Evaluation for music magazine.


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Evaluation for music magazine.

  1. 1. Question1:MastheadI added conventions such as, Masthead, Locations, Content, Cover lines, Slogan, (an eye catchingphrase relating to the main image) etc. The name for my magazine is “TUNE” I decided to use thisname because it’s unique and original, also tune is a key term within the music industry therefore,and my type of magazine would link to the masthead. Moreover, the word "TUNE" is slag for song ormusic; because my magazine is aimed at teenagers to young adults I think this is an appropriatename for my magazine.The font for my masthead is big, bold and outstanding. This appeals to my target audience because itmakes the magazine look eye-catching. Whilst, researching Hip-hop genre magazines such as, “XXL”and “Vibe”, I realised the amount of colours used for the colour scheme was maximum four.Therefore, I decided to used red, black and white to produce my magazine because red was apopular colour used in this specific genre magazine and I thought the colours black and white wouldwork really well and so did my peers. But, for the Masthead I only used red and black. I wanted mymasthead to look really strong and bold. I put the colour of the font black because black is a strongcolour that can be seen from a far distance. In this case, my target audience wouldn’t struggle toread the word also, black represents elegance or class which is one of the effects I would like mymagazine to have on the audience which links to the reason why my model is wearing a fur coat. Iput a red outline around the black because, I think these are the only two strong colours that can beplaced together and have the strongest effect. Also, it helps the masthead look bold and it connotesexcitement and passion, the excitement links to the new upcoming artist ‘Eron Mibo’ for theaudience to read more about. Moreover, the red relates to the lipstick being worn by the upcomingartist, I tried to get the red the same shade because it made the magazine look professional andmore attractive visually. I place the masthead in capital letters at the top of the cover, in front thetop of the upcoming artists head. This is because the artist isn’t more important than the magazineas well as my target audience would be able to see the magazine clearly. The title is placed in the topleft corner and not in the centre so that when it is on the shelf the audience would be able to see it.ImagesI took a head and shoulder’s shot of my upcoming female artist. I took many photographs but, Idecided to choose the head and shoulders photograph to use as my main image for the front coverbecause, you would be able to see the artists face expression and a part of the outfit (costume). Oneof the conventions of real media products, were the artists always had eye contact with the camerafor the front cover (main image). I think the head and shoulders image showed the upcoming artistseyes in direct focus with the camera. I had a black back drop behind the artist because the artistbecause the flash and the black background gave my photographs an effective look which enhancedthe classy look my artist showed with the fur coat which suggests wealth. I didn’t place anymoreimages on the front cover because I didn’t want it to take away the attention from the upcomingartist. I used different shot angles for the double page spread, long shots, mid shots etc. I also useddifferent location photographs representing the fashion eyewear or other upcoming artists.
  2. 2. Different modelsI decided to use the contents page to show a range of different models representing upcomingartists. This is because the conventions of Hip-Hop magazines, they normally show different range ofpeople in the contents page therefore, I try to show this in my magazine. My photographs are ofpeople with different ethnicities which show that my magazine is welcoming to everyone fromdifferent cultures. Also, by me making the upcoming artist a female I wanted to show the femaledominance because females are normally showed as an object so I wanted to portray the idea thatfemales can be hard working in the music industry like males. I think this would attract more femalereaders because in my magazine the females are doing more than just being house wife’s which iswhat I wanted to show and is a part of my USP.ContentMy written content for my double page spread is a question and answer article interviewing theupcoming artist on her life from the start working in the music industry to now. I tried to make mydouble page spread look professional by using a pull quote which relates to the article, I usedInDesign to create both pages. InDesign allowed me to put my context into columns which is aprofessional convention used in many magazines, with font size being 11 this is anotherconventional feature being used in all types of magazines. I made my article look unique because Idecided to have more than one photo of the upcoming artists for the double page spread this madeit look visually interesting which would make the audience willing to read the context. I also addedways for the audience to contact the artists by putting a Twitter address and many more.GenreI chose my magazine to have the musical genre hip hop. In my research, I discovered that hip hop isa popular genre within the music industry for my target audience, because it involves many knownartists and it contains vocal singing and rap. So my magazine would meet a wide range of targetmarkets needs. This is why I chose the name to be “TUNE” because it is easy to remember and itsounds like something of someone with a young age would say.Question2:
