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Chapter Eleven-Livin La Vida Loca
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  • 1. "Where it's at I know karma's coming to pay me back I'm with the sweetest thang thats on the map I broke her heart in 30 seconds flat in 30 seconds flat..." – Will.i.am
  • 2. Day 15 (Somewhere in Statham Island…Storm & Emma’s place) Song: Disenchanted-My chemical romance While Victoria took the pregnancy test and waited for the results, Storm, somewhere across town, took in huge gulps of air and tried to steady his racing heart. He felt like he was having a panic attack. For a little while he struggled to breathe and get his bearings. He didn‟t like being back here. So many memories…good and bad….but the bad outweighed the good.
  • 3. Dean and their cousins, Hugo and Drake, were arriving the following day. He wasn‟t looking forward to spending the night alone but he promised Dean he‟d get here a day earlier and open up the house and check everything‟s in order. So here he was…sleepless in Statham Island. For almost three years he stayed as far away from this place as possible. For the past eleven months his life was normal. Victoria came along and reminded him what normal was. She taught him how to smile, laugh, feel…but most importantly she taught him how to love again. His guilt and grief were almost gone…He was almost forgetting about Emma and the pain that came after her death…Almost…Until Dean asked to use this place for the next two weeks because there wasn‟t enough room at their childhood home for the wedding party. His first thought was to say no, but somehow he couldn‟t.
  • 4. He sank to the ground and absent mindedly sifted the sand through his fingers. He should have sold this house, this place where Emma was brutally murdered, a long time ago. Why didn‟t he? “Oh Dean! Why? Why did you have to bring me back here?” By now he was almost breaking down in tears. He hated feeling weak and vulnerable. And he missed Victoria so much! He wished she was here. She would know what to say. For a little while forgot his apprehension at being back at his old house and thought of Victoria‟s homecoming. Her flight landed an hour ago and he wanted to see her badly but he guessed she was probably jetlagged and wouldn‟t be in the mood for company.
  • 5. Somewhere in Statham Island while Victoria broke down over the pregnancy test results, Storm suddenly had an insane feeling that she needed him. It was crazy, he couldn‟t explain it, but he could feel it in his heart that something was terribly wrong with her. He knew she wasn‟t in danger or anything like that, but he knew she needed him! His heart squeezed painfully and he wondered if maybe they were telepathic. Maybe she was letting him know she‟s not okay. “Or maybe you are just tired and imagining things,” he thought to himself as he made his way to the empty house.
  • 6. Day 14- Arrival of the groomsmen (Storm and Emma’s place) Song: Numb – Linkin Park “This is so weird.” Drake murmured to his brother, Hugo, sitting on his left. They hadn‟t seen Storm since they arrived that afternoon.
  • 7. “What?” Hugo asked. He was tired and hungry and he wasn‟t in the mood to listen to one of his brother‟s conspiracy talks. “Being back here. I mean…this is where Emma died!” Drake continued, unperturbed by Drake and Dean‟s shocked gasps. “I know he got rid of all the furniture and everything else that reminded him of Emma, but this is still the same old crime scene!” “Whatever you say and do, go easy on Storm. It‟s not easy for him being back here you know,” Dean said sharply, without turning away from the simmering chicken pot pie on the stove. “Yeah. Just go easy on him or your ass will be grass. You know what a temper that one‟s got!” Hugo warned.
  • 8. “Well, he was perfectly fine when he banged your assistant wasn‟t he!” Drake retorted smugly. “What does that have to do with anything?” Both Dean and Hugo asked at the same time. Sometimes they couldn‟t follow Drake‟s logic or lack of. The problem with Drake was his bad timing. He said anything and everything at the wrong times and they were worried about his blabber mouth lest he say something akward or even incriminating to the bridesmaids.
