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  1. 1. No one prepares a child for school or life, like the Atlanta Speech School. Anne & Jim Kenan Preschool An early education program that develops engaged learners who are exceptionally prepared for school Wardlaw School An elementary school for children with dyslexia and other language-based learning disabilities Stepping Stones A preschool and transitional kindergarten for children with speech and/or language delays Katherine Hamm Center A listening, spoken language and literacy program for infants and children who are deaf or hard of hearing 3160 Northside Pkwy. NW, Atlanta, GA 30327 | | 404.233.5332 At the Atlanta Speech School, we believe in the power of a child’s voice. While the four schools under our umbrella serve different types of learners, each of our programs gives students the strongest possible foundation for learning through language and literacy. Teachers with unmatched credentials and training customize the latest cutting-edge research to the needs of each child. We help children discover who they are, and develop into who they are meant to be. The Atlanta Speech School helps children find their voice, and the power of using that voice, for a lifetime.
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  6. 6. 12800 University Drive, Suite 125 Fort Myers, FL 33907 tel: (239)267-6655 fax: (239)267-6553 toll free: (866)414-7397 Gregory J. Blurton Vice President, Wealth Strategist 12800 University Drive, Suite 125 Fort Myers, FL 33907 Tel: (239)267-6655 Fax: (239)267-6553 As Wealth Strategist at Investors’ Security Trust Company, Greg’s role is educating and advising clients on the wide range of trust, estate and investment solutions available to develop and execute a comprehensive wealth management strategy. One of his key functions is integrating the advice and activities of his client’s legal, tax and other financial advisors with the team at Investors’ Security Trust Company to ensure all aspects of the wealth management plan are addressed and coordinated. Prior to joining the company, Greg helped establish and build a local community bank’s presence in Lee County, overseeing its lending and branch deposit operations. He also served in the United States Air Force. Greg is a Board Member for the Foundation for Lee County Public Schools and the Fort Myers East Rotary Club; chairs fundraising events that support Habitat for Humanity and the American Cancer Society; and serves as Treasurer and Coach of the Gorilla Lacrosse Club, a youth lacrosse organization in Estero. Greg has a B.S. in Business Management from Hodges University and is a graduate of the ABA Stonier National Graduate School of Banking at the University of Pennsylvania.
  7. 7. &ANNE JIM KENAN PRESCHOOL Remarkably Ready A program of the Atlanta Speech School
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  9. 9. Peter G. Bielan 77O·331·128O 796O Landowne Drive Atlanta, GA 3O35O
  10. 10. Kathleen Pansmith 347.312.4241
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  17. 17. MISSION STATEMENT To help each person develop his or her full potential through language and literacy We are able to accomplish our mission because of our exceptional faculty and staff, whose credentials, commitment and passion are unsurpassed. We commit to offering the best environment and ongoing support for them to serve and lead in their fields. LESLIE MUNSON, PH.D. DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION
  18. 18. MESSAGE FROM BOARD CHAIR AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR TABLE OF CONTENTS No one prepares a child for school and for life like the Atlanta Speech School. As Chair of the School’s Board of Directors and as the School’s Executive Director, we witness every day our extraordinary staff joining together in their tireless and joyful pursuit of making this promise a reality for the children of our school. Our commitment is to build the strongest platform by which our staff can fulfill the demands they have embraced in accepting this stewardship. This Annual Report features the perspectives of professionals from across our departments who reflect the qualities, training, experience and unwavering devotion to children that are shared by their other 171 colleagues here. Hopefully, you will see these messages as an affirmation of the importance of your investment in our mission and our expression of deepest gratitude for the generosity that has and will continue to make possible the transformation in the lives of thousands of children here. Programs and Services 2 Financial Statements 3 Leadership 4 Named Endowment Funds 5 Annual Gifts 6 COMERYATES EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR ATLANTA SPEECH SCHOOL PATRICIA H. REID 2010-12 CHAIR BOARD OF DIRECTORS
