Brazil birthgiving dec2011


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Brazil birthgiving dec2011

  1. 1. TA Brazil Learnings from the process and our 3 months time in Brazil in August- November 2011 Henna Kääriäinen, Valtteri Melkko14. joulukuuta 11
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  4. 4. Background of this project • Brazil TA initiated in 2009 when Senac São Paulo together with Banco Santander Brazil called Finnish Tiimiakatemia to Brazil to hold a 2-weeks long TA Experience workshop. It was a big success! In order to know TA more and get it started in Brazil, Senac made Learning Expeditions to TA Finland and TA Mondragon, Spain in 2009-2010. Senac’s internal KickOff week for Tiimiakatemia was held in May 2011 and it involved 10 directors, 40 students, 100 coordinators and teachers, 10 core team members and 10 partners: Santander, Natura, Grandene, Microsoft, the HUB, Irizar, Fagor, SoL Brazil and CDI among others. The KickOff week strengthened Senac’s decision to aim for launching the TA degree program for Brazilian market. We also planned 7 pilots for starting to implement TA in Senac in 2011-2014. • The process has been all about co-working, both physically in Brazil and by Skype from Finland and Spain. We are working for constructing a strong international network because there’s clearly a need of collaboration with more than one of the Tiimiakatemias in this process. So far we have been only working with the international Tiimiakatemia network, Senac SP and Santander Brazil. Soon it’s time to open up for other partners, networks and collaborators, and search for political support and relational support for reaching the goal which is to launch a Finnish Tiimiakatemia and it’s degree programs in Brazil. • This motorola reflects mostly our 3 months piloting period in Senac Sao Paulo in Aug-Nov 2011. We were there then as a team: teampreneurs Ana Aguirre & Valtteri Melkko, team coach Henna Kääriäinen. 414. joulukuuta 11
  5. 5. Where we are working? São Paulo Rio de Janeiro14. joulukuuta 11
  6. 6. What went well? • We had fun! – incredible 3 months! • We have made TA irresistible to Senac in a sense that it would be very hard to stop this change process anymore, so many parts of the organization are involved • We implemented basic TA tools: Training Sessions, Birthgivings, Houston Calls, Forest & Back, and a little bit of Young Leaders program • All the pilots we run during the 3 months (with students, professors and HR) went really well – we got results that show the effect of TA methods • Tiimimestari coaching for team coaches will start in Brazil in February 2012 - we could create and maintain the interest towards that14. joulukuuta 11
  7. 7. What went well? • This was a new kind of experiment – usually TA agents and pilots take place AFTER already starting Tiimimestari program – we went BEFORE that was running, but didn’t screw up the pilots even though we didn’t have the full organizational support • We made many company visits to form partnerships to BTA • The long-term intention is there – we have already done a lot of well planned action during a longer period in Brazil14. joulukuuta 11
  8. 8. First Beach & Back teaming-up day with our TA working team.14. joulukuuta 11
  9. 9. What went poorly? • There’s a continuous battle for the continuity of the process inside Senac – but we battled well! • The basic trust to the process and us is shattering often • Henna: too much of sharing informal, incomplete information, before it was officially decided together - here in TA we do this, but in a bigger organization, in Brazil, it’s not good – cultural differences? • We didn’t do good transition with Ana or Valtteri, who did not know too much about the current project beforehand (periytys)14. joulukuuta 11
  10. 10. What went poorly? • Sometimes we didn’t respect Senac’s or its employee’s opinions enough – on the other hand, maybe often they didn’t respect ours / TA’s either • We didn’t keep the Project Manager Patricia always enough close when doing dialogue e.g. by Skype to Finland – we felt it was somehow easier to have dialogue with Cecilia, the project worker – who has lived in Europe for 1 year, and has more cultural understanding – this is why Patricia wasn’t aware of some important points about the process we had shared with Cecilia - > more distrust was caused • We made many company visits but unfortunately 3 months was not enough to put in action many things with the partners, now they are hot and without help!14. joulukuuta 11
  11. 11. Santander Brazil - one of the companies who wants TA but we haven’t worked with them since 2009. Now it’s time again! 1114. joulukuuta 11
  12. 12. What did we learn? • It’s important to have people who have personal experience of TA tools & process working on place where TA is taken. We think it’s very important to have experienced TA coaches/ agents present in these processes! (like in Mondragon TA) – They have a value that people from outside of TA cannot have because when you have done it by yourself, you believe in it, and you can sell it! • Leadership is about making decisions and taking the responsibility that follows. • Patricia: “We dreamed this together, we are doing it together” - this is how Senac’s project manager feels about the partners & us, a very warm-hearted way to feel in business, it seems.14. joulukuuta 11
