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Drupal taxonomy
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Drupal taxonomy


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  • 1. The Guardian 09 / 11 / 10 The Web A-Team The Web A-Team Taxonomy Everywhere Taxonomy modules: the modules you really need to know
  • 2. The Guardian 09 / 11 / 10 The Web A-Team 1. All terms are not equal: Primary Term  Why?  Because sometimes a node needs to have a main term assigned  Very useful for information architecture  Can be easily tweaked to have a nice UI  How?  => (section site, based on views or taxonomy term page)  (article resides in main section ”culture”) Popularity: 203 sites D7 status: to be ported
  • 3. The Guardian 09 / 11 / 10 The Web A-Team 2. Taxonomy Manager: a good taxonomy is managed  Why?  Because taxonomy terms can get out of control (especially with tags)  Because a site with a controlled folksonomy looks better for users  What can be done?  Merging, mass deleting, change in hierarchy  Moving terms across vocabularies Popularity: 18578 sites D7 status: D7CX
  • 4. The Guardian 09 / 11 / 10 The Web A-Team 3. Content Taxonomy: for better UI control  Why?  Opening up some widgets  Can be sometimes interesting to save terms into CCK tables  I suspect is widely used to control taxonomy positions on edit forms (adding it to groups etc...) Popularity: 20738 sites D7 status: functionality in core
  • 5. The Guardian 09 / 11 / 10 The Web A-Team 4. Taxonomy Image: adding images to terms  Why?  Because it is interesting to add images to terms  This makes theming easier  No need to build a complex system by creating a specific content type Popularity: 7907 sites D7 status: functionality in core
  • 6. The Guardian 09 / 11 / 10 The Web A-Team 5. Geo Taxonomy: linking taxonomy and geolocation  Why?  It makes sense when you have to use taxonomy and geo location services  It is easier for users to tag a node than adding geo-information to a node  It allows a good integration with OpenLayers to display terms on a map Popularity: 1255 sites D7 status: ? Linked to OpenLayers...
  • 7. The Guardian 09 / 11 / 10 The Web A-Team 6. OpenCalais: Thomson / Reuters term extractor  Why?  Because you want to auto-tag content  You want to rely on a central authority to tag content between different users  It is a quick way to add semantic web to your content (adds RDF support, Linked Data...) Popularity: 4872 sites D7 status: D7CX Included in OpenPublish, Managing News
  • 8. The Guardian 09 / 11 / 10 The Web A-Team 7. Taxonomy in D7  Taxonomy terms are now fields:  They can associated to node, comments, users...  Fields can be added to terms so:  Taxonomy image is obsolete  Most of the modules extending terms will also be obsolete  No need to create specific content types if content has to be the basis for classification  This will change site architecture