  19. 19. Programs and Services ATLANTA SPEECH SCHOOL ANNUAL REPORT 2011 - 2012 2 SCHOOLS FORYOUNG CHILDREN Katherine Hamm Center is a listening, spoken language and literacy program for infants, toddlers and elementary-age children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Students use assisted listening devices such as cochlear implants and hearing aids. This program, designed to prepare children to succeed in mainstream classrooms as quickly as possible, enables students to communicate with spoken language rather than sign language. Anne & Jim Kenan Preschool serves children two to six years of age. Kenan’s academic curriculum focuses on language, literacy and learning, helping children become skilled communicators who are exceptionally prepared for school. Children participate in developmentally appropriate activities designed to cultivate social skills, enhance fine and gross motor skills, and encourage creative learning and cognitive development. Stepping Stones provides therapeutic education for children ages three to five with speech and/or language delays. The first of its kind in Georgia, the program incorporates a unique collaborative approach, integrating therapy and education to address the specific devel- opmental needs of each child. Its curriculum addresses speech, language, literacy, pre-academic and sensory integration needs. Wardlaw School serves elementary-age students with dyslexia and other language-based learning disabilities. Educators use a collaborative teaching model to provide specialized instruction tailored to each student’s individual learning profile. This individualization enables students to develop effective learning strategies that will help them succeed in a mainstream classroom. CLINICAL AND COMMUNITY PROGRAMS Rollins Center for Language & Learning is a professional development program that uses research-based teaching strategies to train and coach teachers to help improve student achievement and teacher performance. The heaviest concentration of programming is directed toward training teachers with students from low income families who are at great risk for illiteracy and academic failure. Audiology Clinic offers hearing services to adults, children and infants. Audiologists specialize in diagnostic testing and evaluation of hearing loss and auditory processing disorders. The clinic also dispenses hearing aids for infants through adults. Speech-Language Clinic provides evaluation and therapy for children and adults with communication difficulties. Therapists in the clinic also perform speech-language and hearing screenings for independent schools in the metro-Atlanta area. Occupational Therapy Clinic serves children who experience difficulties with sensory integration, fine and gross motor coordination, visual-motor and handwriting skills, visual perception, independent self-care, and feeding skills. Experienced therapists guide children through developmentally appropriate activities that enable and challenge children to be more successful in their daily routines. Learning Evaluation Clinic provides psychoeducational evaluations for individuals from ages four to college-age. Our evaluation team consists of experienced diagnosticians with backgrounds in learning disabilities, reading, psychology, speech-language pathology and audiology difficulties. Learning Lab is an individual or small-group intervention program that serves persons needing assistance to achieve school success. The lab offers a wide range of research-based instructional methods, administered by highly trained, experienced teachers who specialize in many educational methods and curricula. After School and Summer Camp Programs operate as an extension of the school day and as a summer camp. The programs exist to develop the whole child through recreational activities and educational enrichment in a relaxed, fun environment. There is a wealth of experience in this building. We can collaborate within each discipline, across disciplines and across programs for the best possible outcome for each person. BECKY DONAHUE, ED.S., CCC-SLP SPEECH LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST AND READING SPECIALIST CLINICAL PROGRAMS
