Creating an Amazing Company through Engagement: Karin Volo


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Creating an Amazing Company through Engagement: Karin Volo

  1. 1. Creating An Amazing Company Through Engagement & Purpose We Believe…in a new way of doing business
  2. 2. • 15+ years working with Executive Search • VP in the US, started up new company in Europe • Coaching, Mentoring, Personal & Organizational Development • Chief Joy Bringer, Co-Founder to Evoloshen • International Best Selling Author Karin Volo
  3. 3. Karin Volo On the way up after four years in horror Happiness on the job gives good results
  4. 4.  Have helped individuals and companies going through transitions  Too many people are unhappy in their work  Wanted to help companies keep their people instead  Discovered a formula that we wanted to share with others about a new way of doing business Why we wrote Engage!
  5. 5. – to have full attention, commitment, enthusiasm, passion, and purpose for your work, to be wholeheartedly involved in and contribute positively to an organization. Definition of Engage:
  6. 6. •Why are certain companies doing so well? •What are they doing differently? Our research…
  7. 7. The Most Amazing Company Models
  8. 8. • Why Engagement Matters • Global Trends & Disruptive Changes • The 5 Cultural Keys to Creating a Most Amazing Company • Discovering Your Purpose Today we’re going to cover…
  9. 9. Disengagement is a disease. Complacency is a cancer. Why Engagement Matters Our old ways of working aren’t working anymore…
  10. 10. • 71% of employees are disengaged ~Gallup 2013 • 84% of employees intend to actively seek a new position. ~Right Management • Disengagement is costing companies $450-$550 billion annually in lost productivity ~Gallup 2013 Current Workforce Situation
  11. 11. 633,000,000 hits 261,000,000 hits 67,100,000 hits 314,000,000 hits 1,275,100,000 total What Does Google Say…
  12. 12. Disruptive Changes & Future Trends
  13. 13. 1. Technology Changes In the 19th century, the Industrial Age moved workers from an agricultural to a production model. In the 20th century, we experienced another revolution as the Information Age moved workers from factories into offices. In the 21st century, we are in the midst of a virtual Transformation Age where the internet and technology are redefining our workplace yet again.
  14. 14. “Change is not linear, it’s exponential.” ~Ray Kurweil • one billion new users online • more than four billion new people using cell phones. Accelerated Change
  15. 15. 174 newspapers worth of information 4 Generations working longer Mass exodus Major Value Gap 2. Demographic Changes
  16. 16. By 2014, Millennials (born between 1977 and 1997) will account for half of all the employees in the world ~Harvard Business Review Generation Y
  17. 17.  Lack of retention & loyalty in a company • 150% of the employee’s annual compensation figure, up to 400% for managers  Decrease in productivity and profits • stress costs businesses $300 billion a year. What Does This Mean?
  18. 18. • economic growth • workforce effectiveness • employee turnover • chronic skills gaps Focus on the problems…
  19. 19. The Solutions – Cultural Hacking You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete. ~ Buckminster Fuller
  20. 20. Actively working with employee engagement and recognition generates:  27% higher profits  50% higher sales  50% higher customer loyalty ~Gallup 2013 Why Engagement Works…
  21. 21. Comparative Annualized Stock Market Return
  22. 22. A Company that:  is very deliberate in how they are doing business  has a Bigger Purpose  leads with the WHY  has Raving Fans … is becoming a “Conscious” Company by building a sustainable business that focuses on the triple bottom line. What is A Most Amazing Company?
  23. 23. The 5 Cultural Keys The Front Line Is The Bottom Line ~Southwest Airlines Goes Beyond Teamwork
  24. 24. The 5 Cultural Keys Innovation and a sense of Continually Improving
  25. 25. The 5 Cultural Keys Shared Values & Purpose
  26. 26. The 5 Cultural Keys
  27. 27. The 5 Cultural Keys
  28. 28. The 6 P’s Model
  29. 29. BIGGER PURPOSE The Foundation
  30. 30. What is the difference between a mission and a purpose? Discovering Your Purpose
  31. 31. Mission = What Purpose = Why The Golden Circle
  32. 32. Lack of engagement is a lack of purpose People buy what they help create! Lack of Purpose
  33. 33. Community Growth Meaning What Motivates People Today?
  34. 34. Purpose Statement a purposeis a definitive statementabout the difference you are committed to make in the world It is who you really are!
  35. 35. Reach the heads and the hearts of the people in ways that both inspire people to take meaningful action and live by the values for the growth of the business Purpose Statement
  36. 36. One For One “TOMS is in business to help improve lives. We identify a global need and create products to help address them. This simple idea is what makes us more than a company – we’re a movement that’s continually evolving.” TOMS
  37. 37. Whole Foods, Whole People, Whole Planet “Our deepest purpose as an organization is helping support the health, well-being, and healing of both people — customers, Team Members, and business organizations in general — and the planet.” Whole Foods
  38. 38. Pushing Humanity Forward “We stand for ideas and products that allow human beings to live healthier, happier lives.” Mindvalley
  39. 39. Freedom To Fly “We exist to connect people to what’s important in their lives through friendly, reliable, and low-cost air travel.” Southwest Airlines
  40. 40. Great things happen from the inside.
  41. 41. 1. Strengths & Stories 2. Collaboration & Aligned Values 3. Orient Your Calling /Who You Serve 4. Realizing Your Purpose Statement 5. Executing Your Purpose Discovering Your Purpose – S.C.O.R.E.
  42. 42. 3 Words Question  What are three words that describe the essence your company or who you are?
  43. 43. By focusing on the difference that the organization makes in the lives of the people it serves, an organization can find common ground on higher ground. Lifting It Up…
  44. 44. It’s time to create sustainable business models with purpose driven companies that are good for the people, planet, as well as the profits.
  45. 45. Karin Volo Chief Joy Bringer +46 (0)70 301 1968 Our Purpose: Bringing joy to the workplace Our Vision: To make this the norm, not the exception. Stay in Touch…