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Valgen case studies

  1. 1. CASE STUDY RESULTS partners in value generation TM cƒMAX real-time customer action recommendations for the sales force: Typical Users Convert Leads Retain Customers Nurture Accounts • B2B An $8 billion retailer wanted A Fortune 500 B2B retailer A Fortune 500 Key Accounts to better target custom- rolled out the timing model program needed to achieve • Fast transaction, ers who had placed one or across seven business significant sales increase shorter sales cycle two orders, and encourage segments and 2,000 account and move “next tier” ac- multiple purchases for the managers over a four-year counts into the program. • Multi-channel sales: small and medium business period as part of its internal But they did not know how field, inside, call segment. Several models CRM system. these customers were buy- centers, partners were developed to identify ing across the entire product • Multiple product lines customers with the most Result: Incremental sales set, drivers of growth or what future potential. Targeted of $120M were generated investment was made or • Minimum several outbound calling was initi- during a phased rollout, with required of sales resources. dozen sales reps ated to customers who had $150M projected annually. not placed subsequent This represented an ap- Our models identified cus- • Minimum 1 year of orders within the crucial proximate 15% incremental tomers with greatest growth sales data expected time period. sales increase from a highly potential, expected mix vulnerable customer base of products and services, Result: Incremental sales, that was in danger of being and resources to maintain If your sales environment does not average order size, first- lost. above-average growth and fit this exactly, contact our team time buyer conversion and achieve sales targets. to explore how we can apply our quotes generation were all methods to meet your needs. substantially higher for the Result: Double-digit incre- “pilot sales reps” than the mental revenue gain over “control group” that conduct- the next 12 months from ed business as usual. customers who were already in the top 15% of revenue the prior year. We make CRM smarter: How will our solutions work for you? Contact: “It’s amazing how accurate the predictions are. It gives us a lot of confidence to approach customers and be proactive – that’s dollars (847) 637-0359 begging to be taken.” - Director of Sales, Advanced Technologies Group, Fortune 500
  2. 2. Predictive analytics tools for sales. CASE STUDY RESULTS Designed with salespeople, for salespeople. sƒMAX proactive planning action recommendations for sales managers: Balance Accounts Manage Transitions Provide Coverage Sales Managers Say: A major retailer tradition- A 2K-strong sales force A technology retailer invest- “This stuff works. ally created a book for retailer was transitioning ed in field, specialist and Once you get a taste new reps through a mix of accounts “after the fact,” partner campaigns without for how predictive prospects, inactive custom- determining where the a view into which customers analytics makes your ers and “leftovers” from account should go based were most likely to respond. life easier and delivers other account reps. Sales on a new rep’s past perfor- By standardizing customer results, you’ll never be management wanted to mance, not with expected revenue against tiers of without it!” test a different approach to load of new assignments. coverage, incremental - Sales Manager, $1 Billion Small Business bring better success to new About half of the accounts benchmarks were estab- Division of High Tech Retailer reps. Distinct factors were declined during the transi- lished and incorporated into identified and modeled to tion delay. The solution investment decisions. assess predicted future identified future growth, value, and actions were created a scoring system Result: Due to well-aligned recommended to improve based on new workload targeting, partner market- the rules. scenarios, and paired ing funding and close ratio customers with reps who for advanced technology Result: Reps that obtained could likely grow the services increased by over a more balanced portfolio accounts. 15%. due to the revised rules recorded higher sales Result: When reassign- Learn more at growth than the previous ing according to sƒmove legacy-based allocation models, one-year gains method. of +35% were achieved versus -10% loss for “status quo” assignments. Valgen’s Vision: We want to make life easier for more sales professionals, and bring real results to you.