Vallee Gold Team Tucson Home Seller Program


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Vallee Gold Team with Long Realty Home Seller Program. Learn more about the Vallee Gold Team with Long Realty and the home seller program aimed at getting homes sold for market value with little or no hassle.

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Vallee Gold Team Tucson Home Seller Program

  1. 1. 520.544.5555
  2. 2. Meet our TeamWe represent our Buyers and assistthem in the home buying process. Liane Steinman Vallee Gold Team Transaction Coordinator Liane will be coordinating Don & Kathy Vallee the transaction and logging Rayma Ritchie who is seeing your home Sonia Stamatopoulos and when. Rochelle Browne Brian Wilson
  3. 3. It is our pleasure to present you with this important plan designed to illustrate the proven steps we will take to marketand sell your property in the days ahead. It is our goal to have your home sold with the utmost convenience to you andwith the optimal results you desire. We are honored to be able to serve you in this process.We are also proud to be associated with one of Arizona’s largest, most professional and most technologically advancedreal estate brands, Long Realty. Founded in 1926, Long Realty is a key part of HomeServices of America, one of thecountry’s largest residential real estate companies and an affiliate of the prestigious Berkshire Hathaway Company, ledby Mr. Warren Buffett, Chairman and CEO. This affiliation brings to your doorstep a global reach in terms of world-wideinternet marketing connections, national relocation partnerships, an abundance of advertising resources and decades ofreal estate experience.We are anxious to put our 85 years of experience to work for you, as we begin the journey to sell your home. Theinformation contained in this plan is designed to layout a targeted marketing strategy that has proven success, plus helpyou understand what happens once you have accepted a purchase contract on your property and what it takes to closea real estate sale.As your Long Realty sales associates, we are always available to answer your questions, provide you the informationyou require to make good decisions and stand by you every step of the way until the successful completion of yourtransaction. It is our hope that you will have an outstanding real estate experience that will lead to a solid partnershipbetween us for years to come, and we thank you for this opportunity.
  4. 4. From the Executive TeamSince 1926, Long Realty has put its experience to work for hundreds of thousands of families across Arizona. Ourmission statement is: ―To create an exceptional real estate services experience that builds long lasting relationships.‖We take that mission seriously and are committed to providing you an exceptional experience.Our company has a dedicated team of real estate professionals who are part of your sales associate’s team, includingMarketing and Technology, Education, Branch Management departments and our Core Services companies. This givesyour Long Realty sales associate an advantage in providing you the highest level of service possible.With the exclusive training, tools, support and agentnetwork we provide, your Long Realty sales associate isuniquely qualified and ready to navigate you through aworry-free real estate transaction. One where yourinterests are always top of mind. We thank you forallowing Long Realty the time to meet with you, and learnmore about your home and needs. We hope you’llchoose us for your home sale, and we can put ourexperience to work for you.Sincerely, Back Row: Debbie Goodman Butler, Executive VP, Tony Finely,Long Companies Executive Team CFO, Megan Miller, VP, General Counsel, Kevin Kaplan, VP Marketing & IT. Front Row: Jerome King, Designated Broker, Renee Booker, Exec. VP Core Services/Pres. Long Title, Rosey Koberlein, CEO
  5. 5. Why Long? ranked #1 out of these residential real estate company websites in Arizona. receives over 1.8 million visits a year. *source: (10/10)
  6. 6. & My Long Realty and My Website feature a detailed profile of your Property and the surroundingNeighborhood.PROPERTY INFORMATION NEIGHBORHOOD INFORMATION Multiple Photos  Housing, People, Economy, Schools, Environment, Quality of Life Video Tour  Interactive Map of the Neighborhood and Amenities Property Details Maps, Tax Info, Assessor Maps, School Info and more Easy to email listing or share with friends on Social Media
  7. 7. Real EstateIs A Local Market
  8. 8. Exposure ThroughWebsitesIn addition to being in the MLSsystem, your home will be listedon these highly traffickedwebsites – Exposing you toMillions of Potential Buyers.
  9. 9. Our National NetworkFrom California to Florida & Every Point in BetweenThe real estate companies of HomeServices of America, a Berkshire Hathaway affiliate, have decades ofexperience managing every aspect of real estate. We have a significant national presence and ourcompanies offer every conceivable local connection you would imagine.Being a part of HomeServices ofAmerica expands my network to over18,000 real estate sales associates in22 companies, and gives Long Realtythe strength, reach and assets of aBerkshire Hathaway affiliate.