  20. 20. A Financial Overview FiscalYears Ending May 31, 2012 and 2011 The Statement of Financial Position presents the strong financial position of the Atlanta Speech School. The Statement of Activities and Net Assets shows a reduction in Net Assets of $1.497 million. The reduction was caused by reduction in investment income from 2011 to 2012 of $3.791 million. We would be pleased to provide a copy of our audited financial statements upon request. Please contact Jack Zimmermann, our CFO, at 404-233-5332 or 2012 REVENUE FROM OPERATIONS 2012 REVENUE FROM OPERATIONS 2012 EXPENSES FROM OPERATIONS Program service revenues 71% utions and gifts 16% Restricted contributions released from restrictions 1% nding allocation from endowment 10% Rental income 2% 2012 REVENUE FROM OPERATIONS Program service revenues 71% Contributions and gifts 16% Restricted contributions released from restrictions 1% Spending allocation from endowment 10% Rental income 2% 2012 Revenue from Operations Program service revenues 71% Contributions and gifts 16% Restricted contributions released from restrictions 1% Spending allocation from endowment 10% Rental income 2% General and administrative - 4% Salaries and benefits - 80% Maintenance - 6% Consultants and outside services 5% Supplies and program materials 2% Technology and equipment 1% Other 2% 2012 REVENUE FROM OPERATIONS 2012 EXPENSES FROM OPERATIONS Program service revenues 71% Contributions and gifts 16% Restricted contributions released from restrictions 1% Spending allocation from endowment 10% Rental income 2% 2012 REVENUE FROM OPERATIONS Program service revenues 71% Contributions and gifts 16% Restricted contributions released from restrictions 1% Spending allocation from endowment 10% Rental income 2% 2012 Revenue from Operations Program service revenues 71% Contributions and gifts 16% Restricted contributions released from restrictions 1% Spending allocation from endowment 10% Rental income 2% 58% 24% .16% .. 2% 74% .. 8% .. 7% .. 6% .. 4% .. 1% General and administrative - 4% Salaries and benefits - 80% Maintenance - 6% Consultants and outside services 5% Supplies and program materials 2% Technology and equipment 1% Other 2% 2012 EXPENSES FROM OPERATIONS STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION (dollars in thousands) 2012 2011 Assets Cash $1,706 $2,041 Accounts receivable 420 195 Contributions receivable 1,552 442 Prepaid expenses 88 4 Investments 24,184 28,403 Fixed assets 24,331 23,050 Total assets $52,281 $54,135 Liabilities and Net Assets Liabilities Payables $1,824 $2,304 Deferred Tuition 1,935 1,812 Total Liabilities 3,759 4,116 Net assets Unrestricted 42,432 44,484 Temporarily restricted 2,120 1,570 Permanently restricted 3,970 3,965 Total net assets 48,522 50,019 Total liabilities and net assets $52,281 $54,135 STATEMENT OF ACTIVITIES AND NET ASSETS (dollars in thousands) 2012 2011 Revenue Program service revenues $11,816 $10,774 Financial aid (1,946) (1,742) Total 9,870 9,032 Program service expenses Salaries and benefits 11,086 10,036 General and administrative 571 572 Maintenance 833 801 Other 1,308 986 Total 13,798 12,395 Expenses in excess of revenues (3,928) (3,363) Other operating activities Contributions and gifts 2,314 1,940 Spending allocation from endowment 1,316 1,344 Other 316 306 Change in Net Assets from Operations 18 227 Non-operating activities Investment income (653) 3,138 Spending allocation from endowment (1,316) (1,344) Depreciation (1,087) (1,024) Other 986 682 Change in Net Assets: Unrestricted (2,052) 1,679 Temporarily restricted 550 297 Permanently restricted 5 0 Change in Net Assets (1,497) 1,976 Net Assets, Beginning of year 50,019 48,043 Net Assets, End of year $48,522 $50,019 ATLANTA SPEECH SCHOOL ANNUAL REPORT 2011 - 20123
  21. 21. School Leadership Board of Directors OFFICERS Patricia H. Reid Chairman Russell B. Richards Vice Chairman Kathryn Miller Secretary Thomas E. Martin III Treasurer BOARD MEMBERS Antonin Aeck Virginia N. Almand Courtlandt B. Ault Robyn Rieser Barkin Dr. Crawford F. Barnett, Jr. Dameron Black III Robert Brown, Jr. Linda A. Carnes Elizabeth Mitchell Clement Stockton Croft Caroline Jones Davis Lisa Dwyer Kate Evans Tucker Guerry Lee Denny Griffith Mark Hawn Greg Head Babette Henagan Marilyn Vincent Holmes Sam Holmes Kathleen B. Hunsinger David Kahn Jackson Kelly Janet Ledet (Staff Representative) Jane D. Lanier William L. Levine William H. Linginfelter Lee L. Loughran David Love Valerie Love Rhonda L. Matheison John Mellott Anthony Montag Nancy O. Nievera David Park W. Ennis Parker, Jr. Karen Webster Parks Dr. John Riski Nancy Brumley Robitaille Andrea Rollins Rafael San Miguel Noni Ellison Southall Susie Trotochaud Glenn D. Warren Leslie Wierman BOARD OF ADVISORS Marilyn Vincent Holmes, Chair Jeff Allred, Vice Chair Amy Hertz Agami Cyndae Arrendale Kathy Ashe Joel Babbit Robert H. Barnett Dr. Jay Berkelhamer Linda Bridges Rodney Bullard Malon Courts Susan Easterbrooks, Ph.D. Emily Ellison Molly Eskew Robin Ferst Gayle Gellerstedt Renee Glover Jewell Harper Sydney Glass Healey Sheralyn M. Hector Anne Hennessy Lem Hewes Cheri Hoy Amy Hurst Nancy James Andrea Jones Randy Kamphaus, Ph.D. Cynthia Kuhlman E. Cody Laird, Jr. Barbara