  3. 3. I believe that my magazine represents similar social groups to magazines such as “XXL” and “THESOURCE” magazine because the content and the target audience are similar. I used the front coverof Rick Ross a hip-hop rapper to show my example of using the conventions I used this image to helpwith my main image but I purposely used a female because in music magazines they use males morethan females to show wealth.I made my image was different because I told my model to stand in a different potions and I usedless in the picture to distract from the fur coat. My model is looking mildly happy but serious also.This shows a difference because it shows that the first magazine has an established sense in whichthe audience have a connection with the people in the magazine already. Image connotes thatfemales can be just as classy and hard working as males within the music industry.The shot type of the main image is different because they were more focussing on the face where aswas focusing on the face and some of the body.The lighting is very similar in both of these photos because they are both located in a dark plainbackground but, my image seems to have more of a darker and effective background because of thetwo colour tone happening in the background. The gloss of light (flash) on the models face andcostume, this suggests that the photo is intended to attract the audience because of the focus onthe face and outfit. However the other photo doesnt have a focus on lighting in particular place andthere facial expression is more serious.The costumes in the two images are similar. You can see that both of the people are wearing furcoats, this really reaches out to the target audience and shows social representation at its best. Butthe man on the right is wearing glasses and has on jewellery which makes him seem richer but he isbecause he has been in the music industry for a long time where as my model is an upcoming artist.The expression of the people in the photos, it is clear that the picture on the left has a more calmexpression. This allows the audience to relax a little bit in the sense that people can see thecharacters in the photographs can be down to earth too. As for the picture on the left the expressionlooks very serious which makes it scarier than mine.Question3:The media institution that might distribute my music magazine is through shops and the internet.My magazine is aimed at teenagers – young adults (16-25). This means that they would buy amagazine that is selling at a reasonable price in the shops or online, I think my magazine would bedistributed in shops such as, WHSmith, HMV etc. I am trying to make my magazine reach out to awide range of audience therefore it would be really pleasing and convenient for it to be online aswell. My target audience is the new generation therefore, they would be using the internet or theydo use the internet a lot and that where I think most of my customers would come from so I wouldlike it to be available. My magazine would be issued monthly because it gives it time for theaudiences in the lower class to save up to buy my magazine as well. I would like the company IPC todistribute my magazine because they are one of the world’s biggest publishers and they have manyconnections which would help me gain more people as an audience.
  4. 4. Question4: The audience for my music magazine is working class 16-25 year old males and female. I believe it is suitable for the kind of magazine that I am promoting because I made sure my magazine is affordable and exciting for this age group, I made my magazine for both males and females because I don’t want anyone to feel left out. But I am trying to make females be more noticed within the music industry as a hard working gender like common example of Beyonce. For the genre of the magazine I am doing (Hip-Hop) this is their primary audience and I wanted to keep this as one of my conventions to target audience due to the research I have done before starting the magazine. My target audience is someone that has a real appreciation of music or even a great sense of fashion because I would be including sneak peeks of that within the magazine. Question5: Just post magazine. Question6: I have learnt how to use different types of equipment and computer technologies. During the photo shoot I used:Sony DSLR camera to take my photos, whilst playing with settings I learnt how to use the manual focuseffectively this allowed me to take more interesting pictures.Black/white backdrops this allowed me to have a clear background which enhanced the quality oif thepicture and made it more effective.The light boxes which helped the flash of the camera I was usingLaptop/Computer, I used these to operate the programmes: Photoshop and InDesign. I used photoshopfor the front cover but i used InDesign for the contents page and double page spread. I learnt how touse the tools on the programmes Prezi is an online zooming presentation Creator
  5. 5. Slide share allows you to upload PowerPoint presentations to theInternet Blogger has allowed me to present my work onlineQuestion7:I feel I have learnt from looking back at my preliminary task in the progression from it to the fullproduct that to make a magazine is very hard work and includes a lot of steps and i only did a frontcover, contents page and a double spread.