Chapter Nineteen


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Chapter Nineteen

  1. 1. “I believe in you. I’ll give up everything just to find you. I have to be with you to live to breathe. You’re taking over me…” Taking Over Me by Evanescence
  2. 2. Every story has a beginning, middle and an end. Their beginning was rocky, their middle was disastrous and now their ending was downright tragic. Weren’t there happy endings in the world anymore? When would she get her happy ending? Victoria (Mendez) Chace-Unforgettable, Chapter Thirteen
  3. 3. Glossary *Ava-a voice recognition system used by Statham Island’s BAU. Everything about Ava is purely fictional and made up by yours truly. Ava is Special Agent Josh Cobain’s brain child. *CDC-Center Drip Coffee Shop *HRO-Human Resources Officer * Transponder- 1. (Electronics & Computer Science / Telecommunications) a type of radio or radar transmitter-receiver that transmits signals automatically when it receives predetermined signals 2. (Communication Arts / Broadcasting) the receiver and transmitter in a communications or broadcast satellite, relaying received signals back to earth But in Valpre’s layman terms a transponder is simply a tracking device.
  4. 4. The story so far… Then… Victoria and Storm spent one morning of potent chemistry at Dean and Kendra’s place after meeting for the very first time and thus began their Unforgettable journey. She fell in love but Storm ended the relationship before it could begin. On the opening night of her art gallery, Euphoria, Julian Scott walked into Victoria’s life.
  5. 5. Toria found out she was pregnant. On her way to visit her parents in Belladonna Cove Julian kidnapped her and held her hostage for over 48 hours. The BAU got involved and the hostage situation ended fatally when Julian committed suicide, leaving Toria fighting for hers and her baby’s lives.
  6. 6. After she moved in with Storm, emotions ran high, things blew out of proportion and eventually Toria fled to Little Creek. A mystery avenger drifted to town. Laurien and Alejandro Mendez were killed in a horrific explosion. Jade McNamara, Julian’s old flame, turned out to be the mystery avenger and she was apprahended by the BAU.
  7. 7. They reunited briefly at her parents’ memorial service. Afraid of a nervous breakdown following her parents’ death, Victoria left town on a journey of self discovery. But after three months of travelling, amidst pregnancy suspicions, Toria returned to Statham Island.
  8. 8. It was a dramatic countdown leading to Dean and Kendra’s wedding. Storm’s tryst with Bree almost destroyed his chances with Toria. A hasty visit to the hospital after Toria collapsed on rehearsal night revealed she is once again expecting the first Chace heir/ess.
  9. 9. Toria and Storm finally tied the knot aboard SS Maelstrum in Sandy Bay Marina. Jade escaped from Statham Island’s federal prison and sought refuge in Little Creek. News of Toria and Storm’s nuptials sent Jade in a disastrous rage with devastating consequences for all concerned…
  10. 10. Now…. Who will survive this last stretch of the journey? Will Toria and Storm finally get their happy ending? Find out in this final chapter of Unforgettable titled Vengeance.
  11. 11. Parental Guidance suggested. This chapter contains strong language and violent scenes which may upset sensitive readers.
  12. 12. Somewhere in Statham Island-Victoria and Storm’s penthouse Tuesday night: one week after Storm accepted his team’s proposed plan “You can’t just suddenly tell me you’re going out of town and expect me to be happy about it Storm,” Victoria snapped at him angrily. He had just come home and announced his team had to go out of town on a case right away. She always knew that some days she would have to be on her own while he went off to Lord knew where to catch psychos; after all it came with the territory of being married to a BAU agent. But still, she had not expected it to be so soon.
  13. 13. “I know and I’m sorry…I wish I could have given you more warning, but I have to leave right away,” Storm tried to calm her down. He could see the fury in her eyes and he just hoped her anger at him would not raise her blood pressure- another reason he was so dead set against his team’s plan. “Can’t you send someone in your place?” Victoria sighed sadly. “I wish I could…it will only be for a few days,” Storm replied, twining his hand with hers. He hated lying to her, and lately that was all he seemed to do!