Levy Elizabeth Lindsey Gay Love Katie McDowell Eileen Millard Marjorie Mitchell Donald J. Mueller Donald Nelms, Jr. Dr. Felton Norwood Mark Riley Anne-Marie Sparrow Dr. Mary Burns Tanenblatt Jean Walker Sally White Dina Woodruff Sam Zamarripa STAFF LEADERSHIP Comer Yates Executive Director Leslie Munson, Ph.D. Director of Education Jack Zimmermann Chief Financial Officer Shelley Carr, M.Ed. Katherine Hamm Center Coordinator Lola Stringer, M.Ed. Anne & Jim Kenan Preschool Coordinator Melissa Schmoker, M.Ed., CCC-SLP Stepping Stones Coordinator Maureen Demko, M.Ed. Wardlaw Coordinator, Upper School Sondra Mims, M.A., CCC-SLP Wardlaw Coordinator, Lower School Kim Day, Ph.D. Rollins Center for Language & Learning Co-Director Deborah Knight, Ph.D. Rollins Center for Language & Learning Co-Director Fontina Rashid, Ph.D. Clinical Services Coordinator Ken Cressman After School and Summer Programs Coordinator Susan Brown Director of Development Patricia Ressler-Billion Director of Human Resources ATLANTA SPEECH SCHOOL ANNUAL REPORT 2011 - 2012 4 Our students benefit from the collective knowledge of a team of professionals who work together to come up with the best solution for each child. Here kids can be more than fine. They can be great. JAMIE HARRIS, M.ED. EARLY CHILDHOOD SPECIAL EDUCATION READING HIGH QUALIFICATION ENDORSEMENT TRANSITION KINDERGARTEN LEADTEACHER STEPPING STONES
  22. 22. Named Endowment Funds ATLANTA SPEECH SCHOOL ANNUAL REPORT 2011 - 20125 A Named Endowment Fund is established as a permanent gift that will benefit the Atlanta Speech School’s children now and for generations to come. The corpus of each Named Endowment Fund remains intact and grows over time, with annual earnings used for the fund’s stated purpose. Anyone may contribute to an existing Named Endowment Fund. THE JOSEPH B.WHITEHEAD FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIP FUND Endowment fund established by the Joseph B. Whitehead Foundation in December 1990 with an initial gift of $500,000. To provide need-based financial aid for students in our school programs THE GOIZUETA SCHOLARS FUND Endowment fund established by the Goizueta Foundation in January 2001 with an initial gift of $300,000. To provide need-based financial aid for summer participants in remediation camps and clinic services THE KENDEDA FUND FOR FINANCIAL AID Endowment fund established by the Kendeda Fund (an anonymous donor) in November 2003 with an initial gift of $100,000. To provide need-based financial aid for students in our school programs THE ANNA CARR HANKS SCHOLARSHIP FUND Established by Dr. & Mrs. Henry L. Diversi, Jr. in January 2004 with an initial gift of $25,000 in honor of their granddaughter (an alumna of the Wardlaw School). To provide need-based financial aid for students in the Wardlaw School THE REGINALD B. COLLIER SCHOLARSHIP FUND Endowment fund established by Lois Collier in April 2006 with an initial gift of $150,000. Established in memory of her husband. To provide need-based financial aid for preschool students in the Katherine Hamm Center THEWINIFRED SMITH ARRENDALE FINANCIAL AID FUND Endowment fund established by Cyndae Arrendale in March 2007 with an initial gift of $25,000. Established in honor of her mother. To provide need-based financial aid for students in the Katherine Hamm Center Established in March 2003, The 1938 Circle honors donors who have provided for the Atlanta Speech School in their estate plans. Through gifts to The 1938 Circle, donors significantly strengthen the School’s endowment fund, providing a fiscal cornerstone for the long-range plans of the School, its financial aid program, and its service to future generations of children and adults. The vision of The 1938 Circle members helps to guarantee that the Atlanta Speech School will remain a place where children can gain confidence in their abilities and a love of learning. *Deceased ATLANTA SPEECH SCHOOL Virginia Neal Almand Mr. and Mrs. G. Drayton Baker, Sr. Dameron Black III Kathryn T. and William R. Bridges, Jr. Anne Page Bugg* Lamar Frederick Glass, Jr.* Sydney McCampbell Glass Betty Glenn Lauren S. Grant Dr. William G. Hamm* Byron Harris* Dorothy Dean Harris* Sarah Heath* Henry C. Heinz, Jr.* Kathy B. Hunsinger Ruth K. Liller* Elizabeth C. Maddox Susan and Kevin McGonigle Kathryn Bridges Miller Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Nievera Susan O’Gara* Mrs. Natalae “Junie” W. Parker Lucy S. Perry Clare Ridley Ranney Josephine Robinson* Francie L. Ross Chester Roush* Bo and Mary Jane Sasnett Julia and Prince Webster* Constance D. Wilson* For more information about The 1938 Circle or about establishing or contributing to a Named Endowment Fund, please contact our Development Office at 404-233-5332.
