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Chapter Five-No More Drama
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Chapter Five-No More Drama


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Chapter Five

Chapter Five

Published in: Health & Medicine, Spiritual

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  • 1. "I didn't know that it was so cold. And you needed someone to show you the way. So I took your hand and we figured out that when the tide comes I'd take you away...." All you Wanted-Michelle Branch The night before 21:06 PM "Let's get moving people! Call the hospital and tell them to get OR1 ready! We need to get her to surgery ASAP. She's lost a lot of blood. Let's go!" "Please hurry. Please save her. Please save my baby!" "Mr. Chace, you need to calm down." "We are losing her! I need that IV attached to her now!"
  • 2. Victoria could not understand what was happening. She could hear voices; frantic, crying and sad voices. She felt so light, airy, almost as if...almost as if she was out of her own body. But no, how was it possible? She closed her eyes for only a second, and memories assaulted her. She understood it then what people meant when they always said your life flashes by the moment you knew you were about to die. She had always thought it was a dramatic thing to say but now she understood.
  • 3. A kaleidoscope of memories swirled by. She knew right then what was happening and where she was or why she felt so airy. She was dead or dying or both. She saw herself with Kendra, laughing and having such a good time. She saw the exact moment she fell in love with Storm, in his bathroom. She remembered the memory of the one and only time they had made love, how gentle and passionate it had been. She saw her first lunch date with Julian, and with absolute clarity she remembered that moment as the defining moment that changed the course of her life. She flinched away and stifled a cry, not wanting to see the exact moment that got her to this strange place-the moment when Julian picked up his gun and shot her!Then darkness washed over her! ~
  • 4. Present Day 06:35am The tension in Statham Island Medical Centre's waiting room was almost reaching boiling point. Tempers were starting to fly and everyone was on edge. Victoria's parents had arrived two hours before. Storm had made small talk with them, asked how their flight was and then he had retreated to his small corner on the sofa. He was in a very dark mood and everyone knew how just one small foolish utterance would send him in a rage. Victoria came out of surgery three hours ago but they were still not allowed to see her. "Are you okay man? Maybe you should go home and get some sleep," Dean asked, concerned about his older brother. He had never seen Storm in such a state, even when Emma died he had pulled himself together.
  • 5. "Are you out of your mind? If it was Kendra in that room, fighting for her life would you go home and sleep?" he asked coldly, a dark frown creased his forehead. "Of course not! I'm just saying..." Dean started to reply, but Storm angrily cut him off. "Stop saying and just shut up! Maybe you and Kendra should leave. I'll call you when there's some news!"
  • 6. Across the room, Laurien and Alejandro Mendez, Victoria's parents, watched the heated exchange between the Chace brothers. They knew from Victoria when she had phoned them after finding out she is pregnant, that Storm Chace was the father. He seemed like a nice young man, strong, dependable and trustworthy. They could not understand why Victoria and Storm were not together though, it was obvious he cared for her and she had told them she is in love with him. "When can we see her? Why aren't they telling us anything?" Laurien sighed, her voice shaking with emotion. She had cried throughout the flight from Belladonna Cove to Statham Island and nothing her husband said seemed to comfort her. "I'm sure the doctors will let us know soon. At least the surgery was a success," Alejandro comforted his wife. "I want to see my baby Al, why can't I see her," Laurien cried helplessly, evidently nothing anyone said would comfort her. ~
  • 7. 09:55am "Shouldn't we wait for Victoria's parents? They've gone to the hotel to check in, they should be back anytime now," Storm asked as he took his seat across Dr. Johnston in her office. His voice hoarse from all the screaming and crying he had done for the past 24 hours "No, Mr. Chace. This is about you. I'm sorry, there's no better way to say this...the baby is...she's gone. Victoria lost a lot of blood and her body couldn't keep up...."