  14. 14. “Okay then, hurry home,” Victoria closed her eyes in an effort to blink away her tears, but a solitary tear forced its way through. She knew she was being a little too clingy, but she could not bear to be apart from him, even if it was just for a few days.
  15. 15. It broke his heart to see the tear trickle down her cheek. He desperately wanted to pull her close in a tight embrace, but he knew taking her in his arms would be a mistake and he might be tempted to stay. Her safety depended on him leaving her, just for a little while.
  16. 16. Steeling the warning voices in his head, he wrapped his arms around her and held her close, all the while wishing he did not have to go. Damn Jade McNamara for forcing his hand! He had never cared about Jade’s fate until that very moment. Now he had his own score to settle with her! “I love you. Be good and I’ll be back before you know it,” he whispered against her hair. Her scent overpowered his senses and he abruptly stepped back.
  17. 17. Victoria sank on the floor and pulled up her knees to her chest and watched his retreating back. She would miss him very much, but like he said, it was only for a few days. This would be the first time they would be apart in a very long time.
  18. 18. “He’ll be back before you know it,” she tried to convince herself. After a year of being with him on and off she still could not understand his power over her. She literally fell apart whenever he was not around. He was her anchor and without him she felt so alone. “Get it together Victoria!” She chastised herself impatiently. With a heavy heart, she climbed the stairs and made her way to their bedroom and slept fitfully that night after a long time.
  19. 19. “Storm, we’re going live in two minutes,” Melissa came up to him softly. Feeling a little sentimental, she wanted to reach out to him and comfort him but from the way he held himself, she knew what the result of her kind gesture would be. He had just left Victoria and he was furious with everyone, but more with himself for giving in! He watched apathetically from his lone position in the far end of the room as the computer screens came to life.
  20. 20. According to the BAU's profile on Jade, based on their understanding of her insane obsession with Victoria, she was still on the run because she knew law enforcement of all types, including the BAU, would be all over Victoria and she would not get her chance at her, hence the proposed the plan. If Victoria was left vulnerable and alone, even if it was just for a short while, Jade might be tempted to come after her, and when she did, the BAU would be waiting. The plan was exactly what Storm was against. It sounded too simple, too straightforward. But what other choice did he have? The stuffed animal Jade had sent was her message; she would get to Victoria anytime and anywhere, if and when she wanted!
  21. 21. As part of the plan the BAU had set up a safe house in the apartment complex across from the penthouse. It took exactly three minutes from the safe house to the penthouse. Three minutes was good, but Storm wished the distance was much shorter.
  22. 22. The emerald pendant on Victoria’s necklace had a microchip and would serve as transponder should the need arise. The live feed cameras strategically hidden around the penthouse meant she was under constant surveillance; she could not so much as scratch herself without the BAU knowing about it. Storm hated invading her privacy in such a way, but as his team had pointed out, it was for her own good and it would not be for long.
  23. 23. Melissa’s primary assignment was to have a press conference with all the major newspapers and TV stations where she would announce that the Red Alert on the McNamara case had been lifted because authorities believed Jade had left the country and it was a wasted expense to keep searching for her. Storm had no doubt that Melissa would be convincing; she was the queen of bluff and she knew how to handle the media. If all went well, Jade would see the reports and might be tempted to relax and get sloppy.
  24. 24. But for now they waited and watched Victoria go about the daily business of her life. The wait was the worst for Storm. He snorted crossly as he realized he had barely spent ten minutes at the safe house and he already wished the stakeout was over. It would be a long couple of days; he could just see it now!