  23. 23. THE KATHERINE C. HAMM FOUNDER’S CIRCLE ($25,000 AND UP) CF Foundation Annie E. Casey Foundation The Honorable Anne Cox Chambers Mr. and Mrs. Ryan T. Gunnigle The Klaus Family Sartain-Lanier Foundation Jane and Hicks Lanier Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Montag Oberkotter Foundation Patty and Doug Reid Gertrude and William C. Wardlaw Fund The Zeist Foundation, Inc. THE LEADERSHIP COUNCIL ($15,000-24,999) Neal Aronson and Wendy Conrad Carolyn Fierer-Brown Emory L. Cocke Fund of the Atlanta Foundation Jim and Sheila Frank Mr. and Mrs. Sam Holmes Judy and Michael Orkin 1999 R. Randall Rollins Charitable Lead Annuity Trust THE DIRECTOR’S CIRCLE ($10,000-14,999) Kathryn & William Bridges Family Fund Mr. and Mrs. William R. Bridges, Jr. Elwyn and Linda Bridges Jennifer and Walter Bridges Lisa and William Bridges III Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Hewes, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. K. Ward Miller, Jr. Gary W. Rollins Foundation The Jack and Anne Glenn Charitable Foundation Kate and Harold Hudson David and Jennifer Kahn Family Foundation Sarah and Jim Kennedy Thomas H. Lanier Family Foundation The Martha and Wilton Looney Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Wilton D. Looney Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Nalley, III Mr. and Mrs. Tim Rollins Ida A. Ryan Charitable Trust Renee and Jim Schwarzkopf Wells Fargo Foundation Jay and Lisa Williams Suzan and Stephen Zoukis HONOR ROLL ($7,500-9,999) Amy and Nevin Kreisler Robert and Amy Malone Mr. and Mrs. Dan Robitaille BENEFACTORS ($5,000-7,499) Besse Johnson and George Blanton Allen Foundation Cyndae A. Arrendale Atlanta Foundation Julie and Gary Blase Donna and David Brown Mrs. Caroline Jones Davis Corbin and David Feroleto Robert and Susan Freeman Philanthropic Fund Olivia Gardner Delacruz Sally and Mark Hawn HD Supply Support Services, Inc. Mary Ann and Knox Massey Mr. and Mrs. Prescott C. Miller Greer and Andy Monin Beth and David Park Nancy Rollins Saks, Inc. Adam and Sara White Kendrick and Chris Williams Sally and Comer Yates PATRONS ($2,500-4,999) May P. & Francis L. Abreu Charitable Trust Dana and Greg Averbuch Blount Construction Company, Inc. Buckhead Coalition Adam and Molly Fuller The George M. Brown Trust Fund of Atlanta Nancy D. Gould E. Louise Green Lee Denny Griffith Marie and Rick Haughey Kathleen Hunsinger Junior League of Atlanta Mary Ryan and Henry G. Kuhrt Foundation Betts and Dennis Love Mr. and Mrs. Peter Mace Mary Marshall Mr. Sam Massell Yancey and John McCollum The Mellott Family Charitable Fund Tonya and Michael Miller Charles and Kathleen Palmer Natalae “Junie” W. Parker Carolyn and Louie Pittman Hellen Plummer Charitable Foundation, Inc. Lissa and Spence Pryor Redwine Family Foundation Melanie and Russ Richards Mr. Bradley E. Roberts Cameron and Stuart Sherrill Mary and Billy Warren Mr. and Mrs. Buck Wiley III Dorothy and Charlie Yates Family Fund SPONSORS ($1,000-2,499) Anonymous Richard and Tara Aaronson Antonin Aeck Amy and Ronnie Agami Mr. and Mrs. Beaumont Allen Apogee Georgia School Choice Scholarship Fund Dana and Greg Averbuch Michael and Lara Balser Tom and Robyn Barkin Rob Barnett Bill and Lanie Bartlett Kelly and Michael Bernot Jane and Dameron Black Beverly and Bo Briggs Annual Gifts June 1, 2011- May 31, 2012 ATLANTA SPEECH SCHOOL ANNUAL REPORT 2011 - 2012 6 The Atlanta Speech School is fully committed to providing ongoing professional develop- ment in the latest research in our various fields of expertise. Working here is like being in perpetual graduate school. LEIGH RECORD, M.ED., EDS,WILSONTRAINER 3rd GRADETEACHER WARDLAW SCHOOL
