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Caution: Hot sales leads. Handle with care.
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Caution: Hot sales leads. Handle with care.


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Predictive analytics models may produce sales leads with characteristics that are counter-intuitive! Find out how to be sure your sales reps fully benefit from leads delivered by predictive analytics …

Predictive analytics models may produce sales leads with characteristics that are counter-intuitive! Find out how to be sure your sales reps fully benefit from leads delivered by predictive analytics scoring.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Caution:Leads may be hot.Handle with care.
  • 2. Could your salespeople be disqualifying too many good leads rather than qualifying them?
  • 3. Does it seem like the more leads you provide, the faster leads get disqualified and bounced back in the holding queue?
  • 4. Reasons could be:Lack of data - invalid or no phone numberBias - “can’t possibly be large enough deal”Attitudes - “the more I close out, the sooner I’ll find something that works”
  • 5. This churning of sales leads results in significant cost of acquisition. And significant processing resources – both machine and human.
  • 6. If your sales reps’ lead closeout rate is 50%, your net cost is twice the initial cost!
  • 7. Marketers and sales leaders often respond by finding ways to deliver a greater number of qualified leads faster.
  • 8. But if you’re using predictive analytics with your sales processes, more leads faster may not be better.
  • 9. What
  • 10. How can more, and faster, not be better?
  • 11. Predictive analytics models score and deliver ideal sales prospects.
  • 12. Predictive analytics models increase sales productivity and ROI. They help achieve specific outcomes: getting appointments or sales, moving newly-acquired customers into repeat customers,improving cross and upsell.
  • 13. But caution: predictive models may produce leads with characteristics that are counter-intuitive!
  • 14. This is where you may be handed hot leads to handle with care.
  • 15. By their nature, scored leads will be a lot fewer — typically 20-40% of available leads.
  • 16. And high-scoring leads may have attributes that sales reps consider not desirable.
  • 17. These leads may not have some fields that reps typically look for. Yet these leads have been predicted to produce a high level of performance.
  • 18. This leads to a few lessons …
  • 19. Lesson 1.Teach reps to look past some traditional criteria and look at the sales prospect holistically.
  • 20. Lesson 2.For maximum sales performance, do not allow reps to pull leads from other sources unless all the scored leads have been acted upon.
  • 21. This is because if reps continue their old practice of disqualifying scored leads, they may close out leads more likely to convert. Because high-quality scored leads are fewer in number, upon exhausting them, reps tend to scour other lead sources that perform significantly worse.* This socks a double whammy to your sales performance and productivity!* You would find this result with back-testing.
  • 22. Lesson 3. Leads scoring highly for one outcome(like getting an appointment) are also more likely to produce a sale, at a higher average order amount, and with more add-ons. Train reps to nurture these leads to achieve such multiplicative sales value.
  • 23. In summary, predictive analytics leads you on a fundamental shift from tactical to strategic thinking.
  • 24. Predictive analytics may deliver fewer but better sales leads – be careful to not burn through them.Instead, handle carefully and profit from their sales potential.
  • 25. Brought to you by:Predictive analytics for salesLead gen, call timing, cross and upsell, customer nurturing and much