The following is a list of selected career and other job search Web sites as suggest...
Company                  Web site                  Comments
Career Click             www.careerclick.com       Claim...
Company                    Web site                   Comments
Job Line                   www.thejob-line.com       ...
Section Two: Sites catering to specific professions and industries.

Company                      Web site          ...
Company                   Web site                   Comments
Canadian Library          www.cla.ca                 T...
Company               Web site                                Comments
Computerwork          www.computerwork.com   ...
Company                   Web site                         Comments
Fashion.net               www.fashion.net/sites/...
Company                    Web site                    Comments
Jobs in Education          www.jobsineducation.com  ...
Company                    Web site                Comments
Oil Career                 www.oilcareer.com       For t...
Company                     Web site                        Comments
Software Human              www.shrc.ca        ...
Company                 Web site                           Comments
Alberta Occupational    http://alis.gov.ab.ca/oc...
Company       Web site                           Comments
Choice        www.choice-online.com              A magazin...
Company           Web site                                       Comments
Fast Company      http://www.fastcompany.c...
Company                   Web site                            Comments
IT Business               www.itbusiness.ca  ...
Company               Web site                          Comments
The Riley Guide       www.rileyguide.com           ...
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F 013 Career And Job Search Web Sites


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F 013 Career And Job Search Web Sites

  1. 1. F-013 CAREER AND JOB SEARCH WEB SITES The following is a list of selected career and other job search Web sites as suggested by HAPPEN members. It is not exhaustive, but when you combine this with related documents on our Information Table (such as F-014 and F-033), this should help you get started. This list was originally drafted in December 2000, and is revised as circumstances warrant. Latest revision is November 2006. Comments are those of HAPPEN members who have visited the sites in question. The list is divided into three sections. The first consists of “general” job search sites. The second consists of sites dedicated to specific professions or specialty areas (including government jobs at the federal, provincial or local levels). The third offers general career resource information. Due to space limitations, only the first two pages of this article will be displayed on the Information Table. The entire text will be available for printing at a HAPPEN meeting upon request, or can be accessed via the HAPPEN Web site Section 1: General Web sites Company Web site Comments Actual Jobs www.actualjobs.com Excellent North American job searching resource. Has links to areas such as careercounselling and resume advice Brain Hunter www.brainhunter.com Has good cross-section of job listings. Can also post resume and use other services Canada Work Info Net www.workinfonet.ca Connects to many Canadian job search tools (training, market trends…) Canadian Careers www.canadiancareers.com Specializes in Canadian career and employment info. Similar to above entry. Career Builder www.careerbuilder.com Emphasis on American positions – another useful site for those thinking about heading to the USA.
  2. 2. F-013 Company Web site Comments Career Click www.careerclick.com Claims to be Canada’s premier site for career management – can also get there via National Post site. Career Journal www.careers.wsj.com Online edition of The Wall Street Journal’s careers section – for a more detailed description of this site, see F-027 Career Site www.careersite.com Lists job postings as advertised in over 100 major American newspapers Halton Search www.haltonsearch.com Online edition of several Halton Region newspapers, including the Oakville Beaver and the Burlington Post. No specific Careers area, but does include Classifieds. Hot Jobs Canada www.hotjobs.ca This site is sponsored by Yahoo Canada – offers variety of postings across the country Human Resources Skills www.hrsdc.gc.ca Main Web site for this Development Canada federal government ministry. Offers many useful resources Job Center www.jobcenter.com An American counterpart to Workopolis Job Find www.jobfind.com Good selection of American positions – another useful resource for HAPPEN members who may wish to relocate to the USA Job Hunters Bible www.jobhuntersbible.com Online edition of Richard Bolles acclaimed bestseller “What Color Is Your Parachute?” Has many useful job search features and related resources.
