Med eval 3


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Med eval 3

  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your main product and your ancillary text?In our music video you could say the representation of our artist as a woman is one of the typicalrepresentation of women in modern day society. Living in a patriarchal society women are mostlyportrayed as weaker and slightly inferior to men. Although our music video is not dominated aroundmen or a relationship between a man and women, our protagonist is troubled by her emotions,which is strongly conveyed in the visuals of our music video and Digipak. The video is predominatelyshowing the protagonist instability and how her emotions are empowering her. On the other handwe have our magazine cover which shows more women empowerment through the strong and boldcolour of red being the predominate colour.The themes and messages employed in our music video were heavily embodied into our Digipak. Wetook into consideration the purpose of both the music video and Digipak I believe we weresuccessful in accumulating the narrative within the music video by emphasizing it on the front coverof the Digipak. While focusing on the audience ‘thinking, interpreting and coming to their ownconclusion’ we also accomplished the promotional elements as well.Although the artist as a protagonist in the music video is portrayed as someone who has beendefeated by emotions, in the magazine cover she is the placed in the centre being the most powerfulimage on the magazine cover. Her eyes are sharp and looking directly to the audience.The fade line between each image on the front cover was symbolic to the change in emotions andthe various emotions which were utilized in the narrative of the music video. Therefore a bold linkhas been made between the Digipak and Music video which the audience are mostly to notice thishighlights again on both being a promotional tool. The outline of each images represents the quickcuts in the music video which represent the quick emotion change.Considering the codes and conventions of a music video and the main purpose of it being amarketing tool there were aspects which focused mainly on engaging the audience. We attemptedto employ this on the digipak resulting in it being just as engaging although the story and overalltheme was not completely communicated in the magazine; the digipack front cover defiantlyembodies the overall theme which was suggested throughout the music video.Two of the fundamental elements to our music video were the use of lighting and colour. The colourwhite has many connotations, pure, peaceful, innocent and so forth. However in our music video wewanted to suggest that this innocence has been tainted and therefore through the mise-en-scene ofour protagonist’s dress we made it look ripped and disfigured. This was to convey the message ofthe protagonist emotions being disturbed. We decided to use lighting in the tunnel sequence tobest of our abilities. By doing this there would also be an emphasis on the dress. This lighting effectwas also suggested in both the magazine and Digipak. Regarding the magazine front cover there wasa spotlight of lighting shown on the artist face. This just like the dress was also to heighten the makeup the artist was wearing just like the lighting was to help heighten the torn dress. The lighting effectwas also an element which is shown throughout all our pieces. The digipack also had a fade effectwhich looked like the lighting effect but also to suggest the colour white.Another element which is shown throughout all our pieces is the use of distinct make up. The red lipstick and the connotations of red both suggest to the audience that the wearer is a powerful.
  2. 2. Commanding the audience’s attention. In the music video they make up also had a similar job. Themakeup was peculiar and had more a sinister effect. We showed the protagonist putting on casualmake up and then contrasted this with bold