Valtech - Wake Up - Keynote
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Valtech - Wake Up - Keynote

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Wake Up - Keynote ...

Wake Up - Keynote

Shouvik Bhattacharyya, CEO & Managing Director, Valtech US

Laurent Sarrazin, Head of ITEC Agile Center, Société Générale

Agile Day 2012

More in: Technology , Business
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  • 1. A True Story of the Diffusion of Agility, with Ups and Downs .. and a definitive … Sweet Rupture
  • 2. Foreword This is the story of an Agile Journey … with Ups and Downs And a real happiness share a couple of our ingredients with you, NOW !
  • 3. Sure Simon !! Let’s do it with a game … as we are playful people ! Hi Laurent, What about starting with the Goal of all of that ?
  • 4. Remember The (ideal) Future Feb Dec 2012 We are agile ! My ingredients .. On the shelf ;)
  • 5. The Diffusion of Innovations – Part 01 : Ignition When the Reality turns into a pure (agile) Odyssey …
  • 6. The Fearless journeyman 6
  • 7. Don’t be shy : Be Radical.. AND Foster Delight + Desire !! Denning : 1st guy for me to say « this must be radical » THE (only ?) Book for Your CEOs, and Business Executives !
  • 8. Enable the RUPTURE, but a sweet one !!! Now that we are protected with the Classic « Bocal », « Evolution » How to break away ?? NEED TO FIND Next NEW WAYS Disruptive « Evolution » Accept to forget the present for a while, to build our future
  • 9. Unfortunately : Resistance, Sabotage, Laggars, …. As soon as we want to change a bit … here we go with troublemakers … Le Bocal à …. Sylvaine PASCAL Ithaque Coaching
  • 10. Keep Going  Create DESIRE & HAPYNESS Good to thrive for Client Delight, and what about Team Delight ??? (*) Structured Creativity ;) (*) Source : J. Appelo
  • 11. Let’s play !!! Learning and growing with a playful + The Agile University  Agile Games, Dojo, Safaris, .. Real GAME ROOM (*) Source : J. Appelo
  • 12. A Real Game-Room to Foster
  • 13. Sweet Learning Walk SWEET & SMART « Sweet Rupture » This is the at a glance : STEP 01 : ignite the change with a playful approach, and flavors taken from Sir Whitmore’s coaching model (GROW). But you can’t stay there !! You’ll only create disapointement if all the energy, creativity generated is not transformed into step by step execution. STEP 02 : The change is driven by agile dynamics, freely inspired by « Iteration toward Agility », M. Cohn, Chapter 4
  • 14. The Diffusion of Innovations – Part 02 : The CHASM !
  • 15. What tricks to cross the « Chasm » ??  Epiphany Foster Horizontal Influence with … Zero MS-Office Tribal & Visual Leadership StoryTelling Servant Leadership « Managers to be at Sunni Brown the service of those who create value »
  • 16.
  • 17. Speakers Laurent SARRAZIN Agilitateur de naissance, Laurent oeuvre dans la banque d’investissement depuis 1995. Tombé bien tôt dans la marmite agile, épicée de masala durant 3 ans en Inde, Laurent est un compagnon de l’agilité, passionné par le partage d’expériences, et insatiable gourmand des trouvailles d’autrui. Courant 2011, Laurent crée l’ITEC Agile Center de la BFI de la Société Générale, et poursuit le voyage en faisant évoluer sa DSI, dans un esprit communautaire & ludique avec comme « KPI» … la courbure de la banane sur le visage des clients et des équipes. @bangalaurent Sylvaine PASCUAL Coach développeur d’odyssées professionnelles – autour des trois axes de la réussite: la relation à soi, la relations aux autres, la relation au @ithaque-coaching 17
  • 18. Storyboard