  3. 3. F-013 Company Web site Comments Job Line www.thejob-line.com Specializes in GTA and surrounding area jobs. Job Port www.jobport.ca Claims to be the top job bank in Canada – we’ll let you be the judge of that! Job Shark www.jobshark.com Similar to Workopolis – has wide variety of Canadian job postings Job Toaster www.jobtoaster.com A free job and resume posting site designed with recruiters in mind. Jobs, Workers, Training and www.jobsetc.ca Another site from the “feds’ Careers in Ottawa – offers many excellent resources in the areas indicated in the title. Monster Canada www.monster.ca Canadian counterpart to MONSTER.COM Net Jobs www.netjobs.ca A Canadian job board service – also lets you post your resume Toronto Job Centre www.torontojobcentre.com Focus is on GTA and area, with emphasis on companies not posting on the “big” sites. Toronto Jobs www.torontojobs.ca Bills itself as the ultimate job bank designed exclusively for GTA job listings Toronto Job Shop www.torontojobshop.ca Chances are you’ve heard their commercials on the radio – another site catering to GTA postings Workopolis www.workopolis.com Largest Web site of its kind in Canada. Co-sponsored by the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail.
  4. 4. F-013 Section Two: Sites catering to specific professions and industries. Company Web site Comments Action Without Borders www.idealist.org/career Caters to the non-profit sector, including worldwide job postings. Agricultural Careers www.agcareers.com Don’t be fooled by the title – also useful for those in food, natural resources and biotechnology industries Apparel Human Resources www.apparel-hrc.org This one is aimed at those Council in the clothing, apparel manufacturing and related industries AV Canada www.avcanada.ca If you’re in aviation or related industries, you’ve come to the right place. Backstage Jobs www.backstagejobs.com For the actor or actress in all of us – caters to the live entertainment industry Canada IT www.canadait.com Another great site for our friends in the IT industry. Canadian Actor Online www.canadianactor.com Similar to “Backstage Jobs” – also caters to those in the live entertainment industry. Canadian Bankers www.cba.ca Here’s one for those in Association financial services Canadian Council of www.ccpe.ca Represents the national Professional Engineers organization of the 12 provincial and territorial associations that regulate the practice of engineering across Canada Canadian Institute of www.actuaries.ca Good resource for those Actuaries interested in becoming an actuary or similar financial profession.
  5. 5. F-013 Company Web site Comments Canadian Library www.cla.ca This organization Association represents librarians and other information managers across Canada – many excellent resources Canadian Marketing www.the-cma.org Canada’s largest marketing Association body, good “one stop” resource for marketing issues. CanadiaNurse www.canadianurse.com An online job board for those in nursing and related medical profesions. Canadian Professional www.cpsa.com Arguably the leading Sales Association Canadian association for sales and marketing people. Canadian Sports Jobs www.canadiansportsjobs.com For the “jocks” out there – if you’ve ever wanted to work in the sports industry, this is a good place to start. Career Professionals of www.careerprocanada.ca This association caters to Canada career planning Careers in Business www.careers-in- As the title says, a good business.com resource to help you find a satisfying career in the business world. Careers in Plastics www.careersinplastics.ca For those in the plastics industry, here’s an excellent site, including many job postings. Careers in Technology www.oacett.org/career The career section of the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists Chem Jobs www.chemjobs.net Excellent Web site for chemists, biochemists, pharmaceutical scientists, chemical engineers and related professions
  6. 6. F-013 Company Web site Comments Computerwork www.computerwork.com Another good Web site for computer professionals and others in the IT industry. Cool Jobs Canada www.cooljobscanada.com Caters to those in tourism and hospitality industries. CPRS Career File www.pub-rels.com This site caters to those in public relations, communications and related fields. Designated www.dafpros.com Here’s one for those Accountants and in accounting and Financial Pros other financial professions Dice www.dice.com For technology professionals in areas such as software, security, biotech, engineering or aerospace. Employment Bulletin www.citc.ca The careers area for Board the Canadian Institute of Travel Counsellors. Engineering Central www.engcen.ca Another useful resource for those in engineering and related disciplines. Engineering Jobs www.engineeringjobs.com Similar to above entry – another site for our engineering friends. ESPN Career Centre http://joinourteam.espn.com/joinourteam Another site for those interested in a career in the sports industry.
