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Agile Marketing TM : The New Imperative

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For both consumers and business, the world is speeding up, more uncertain and more technology-based than ever before. The customer journey has become increasingly sinuous, winding back and forth from online to in-store, from individual to social, from static to mobile. In trying to keep up with these changes and manage complexity, brands are faced with new challenges that traditional marketing cannot meet. We are reaching the limits of yesterday’s mass media communications—television, radio and print—and are in the midst of a paradigm shift brought on by digital technologies and the emergence of new digital marketing opportunities. This new paradigm calls for a new approach to marketing.

How to rethink marketing in the digital age? How to create, equip and organize marketing teams for meeting the needs of the new digital consumer in a rapidly changing world?
How to seize the digital marketing opportunity and provide consumers with the experiences and services they have come to expect? How to reorganize marketing teams so that they can take full advantage of the benefits of digital technologies? How to effectively reconcile marketing with performance and accountability?

Laura Guillemin, Digital Insight Lead, Valtech

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Valtech Adobe - Agile Marketing TM : The New Imperative

  1. 1. The New Imperative Laura Guillemin, Valtech Digital Marketing Conference, 2012
  2. 2. Agile Marketing™ is a radically new approachto marketing, made necessary in the newtechological environment to face the digitalconsumer.Agile Marketing™: Marketing reloaded.
  3. 3. The environment has grownincreasingly technological, complex,accelerated…and uncertainThe consumer is connected, mobile,social, demanding and volatile.Brand communication paradigmneeds to evolve to remain relevant.Marketing faces numerous challengesto survive in this environment andaddress this new consumer: consistentmultichannel presence, relevance,responsiveness.
  4. 4. Agile Marketing™: leveraging the digital opportunity (1) Develop multichannel marketing to address the consumer anywhere, anytime, encompassing the increasing number of consumer touch points Building marketing strategies on behavior-based methodologies rather than attitude-based methodologies, thanks to footprints left by the digital consumer at every step of its journey Offer contextualized, location-based and personalized services based on objective data, to be heard in an overwhelming marketing environment Interact with consumers in real time, on all channels, and activate loyalty programs through conversational and experiential marketing Measure and identify initiatives that really drive value and those that do not meet their objectives, to develop a performance-driven marketing.
  5. 5. Agile Marketing™: leveraging the digital opportunity (2) Digital Marketing Opportunity Potential & Benefits of existing tools and platforms Weak maturity level on digitalmarketing for themajority of players Survey Valtech-Adobe Technological platforms
  6. 6. •Customer Responsive Platform™: Agile content & multichannel campaign management, from the designer to the publisher, based on brand assets centralization (digital publishing)•Digital Analytics: Agile data- driven marketing initiatives, for more relevance to the consumer and more ROI for the marketer.•Organization and Gouvernance: Agile marketing project management,responsiveness andperformance-driven, throughmore cross-functionalcollaboration and adaptationto feedback.
  7. 7. Reduced Time-to-Market for campaigns and marketing actions,thanks to faster executionMultichannel presence whileprotecting brand consistencyand avoiding fragmentationReal-time responsiveness tocustomer feedback, competitorsand new market trendsRelevance at the same timepersonal, behavioral andcontextual, for the consumer, atevery touchpoint with the brandMeasure of ROI of marketing actions, by channel and by campaign, for aperformance-driven strategy
  8. 8. Paradigm change:From mass media communication andcampaigns to personalized conversations.Agile Marketing™: Marketing reloaded.
  9. 9. Paradigm change:From « product-based » marketing to service-based marketing.Agile Marketing™: Marketing reloaded.
  10. 10. Paradigm change:From brand-driven marketing to consumer-driven marketing.Agile Marketing™: Marketing reloaded.
  11. 11. Thank youDownload our Agile Marketing White Paper™