  10. 10. Our International NetworkA global network of 550 premier real estate firmswith 140,000 sales associates in 30+ countriesaround the world.Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®represents the best-known local and regional realestate firms, like Long Realty. Even in achallenging market, these companies continue tooutsell the competition – $50 billion more than anyother national brand in 2010. Actual member statistics for LeadingRE and estimates for other networks using average sales units per agent and average sales price for firms in each respective network from published sources for 2010 production.
  11. 11. Video ToursThe usage of online video has exploded. When you list your propertywith me I will have a professionally narrated video tour of yourproperty produced and available on, my website,thousands of Long Realty agent websites and on 86% of US Internet users view video online. On hundreds of millions of videos are viewed daily. The average US viewer spends over 18 hours watching video online each month*. Long Realty video tours are viewed over 250,000 times a year. Listings with virtual media are 40% more likely to get viewed online than those without. A video tour is just another way I differentiate your property to a huge base of potential buyers.
  12. 12. Reverse Prospecting:Target Market your Property with EmailWhen you list your home with me, I will use a targeted email marketing campaign to put your propertyright into the email inbox of prospective buyers. Potential buyers can save searches on and my website. I can provide you a report showing the number of buyers registered with Virtual Home Finder that are looking for a home just like yours. When your home is listed, an email announcement from Virtual Home Finder will automatically go to those buyers. Any updates to your listing such as a change in price, open house or new photos will also trigger an email update to go to those prospective buyers.
  13. 13. Marketing Your Property with Mobile SearchConsumers are increasingly using mobile devices to search the web for information. 83% of adultshave cell phones or smart-phones and, among them, 35% have accessed the internet via theirphone.* This creates a unique opportunity to market your property to buyers embracing mobile web search.Your property will be posted on ourmobile website as well as my mobile website.How buyers are finding informationis changing rapidly, that is why you should feel confident listing withme as I use the latest technology to market your property.
  14. 14. Marketing Your Property with Text MessagingOver 4.1 billion text messages are sent every day1 and 65% of people use their cell phone to send textmessages.2 LONGGOLDTEAMWith the TextLong program: Potential buyers can get information on your home immediately via text message by using theinstructions on the yard sign Potential buyers also receives in the text message links to all the property details and photos on my mobile website I get notified instantly when a text inquiry is made, giving me the opportunity to follow up with the potential buyer 1. Admod 2009, Cell Fire, ABI Research 2. comScore June 2010
  15. 15. My Open Houses32% of buyers use open houses in their property search*. That is why we provide a comprehensivemarketing plan for your open house to get your event the most visibility, with the Internet as a centralcomponent. We are different than most real estate companies in that we advertise your open house onan expansive list of local and national websites.Your open house can be searched on: And is also available on:  Yahoo! Real Estate  YouTube My Long Realty website Over 1,300 other Long Realty agent websites*NAR Profile of Home Buyer and Sellers 2011
  16. 16. My Open HousesIn addition to worldwide Internet exposure, we will also advertiseyour open house in the local newspaper – helping you reachthose that are both online and offline.
  17. 17. All About Your Home BookWhen prospective buyers visit your property or open house, wehave a unique way to showcase your home and provide buyersvaluable information.All About Your HOME Books are designed to thoroughly informprospective buyers about your home’s special qualities as well as Neighborhood Attributes School Information Community Services Recreation Demographic Profile of the Area Available in Your Home 24/7
  18. 18. Protect Your Home with 2-10Home Buyers Warranty Sell your home faster Turn the perfect home into the perfectly working home Add value to your listings Attract more buyers Increases resale value of the home Gives your listings a competitive edge Less out of pocket costs for repairs Easily place claims online No negotiating with contractors
  19. 19. Feature Tools(Floor plan Drawing)QR Codes
  20. 20. Info 24/7 Cutting Edge Technology For Home FeedbackINFO 24/7More Inquiries= More Showings = Faster Sale At TheHighest Price
  21. 21. Showcase & Enhanced Listing
  22. 22. Social Media Social media is an important marketingtool to skyrocket the visibility of yourproperty across multiple channels You Tube Content Writing for Search EngineOptimization Lead Generation
  23. 23. My Network – Long ConnectsOur company uses the latest social media technology to connect me with all Long Realty salesassociates and offices across Arizona and Mexico.Our exclusive, internal online networking platform, Long Connects, gives me the ability to instantlyconnect with other Long Realty sales associates who may be working with buyers interested in aproperty like yours. It also enables me to keep informed of buyer needs from other Long Realty salesassociates, helping me find a quick match for your listing.