  7. 7. F-013 Company Web site Comments Fashion.net www.fashion.net/sites/work Another site for those interested in apparel manufacturing, clothing, and fashion Food and Consumer www.fcpmc.com Represents over 150 Products Manufacturers member companies in of Canada food and consumer products Forum for International www.fitt.ca Canada’s centre for Trade Training international trade training and certification. Green Dream Jobs www.sustainablebusiness.com/jobs For those interested in environmentally and socially responsible positions. HCareers Canada www.hcareers.ca Another site for those in tourism and hospitality industries Health Postings www.healthpostings.com Caters to those in health care and related fields Hire Top Talent www.hiretoptalent.com Another site for those in IT. Hockey Jobs www.hockeyjobs.com Iif you’ve ever dreamed about working in the sport, here’s a good place to start. Hospitality Net www.hospitalitynet.org Another site for those in the hospitality industry. Hospitality Sales and www.hsmai.com Similar to above entry. Marketing Association International Human Rights Job www.hri.ca/jobboard Provides employment Board opportunities with human rights groups worldwide. Insurance Bureau of www.ibc.ca Caters to those in the Canada insurance industry – includes an excellent job board. Insurance Works www.insuranceworks.ca Similar to above entry. IT Harvest www.itharvest.com Here’s another excellent site for IT professionals
  8. 8. F-013 Company Web site Comments Jobs in Education www.jobsineducation.com Focuses on job postings for teachers and others in education. Jobscience www.jobscience.com Another good resource for healthcare professionals. Journalism Job Board www.jeffgaulin.com Good resource for those in journalism, the media, or related areas. Journalism Jobs www.journalismjobs.com Similar to above entry Legal Job Board www.legaljobboard.ca If you’re looking for something legal or in other “law” professions, here’s one for you. Librarians and www.lisjobs.com Another site for librarians Information Profesionals and others in information management. Marketing Online www.marketingmag.ca Great source of information for those in sales and marketing. Medhunters www.medhunters.com Bills itself as the world’s largest job site in healthcare and related professions Media Job Search www.mediajobsearchcanada.ca Another good resource for our friends in journalism, the media and related areas. Medzilla www.medzilla.com Another site aimed at healthcare professionals, including science and medicine, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology Milkman Unlimited www.milkmanunlimited.com Another one where the title might be misleading – this one caters to radio and television opportunities Nursing Employment www.canadianrn.com Has many excellent Directory resources for those in nursing.
  9. 9. F-013 Company Web site Comments Oil Career www.oilcareer.com For those in petroleum, oil and gas, and related areas, here’s one’s for you. On Target www.getontarget.ca A site for those seeking employment in “new media”. Ontario Government www.gojobs.gov.on.ca If you’re considering a position with the Ontario government civil service, this is the site for you. Opticians Association of www.opticians.ca Caters to opticians and Canada others in the “eyecare” industry. Playback Magazine www.playbackmag.com Another site for those interested in television, film and related careers Positionwatch www.positionwatch.com Another site for our friends in IT. Project Management www.pmpeople.com A site designed for those Recruiting looking for project management jobs and related resources Public Service www.jobs.gc.ca Similar to Ontario Commission of Canada Governmment site – this one lets you apply for positions with the federal government. Social Worker Action www.swatjobs.com For those looking for work Team in the social services – this is an excellent resource. Society of Management www.cma-canada.org Here’s a great Web site for Accountants certified management accountants and related financial areas.
  10. 10. F-013 Company Web site Comments Software Human www.shrc.ca Another useful IT site, with Resources Council emphasis on software professionals. Space Jobs www.spacejobs.com Claims to the world’s leading job board for opportunities in aerospace, defence and related areas. Teaching Jobs www.teachingjobs.com Another site for teachers and others in education. The Education Canada http://educationcanada.com Similar to above entry Network Tourism Work Web www.tourismworkweb.com Another site for those in tourism, hospitality and similar fields. University of Toronto www.fis.utoronto.ca Excellent resource for Faculty of Information librarians and others in Studies information management. Virtual Pharmacy Library www.pharmacy.org Caters to those in pharmaceutical and related areas. Worldwide Worker www.worldwideworker.com Claims to the world’s leading site for opportunities in the oil and gas industry ZSA Support Services www.zsa.ca This site offers positions for lawyers and others in the legal profession – no jokes please! Section three: Career resources, networking, research and other related sites. This section also includes useful Web sites recommended to us that don’t fit into other areas – in other words, a “Miscelleaneous” area. Please note that all Web sites listed here, as well as throughout F-13 (and on any other Information Table documents) are placed here solely for information purposes. HAPPEN is not responsible for any dealings you may have with these sites. All Web site contents are the responsibility of their owners. Some sites may be “commercial” and/or may charge fees for their use. We are not responsible for any business you may enter into with these sites. Please examine carefully and be sure you fully understand any business relationship generated through any of these sites before proceeding.