  • 8. "Oh my My baby? No!" Storm burst into loud sobs. He had never thought it possible to die over and over again but these past few hours had proved him wrong. He could not believe it was all over. His dreams of being a great father to his baby were now shattered! "I'm so sorry. Victoria fought so hard, but in the end she couldn't keep up. I'm so sorry for your loss," the doctor whispered sadly, her heart went out to Storm and Victoria's parents. "And...Victoria? How is she?" he asked between sobs. "She's still unconscious...and her condition is still critical. We'll let you know as soon as it's okay to see her. Mr. Chace is there anyone you would like me to call?" She asked kindly. "No!" Storm shook his head. Dazed, he rose from his chair and left the doctor's room.
  • 9. 10:10am "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry!? Marcelle cried helplessly. She felt his pain scream from every pore in his body. She was not a parent herself and she could not imagine what Storm was going through. "Should I call your brother? Do you need anything?" She asked quietly. "I just want to be alone if you don't mind. Please," he answered, sinking onto the sofa in the waiting room. As he sat crying he tried very hard to control his rage. He felt rage for Julian Scott, for God for allowing bad things to happen to good people and for Victoria for keeping his baby a secret. Maybe, just maybe if she had told him he would have kept both of them safe. But then he thought of Emma and how he had failed to protect her too. When would it all go away...all the anger, the disappointment and the pain? Had he not prayed hard enough? What else could he have done?
  • 10. ~ Statham Island Medical Center's Waiting Room 11:20 am "Mr. and Mrs. Mendez, I'm Doctor Johnston. Can I have a word with you all?" The doctor asked quietly as she walked into the waiting room. She observed that Mr. Chace looked like hell but that was expected considering he had not gone home to change or sleep when Victoria's parents had gone to their hotel to check in. He had not wanted to leave in case Victoria woke up.
  • 11. Both men stood up, afraid of the doctor's tone. "What's going on? Is Victoria awake? When can we see her?" Storm asked anxiously. "Can we discuss this in my office please?" the doctor dodged his questions, turning and walking towards her office. Storm and Victoria's parents followed quietly. Laurien was still sobbing and Storm felt for both Victoria's parents. He knew then how much they loved her. She was the light in their lives.
  • 12. Dr. Johnston’s office (Statham Island Medical Center) 11:25am "What exactly are you saying doctor?" Victoria's father asked, unable to process what Dr. Johnston had just told them. Storm's face was devoid of emotion except for an angry twitch on his jaw line. "She's saying our daughter!" Victoria's mom wailed helplessly. "Not exactly Mrs. Mendez. The surgery was a success but she should have been awake by now. We are not sure if she's going to live through today. She's not responding to the medication. We are just saying you may want to start making arrangements." "Bullshit!" Storm cussed from his position on the sofa. Three pairs of eyes turned to him. "Victoria's going to pull through this!!" He continued, his voice filled with conviction.
  • 13. "I'm sorry. We did all we could and we expected her condition to have improved by now. She's not breathing on her own. Right now, the only thing keeping her alive is the life support machine," Dr. Johnston continued, unfazed by Storm's tirade. "So what you are asking us is to think about switching off the life support?" Alejandro asked sadly. His heart broke at the magnitude of this decision. "Yes. Victoria's gone, Mr. Mendez. I know you love your daughter very much, but she's not there anymore!" "No...My God, how can you ask this of us? It's my baby you asking us to kill. No. I won't allow it!" Laurien raged, sobs wracking her small frame. Storm's heart shattered all over again. He understood her grief all too well. He lost his own daughter; a daughter Victoria had not bothered to tell him about, a daughter he did not have a chance to get to know or even say goodbye to. Oh god, he was so exhausted and he just wanted to bow his head and cry but he could not, not right now, not right here.
  • 14. ~ Statham Island Medical Centre's Cafeteria. 14:45pm "You've heard what the doctor said; Victoria's not breathing on her own. I don't want to let her go, but it kills me to know she's a vegetable now," Alejandro rasped angrily. His wife and Storm Chace were giving him grief about the life support machine issue. "How can you even consider it? Alejandro, that's our daughter. No. I will not allow you and this doctor to take away my baby's life," Laurien raged back. "Honey, she's not there anymore. We need to let her go! We can't hold on to her. She's just not there!" her husband sobbed helplessly. He'd never thought he'd outlive his daughter.