  24. 24. Mr. Robert Brown, Jr. Mary Brown Fund of Atlanta Susan and Frank Brown Mr. and Mrs. Norris A. Broyles, Jr. Jenny Pittman Cantrell Winifred and Tread Davis Kappy and William deButts Dobes Family Trust Dr. and Mrs. William Dobes Kathryn and Shane Dobes Dr. Elinor and Mr. Robert Douglass Lisa Dwyer Dr. and Mrs. P. A. Egbe Diana and Joseph Escher Kate and Benton Evans Ben and Robin Fink The France Family Bob and Betsy Glenn Julie and Seth Goldstrom Craig and Lisa Gorman The Graves Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William M. Graves Tucker and Bill Guerry Angelle and Art Hamilton HBB Foundation Mary Jane and Dave Kirkpatrick Bill and Babette Henagan Doug and Lila Hertz Lemuel and Carolyn Hewes Melanie and Philip Hinson Amy Dick Hurst John and Abby Irby Nancy and Doug James Kelly and Simms Jenkins Chambless and Tony Kalka Lindsey and Josh Kamin Mr. and Mrs. R. Jackson Kelly Mike and Gidget Kettle Donald and Marilyn Keough Foundation Chris and Eileen Millard Jane and Clay Jackson Chris and Jolie Keysor Robert and Lora Kight Judy and Bennett Kight J. Ellen Koo and Paul Kim Karen and Mark Klopp Molly and Tommy Lanier Janet and James Letson Julie and Billy Levine Liz Levine Mitzi and Bill Linginfelter Lee and Trey Loughran Valerie and David Love Bettye and John Maddox Claudia Malone Rhonda and Chris Matheison Laura McAlister Catherine and Mark McGahan Eleanor Stout McRae Fund Antonia and Wright Mitchell Erika and John Montag Leslie Wilson Munson Shannon Nease Allen and Melanie O’Brien Lamar and Richard Oglesby Dr. Travis and Kimberly Paige Karen and Richard Parker Swati and Rahul Patel Greer and Bryan Pope Erin and Jack Portman Dr. and Mrs. Brad G. Prybis Clare and Eric Ranney Darby and Dale Sands Kathy and Jerry Sands Vickie and Louis C. Schwartz Joseph Seymour Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Shaffer, Jr. Tommy Shepherd Mr. Todd Smith Marie and Lance Stafford Dr. and Mrs. Dean T. Stamoulis Kathy and Don Starr Susie Trotochaud and Scott Dorfman Bill and Lucy Vance Mr. and Mrs. Glenn D. Warren Molly and Paul Weathington David and Leslie Wierman CHATTERBOXES ($500-999) Anonymous Alex Roush Architects, Inc. Virginia and Bond Almand Jennifer and Bonneau Ansley Sharon and Bonneau Ansley Lisa and Joe Bankoff Linda Basham Mandy and James Black Kristin and Randy Boatner Jane and Jonathan Breviu Cori Cain Nancy and Dan Carithers Jayne and George Cavagnaro Jane and George Cibik Elizabeth Mitchell Clement Robin and Stockton Croft Chris and Scott Dalton Courtney and Brian Deitz Debbie Dreas Kim and Ken Dunwody Dr. Cesar Egoavil Angi and Michael Evert Vincent Fowler Bonnie and Ned Fitch Stacia and Danny Franke Matt and Tricia Gephardt Betty and Alston Glenn Cindy and Litt Glover Mr. Allen Graber James Hamilton Julia and Herb Hand Shawndell and John Hand Sam and Kirk Harpole Mr. and Mrs. James A. Hatcher Carol and Otto Hertwig The Hinkes Family Laura and Billy Howell Ellen and Michael Hurst Molly and Joe Jackson Juliette and Trey Jarrard Jennifer and Sam Kellett Sara and Ross Kogon Cynthia Kuhlman Ruth and Reese Lanier Mr. and Mrs. E. Cody Laird, Jr. Barbara and Bertram Levy Haven and Randy Long Mr. William Lyday Anne and Michael Marino Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Martin III Mary Anne and Richard Massie Cas and Mason McGowin ATLANTA SPEECH SCHOOL ANNUAL REPORT 2011 - 20127 Annual Gifts June 1, 2011- May 31, 2012 The Atlanta Speech School helps so many children and adults. You can feel the warmth and the happiness when you walk in the building. It’s rewarding to work here and be part of that. GWENWRIGHT BUILDING AND GROUNDS
  25. 25. Daniel and Christina Molloy Mary and Tim Moore Moran Family Foundation Gwynie and Don Dennard Mr. Eduardo Paez Kenneth Parks and Karen Webster Parks Ami Patel Brad and Crosby Pope Ted and Susan Pound Betsy and Rafael San Miguel Alison and Jason Schneider Anne-Marie Sparrow Bonnie and Chapman Smith Simone Ward Nancy B. and Stephen Westfall BOOKWORMS ($1-499) Anonymous Brantley and Jon Abrams Dr. and Mrs. Harold E. Adair Dorothy H. Addison Judy Albertine Hunter Allen Kim Allocca Mr. and Mrs. John G. Alston, Jr. Mike and Serey Andree Fayne Ansley Vilma and Israel Arenson Representative Kathy Ashe Martha Downer-Assaf and Fred Assaf Beth and Courtlandt Ault Jack and Patricia Balser Carrie Barfield Crawford T. Barnett, Jr. MD Donna and Bill Barwick Louisa and Armando Basarrate Bianca and Mark Bell Brent Bernath Harmony Bissette Kristina Black Tina and Gordon Blitch Gwynn Blount