  • 9. Drake was about to answer defensively when Storm walked in. He‟s still dressed in the same cut off jeans and sweater he wore the previous night. He reeked of stale booze and his eyes were bloodshot. He looked tired even though he‟d slept for almost sixteen hours. “Storm…it‟s good to see you man!” Drake greeted him, rising from his bar stool. “What‟s for dinner? I‟m starving!” Storm said, ignoring his cousin‟s effusive greeting. He didn‟t handle affection very well!
  • 10. Half an hour later they sat down to a dinner of Dean‟s chicken pot pie. Conversation was slightly stilted because none of them wanted to say the wrong thing in case Storm lost it. They all empathized with him. It couldn‟t be easy being back at the scene of his wife‟s murder. Drake, unable to keep it in any longer, asked the forbidden question. The question all three of them wanted an answer to, but were too afraid to ask.
  • 11. “So Storm, does Victoria know about Hugo‟s assistant?” Drake asked sardonically. He liked teasing Storm about his roguish ways. Once upon a time, they all used to be Statham Island‟s richest playboys, changing women as often as the sports cars they drove…Once upon a time! But Storm got married and quit the game and now, Dean was following suit. Drake though, strongly believed that once a ladies‟ man, always a ladies‟ man and Storm proved his theory right just a week ago when he got busy with Hugo‟s assistant!
  • 12. “What is wrong with you man? Didn‟t we just warn you about that?” Hugo asked, turning on his little brother with a dangerous look in his eyes. “What? We all wanted to know!” Drake fired back defensively. “Ladies, enough!” Storm warned sharply. “And to answer your question, Victoria doesn‟t know yet!”
  • 13. “What do you mean YET? You can‟t tell her period! That will be then end of your---” Drake continued but Dean cut him off. “Drake, enough of your bull shit! Let Storm handle his crap his way!” So the rest of the dinner was spent in silence, Drake glowering at the other three for being so uptight. He didn‟t understand why they were all acting like Saints when none of them were.
  • 14. Day 13- Final fitting (The Don’s Formal Wear) Song: Fiesta (remix) - R. Kelly & Jadakiss The next day Dean and his best men headed to The Don, Statham Island‟s only store for male formal wear, to collect their suits and other accessories. “Do we have black socks?” Storm asked, looking at the checklist Kendra had given him the week before. And the list went on until they had all the items checked.
  • 15. In the end when they tried on their outfits just to make sure everything was color coordinated nicely like Kendra‟d suggested, they all looked ruggedly and roguishly handsome. Dean didn‟t see why they had to buy special outfits for the wedding; he could have easily worn any of his suits but Kendra‟d insisted.
  • 16. Day 12: Woman Hunt (Sugarcube Bowling Alley) Song: Girls go crazy – R. Kelly “Dude, who‟s Blondie over there? She looks good enough to eat!” Drake drawled and smacked his lips at the blond across the room. They were having an early dinner at Sugarcube Bowling Alley. Storm was out of town, tracking some serial killer or other. He left the night before but they were expecting him back that night.
  • 17. “Is there nothing on two legs that doesn‟t turn you on?” Hugo asked seriously. “I‟ll have the blond and you can have the dark haired one,” Drake smiled roguishly at his brother and turning to Dean he mumbled, “Sorry! Nothing for you man. You made your bed, now you must lie in it!” “Yeah, yeah…whatever!” Dean answered coolly, “in fact, I‟m looking forward to lying in my bed with Kendra! I love her man. You don‟t know what it feels like to love someone so strongly, so completely. I don‟t know what I‟d without Kendra!” “You‟re kidding right!” Drake asked, a look of horror on his face.
  • 18. “Woo Hoo, ladies come to papa! You have a winner here!” Drake yelled robustly and did a little victory dance. “Damn. I wish I could find someone who makes me feel the way you feel about Kendra. I‟m tired of messing around man! I just want to settle down with Ms. Forever.” Hugo confessed sadly. On the outside, he WAS the sexy devil all the moms warned their daughters about. He lived up to his nickname: Hugo The Humper, in short HTH! But lately he‟s restless and he really wanted to meet someone and settle down. “It will happen, don‟t rush it. When it does, you‟ll know. It‟s the best feeling in the world!” Dean consoled him dreamily. He missed Kendra so much and if it was up to him, he‟d marry her in a heartbeat.