  25. 25. Wednesday… Somewhere in Little Creek She was waiting for the 11:30 am bus. She did not have any idea where she was headed, but she knew whichever bus arrived first, would take her to her next destination and hopefully her new home. She was still struggling to remember the details of the maid’s death. Every time she thought of that day, her mind drew a blank. The newspaper on the bench caught her attention. Whatever happened to recycling? She thought crossly as she picked it up. She had never believed in fate, until now! Soon she was thanking the person who had left the newspaper.
  26. 26. “…Special Agent Melissa Swanson, the BAU’s media liaison officer, during a press conference last night, confirmed that the search for Jade McNamara has been called off because authorities believe McNamara has left the country…” Behind the dark shades, Jade’s eyes grew as big as saucers as she read the article about the lifting of the Red Alert on her. Her heart sky rocketed out of control as the words in the article sank in. Everyone believed she had left the country; no more police, no more hiding, and no more running. She was a free woman!
  27. 27. In her excitable state, the wheels were already turning in her head. She knew going back to Statham Island might prove to be a mistake, and going after Victoria, an even bigger one, but still . . . she liked the idea of paying one final visit to the bitch before vanishing completely like everyone already believed she had! Suddenly her day went from okay to great when the orange pickup truck pulled up on the curb and the driver rolled down his window and asked her if she wanted a ride. She wondered again, was this her lucky day or what?
  28. 28. Wednesday “I think it’s safe to say Jade’s gone and she’s not coming back. We’ve done things your way, so now I have to get back to my wife!” Storm fumed at his team. She was so close and yet so far away. It was a week after he had left Victoria and Jade saw the news report. She was still under the impression that he was out of town.
  29. 29. Josh, sitting on the couch next to Storm, suddenly found the newspaper intriguing. He knew it was best to keep quiet when their boss was in one of his dark moods. He would sit this one out and let Melissa handle him. “Storm…it’s only been a few days…” Melissa pointed out. “A few days I could have spent with Victoria and our baby,” he hissed icily, his blue eyes shooting spurts of rage at everyone in the room.
  30. 30. “You need to calm down. Just relax and leave everything to us,” Pete insisted from his workstation. He felt it in his gut that they were about to make a breakthrough. Now, if only their boss could calm down!
  31. 31. “There’s a call coming in on Victoria’s cell phone,” Nellie’s voice broke the tension in the room and they all turned to the screen and watched Victoria while Josh got ready to trace the caller’s ID and the location of the caller.
  32. 32. The sound of her cell phone brought her out of her fitful sleep. She had slept with her make up on last night and the streaky mascara had not shown her any mercy! She looked a mess. “Hello,” she croaked into the phone and hoped it was Storm’s voice she would hear.
  33. 33. “Is this Mrs. Chace?” Jade asked, in an unusually high pitched voice. “Yes…” Victoria sighed breathlessly, who would have know how much effort would be required to get out of bed. No one had told her she would be as big as an elephant and her mobility would be reduced. She did not recognize the voice, and she just hoped it was not a telemarketer. “I’m Stacy Mansfield, from The Times and I’d like to do a story on Euphoria, I was wondering if you could spare me some time?” Jade continued in her strange voice, hoping she sounded convincing.
  34. 34. “I---maybe you should speak to my business partner, Piper. She handles all the publicity for the gallery,” Victoria replied. She had no idea how the reporter got her number, but she was not going to waste time worrying about that.
  35. 35. In the building across the penthouse, Josh and Nellie worked feverishly to trace the call. They hoped Victoria would keep the caller long enough for them to get a trace.
  36. 36. “I spoke to her initially, but she referred me to you,” Jade lied smoothly. “I won’t take up too much of your time. I know how busy you are and I promise to write a great review on Euphoria!” Victoria knew the bit about a great review was a lie. The vultures would do anything to get a story! But she relented. “Oh, when were you looking into conducting the interview?”
  37. 37. “I’m going out of town on Friday and I’d really like to do the story before I leave. I know it’s at short notice…” Jade let the rest of her sentence hang in the air, hoping she sounded like a nervous reporter… “I see. Can we meet tomorrow at CDC then?” Victoria asked, suddenly craving their chocolate milkshake. CDC made the best chocolate milkshake in the whole of Statham Island.