  24. 24. Exposure to Buyer on Regional andGlobal SitesLong Realty has grown to over 1,300 agentsin more than 38 office locations acrossArizona and Mexico. That means there aremany Long Realty agents working withpotential buyers right now across the regionthat I can network with about your listing.
  25. 25. Understanding Buyer BehaviorINCREASING USE OF THE INTERNET TO SEARCH FOR HOMES (2003-2011)What does this mean to you? You want an agent that has maximum exposure for your property on the Internet. *NAR Profile of Home Buyer and Sellers 2011
  26. 26. Understanding Buyer BehaviorWHERE THE BUYER FOUND THE HOME THEY PURCHASEDWhat does this mean to you?Most buyers found the home they purchased through an agent or the Internet. That is why it isimportant to list your home with an agent and company that have these strengths.*NAR Profile of Home Buyer and Sellers 2011
  27. 27. Buyers are Looking for MaximumValue which is Determined by: Market Conditions Competition Location Size Less out of pocket costs for repairs Amenities Condition
  28. 28. Market Conditions
  29. 29. We can’t control market conditions, competition, location or size. Our focus will be on factors we can control to get maximum value: Price   Condition  Marketing for maximum exposure
  30. 30. CMA Considers Recently Sold, Comparable Homes Homes with which your home will compete against.CMA will help us determine the optimum asking price for your property.
  31. 31. Pricing Your Property to Move
  32. 32. Pricing Right at the Beginning Results Higher offers Less inconvenience A more timely sale
  33. 33. Pricing StrategySetting your asking price correctly is the key to successful results. Guided by our local marketexpertise, you’ll be able to make that decision with confidence.Properties Priced Right: Increase showings Bring more interested buyers Creates ease in the appraisal process Keeps the prime market momentum – the first 30 days Sends a message to buyers about your motivation to sellOver-Priced Properties: Help sell the competition Reduce showings Lose buyers unwilling to negotiate Can cause appraisal problems Lose the prime market momentum – the first 30 days Send a message to your buyers about your motivation Net the seller lessIt is important to remember that the value of your home is ultimately not set by you, but rather by the amount of money a buyer is willing to payfor it at any given time.
  34. 34. Pricing StrategyPricing your property properly when first listed can help you get a higher percentage of your list price and sell it in halfthe time. The majority of showings occur when a house is first placed on the market. If you price too high when you putit on the market, you run the risk of incurring higher holding costs and ultimately getting less for your property. 1. Data obtained from TARMLS using Brokermetrics software. Based on residential closed sales activity from 2/2011 – 2/2012 2. Data obtained from TARMLS using Brokermetrics software. Based on residential closed sales activity in 2/2012.
  35. 35. Factors that Don’t Affect the Value ofYour PropertySome factors are ―given‖ – we have no control over themPhysical qualities of your property Market Conditions The Competition The LocationSome factors have no effect on the current value of your property The price you paid The proceeds you needYour Home ImprovementThe Value of Your Property is Determined by what a BUYER is willing to pay in today’s marketbased on comparing your property to others SOLD in the area.
  36. 36. A Property Gets the Most Showingswhen it First Goes on the Market – if itis Priced at Realistic Market Timing is extremely important in the real estatemarketIt has the greatest opportunity to sell when it isnew on the market Starting too high and dropping the price latermisses the excitement and fails to generate asmuch activity
  37. 37. PriceThe only reason a home does not sell is because of marketing. Price is a part of marketing!
  38. 38. Marketing Action Plan Custom website address  Negotiation & Consulting Virtual Walk-Thru  Showcase Listing & Enhancements Custom website address  Tucson Association TourHigh Gloss Property Brochure  Social Media Marketing Area Locator Map  Extensive Market Analysis Mobile Connectivity  Showing Report Digital Internet Marketing  Transaction Coordination Gold Standard Home Program  Title & Preliminary Report Termite Pre-Inspection  Custom Property Book Home Warranty  Text Long Professional Photography Brand Name Signage
  39. 39. Smooth TransactionsI am not only dedicated to finding a buyer for your property, but also helping you negotiate the bestterms for your sale and experience a smooth transaction.Our personalized service is backed by the Long Realty team of experts all working together to giveyou a smooth and successful outcome. They include: Supportive, experienced management team Sophisticated transaction technology (My Transaction Now) streamlining the complex process Backing of a full service marketing department Expertise of the entire organization – specialists in technology, relocation, mortgage, title and insuranceI will consistently monitor all time limits, terms and conditions on contingencies that need to be adhered to bybuyer and seller and guide you through the entire process. Arrange for all inspections (physical, geological, termite, etc) and assist in resolving any and all problems that may arise. Coordinate disclosure forms, including any pertinent regional/state disclosures, and help to coordinate that forms are completed in a timely manner. Provide you with government mandated information regarding environmental hazards and lead based paint. Coordinate with the appropriate third parties to check that your property conforms to all governmental regulations. Review closing statements and documents prior to closing. Facilitate closing details.