  13. 13. What did we learn? • In Brazil, everything moves on with personal relations and trust. • In Senac everything moves on also with politics – we used a lot of time preparing presentations for important decision- makers – during the time waiting for decisions, the future didn’t exist... • Portuguese language – a lot! - language skills doesn’t stop you from going, but you need to be willing to learn. • Execlusive rights for starting TA is apparently needed for Senac in SP because of the competition in that area – how can TA give exclusive rights because it’s TA’s value that teampreneurs can sell anything to anyone? • In Brazil we work with really big things & organizations – in Finland we work with really small entrepreneurs - how can the TA international network climb into the next level (with case Brazil)?14. joulukuuta 11
  14. 14. Our trio in Rio. Random people on the streets stopped us and asked: What is that TA? 1414. joulukuuta 11
  15. 15. What will we do differently next time / What will we put in action? • Let’s create a plan where we have more time for dialogue with the TA core team – now we just had the training session once a week, but not even one day for working together at the same place – we need more dialogue! • We need to work on the vision of Brazil TA. ”Tiimiakatemias vision is to be the European Leading boundary braking centre of excellence in Team Entrepreneurship in 2013. Tiimiakatemia Adult Educations vision is that by 2015 there are 147 Tiimiakatemias and 1000 trained Team Coaches who are coaching 1 million Team Entrepreneurs.” How does TA Brazil is linked with these visions? • We’d like to make more close relations with different companies in Brazil around BTA - there is a need for offering more teams to work in there! • In Santander, we’ll implement the same things as in Senac – Santander is the second main partner – a team company is needed in there!14. joulukuuta 11
  16. 16. What will we do differently next time / What will we put in action? • More dialogue with a Tiimimestari graduate Anita Seidler about TA Brazil in Rio (Team Mastery in Rio) • Back in Brazil in February 2012 with Tiimimestari! • TA in Portugal is bubbling under…  Next steps in Portugal in February 2012 in a creative industries forum - lets work on it!14. joulukuuta 11
  17. 17. Co-creating with the HUB network in Sao Paulo & Rio. 1714. joulukuuta 11
  18. 18. Notes from the conversation with TA teampreneurs and coaches from our birthgiving at Tiimiakatemia at 12.12.2011 • Ulla & Mimmu: Brazilian & Spanish cultures have tendency to create a lot of dialogue but maybe not about the meaningful points, besides, it takes 250-800 hours to learn to dialogue with effect. In the other hand people don’t have time to talk enough in normal working enviroment. TA helps in this and the best help is to speak English because that cuts the pointless talking and people really focus on what they say :) • Ulla & Mimmu: process learning is another thing than case studies • Ulla: When we talk about process learning the results can not be estimated according to one training session or one event - it’s a process and the results can be seen only in the end - we must make this clear to all of our clients who want to estimate the process already before it’s over • Aleksi & Juho, the teampreneurs: There’s too little dialogue between the TA’s in other countries, for example TA Euskadi and MTA in Basque Country have more dialogue between TA Jyväskylä than between themselves, even though they are just 1 hour away from each other. In Finland Tiimiakatemia and ProAkatemia don’t have enough conversation between each other. 1814. joulukuuta 11
  19. 19. Notes from the conversation with TA teampreneurs and coaches from our birthgiving • Juho Deb, a teampreneur asked: Can we give the exclusive rights to TA for Senac in SP? Because we cannot hold the teampreneurs from selling the coaching processes anywhere, and since they are from Tiimiakatemia they will easily sell Tiimiakatemia for others too. The aim with exclusive rights is good: to guard the quality. Can we make exclusive agreement that does not take into account the teampreneurs sales, but only concerns starting TA and states that no other educational organization in Sao Paulo can start a TA within the next x-years? Exclusivity can be just temporary and then the market needs to keep free for new initiatives. Here we clearly have a cultural difference: In Brazil the competition is high and universities do everything to guard their brands. In Finland teampreneurs are the main power of TA and they are allowed and recommended to use the Tiimiakatemia brand in all their actions everywhere. It’s not limited who they meet and sell to, even if they would sell trash. The question is, what do we believe in in Brazil? Freedom or control. TA in Jyväskylä believes in freedom more than to control. • Aleksi & Emma, teampreneurs: TA needs control with quality for not having poor TA’s - for example if someone in China buys a paper machine they also buy the speacialist guys who know how to install and operate it because the expertice is needed. That’s the same with TA. We don’t want to have TA’s that are not operated with a right kind of knowledge. That’s why it’s important to have staff from TA working in all 19 the new locations on implementing the methods.14. joulukuuta 11
  20. 20. Thanks to all who contributed! 2014. joulukuuta 11