  • 19. They ended off their evening with a game of pool. “When are we meeting the bridesmaids? I know Victoria‟s off limits, but the other two are fair game right?” Hugo asked, turning to more pressing issues. “As far as I know they are, but don‟t do anything that might just rock the boat and upset Kendra!” Dean replied, positioning his cue stick to take his shot. “You‟ll meet them soon enough,” he added. Dean won, like he knew he would. His cousins were pretty useless at pool but they were good in other matters…or so he‟d heard around town! “Just so you know, we let you win this time „cause you‟re getting married! You won‟t be winning much after you tie the knot!” Drake joked.
  • 20. Day 11 (Maple Springs Pool & Spa) Song: Lost Without You – Robin Thicke Storm couldn‟t believe Victoria was back in his arms and he was almost making love to her right there in the middle of a busy corridor. When he started kissing her, he didn‟t expect the explosive force with which he wanted her now. He thought it would be an affectionate, yet passionate kiss. But now, other needs were awoken and other parts of his body were responding in ways only she could make them respond! He loved her, pure and simple.
  • 21. He wanted to tell her about his promotion. He was now head of Statham Island's BAU team since Ron left three months earlier. He also wanted to tell her about----Should he? Not right now…He'll tell her later, he told himself. For now he's ecstatic to see her and why spoil this moment? Right now, it was kissing time! She moaned softly as he teased her with his tongue. He could feel her body tremble with excitement and his heart sang at the knowledge that she wanted him as much as he wanted her. Evidently the three months apart had done nothing to erase the sexual chemistry between them. He knew he should stop or they might end up getting arrested for public indecency. He would have carried on kissing her but Special Agent Pete Charlton interrupted them and shattered the prelude to what would have been their reunion love making.
  • 22. "Storm, Melissa's waiting for us at the office!" Pete mumbled sharply after clearing his throat politely to let them know they were not alone anymore. "I guess it's back to work for you!" Victoria mumbled quietly, her eyes searching Storm's for a sign that things were okay between them. "Guess so," Storm replied, suddenly guarded and distant. Victoria felt the distance between them and she excused herself. No matter how hard they could try to work on their relationship, he was an FBI agent and there were things about his life she'd never know, a huge part of him he'd never share with her!
  • 23. "Victoria, wait!" Storm called out to her as she walked away. "Storm, let her go!" Pete cautioned him just when he's about to run after her. Pete liked Victoria but she was a distraction and right now the BAU didn't want Storm distracted!
  • 24. Day 10: Dean's Bachelor Party outing at Three Lakes Song: I need a girl - P. Diddy Very early the next morning they got on the road to Three Lakes for their much anticipated road trip. Storm, Drake and Hugo were looking forward to the trip. It would be a great time for the four of them to relax, bond and even plan Dean‟s bachelor party. But Dean didn‟t want to leave Kendra. He hated being so far away from her even if it was only for a day.
  • 25. “Hey, relax! It‟s all good! It‟s a beautiful day and life‟s great!” Storm said cheerfully to Dean in the passenger seat. Hugo was still sleeping off his hangover in the seat behind Storm . The older Chace brother was still on cloud nine over his reunion with Victoria and as hard as he tried to get their make out session out of his mind, he couldn‟t. He could still feel her in his arms and her intoxicating scent still overpowered his senses. He needed to see her soon, before the wedding, to finish what they‟d started at Maple Springs.
  • 26. “What‟s going on with you? Suddenly you are the new spokesperson for happiness! Dude, what are you on?” Dean snapped irritably at his brother. He wasn‟t a morning person and the hangover he‟s suffering from didn‟t help either. “Nothing!” Storm smiled mysteriously, his blue eyes twinkling. He was so happy he felt like he was about to burst. “Whatever you‟re on, please share it with the rest of us!” Dean mumbled carelessly and closed his eyes signaling the end of their conversation. Drake, sitting behind Dean listened intently at the exchange. He wondered why Storm‟s in such a ecstatic mood. He‟d done a complete 180 from the morbid man he was five days earlier! “It can only be a woman,” Drake thought wickedly but didn‟t voice out his suspicions. It was too early to rock the boat, even he had boundaries!