  • 15. "Please. Give us more time. I'll get the best brain specialists in the country on the next flight. Just don't switch off her only life line. Please!" Storm begged. "No!" Alejandro replied; he was a proud man and he would not accept hand outs. If it was God's will to take Victoria's life in this way, who was he to argue? "What? Alejandro, are you listening to yourself? Victoria's friend is offering to get the best people to come take care of our only daughter and you are saying no? What is wrong with you?" Laurien screamed; her throat was sore from screaming. "We can't play God. The doctor's confirmed Victoria's spirit is gone. I suggest we all say our farewells. I can't bear to see my daughter like that any longer." ~
  • 16. 14:56pm "We came as soon as we could," Dean greeted his brother, giving him a comforting hug. Evidently, there had just been some argument because Victoria's mom was still sobbing and her father looked defeated and well Storm looked downright enraged. "So, he's really going through with it?" Dean asked quietly for Storm's ears only. "Yeah. I've tried to convince the old fool to back off and he's not budging. He can't do that man. He can't switch off Victoria's life like that," Storm hissed under his breath. "Can't you make him change his mind?" "He's not budging! I've lost my baby Dean, I can't lose Victoria too!" Storm was almost yelling now. "I know...I understand. I'm sorry!" and he truly was. Storm deserved to be happy. Every time when things seemed to be finally happening for him something went wrong and when it did, it went horribly wrong!
  • 17. Victoria's hospital ward 15:05pm "Toria?" Kendra sobbed uncertainly, using Victoria's pet name from their kindergarten days. They had known each since they were little girls and were inseparable since and now Kendra had to say goodbye. "Wake up dammit. I have a wedding coming up in six months. Who'll be my maid of honour? Who'll help me with the planning? Toria, please wake up. I can't lose you. You are my sister, my best friend. Please come back to me, I need you! Your parents need you! Storm needs you. He's lost without should see him. He's so sad, I've never seen him like this, not even when Emma died, please darling wake up?" Kendra sobbed loudly, wishing for something, anything, a miracle to happen.
  • 18. 15:10 pm "Victoria, no father should have to do this. When you gave me the Power of Attorney I never imagined the day would come when I have to make such a decision. I don't want to do this baby, but the doctor says you are not there anymore. Please give me a sign and show me you are still in there," Alejandro whispered softly, crying and wishing this was just a nightmare he would soon wake up from. He had never thought the day would come when he would have to end his daughter's life. "I love you. You'll always be daddy's little girl." He kissed her forehead gently before leaving the room to go find his wife.
  • 19. 15:15pm "Baby; it's mom. Please wake up darling. Toria, you can't do this me! Please baby wake up. I love you my angel. I love you. Please come back to mommy. You've been such a good girl, such a darling child and I can't bear to let you go," Laurien cried softly, impatiently wiping the tears from her cheeks. Her husband had decided to go through with it in spite of her begging and pleading and screaming. He could because he had Power of Attorney over Victoria's affairs. The POA gave him the right to do as he saw fit with their daughter's life. Laurien could not stop the bitterness from creeping in; technically her daughter had signed her death warrant when she gave the POA to her father. "I'm so sorry Toria; I wish things could have been different. You mean the world to me. Please baby, wake up!"
  • 20. 15:20pm "Hey you... You're giving us such a fright here. You have to come back to us. You've been sleeping for too long now. You have to wake up. Kendra's going insane with worry over the wedding plans and her maid of honour," Dean let out a sad, forced chuckle, his attempt at humour failing dismally. "Victoria, if you don't wake up for Kendra's sake, please wake up for Storm's. He needs you right now. He can't lose you! He thought he'd never get over Emma's death and well, you came along and you spent one unforgettable morning with him and he's never been the same since. He loves you, he may not say it, or show it, but he does. You need to come back to him. Please, you can't leave him like this; he'll fall apart without you."
