Valtech - Connecting Product Vision to Everyday Agile Work


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Connecting Product Vision to Everyday Agile Work.

Kelly R. Looney, Principal Process Engineer, Valtech US

Agile Day 2012

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Valtech - Connecting Product Vision to Everyday Agile Work

  1. 1. Product Vision as a Tool in everyday Agile work
  2. 2. Introduction!   Who am I?!   What is my Vision? !   PO/PMs are overwhelmed with details !   Need = strategic AND practical !   Make vision a widespread iterative tool!   Lots of constraint
  3. 3. Overview!   Developing a product vision!   Communicating your ideas and plans!   Using vision everyday!   When vision meets reality
  4. 4. Markets are Conversations So what do you have to say?
  5. 5. Developing a Product Vision!   A vision should be an opinion. !   Should be expressible on an elevator ride !   If it is unique it separates you from the pack!   Examples: !   You should control your online Presence . !   Portability is the key to harness changing technology - Oracle/Java/ParcPlace
  6. 6. How do you see the world?! Worldview : What do you believe? Who else sees things the way I do? !   What does the future look like? !   Given your worldview, what is needed and most important?
  7. 7. Typical Visions !  Leading Provider... = “I want to win” !  Increase ROI = “... more money” !  Be a market leader = “... be successful” !  To be recognized = “ important”
  8. 8. Thinking Different!   Not enough to have an opinion, it needs to stand out. !   Sometimes be a contrarian! !   What makes you capable/ interesting?!   Partners rather than competitors?
  9. 9. Cluetrain!   Companies attempting to position themselves should take a position.!   Optimally it should relate to something the market actually cares about.!   Bombastic boasts do not = a position
  10. 10. What are you doing about what you believe?!   Building a product that is needed !   Your Worldview builds the case !   prioritize vs ignore vs outsource!   Scholastic - What is changing about the world of children s learning? !   How can we uniquely contribute? !   Parent AND Teacher relationships
  11. 11. Another Example - Simple Sync !   Envisions a world with people having many devices!   Solution: Seamless and effortless syncing and backup across devices
  12. 12. Communicating!   Who and How !   You need several kinds of people: customers, supporters, investors, partners !   Internet is great but it still takes looking to find YOUR people!   Drawing your Worldview !   Statements, Papers, Talks, Screencasts, Demos !   Thought leaders, Communities, Reviews
  13. 13. Vision Examples! DataHero Brings Analytics to Everyone!  Organize the world s information and make it universally accessible and useful. - ??!  Our values reflect those of a business started by a band of climbers and surfers, and the minimalist style they promoted. The approach we take towards product design demonstrates a bias for simplicity and utility. - ??!  A place where incredibly talented individuals are empowered to put their best work into the hands of millions of people, with very little in their way. - ??
  14. 14. Vision as a Tool!  Motivation - Eyes on the prize!  Prioritization and evaluation!  Integration and Testing!  DevOps & Continuous Deployment !  Baby steps into the future
  15. 15. Motivation!   Vision needs to be reinforced!!   Every planning meeting !   Start with big picture -> current sprint!   Other reminders - flags, posters, talks
  16. 16. Prioritization!   If this process is mysterious you have a problem <- smell!   Test each story - perhaps do a rating !   Does it support your Worldview? - upgrade !   Is it beside YOUR points - downgrade !   Be creative about focusing on your vision! !   Minimizing effort on everything else
  17. 17. Scientific Method for Development !   Customer Development !   Validated Learning
  18. 18. Integration and Test !   Q: Do your tests PROVE your vision? !   Example: The future of education is a custom learning plan for every child. !   Tests (focus of testing your core assumptions) !   Practical for one teacher to create 20-30 plans? !   Assign and track? !   Schools managing hundreds of plans? !   Parent communication? Support?
  19. 19. DevOps, Continuous Deployment!  Presents its own vision of software development without complex and risky releases !  Small incremental features delivered as they are built - always integrating and testing!  Build your vision in small steps rather than all at once !  This is win since your vision is likely to evolve !  Up front investment is often wasted
  20. 20. When Vision meets Reality
  21. 21. Market Reactions!   Your own Sales force - help them tell the tale!   Customers, Partners, Upper Mgmt!   Press, Analysts !   They want a story , give them yours !   Wild-eyed supporters and trolls !   Productive use of feedback
  22. 22. Dealing with Events!   You won t always be the freshest idea out there !   Others will always make claims that they have it all figured out !   Easy to panic...!   Go back to your Worldview !   Are your assumptions still valid? !   Do other products fit or conflict? !   Do you still believe in your story? !   Ok to change and evolve.
  23. 23. In Summation...But have something to say...
  24. 24. Thanks!BTW Valtech is just starting to work in Hawaii...