Action point 3
  After Year 11, I want to…
  (A) Gain more qualifications and continue to study.
  (B) Go to work and gain ...
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I Y C Quiz


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I Y C Quiz

  1. 1. Action point 3 After Year 11, I want to… (A) Gain more qualifications and continue to study. (B) Go to work and gain more qualifications as I earn. (C) Continue to study, but I am not sure which qualifications to do. (A) Take a full-time course at a school or college. (B) Work while studying part time. (C) Think about what I would like to do in the future – maybe get a job. (A) Study subjects that I enjoy and am good at. (B) Gain a qualification linked to the work that I want to do. (C) Get some advice about the type of courses and qualifications that would suit me best. (A) Gain the qualifications I need and earn more money in the longer term. (B) Go to work and start earning some money. (C) Find out about getting some financial support to help me study or train. (A) Study for higher level qualifications as a step towards gaining the job I want. (B) Start working as soon as possible. (C) Get some help to make the right decision for me. How did you score? Mostly Bs Add up your totals of As, Bs and Cs and You are probably thinking about training, check the results below. work-based learning, work with training or Apprenticeship routes. (On an Apprenticeship Mostly As you can work, train for qualifications and You are probably interested in the full- earn a wage all at the same time.) See the time education route – studying at school Qualifications section on pages 5–9, or college. This is a very broad area, and Work and learning on pages 14–17 and there may be opportunities to study a the Applications and interviews section general or a work-related subject. See the on pages 18–21. Qualifications section on pages 5–9 and What to study and where on pages Mostly Cs 10–13. Check the What about money? It sounds like you are not sure which way to section on pages 24–26 to see whether you go at the moment. Talk to your Connexions qualify for financial help. personal adviser, teachers, family and friends to get some help and advice. See the Getting help and support section on pages 27–28.
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