  40. 40. ServicesWe will: Help you determine the highest possible selling price for your home. Present a list of suggested repairs Take professional pictures for marketing purposes Recommend reputable repair companies Share your house with all the agents on our team Enter your home onto the Internet system Aggressively advertise your home Communicate with you at least once per month
  41. 41. Services (continued) Promptly advise you of changes in the marketplace Present all offers to you and assist you in evaluating them Monitor progress toward closing, when a contract is accepted Immediately advise you of events that may threaten closing Monitor the buyer’s loan approval Stay in contact with the buying agent Be present at closing to ensure a successful conclusion
  42. 42. Testimonials―We were referred to the Vallees through our belovedRemax agent in Denver. After moving many timesaround the country I can tell you that Kathy and Don aretwo of the best agents weve ever encountered! Theyknow Tucson, they get to know their clients and theirneeds, and they did a great job of helping us navigateyet another new real estate market. They are patient,responsive, and always, always had our best interests inmind. They are the ultimate professionals and tough justwhen you need them to be.And other agents respect them as well--always helpfulwhen negotiating! We could not have been in betterhands with better people, and we highly recommendKathy and Don Vallee.- Kathleen & Sheldon
  43. 43. My CredentialsMy DesignationsABR- Accredited Buyers Representative: I work with buyers and understand their demands and their product knowledge. By understanding theirneeds and demands, I can tell the story that will present your home in the best possible light for the highest price. In negotiation, strategies are builton buyer issues that may affect your sale: financing, surveys, inspections, easements, title issues, bank/short sale issues. I network with other ABRagents that have buyers ready to buy.CDPE- Certified Distressed Property Expert: My knowledge and ability to understand the short sale or REO process differentiates me from otheragents, who have not taken the time to learn the process to successful distressed negotiations. With correct systems and a partnership with shortsale attorneys, we assist our sellers to successful closings with peace of mind in the areas of law and accounting.CIAS- Certified Investment Agent Specialist: By computing CAP rates, cash-on-cash returns, cash flow, and return-on-investment we have theability and knowledge to show investor clients the benefit of buying your home as a possible investment. By understanding the resort market—yourhome may offer resort rental opportunities/ time share opportunities depending on your homeowners codes, covenants, and restrictions.CRS- Certified Residential Specialist: Buying or selling a home is one of the most crucial financial transactions of your life. In what can be aconfusing and sometimes difficult process, it pays to leave as little to chance as you can. But with the help of a professional, you can navigateunknown territory with ease. Only 4% of all real estate agents have undergone this rigorous, higher-level training course aimed at making residentialtransactions as smooth and worry-free as possible. A CRS member must be in good standing the local Board, State Association, and the NationalAssociation of Realtors and have a history of demonstrated sales performance through the documented execution of residential sales transactions.SFR- Short Sales and Foreclosure Resource: I stay current in all areas of short sale listing strategies, REO strategies, and the management ofbank files. I network with the best agents who keep up-to-date with changing distressed parameters—so that our bank negotiation skills are sharp.
  44. 44. Long Cares FoundationAt Long Realty, we know our clients are investing not only inhomes, but in the quality of life that surrounds them. Since itsinception, our foundation has provided hundreds of grantstotaling over $1.9 million to local organizations that promotehealth, education, community and environment. We alsoactively volunteer our own time and talents to the causes wesupport. We contribute a part of our commission to the LongRealty Cares Foundation. The company supplements thesefunds with its own corporate contributions.For a list of our contribution recipients,visit
  45. 45. Long Advantage ProgramTake Advantage of Long Realty’s established relationships with Southern Arizona’s finest businesses.With your Advantage Card, you can take Advantage of our partner discounts and services. Thisprogram was created to help you before, during and after your real estate transaction. Whether you’relooking for new appliances, landscaping, dry cleaning services, a new vehicle or a resort hotel theLong Advantage Program has it all! No Membership Fees Over 56 Local Business Services Pre-Qualified Partners Special Discounts Your Long Advantage Card Never Expires Log onto my website anytime to view our participating partners and their exclusive offers, as they have periodic updates.
  46. 46. If you are ready to sell, we are ready to start marketingyour property.Thank you!