  38. 38. “I got it,” Josh cried excitedly, and just in time because a second later Victoria concluded her call. “It’s a pay phone in Downtown!”
  39. 39. “I was hoping to interview you at Euphoria; I’d like to take some shots of the gallery, if you don’t mind…” Jade replied coolly, trying to hide her excitement! “Euphoria it is then, Ms. Mansfield. Please be there at 7:00pm. I can’t make it earlier than that, unfortunately” Victoria sighed. She had a million things to do tomorrow, like meet Kendra for lunch and do some baby shopping.
  40. 40. The fact that the call came from a pay phone in Downtown troubled Storm deeply. Why would a legitimate reporter use a pay phone? “Nellie, run the call through Ava and compare the results with Jade’s voice from her interview with Victoria five months ago at the BAU offices . . . and Lynn, call The Times and confirm Stacy Mansfield’s identity; Now!” He barked at his team, his whole body buzzing with adrenaline.
  41. 41. “Hey, relax; you’ll be fine,” Pete smiled at Nellie reassuringly when he saw the panic in the young girl’s eyes. Storm could be a jackass sometimes and he felt bad for Nellie, but on the other hand he understood why their boss was on edge. This call had breathed new life into their almost stagnant stakeout.
  42. 42. “What’s taking you all so damn long?” Storm growled ten minutes later, when none of his team members told him what he wanted to hear. Lynn was still on the phone with The Times and Nellie, also on the phone, tried to get someone from the BAU’s data bank to retrieve the audio recordings of Victoria and Jade’s interview.
  43. 43. Nellie almost fell apart at Storm’s harsh tone. She was good at her job but she did not fare well under pressure. With Ava, the BAU’s voice recognition system, there was a lot she could do, starting with, but not limited to, speech patterns (such as sounds, pronunciation, etc), volume and pitch of the caller’s voice and the choice of words used by the caller. But first she and Josh had to descramble the call and get rid of all the background noise, and that whole process could take time. Storm knew this too, but suddenly he expected her to perform magic!
  44. 44. She breathed a huge sigh of relief when, out of the corner of her eye, she saw Lynn hang up the phone and swivel around in her chair to face Storm. At least some of the pressure would be off her now! “The Times’ HRO confirmed they don’t have a Stacy Mansfield in their employ---” her voice trailed off when she saw the murderous look in Storm’s eyes.
  45. 45. Lynn said a silent prayer of thanks when at that very moment Josh let out a triumphant “Yes!” and broke the tension her words had created in the room. “It’s a 95% match,” he announced, looking at the results from Ava. It had taken longer than expected to scramble the call and then run it through the voice recognition system, but he was glad it had confirmed what they had all suspected from the start. Now, the whole game play changed. If it all went well, in a little over twenty-four hours they would all be tucked away safely in their cozy beds. Josh was not a field agent and no matter how much pizza and doughnuts they stuffed him with, he still hated stakeouts!
  46. 46. Thursday afternoon Somewhere in Statham Island-Victoria and Storm’s penthouse Victoria was about to sit down to her afternoon snack of cookies and juice, courtesy of Edward, when her home phone rang. She wished it was the reporter calling to cancel their interview that evening. She was not looking forward to the long drive to Euphoria. Her eyes darted quickly from the plate of cookies on the counter to the phone on the wall. Eventually, the phone’s persistent ringing won the battle for her attention.
  47. 47. “Toria, it’s Piper. Are you still going to the gallery this evening for the interview?” her business partner asked on her end of the line. “Yeah, but I’m so tempted to cancel,” Victoria sighed breathlessly. “Don’t you dare! We need all the publicity we can get for the exhibition next week,” Piper informed her sternly. “Anyway, I need you to bring the briefcase with the documents for the exhibition. I left it at your place last week!”
