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I Y C Calendar

  1. 1. Action point 2 Autumn Term 2007 ● Read the It’s your choice booklet to give you an overview. ● Complete the activities within this booklet to help you focus on yourself. ● Use your school’s Connexions Resource Centre to research all your options after Year 11. ● Think about careers that interest you and find out as much about them as you can. ● Start thinking about the routes that interest you and your reasons. ● Think about keeping your options open if you don’t have a career in mind. ● Begin collecting prospectuses for colleges and sixth forms that interest you. ● Request information about Apprenticeships and the application process. ● Talk to your Connexions personal adviser about your plans and next steps. ● Discuss your thoughts, ideas and plans with friends, family and teachers. ● Find out when the college and sixth form open evenings are – attend these. ● Look at the Local 14–19 Prospectus (see page 6). ● You may need to start applying for some courses now. ● Create a portfolio of evidence (see page 23). Spring Term 2008 ● Start narrowing down your choices. ● Apply for college or sixth form courses, training courses or an Apprenticeship. ● Mock exams. If your results have changed your predicted grades, you may need to rethink your options. ● Think about a back-up plan, should your results be better than (or not as good as) you’d hoped. ● Create a revision plan that works for you and be prepared to stick to it. ● Prepare for interviews for college, sixth form or Apprenticeships. ● Check that you have completed all your coursework. ● Check if you are eligible for the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) and apply if you are. ● Speak to your Connexions personal adviser regarding any careers-related topics. Summer Term 2008 ● Seek advice from your Connexions personal adviser as soon as possible if you don’t have any plans. ● Ask your personal adviser to help if you are seeking work with training. ● Think about a pre-employment programme, like Entry to Employment (e2e), if you don’t want to study and are not sure you are ready for work yet. ● Check that you have received and confirmed your offer of a place at college or sixth form. You can still apply if you haven’t done so yet. ● Try to organise a job or some work experience for the summer holidays. ● GCSE results are out on Thursday 21 August. If your results are better than (or not as good as) you’d hoped, visit your local Connexions centre as soon as possible. The school leaving date is the last Friday in June.