Lisbeth Boli Melinda and Scott Bond Patty and Ward Bourdeaux Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Bowen Lisa and Rob Bowman Dianne Bray Amury and Maury Bricks Berney and Claude Bridges Michelle and Olin Broadway Mr. Derek Brookmire Deborah Brown Macy Brown Kevin and Dora Burke Adelaide Burton Kaye and Craig Cairney Ms. Sharrone L. Caldwell Dorian Campbell Laurel J. Lucey and Peter Canfield Linda and Tom Cantrell Leigh and Lee Cardwell Mary Carey Linda Anne Carnes Dana and Tres Carpenter Natalie and Sule’ Carpenter Shelley Carr Harriett and Bill Carter Forrest and Bob Caton Nina A. Cheney Chick-fil-A Mary and Nelson Chu Marion and Charles Classen Sandy and Jay Coffsky Bess Coleman Susan and Grant Collingsworth Catherine and Cal Collier Combined Federal Campaign Marcy McCall and Paul Condolora Reid and Michael Connor Cassie and Jimmy Couch Margie and Tom Cowden Paige and Ken Cressman Pam Crockett Robert P. Cunningham Carol and Jason D’Cruz Mr. and Mrs. Kent Dalton Bob and Christine Davis Bonnie Davis Maggie and Dick Deaner Maureen Demko Suzanne and Richard Deriso Kristy and Scott Deviney Linda and Michael Diamond Diane and Jimmy Dickey Betsy and Brad Dimmel Tom and Kate Dolan Ms. Blevin Donahue Nancy and Rod Dowhower Elizabeth and Jack Draughon Sally Draughon Amy and Rob Drew Douglas Dromey Mr. Jason Drury Diane and Tom Duane Ann Dunwody Mr. Donald Dutson III Eileen and Richard Earley Adrienne Edlin Sophie Edwards Carrie and Jack Ellis Dr. and Mrs. James Ellner Carla Evans Mark Fair Mr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Felice Cam and John Fenton Mary and Dan Flanagan Fay and Stan Fink Scott A. Fisher and Marcy A. Bass FreeCause Craig Friedman and Dana Feinstein Pamela and Michael Flynt Susan Fochtmann Grace and John Foster Alan and Margaret Friedman Debby Frye Brad and Katie Gates Martha Gaines Gayle Gellerstedt and Bill Funk Meredith and Richard Gildrie Mary and Ed Glasscock Mickie and Gene Godefroid Maureen and Mark Goldman Good Search Dave and Jennifer Goodson Ms. Molly Goodson Susan and John Gornall Mr. James D. Grady Scott Greenwald Melinda and John Griffin Barbara and Larry Grondzki Annual Gifts June 1, 2011- May 31, 2012 ATLANTA SPEECH SCHOOL ANNUAL REPORT 2011 - 2012 8 We don’t just want to teach children. We want to fully engage them in meaningful learning through academics and enrichment to develop a lifelong appreciation of the arts, literature, physical well-being and the ever- changing world of technology. MARY ELLENTHORN, MLS LIBRARIAN
  26. 26. Victor Grondzki Sinobi and Francois Guillaume Fredie Hargraves Valerie and Judd Harper Mr. Marc Harris Maribeth and John Hartman Carroll and John Hartnett Yvonne and Jordan Haugh Nicholee and Michael Hawthorne Yolanda and Greg Head Mr. Edward R. Henning Perry and Sara Herndon Mr. and Mrs. Patrick T. Hickey, Jr. Patricia and Thomas Hickman Sybil Highberger Joachim Hinzen Ginny and Mike Hobbs Candace and Rhett Hogan Nicole Holland Bonnie and Bert Holler Mallard and Pamela Holliday Marilyn Holmes Priscilla and Doug Horn David and Lillian Hornberger Margaret Horton The Houseman Family Abby Howe Stephanie and Henry Howell Mr. Randall S. Hudson Katie Huffstutler Mr. Roger Humphrey Martha and Marshall Hunt Michael and Ellen Hurst Joy Hymel Liza and Brad Jancik Ginger and Hill Jeffries Mrs. Sadie L. Johnson Kim and Pat Jones Kelley and Tim Kalbas Charlene Kalka Jackson and Kate Kane Joanna and Donald Kann Shari and Steve Kasten Diane Kellum Tiffany Kenner Cindy and Mike Kilgallon Susan and Lansing Kimmey Libby Kirkpatrick Stephanie and Dan Klapheke Jane and William Knapp Deborah Knight Michael and Amy Koriwchak Pam and David Kurkoski Patrick and Mary Lacey Elaine and Al LaCour Amy Lambert Suzanne and Dan Landreth Mr. and Mrs. Charles Langford Landon and Stephen Lanier Linda and James Lasker Mary and Larry Lavalle Janet and Damon Ledet Julia Rusling and Daniel Lee Kathy and Richard Lee Bryan and Amy Lewis Kacey Lindgren Ann and Eric Liu Rhea and Norman Logun Michael and Gillian Lohr Meredith and Pete Lunati Shontà and Jonathan Lyons Macedonia United Methodist