-box ideas and uncommon viewsfrom just under 36,000 in the first year to more than of the future germinate at cultural institutions. They200,000 in 2009. Thanks to these figures and the pu- must therefore show leadership – in their communi-blic attention it attracts, Foam has positioned itself in cation as elsewhere.the top echelon of Dutch museums. Vandejong develops cultural brands centred around In 2009, there were 60 Foam Fund shareholders, content, experience and innovation. Our approach is586 Club Foam members, and 802 Foam Fans. Since hallmarked by our participation in both the everyday2007, each year’s activities have been summarised in world of the audience and the creative sphere. Thisan annual Foam Album. The 2007 edition scooped allows us to assist institutions in thinking about pro-the international Red Dot Award for communication gramming, activities and communication that can helpdesign. In 2008, Foam won the SponsorRing ‘smart them to build bridges with the public.budget’ prize for Foam Lab. And for the innovativefinancing projects it set up for individual donors, themuseum won the MecenaatsMuze prize at the Cul-tuurbal 2008. The jury called Foam an ‘exceptionaland inspiring example for the cultural sector’. FoamMagazine has won international awards and is seenby opinion leaders in the international photographyworld as the top art photography magazine. Vandejong is currently working with Foam to helpthe museum realise its international ambitions. Thiswill involve a key role for online communication and
  12. 12. zine ga m a gallery global unity comm brand homebase do - it-your self adam localCreate synergy
  13. 13. an international exhibition in a magazine
  14. 14. nieuwe groeten uit... (‘new greetings from...’): a road show around the country
  15. 15. Communication as exhibition
  16. 16. Foam makes photography the talk of the town.
  17. 17. about Vandejong FoamVandejong is an enterprising, strategic, creative strategy, concept en productioncommunications agency. We like to work with Vandejongpeople who dare to forge new paths and believein two-way inspiration. Vandejong stands forhonest, sincere communication with a distinctivestyle. Our strategists and creatives work closelytogether on brands and campaigns. We bring inoutside experts when necessary. We thereforecontribute in a broad way, from brand conceptsand creative strategies to concrete campaigns,materials, and even new services and productswhen necessary.
  18. 18. 001 Foam Download the latest cases at A museum as brand or request them from002 neau World water for world citizens003 Foam magazine Exhibitions in a magazine more information004 anno Ilse Huijg We make history! Agency manager005 university of twente We create futures006 Foam Fund Contact us Investment advice t: +31 20 462 2062007 university of twente e: Start studying008 stichting Waterexpo 2010 A revolution in thinking about water blog.vandejong.com009 un. gIFt Fight human trafficking010 Cineville There’s a new town in town011 dutch ministry of Foreign affairs Alliances for a better world012 Various Consortia Hello Zuidas013 the groene Hart The Randstad’s experimental garden014 City of amsterdam Housing department 150 years of Wibaut015 Castrum Peregrini Intellectual playground016 Foam / anP Historisch archief / museum of national History New greetings from...