  • 21. 15:25pm Storm sat sobbing for a long time with his face in his hands. There was so much he wanted to say, so much he needed to tell her but he did not know where to begin. He felt so hollow inside, like everything that made him human had been ripped out of him. "What do you want me to say?" he rasped angrily. "You want to hear me say it? Fine! I love you dammit. I love you and I need you! Please wake up! I can't breathe without you. I know I haven't always been good to you, I've pushed you away but I was so afraid I'd hurt you or put you in danger and I did that anyway. But please, if you wake up, I'll spend the rest of my life showing you how much you mean to me. I can't lose you Victoria. Please come back to me. I love you and you love me too and we'll be very happy..." Storm cried over and over again, not wanting to leave the room because if he did then it would be over. He could not leave her. Not now, not ever!
  • 22. Somewhere between 15:00pm and 16:00pm "Wake up dammit. I have a wedding coming up in six months. Who'll be my maid of honor? Who'll help me with the planning?" "Baby; it's mom. Please wake up darling. Toria, you can't do this me! Please baby wake up. I love you my angel. I love you..." "Victoria, if you don't wake up for Kendra's sake, please wake up for Storm's. He needs you right now." "You want to hear me say it? Fine! I love you dammit. I love you and I need you!? From somewhere in the darkness, outside herself, suspended in time, Victoria could hear voices, murmuring feverishly, begging, pleading, and crying. She wanted to open her eyes, say something but she could not. She watched her parents, Kendra, Dean and finally Storm enter her hospital room, bare their souls then leave. It broke her heart to see them all like that and she wanted to reach out, but she could not.
  • 23. Suddenly she found herself sitting in the most tranquil garden, the smell of spring reminding her so much of her childhood. She was aware of the bright presence sitting next to her on the bench. "What is this place?" she asked carefully. She did not feel scared at all; in fact she felt at peace. "Is this heaven? Am I dead?" "It's not Heaven yet Victoria. It's the 'in between'," the bright presence replied. "What does that mean? Am I dead?" She asked again, confused. "Who are you? Why are you dressed like that?" "I'm...I'm Emma," the voice finally replied. Victoria's eyes widened in shock, she knew Emma was Storm's wife.
  • 24. What was this? Some sick twisted joke? What? Did God think it funny to put her and the woman who had stolen Storm's heart in the same 'in between'? Was there no other 'in between' she could have been stuck in? She wondered. "Why am I here?" She asked after a while of silence. "Only you can answer that," Emma replied, taking Victoria's hand in hers. Storm had chosen well, they both thought as they looked at each other. "Why are you here?" She asked again. "Because you needed to talk, about Storm and your baby," Emma told her gently. "No...I don't want to talk about Storm. There's nothing to talk about!? She answered furiously, looking away. "Victoria, Storm needs you. You both need each other, now more than ever!" "Why?" Victoria whispered.
  • 25. 16:01 pm "Storm," Victoria whispered weakly, her eyelids fluttering rapidly. Storm did not move because he thought he was going insane. He stared at her for a second or so before he could react. "Victoria?" he cried excitedly. He was just about to leave her side when she whispered his name. He had sat with her for over half an hour, prolonging his time with her, and now he understood why. It was fate! "Storm," she sighed his name again, unable to open her eyes. "Victoria, hold on, let me get a doctor," Storm scrambled to his feet and made a dash for the door. "I need a doctor in here. She's awake. Somebody, get us a doctor in here!"
  • 26. What Emma said next destroyed her to pieces. "You've lost your baby," she told her sadly. "No! No! Not my baby. I want my baby back. I'll do anything, please just let me have my baby!" Victoria howled in anguish. Emma's assignment was to deliver the news and make sure Victoria understood she had to go back, she had not realised how difficult it would be. Somehow, all the comforting words she wanted to say to Victoria seemed trite, so pointless in the face of her grief. "Victoria, Storm needs you. You have to go back for him. He's lost without you. Your parents need you," Emma begged. "No. I'm not going back there again. I'm fine here," she sobbed and flung her face in her hands.