  • 27. The trip to Three Lakes was not off to a good start. They‟d decided against taking the car‟s GPS system because they wanted to rough it out and make their trip feel like an adventure. As fate would have it they got adventure but it wasn‟t the kind they wanted! Storm took a wrong turn, evidently distracted. It took him an hour of driving around aimlessly before admitting they were lost. So by the time they got to Three Lakes, five hours later, their nerves were frayed and they were all in a bad mood. Of course the other three blamed him and his stupid cheerful mood. If he wasn‟t so cheerful he would have paid attention and not taken a wrong turn!
  • 28. “Yes! And I win AGAIN!” Hugo hollered triumphantly as he reeled out a jumbo sized trout fish. Soon, a pretty red-haired hovered around him, evidently smelling potential in him. The four of them were fiercely competitive but that‟s how they‟ve always been, even when they were little kids. It was no surprise then that the fishing trip that was supposed to be relaxing and help them bond turned into a competition of who‟d catch the most and biggest fish.
  • 29. A while later Hugo and Dean relaxed on the camping chairs and looked out into the lake. “Are you ready for this?” Hugo asked unexpectedly, looking a little wistful. He couldn‟t believe his cousin was getting married and he, at thirty-six and being the older one of the two, was still single. It was surreal… “You mean getting married?” Dean responded, taken aback a little. To be honest, he loved Kendra very much and most of the time he thought he‟d marry her in a heartbeat but sometimes he was scared, yet he wouldn‟t admit this to anyone.
  • 30. “Yeah…it‟s a big step isn‟t it? I mean, waking up next to the same person for the rest of your life? Having sex with the same person forever?” Hugo continued, completely baffled at the idea of spending eternity with one woman. As much as he claimed he wanted to settle down when he thought of eternity with only one person he got scared big time! “I‟m ready man! I love Kendra…” Dean insisted, a little too defensively perhaps.
  • 31. “Do you ever think about getting married again, I mean after Emma?” Drake asked Storm. His voice sounded a little drowsy. He was lying on the hammock and almost falling asleep. “What---Don‟t go there man!” Storm snapped, not looking up from the grill. He didn‟t like talking about Emma period. His heart filled with dread as he wondered what‟s on his cousin‟s mind.
  • 32. “So you wouldn‟t want to marry Victoria?” Drake pressed him. He was curious about the Victoria and Storm saga and he wondered exactly how it will end. “She doesn‟t want to marry me!” Storm replied, his jaw clenched tightly and a deep frown creased his forehead now. Why did everyone have to shatter his optimism about his future with Victoria. First it was Hugo at the lingerie show and now, Drake! “Oh?” was Drake‟s sleepy reply and that was the end of their conversation.
  • 33. That night they sat around the campfire and chatted for while until the topic turned to Storm and his rendezvous. "So what were you really thinking, fooling around with my assistant like that?" Hugo asked Storm, staring at the fire. "I wasn't thinking okay! Let it go man. It won't happen again...ever!" Storm answered defensively. He hated being put on the spot like that. This was Dean's outing and he didn't understand why the attention was suddenly on him and his business.
  • 34. "You'd better come clean soon before Victoria hears it from someone else!" Dean added and closed his eyes, enjoying the warmth of the fire on his face. He was glad he'd decided against strippers and night clubs for his bachelor party. This was great, relaxing and fun. The only thing missing was Kendra. "Please, don't be up in my business. I know what I'm doing!" Storm insisted angrily. The truth was he was very, very scared. He'd made a big boo boo and one that he knew Victoria may never forgive him for and he couldn't really expect her to!