  48. 48. “Okay, I’ll just leave it in your office,” Victoria replied. She remembered seeing the briefcase somewhere in the house. She would have to ask Edward about it. “Piper, don’t you want to do the interview with me?” she asked hopefully.
  49. 49. “Not a chance kiddo; you’re on your own this time! I have a red hot date this evening with a very wealthy art collector” her friend announced merrily before hanging up. Oh when is my very wealthy art collector coming home? She wondered sadly, staring at the receiver in her hand, and missing her husband even more.
  50. 50. It was 6:00pm an hour before her rendezvous with Stacy Mansfield, the reporter from The Times. She lay on the bed and gazed up at the ceiling. This is crazy! What are you doing? Forget the stupid interview. Go to bed. No matter what she did she could not silence the warning bells in her head. She had done a thousand interviews before, but none had made her feel so weird. She could feel it in her gut that something was terribly wrong. She slowly counted to ten, a technique she had learned from her mom, to try and calm the hysteria welling up.
  51. 51. Victoria switched off her cell phone and left it on the bed, the battery was almost dead, and it was not like Storm would try to reach her. He was probably too caught up with work to call his pregnant wife! “We’ve lost one of the transponders,” Josh cried, frantically working the keyboard and trying to re-establish the connection. “Which one?” Storm growled. “The cell phone” Nellie informed them. “Looks like she’s switched it off.”
  52. 52. Still filled with dread and apprehension, she took Piper’s briefcase with the documents for the exhibition and headed out to meet her fate. “Storm . . . She’s heading out.” Lynn, staring at the surveillance footage, shouted from across the room.
  53. 53. “Josh, check the second transponder and make sure it’s working,” Storm instructed his team in a frantic voice and turning to Pete and Lynn, “Let’s go,” It was all happening too soon and too quickly. Everything was so rushed an, why the hell did she switch off her phone? But at that very moment, Storm was very grateful for the necklace around Victoria’s neck. Trailing her would have been impossible without it. “I’ll tell SWAT to be on standby,” Melissa called out after them.
  54. 54. Somewhere in Statham Island-Euphoria She pulled to the parking spot reserved for her and let the car’s engine die out. But she did not get out immediately. Instead she sat in the car and thought about Euphoria’s launch night. Things had been so different then. Storm had just broken up with her, and Julian Scott walked into her life that very same night! She knew she was trying to prolong the inevitable. “Come on Victoria, you can do this,” she psyched herself up for the interview. She grabbed Piper’s briefcase from the passenger seat and stepped out into the darkness.
  55. 55. She took in deep gulps of air and stared at the dark sky. Were there always so many? She wondered, looking at the stars above. She heard police sirens in the distance, and a feint sound of a helicopter hovering somewhere up above. She swiftly walked up the steps leading to Euphoria’s front door.
  56. 56. She gasped and tried to hide her shock and dismay when she switched on the light. She had always known that the time would come when she would, once again, come face to face with the woman who had killed her parents. In her mind she had gone over the things she would say to her a countless times, but now that Jade was here, unexpectedly, Victoria was suddenly at a loss for words. The picture in front of her looked all wrong. She had no idea what she expected but clearly it was not Jade’s haphazard looking face. She looked ancient. Her eyes were wild, yet so vacant, there was an assortment of scars on her once pretty face and her--- oh Lord--- her hair would surely make Marci cry.
  57. 57. For a second Victoria stood agape and wondered what Statham Island’s most wanted felon was doing in her art gallery. Then it hit her; there was no interview! There had never been an interview to start with; it was Jade on the phone. It was never Stacy Mansfield. “If you’re done staring, your Royal Highness,” Jade hissed sarcastically, reading the look of horror on Victoria’s face for what it was.
  58. 58. “I must say, pregnancy agrees with you!” Jade sneered, slightly put off by the other woman’s stares. She leaped up from the couch at a frightening speed and moved in on Victoria slowly, almost predatorily. “No!” Victoria let out an involuntary gasp of fear and tried to inch away the same way she had come.