  • 27. "You can't stay here forever," Emma told her quietly. This was getting complicated and messy. Usually lost souls jumped at every chance to go back and make things right, and very rarely did they ever get one who did not want to go back. "Why not?" Victoria challenged. She would not go back, too much hurt and pain surrounded her life back there. She was fine right here, she was safe and at peace. "Because this is limbo. Only lost souls wander this place Victoria. It's not your time yet!" "You can take me with you. Please, just don't let me go back there," she begged.
  • 28. 16:01 pm "Storm," Victoria whispered weakly, her eyelids fluttering rapidly. Storm did not move because he thought he was going insane. He stared at her for a second or so before he could react. "Victoria?" he cried excitedly. He was just about to leave her side when she whispered his name. He had sat with her for over half an hour, prolonging his time with her, and now he understood why. It was fate! "Storm," she sighed his name again, unable to open her eyes. "Victoria, hold on, let me get a doctor," Storm scrambled to his feet and made a dash for the door. "I need a doctor in here. She's awake. Somebody, get us a doctor in here!"
  • 29. 16:04pm "Victoria, it's Dr. Smith. Can you hear me? I need you to squeeze my hand if you can hear me,? Dr Smith was the doctor on duty and by sheer luck he was outside Victoria's ward, on his way to do his rounds when Storm bustled out of the room and screaming like a madman. The doctor waited patiently for Victoria to squeeze his hand but she did not. He was convinced Mr. Chace was delusional with grief and he was about to offer some sincere bullshit explanation when the barely audible whisper came.
  • 30. "Storm," she whispered over and over again. The doctor and nurses stared in astonishment. In the 15 years he was a doctor he had never seen anything like this. This woman was pronounced brain dead a little over an hour ago and the life support machine would have been switched off at the exact moment she came back to life. This was truly a miracle and she would make an interesting study! "Why isn't she opening her eyes?" Storm asked anxiously. "Mr. Chace, I need you to leave the room, we need to check and run some tests on her." "She is alive isn't she? I'm not dreaming am I?" Storm asked, unable to understand what had just happened. "Yes, she's as alive as you and me Mr. Chace. Now I need you to leave the room while we examine her." Dr Smith answered, prodding him out of the room.
  • 31. Soon after the doctor checked on her, Victoria slipped back into a coma. Storm was devastated, but everyone including Victoria's father, was relieved that at least she was still alive and they would not have to switch off the life support machine. True to his word, Storm got the best brain specialists in the country but none of them could understand why Victoria slipped into a coma. There were no signs of brain damage and she was healing well from her gunshot wound. "Why isn't she waking up?" Storm asked one of the specialists he had called in. "There's nothing wrong with Victoria. She's healing well. We just don't understand why she's not waking up. Her EEG scans show normal brain activity." "Then why is she in a coma?" "Perhaps...perhaps she's just resting. She will wake up when she's ready," the doctor replied at a loss for words and knowing full well how useless his response sounded. Storm almost cussed. He was paying a fortune just to be told "she's just resting!" ~
  • 32. Two weeks after the blitz attack on Julian Scott Storm, Kendra, Dean and Victoria's parents visited her every day and took turns to sit with and talk to her. Storm was exhausted. Between the BAU cases and running to and from the hospital he barely had time to be alone and explore his grief. Kendra and Victoria's mom seemed to burst into tears unexpectedly, like today, right now Kendra was feeling all emotional. "Why can't she wake up? It's been two weeks now," she moaned helplessly and all Storm could do was stare as Dean went over to her and cooed at her gently. Storm watched them with mild interest, wondering if he and Victoria would ever be as comfortable with each other as they were. "Honey, it's okay. The doctors say she'll be fine. We just need to keep talking to her," Dean consoled her. ~
  • 33. Three weeks after the blitz attack Victoria used to being out of her body now, somewhere from above, suspended in the land of 'in between' watched her immobile body on the hospital cot with interest as she struggled to open her eyes and say something to Storm. She could feel his presence close by, just like she could feel Kendra, her parents and Dean, but only when Storm was around, her focus came back with sharp clarity. She tried to whisper his name, but was stopped by the sudden bright light, beckoning to her.