  • 35. Day 09: Dean's Bachelor party outing @ Three Lakes Song: Let's get retarded - Black Eyed Peas The next morning before heading back to Statham Island they had a bit of fun log rolling. Drake always the mischievous one suggested Storm and him play for Victoria. If Storm got dunked he had to let her go and she'd be fair game but if Storm stayed on the log without falling in once then he'd get to keep her and fight for her no matter how his confession turned out. It seemed like a sweet deal, but Storm declined...
  • 36. "No way man! I'm not gambling with Victoria. Are you out of your mind?" He asked crossly while concentrating hard on staying on the log. "Well, it was a good deal you know!" Drake insisted. Of course he wasn't serious. He knew how much his cousin loved Victoria. "I've gambled enough with my future with her. I don't need any more drama," Storm answered. No matter how hard he tried to turn the log this way and that way, Drake stayed on and proved to be a formidable opponent.
  • 37. Dean sucked badly at log rolling. He was unsteady on his legs and after a while he lost track of how many times he got dunked in the water. But still, he's having fun and could not have asked for a better send off.
  • 38. Day 08 -Beer Fest Song: Party Up- DMX While Kendra had a sleepover with her bridesmaids at Victoria‟s apartment across town, Dean and his groomsmen spent a low key evening at Storm‟s place playing video games and knocking back a few beers. The groom wasn‟t in the mood to play video games, so he sprawled on one of the sofas and watched the action unfold. He felt restless ever since his conversation with Hugo at Three Lakes the day before. Somehow, it got him thinking about his parents. No doubt, their father loved their mom very much, but somehow, time and again he ended up hurting her the most.
  • 39. His womanizing ways literally killed her. One night after discovering one of his many infidelities, highly pissed and highly drunk she got behind the wheel of her sports car and ended up a mangled wreck underneath an industrial truck. Chace Senior literally drank and drugged himself to death after his wife died. Storm was twenty- five then and had just joined the force before moving on to profiling for the FBI; and he was twenty-three and just completed his MBA. That was a little over ten years ago. Overnight their lives changed; they were heirs to the Chace multi-million fortune and they were also two of the youngest and richest males in Statham Island!
  • 40. “Yes! Who‟s the man?” Storm growled triumphantly and punched the air, proclaiming his victory. Dean came back to the present and tried hard to push away his parents‟ memory. But he couldn‟t…What if he and Storm were truly their father‟s sons? Could he afford to take that chance and risk hurting Kendra? Maybe getting married was not such a good idea. He was tired and confused and he wanted to tell his groomsmen about his doubts, but then thought against it when he saw them having so much fun. Why spoil a perfectly good evening?
  • 41. He knew his older brother buried himself in his work and tried to live his life away from trouble and temptation, but somehow, trouble, like in the form of Hugo‟s assistant, sought him out and complicated his life. He was a good man and sometimes too good for his own good! Dean hoped Storm would come clean with Victoria before everything blew out of proportion.
  • 42. Day 07: Kendra's bachelorette party Somewhere in Statham Island "Victoria, it's me...I guess you're busy with Kendra's party...I just wanted...anyway, I'm looking forward to tomorrow and the trip to Twikki Island. I'll call you later!" Storm left a message on Victoria's answering service. He didn't really have a reason to call her, he'd just wanted to talk and hear her voice. He missed her so much...Well, in a few hours they'll be flying down to Twikki Island!
  • 43. Day 06: (The Hubb) Song: Do for Love - 2 Pac While Kendra and her bridesmaids were attacked by Mrs. Crumplebottom at PURE for public indecency, Dean and his groomsmen were leaving The Hubb going home when Storm was accosted by some guy outside the club. "Storm Chace?" the blonde guy asked rudely, blocking Storm's path.
  • 44. "Who wants to know?" Storm asked, belching rudely in the guys face. "I'm Echo!" the guy replied, still blocking Storm from leaving. "So?" Storm mumbled pointedly, his speech slightly slurred from all the drink he'd consumed. He sensed the guy wasn't big on friendly chit chat and he didn't want trouble. He just wanted to get home and anxiously await the arrival of the bridal party! So stay away from my girlfriend man!" Echo growled as he pounced on Storm and tackled him to the ground. Drake, having watched the interchange, ran back inside to get Hugo.
