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Overview of Valora Trade's markets and services.

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Valora Trade - Company Brochure

  1. 1. Transforming competence into growth
  2. 2. We care for your brands With subsidiaries in seven European countries and extensive experience in all major channels and categories, Valora Trade has a highly efficient network. This enables brand owners to access markets with a total of more than 130 million consumers with one partner. We are also a key partner to the retail trade, working closely together with them to develop effective growth initiatives. For us, winning in retail today is not about the either/or choice: it’s about the “and”. Strategy “and” execution, branding “and” sales, shoppers “and” consumers, manufacturer “and” retailer etc. In this context Valora Trade is delivering a substantial added value both to the brand owners and to our trade partners as a provider of integrated, process-oriented and effective marketing, sales and distribution services. The success we share with our partners is founded on a long-term strategic and transparent collaboration with common values, mutual trust and aligned objectives. We at Valora Trade are constantly striving to improve our services as we are driven and motivated by the constant changes and challenges in our environment to further develop our strong market position as Europe’s leading distributor. Our highly qualified employees combined with trusted leadership are the single most important factor underpinning our success. We look forward to contributing to your future success. Why not get in touch now and start to exploit exciting opportunities with us? Welcome to the world of Valora Trade. Alex Minder CEO Valora Trade 2
  3. 3. Our unique assets for your success žž Unique network with pan-European and regional market leadership providing the most efficient route to market. žž Broad and deeply-rooted knowledge and insights of international and local market conditions and trends. žž Vast access to and long-term partnerships with all relevant retailers fostering fast and maximum results. žž Excellent reputation for bringing the best out of brands: Proven ability to generate profitable business based on our competence, flexibility and speed of execution. žž Passionate people with the highest level of brand commitment. žž Integrated and tailor-made solutions combined with executional excellence: Our expertise puts the right product in the right place at the right price. Trusted brands and principals who trust us Satisfied partners based on superior results are our top priority. We are proud to have been chosen as a strategic partner to manage a long line of well-known and market-leading brands. žž Beneficial network synergies and highly efficient back office services based on best in class IT-systems, common processes, exchanging know-how and best practices. 3
  4. 4. Integrated value adding solutions for sustainable growth Our process oriented end-to-end services along the entire value chain are tailormade, adapted to our business partners’ strategies and demands and designed to achieve superior results. They are the daily proof that we are a substantial and steady value driver for our business partners, both for the trade and our principals. Market Intelligence, IT  Business Intelligence, Key Account Management, Category /  Management, Marketing and Sales Forces are the key services to drive growth and the disciplines where we primarily make the difference. Principal Consumers Trade Customers IT  Business /  Intelligence Customer Service Sales Force IT / Business Intelligence Market Intelligence žž Modern IT systems and expertise žž Profound expertise in all dimensions. as key enablers for business žž Professional market potential and intelligence and cost-effective performance tracking tools to process automation. ensure effective marketing and žž Enabling forward/backward integrations with business partners. žž Taking full advantage of CRM, ECR, ERP, WMS. 4 sales decisions. žž Comprehensive regional and local market insights. žž Transparent information sharing with the principals and trade partners.
  5. 5. the close co-operation and “The success Ricola has achieved is mainly due to established with each other. mutual trust which Ricola and Valora Trade have Valora Trade always takes the time to discuss Ricola’s strategies and to adapt them to the market where this makes sense. This not only helps to strengthen the Ricola brand, it also improves its performance in the market. ” Markus Vogt, Head of Sales International, Ricola AG, Switzerland Market Intelligence Purchasing & Logistics Warehousing Co-Packing Distribution Marketing  / PAM KAM  Category /  Management Media Buying Sales Force  Key Account Management /  Category Management Marketing /  Principal Account Management žž Dedicated experienced local žž Highly qualified KAM’s with žž Day-to-day contacts with principals sales forces with countrywide in-depth market knowledge to keep marketing plans on track. shop presence. and well-established strong žž Specialists for defined categories žž Ensuring best availability and maximum product visibility at POS. žž Distribution and introduction of new products. žž Providing impactful in-store brand activations. relationships with trade partners. žž In-depth Category (Management) know-how. žž Proven analysis tools and and brands with in-depth understanding of the principals’ parameters. žž Supporting KAM & Sales Force processes incl. best practices with profound trade marketing exchanges. expertise and programs. 5
  6. 6. Benefit from our profound knowledge and extensive value-added services In a business environment that demands an ever-increasing level of quality, growth, speed and efficiency at all levels and where meeting local consumer habits and local requirements become increasingly important, the old saying “be global, act local” becomes more appropriate every day. Whatever your current situation, challenges, objectives and strategies are, our extensive value added services and sound foundation can be determining factors for your future success. Your Challenges “We want to expand our brand into new markets yet we do not have enough local market knowledge as well as having no existing contacts to relevant retailers.” “We want to expand our existing business, which we have managed ourselves so far, especially by increasing our cost efficiency and profitability.” “We want to considerably boost our power of impact in the market, however due to our size we are limited in our choice of means.” Market expansion Outsourcing Growth Our contribution žž Unique local market knowledge. žž make your fixed costs flexible. We žž Excellent access to the trade. žž High quality back office with žž Passionate people with high low expenses. levels of brand commitment. žž Cost-efficient technologies žž Expertise in managing and infrastructures. international brands. žž Cost and know-how synergies žž Transparent strategic partnership. in all aspects due to our size. žž Result-oriented sales organisation with maximum sales push. žž Strong local market expertise. žž Expertise in activating brands at POS. žž High reputation in the market. žž Qualified sales force with countrywide presence. Your Benefits Reduced risks Increased sales Less complexity Higher profitability Shorter time to market Stronger market penetration and market position More focus on your core business Stronger attention by trade partners New growth opportunities Higher flexibility Increased cost efficiency Stronger impact at POS Improved service levels Transparency Strong local market power As your reliable partner we provide the most professional route to market with maximum value-added services while you are able to focus on your core competencies and markets as well as enhance your sales and profitability. 6
  7. 7. Leveraging our extensive access to the trade for maximum results All Valora Trade subsidiaries are major partners for the retail sectors in respective markets, working closely and effectively with retailers to help them grow their business. Using our broad retail knowledge as a base, we tailor our sales and marketing strategies and adapt tactics to perfectly fit each environment. 7
  8. 8. crystal.images baden | 2011 Valora Management AG Valora Trade Hofackerstrasse 40 4132 Muttenz Switzerland Phone +41 58 789 44 06 Fax +41 61 467 29 48 8