Valgen Analytics for Sales


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Find out how Valgen can help you increase revenue by unlocking hidden secrets in your Salesforce CRM data

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Valgen Analytics for Sales

  1. 1. Get more from sales reps One System + Same Resources + ValgenMake the rest like your best = More RevenueHelp all reps manage their dayproductively with easy-to-use actionguidance. Prioritize customer and Get more from your existingproduct opportunities based on accuratedata and models. Give managers tools resources and the investmentsand info to coach reps – all within you have already made.Salesforce CRM.Who: CXO, VP/Director of Sales, Valgen uses expertise inSales Operations, Sales Manager Salesforce CRM, customer analytics and sales processesGet more from customers to unlock capabilities within yourDemonstrate your value to sales existing CRM system so salesGenerate and qualify leads that buildsales team confidence. Identify at-risk reps can contact targetedcustomers and increase retention. Accelerate sales prospects and customers whenImprove cross-sell by recommending by 7-14%the right products to the right customers they are ready to buy.within CRM and marketing automationsystems.Who: Chief Marketing Officer,VP/Director of Marketing,Customer Service and Support “Valgen delivered 70% fewer duplicates while improving lead conversion by 40%.Get more from Salesforce CRM This absolutely drives our competitiveRealize full value from SalesforceBuild intelligent lists, user profiles, rules advantage and speed to market.”and features with timely info. Overcomelimitations with data cleansing and - Dave Brown, VP of Inside Sales, Fleetmaticsreporting. Seamlessly integrateanalytics and best sales practices.Increase adoption rates.Who: CIO, VP of IT and CRM,Technology Leader Retain Gain Reduce 11% 26% 15% of customers more CRM of lead gen that you’re adoption by cost while likely to lose sales reps improving next year conversion
  2. 2. Product Overview Get Quality Convert More Retain More Leads Leads, Faster Customers Problem Problem Problem • Duplicate, out-of-date data • Over 50% of new customers • Reps’ inability to connect with • Leads don’t mirror best customers don’t make a second purchase all customers at the right time • Unpredictable, not scalable results within 6 months • Missed opportunities with • Unstructured customer targeting existing customers Solution • All leads are scored and come with Solution Solution an expected conversion rate • Establish faster buying cycle • Identify customer buying cycle • Qualified leads given to each rep on • Predict new customers most and predict next purchase date weekly/monthly basis likely to accelerate early orders • Identify at-risk customers for • Encourage multiple purchases immediate action Value • Spend less time searching for and Value Value downloading leads • Increased revenue from newly- • Reduced attrition losses • Reduce duplicate leads acquired customers • Stronger customer relationships • Increase conversion rate • Larger average order size • Increased revenue Key App Features Integrates with Deployment in weeks not months Accurate, actionable predictive analytics via proprietary models SaaS subscription pricing Pays you back within six monthsAbout Valgen Can I Use Valgen? Contact UsValgen helps B2B sales organizations Start realizing the benefits of For more information or toget more from existing investments in our solution if you: discover how we can help,, sales teams, data and contact us at info@valgen.comcustomers. • Are in B2B sales • Have 100+ repsWe deliver strategic consulting,analytic insights and SaaS applications • Use Salesforce.comto execute actions for scalable revenuegrowth and sales productivity. It’s really that simple.