  59. 59. “I don’t think so, Victoria! That’s not the way to treat an old friend,” Jade spat out angrily, calculating Victoria’s movements. Tonight she would avenge Julian. It had taken her a very long time to get to this point, but revenge was truly a dish best served cold! “Stay away from---” Victoria did not get to finish her sentence because just then they both noticed the commotion and the flashing blue and red lights outside.
  60. 60. “Jade McNamara . . . this is the police!” The bullhorn startled them out of their stupor. At a frightening speed of light, Jade whipped out her gun and covered the distance between them swiftly, and roughly threw Victoria on the sofa.
  61. 61. “You bitch…you set me up!” Jade shrieked, ramming the gun on the side of Victoria’s head. “I swear, I had no idea that you’d be here, or how the cops know I’m here! I was supposed to meet a reporter from The Times,” Victoria cried, a bewildered look in her eyes. She honestly had no idea how the cops knew she was there. “You lying, stupid bitch! Were they tapping your calls?” Jade growled menacingly.”Were they?”
  62. 62. Outside Euphoria, The SWAT team had just landed in their helicopter and Lynn was dealing with them. Melissa was already having a hard time keeping the media and civilians beyond the yellow police line.
  63. 63. Pete and Storm, over the deafening silence in the car, sat listening to the unspoken words, promises, fears, and uncertainties between them.
  64. 64. “Pete, you know the hell this woman has put Victoria through” Storm finally gritted out the words that would change the course of history, but Pete silenced him with his hand. Words were not needed. A silent pact was sealed. Jade would not leave Euphoria alive.
  65. 65. Inside Euphoria, Victoria sat with her head in her hands, hoping for some revelation…some big reveal that would get her out. She touched her necklace tenderly, and she thought of Storm. No, this was not happening again. It could not! She would not let it. Not when she had felt their baby kick. Not when she had seen the love in Storm’s eyes. She could not give it all up! If this was the end, she would give anything to see him one last time…just to see the love shining in the blueness of his eyes.
  66. 66. “Let me go Jade. You can still get away. You can use the back exit. No one will know and I won’t tell” Victoria rambled aimlessly. Jade, circling her, made her very nervous, but the constant presence of the gun in her hand made her all the more anxious. “And where will SWAT be in all of this?” Jade asked venomously, “You really take me for a moron don’t you?” “Why are you doing this?” Victoria asked, ignoring Jade’s outburst.
  67. 67. “Get up!” Jade screamed and yanked her off the coach. Jade knew it was over. There was nowhere to run. But going back to prison was not an option either! And if her soul was going to hell, she would take Victoria’s along for the ride! With the gun now aimed at Victoria’s face she continued, “Take it out Victoria, I know you have it!” “What---?” Victoria asked, bewildered. “Don’t act dumb with me. Take out your gun, now!” Jade barked at her again. Of course she did not know Victoria had a gun, it was just a lucky guess.
  68. 68. Wordlessly, Victoria reached for the gun inside her handbag and held it limply in her hand. After the Julian saga, she had bought herself a small handgun. She was petrified of it, but she always carried it around in her handbag, just in case, and today she was glad she had it, even though she had never used a gun before. “Now that we’re evenly matched, let’s play a game Victoria. It’s called my life for yours. On a count of three” Jade hissed; her eyes looked vacant, almost as if she was not there anymore, and it frightened Victoria.
  69. 69. “You’re crazy!” Victoria whispered as the meaning of what Jade called a game sank in. Depending on how quick her reflexes were, she had to kill Jade to stay alive, or Jade killed her. “I won’t do it! Go ahead and kill me if you want to but I won’t play your sick game!” “On a count of three Victoria” Jade continued, and raised her gun again.
  70. 70. “I won’t,” Victoria insisted, her eyes searching Jade’s face for a sign that it was all a sick joke. She had thought she had seen all types of crazy when Julian kidnapped her, but Jade was crazy on a whole new level!