  • 34. She could not understand how she was back in the garden again, with Emma beside her. "It's time. You've been here for too long now. Look at him, he needs you. Go back to him Victoria," Emma murmured, pulling her to look down into the hospital room where her own frail body lay on the hospital cot with Storm sitting beside her. "But..." Victoria started to say, but Emma interrupted her firmly. "No buts Victoria. Look at him; he's been there every day for three weeks. He's exhausted and he's not getting any sleep. All he wants is you. He'll only rest when he knows you are okay. He can't do this for much longer!" "I..." without finishing her sentence, she was flung into a vortex; she could feel its power pulling her, sucking her in. She had a falling sensation and then she realized, she was going back, down to earth. She felt herself enter her body. She heard the sounds of the hospital machines her body was attached to beep vigorously as the life started pumping in her body.
  • 35. From his uncomfortable chair, almost falling to sleep Storm heard the frenzied beeping sounds. He struggled to open his eyes for a while, but when he did, in that instant, Victoria opened her eyes and rose from her comatose position on the bed and gasped. "Storm," she gasped a wild look in her eyes.
  • 36. "Victoria? You came back!" Storm cried out. Joy filled his heart as he rushed to her side. "Hey, take it easy...You need to lie down. Let me get the doctor," he started to say, but Victoria clutched his hand, "No. Please don't leave me," she begged, her voice sounded strange to her ears. "I'll be right back. I need to get a doctor. I promise I won't be long," Storm hesitated, but he knew he had to get a doctor before she slipped into a coma again. Exhausted from the effort of trying to sit up, she lay back on the bed and took in everything in the room. It all looked so strange from down here. For three weeks now she had watched the action unfold from above.
  • 37. "How many fingers am I holding up Victoria?" Dr. Sterner asked. Victoria felt drained; she had been answering the silly questions for the past fifteen minutes now. "Three,” Victoria answered, her speech slurred a little. She closed her eyes and tried to block out the white glare from the cheap hospital fluorescent bulb, the room's only light source,. Turning to Storm Dr. Sterner said, "She seems lucid. Her speech is slurred a little, but that's expected considering she's been silent for so long. She should be talking just fine in a day or two. We just need to run some tests on her. The nurse will be in shortly to take her blood and vitals. Storm just nodded. He was ecstatic that Victoria was finally awake. Soon she would come home with him. Hallelujah, there was a light at the end of the tunnel after all.
  • 38. ~ 4 Weeks after the blitz attack "Hey, what's wrong?" Storm asked, concerned to see Victoria in a state. Her hair was dishelved and her eyes looked swollen and puffy. He had rushed over to the hospital straight from work to make the most of the visiting hours. "Our baby," she sobbed sadly as he pulled her close in a warm, possessive embrace. "Shhhh, it's okay. It's all going to be okay. We're going to be fine," Storm promised. He pulled her close and felt her frail body against his own sinewy frame. He closed his eyes and tried to block off the need he suddenly felt for her. He could make love to her right here, right now, in this room....No, he gritted his teeth harshly. He did not understand the passion he felt every time he was close to her. For goodness sake, she just woke up from a coma and his thoughts were on one thing. Unable to resist or pull away from her, he bent his dark head and kissed her gently.
  • 39. Five weeks after the blitz attack: 18:49 pm "Well Victoria, your tests came back and you are as good as new. You can go home whenever you are ready," Dr. Sterner announced happily. She had noticed the tension between Storm and Victoria these past few days and wondered what had happened between them. Victoria seemed almost afraid to be left alone with Storm and she kept asking Dr. Sterner questions she had asked on numerous occasions just to get her to stay a bit longer in the room with her.
  • 40. 18:55 pm "I guess you're happy to be going home tomorrow?" Storm asked after Dr. Sterner had left the room. "Sure I am," she answered, avoiding his gaze. "I'll pick you up after work then," he told her. He would take her to his home. He could not leave her alone, not after what she had been through. "I'll see you tomorrow then. If you don't mind, I'm drained. I need to lie down," she hinted, wanting him to leave so she could be alone with her grief. For a while Storm stared at her. He was trying to read her mind and he just was not sure what he should do next. Quietly he rose from his chair and walked out. Victoria heard the door close firmly behind him and she let out a relieved sigh. Storm made her feel things she did not want to feel, especially after he had told her they could not be together. She needed to get out of here so she reached for the bedside table and called Kendra.