  • 45. Dean, out of the corner of his eye saw Storm fall back, tried to break up the brawl. "You fool...what the---" Storm grunted, trying to figure out what's happening. Suddenly adrenaline kicked in and he started kicking and punching at Echo. Dean, Drake and Hugo watched Storm and Echo's brawl. They knew interfering would be deadly. They all fought their own battles. This one was Storm's and they had to sit it out. They knew it was bound to happen, sooner or later! Storm must have pissed somebody off, put away the wrong guy or messed with the wrong guy's girl!
  • 46. Hugo thought Storm's attacker looked familiar. Then it hit him- he was his assistant's boyfriend...the same assistant Storm had a liaison with the week before. "Oh man...oh man, this isn't good...not good at all!" Hugo thought, trying to steady himself. He felt dizzy and tired and he just wanted to leave before the cops got there. Soon the place was crawling with screaming club goers. Dean and his cousins heard the police siren coming closer. Somehow, in their drunken state they were moved to action by the possibility of getting arrested for disorderliness. It took all their might to break up the fight and get Storm in the car.
  • 47. The tension in the car was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Storm didn't know how he got in the car or how he's on the road committing every traffic violation possible. His face was bruised and battered and it felt sticky. "Your face is cut! Maybe we should go to the ER," Dean suggested after a while of silence. "No!" was Storm's curt reply.
  • 48. "But you're bl---" Hugo piped in behind Dean but Storm cut him off. "I'll live!" Storm insisted, driving like a demon and skipping a red light. He's never been so angry in his life. His whole body's shaking with violence. He knew if his brother and cousins hadn't stopped the fight someone would have ended up dead - either him or that punk!
  • 49. Song: Stuck In a Moment You Can't Get Out Of - U2 Storm couldn't understand how a great night could end so horribly. He should never have gotten involved with Hugo's assistant. It wasn't something he'd planned. She's so nice to him, helping him with his best man duties and tasks... Last week sometime, he took her out for a drink just to thank her. They had too much to drink and one thing led to another. Somehow he ended up in her bed. The next morning she assured him that she also thought their liaison was a mistake and they went their separate ways.
  • 50. He didn't expect her to go blabbing her mouth to everyone. Soon everyone, Kendra included, knew about his momentary lapse of judgment and everyone hung it over his head like a dark cloud. He knew he was in serious trouble! He could see his chances of getting back together with Victoria evaporating as quickly and as silently as the morning fog. He just hoped he'd get a chance to tell her the truth before she heard it elsewhere. "Not a word of this to Victoria..." Storm warned the other three. It was almost 05:30 am and the bridal party was scheduled to be at his place at midday and they'd all leave for Twikki Island.
  • 51. "About---your--- fight---or you---sleeping with Hugo's assistant?" Drake asked casually. He's still in a drunken stupor and still trying to process everything that happened in the past hour or so.
  • 52. "Everything you fool!" Hugo yelled at his little brother maliciously. He didn't know who he was pissed off with the most, his dimwit brother, his skirt-chasing cousin or his unprofessional assistant? Right now though, he quickly decided, he was very angry with his skirt-chasing cousin the most. Storm's one night fling with his assistant was going to affect his work relationship for good!
  • 53. "More lies Storm? What are you doing man? I never said anything about your tryst or whatever it was because it wasn't my business and I didn't think it would affect Kendra but now I can see where this is headed and I'm just saying sort your crap today. I don't want your indiscretion to affect my life!" Dean snapped. He too was livid. Their evening of bar crawling and clubbing started off very well but the ending was not so good. "Who said anything about lies? I just said keep your mouth shut. I'll handle this!" Storm grunted angrily, a dangerous spark in his eyes. "You'd better!" Dean fired back with an equally angry glint in his eyes...