  71. 71. “Three!” Jade sighed. ‘No---what are you doing? Let’s talk about this Jade!” Victoria pleaded, her own gun still hung limply in her hand. “Two!” “Please . . . put the gun down,” Victoria closed her eyes now and said a small prayer of deliverance. “One!”
  72. 72. A deafening silence settled over everyone outside as they heard a single gunshot. Disbelief was written all over Melissa’s face, and she could only stare as the crowd of civilians and the media vultures ran amok.
  73. 73. Jade felt the force of the bullet in her stomach and stared disbelievingly at Storm. It was true, she sighed, the moment you knew you were dying, all your senses sharpened incredibly. It was like being born again, and she would attest to this. In a millisecond she took in everything…the stormy blueness of his eyes, the pink glow emanating from the corner, the sharp glaring whiteness of the walls and floors and of course, how could she forget the two other guns aimed at her and . . . and that bitch, Victoria, whimpering softly behind her! “You?” She gasped, clutching her stomach and feeling the warm gooey liquid ooze from it. “You… You killed me!”
  74. 74. Storm had a strong urge to pull the trigger again and obliterate Jade’s head. “Do it!” A cold, furious voice somewhere at the back of his mind egged him on. He gripped the gun tightly, and he was about to pull the trigger again when a sharp, piercing howl brought him out his trance. Still with adrenaline pumping in his blood, his eyes quickly swept the room and settled on the source of the disturbing noise.
  75. 75. He stood immobile for a long time and could only watch her as she rocked her body back and forth in an effort to still the vigorous shudders coursing through her small frame. His heart broke for her, and he wished he could have sheltered her from it all. He loathed himself for subjecting her to all the carnage and violence. But there had not been any time for him to think, and try to reason with Jade, not when she had a gun pointed at his wife’s head.
  76. 76. Through a haze she saw, amidst the blood spatters, the pieces of debris around the room, on the walls, on the floor. They seemed to be everywhere. Good Lord, was it…was it Jade’s insides? She let out another haunting howl as she tried yet again to block out the images of Jade’s exploding stomach.
  77. 77. “No!” Victoria cried over and over again. One hand covered her face while the other hung limply on her side. She did not appear to be aware of the swarming activity of cops in the room. She was still in shock. She was so sure Jade would kill her but Storm, the love of her life, once again had proven he was hero . . . her safe harbor.
  78. 78. “Storm,” Pete touched his shoulder gently and gestured toward Victoria. He approached her slowly, trying not to startle her. He took her in his arms and rocked her gently.
  79. 79. “It’s over now. Shhhhh…” he cooed gently and kissed the top of her head. “I didn’t know it was her. I was supposed to meet a reporter. I didn’t know it was her, I swear,” Victoria shrieked shrilly. She thought he would be angry with her for putting herself and the baby in danger again, like all the other times she had done in the past; like with Julian Scott. Storm held her tight and tried to steady her convulsions, “I know. It’s okay. I know you didn’t and . . . I’m so sorry you had to see that.”
  80. 80. News Flash: Last Thursday, February 04, 2010, 15:15 p.m. (GMT +2:00) Victoria and Storm welcomed the much anticipated Baby Chace. Mom, Dad and Baby are resting comfortably in their lavish home in Statham Island’s north beach area. Find out if it’s a boy with dad’s smoldering looks or a girl with mom’s fiery tresses and fierce beauty in the Epilogue coming soon soon… A special thank you goes to Tina for proof reading this chapter. Tina, I am sure you are glad it’s a wrap for Unforgettable and I won’t bother you anymore…lol… But on a serious note, I can never thank you enough for your encouragement, support and guidance over the past ten months of writing Toria and Stom’s story. I’ll be forever grateful to you for making me rework this chapter and for ideas with some parts of the plot. Thank you, thank you….thank you 