  • 41. 19: 58 pm "Hey, what's going on? I came as soon as I could," Kendra asked, giving her a quick hug. "I need a ride. Dr. Sterner said I can go home," Victoria announced, excited at the prospect of spending the night in her own bed. "Great! Does Storm know?" Her best friend asked. She was afraid of doing anything without informing him first where Victoria was concerned. He had become her watchdog over the past few weeks and well anything to do with Victoria went through him first. He was watching over her obsessively, but they all understood, she had almost died at the hands of that mad man Julian.
  • 42. "Sure he knows," Victoria told her. Well it was the truth; Storm knew she could go home, he just did not know she was leaving then. He thought he was picking her up the next day. "Okay then," Kendra cried happily, "Let's get you home." ~
  • 43. The following morning... 09: 20 am Storm was livid. He had just been to the hospital only to learn Victoria had cajoled Dr. Sterner into letting her leave last night. The tyres screeched in protest as he parked his car in her driveway. He could smell burning rubber when he got out. He had committed every speed limit violation he could think of in the 15 minutes drive from the hospital to Victoria's place. Adrenaline still pumping, he ran up her front steps and started banging on her front door furiously. "Storm? What is the matter with you?" Victoria asked, surprised to see him there. "Can I come in or do you want to have this out here?" He asked hotly. Victoria sure rubbed him the wrong way, but no matter how angry he was with her he still wanted to kiss and make mad passionate love to her. Feeling his anger seeping through his whole form, Victoria moved aside to let him in.
  • 44. "We think it's a great idea Toria. At least if you stay with Storm for a while we won't have to worry about you. We are leaving tonight and we would worry knowing you are here on your own," her mom said sensibly. "And Storm can look after you 24/7 honey. He's the FBI," her dad added his two cents worth. Suddenly Victoria had a sneaking suspicion that they had all planned this and it was no coincidence that Storm showed up at her door like that. "But I'm fine here on my own. I've got the alarm system and the panic button. I'll be fine," Victoria insisted stubbornly. "Let me spell it out for you Victoria, this is not up for negotiation, you are coming to stay with me until a better security system is installed here!" Storm snapped. Why should everything be so complicated with her? "Besides, I'll be able to look after you better at my place." "Only for a week or so, until the security system's installed," Victoria relented.
  • 45. "I love you Vickie. Take care of yourself and we'll call you every day," Alejandro murmured gently, pulling his daughter in a big bear hug. He hated leaving her, especially now after they had almost lost her. "I love you too daddy," she whispered back. She would miss them a great deal, but their business back in Belladonna Cove could not exactly run itself. "Hold on to him darling, you've got a keeper there," her mom mumbled softly as she watched Storm carry Victoria's luggage bag to his car. "Mom, you know that's not how things are between us," Victoria protested, kissing her mom lightly on the cheek. "I'm going to miss you both!"
  • 46. 10:00 am In the car Storm glanced at her briefly without saying anything, and then he shifted the car into gear and drove out of her driveway. "How far is it?" she asked curiously. She had never been to Storm's house. Come to think of it, she did not know even him. He was the guy whom she would have had a baby with had things worked out, the guy who had crashed Julian's party of torture and saved her and now he was the man she was falling in love with all over again, after trying so hard to get over him. "Put on your seatbelt," he told her instead, ignoring her question.
  • 47. A little while later, left to her devices because the BAU had called and Storm had to rush off, Victoria gazed outside the window in Storm's dining room. From where she stood, she could see the ocean and the sail boats. He had the most amazing view of Statham Island. She wondered how many women he had brought home and she wondered why she even cared. She and Storm had a lot to talk about, most, if not all of it was painful, but it had to be done. They could not leave what happened this past month untouched. She closed her eyes tightly, trying to block off Julian's image. She touched her tummy sadly and thought of what might have been...if only...if only she had never met Julian.