  11. 11. F-013 Company Web site Comments Alberta Occupational http://alis.gov.ab.ca/occinfo From the Alberta Profiles Learning Information Services – offers useful information on over 500 occupations. Authentic Happiness www.authentichappiness.org Good tool for personal growth and development – can be useful during your job search. Bloomberg www.bloomberg.com Information services, news and media company serving customers worldwide. Focuses on financial services. Canada’s Campus http://campusconnection.ca This site offers many Connection great resources for life- long learning. Career Coaching http://www.careercoachinstitute.com/ Another good coaching Institute and mentoring site. Career Development E- www.cdm.uwaterloo.ca Provides some great Manual career planning resources. Career Key www.careerkey.com An online career networking Web site that helps you increase your awareness of the career marketplace. Career Leader www.careerdiscovery.com Offers a fully integrated approach to career self-assessment developed by 2 professors at the Harvard Business School Career Perfect www.careerperfect.com Good source of career planning info. Career X Roads http://www.careerxroads.com/ Similar to Career Perfect and other career planning sites.
  12. 12. F-013 Company Web site Comments Choice www.choice-online.com A magazine for Capital professional coaching. Coaches www.coachescanada.com Another coaching Canada site, but with a Canadian emphasis. Coaching www.coachinginsider.com Similar to above Insider entry. Discover www.discoveryourpersonality.com/ Offers many links Your to Myers-Briggs Personality and related personality tests Dun and www.dnb.ca Online database Bradstreet with info on over 1.5 million public and private North American companies. Fee based, but does offer free trial E-Learning www.elearningcenter.com Most courses are fee based, but also has some free software training courses Employment www.employment911.com/ Offers information 911 on over 200 occupations – has excellent video library. Essential www.15.hrdc-drhc.gc.ca This site features Skills many occupational profiles, and examines how many essential skills (literacy, thinking skills, computers, communications…) are used in the workplace.
  13. 13. F-013 Company Web site Comments Fast Company http://www.fastcompany.com/homepage/index.html Online edition of this magazine – offers many resources, including career advice Globe Investor www.globeinvestor.com Offers corporate info, including financial details. A useful research source. Go Daddy www.godaddy.com Want your own domain name? Here’s a good place to start. Harvard www.hbsp.harvard.edu Published by Business Online the Harvard Business Schjool – provides info on business issues and newsmakers How to www.howtointerview.com Offers good Interview information on perfecting your interviewing skills. Human Capital http://www.humancapitalinstitute.org/hci/hci.home A leading talent Institute and HR think tank.
  14. 14. F-013 Company Web site Comments IT Business www.itbusiness.ca A Canadian technical news publication – good research source for the IT profesional. International Coaching http://www.coachfederation.org/ICF/ Another coaching and Federation mentoring site – also lets you learn more about this industry. Job Futures http://jobsfutures.ca Another one from the “feds” in Ottawa – this site looks at future trends such as what skills may be in most demand. Job Interview.Net www.job-interview.net Similar to “How to Interview” – a great resource to help you ace that next interview. Job TV News www.jobstvnews.com Offers career videos from over 500 occupations. Keirsey Personality www.keirsey.com Personality, Studies temperament and other character traits can play a key role in your career. This site offers some valuable resources. Letters for Job Hunters www.careerlab.com/letters Contains ca. 200 letters divided into 10 categories, including “thank you” letters, responses to ads, and general letters to recruiters.
  15. 15. F-013 Company Web site Comments The Riley Guide www.rileyguide.com May be the best known directory of employment and career information resources on the Net. Survivability www.survivability.net This refers to the skills and abilities needed for someone to successfully compete and work in today’s workplace. Offers many excellent tools. Vault.com www.vault.com Good research source for insider company info, advice, and career management services. What Brand Are You? http://www.whatbrandareyou.com/ If you’re into personal branding, this site lets you discover your own “brand” Zoom Info www.zoominfo.com This site lets you search for past colleagues and other company contacts. An excellent networking tool