Church Elise C. MacIntyre Kristie Maddox Catherine and John Mann Jennifer Manning Beth and Michael Marshall Charlotte and Joel Marks Kathryn and Eric Martini Kaylea Mattern Jordan Matthews Family Greg and Katie Mauldin Erik and Lindsey Mays Amy Sue and Neal Maziar Mr. and Mrs. Cade McDonald Melissa and James McDonald Bryan and Katie McDowell Dee and Jim McElroy Kathleen and Darrel McGowan Ursula and Charles McIntyre Debby and Leonard McKenzie Becky and Hall McKinley Mr. and Mrs. Rhodes McLanahan Julie Miles Carol and Bart Miller Mr. and Mrs. John W. Miller II Mr. and Mrs. David Millican IV Charlotte and Charles Mills Ryan and Mindy Millward Mimosa Garden Club Sondra and Rick Mims Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mitchell Kacey Modlin Ms. Christi Moore Susan P. Moore Betsy and Sandy Morehouse Shirley Morgan Sue Mobley Syreeta and Craig Moseley Price and Anna Muir Slater and Katie Nalley Dickey Netherland Mr. and Mrs. F. Don Nelms, Jr. Kathy and Steve Newbern Glyndolin and Calvin Newborn Christy and Kyle Newsome Nancy and Anthony Nievera Felton Norwood Christine L. O’Connor Jackie Oddo Ling Olaes Allison and Lenny Olim Marion Oliver Cindy O’Neill Jennifer Overby Dottie and Eddie Padgett Jessica Page Mr. W. Ennis Parker, Jr. Rixey Jones and Donald Paul Michael and Lys Paulhus Valerie and Bobby Pavloff Lee-Perez Family Marilyn and John Peatman Lisa and Bob Persons Day Petersen Mrs. Jennifer Phillips Penny and Val Phillips Jo and Louis Pichulik Bridget and Nicholas Pivonka Brad and Crosby Pope Kristen and Aaron Pratt ATLANTA SPEECH SCHOOL ANNUAL REPORT 2011 - 20129 Annual Gifts June 1, 2011- May 31, 2012 We all work to support the mission in our own capacity. I help parents, as well as adults who come here for testing or therapy, with financial questions. Everyone gets the assistance needed to develop his or her full potential. PAMYORK BOOKKEEPER
  27. 27. Kathleen and Bud Presgrove Mrs. Eileen S. Price Amy Parker and Frank Pritchard Mr. Charles N. Prudames, Jr. Kelly Carson and Richard Raeside Mrs. Francis Ramsey Fontina and Akil Rashid Ken and Brenda Raymer Barbara and Jack Reale Thomas J. Reid Mary and Robert Reed Patricia Ressler-Billion Chris and Dorothy Reuther Janice Rice Olga Rickoff Leanna and Eric Rinzler Maureen and John Riski Jennifer and Brooke Roberts Beth and David Robertson Sharon and Jed Rosenfeld Francie Ross John and Marie Ross Greg and Tricia Rushton Shigeko and Joseph Sams Felicia M. Sanders Theresa and Keith Sanders Bennett and Jeannie Sands Lee and Sandy Sanford Rhonda Sasser Brian and Shelly Satisky Margo Savitz Madeliene and Paul Stagliano Amy Scarborough Allison Schaeffer Melissa Schmoker Kelly Schreiner Veronica and Bill Schroeder Mary Scrantom Gale Shafer Macy F. Sharkey Marguerite C. Sherlock Rhonda P. Sherrod Tameka Shirley and Kenneth London Lenny A. Silverstein and Dr. Ellen Frauenthal Shauna and Nathaniel Sims Todd and Michelle Sipos Elizabeth Haverty Smith Elizabeth Smith Julia and Steven Smith Julianne and Donald Smith Cathy Smith Mrs. Sarah G. Smith Keira and Richard Sorrells Noni and Kenneth Southall Elihu and Jo Ann Spikler Becky Stamatiades Mr. Matthew Steinberg Becca and Andrew Stephenson Lola Stringer Sarah and David Sutherland Nell and Charles Sutlive Jeannie Tarkenton Jeannie Taylor Kimbrough and Peggy Taylor Roman and Jennifer Teyf Lisa and Mark Thomas Mary Ellen Thorn Greg Thurman Beth Toberman Michele and Jeromy Trask TrueBlue Schools-Georgia Natural Gas United Way (Truist) Jenny Upton Mr. and Mrs. Ed Van Winkle III Beth and Tom Ventulett Lucia Villahoz Ann and James Vining Aleksandra and Brian Wagner Karen Rose Wallace Megan and David Watson Joyce L. Watson Cary and Herron Weems Erica Welch Susan Whaley Timothy Whelan and Ella Ahearn Ginger and Leo Wiener Laura Wiener Leonora and Charlie Wilgus Jane Wilkinson Kara Noyes Willis Mr. and Mrs. Alexander E. Wilson III Gail Wilson Kimberley and Hayes Wilson The Witzigreuter Family Kristin and Chris Wood Lois and Danny Yates Mary and Charlie Yates Carol and Blake Young Stephanie and Thatcher Young The Vayner Family Marina and Pavel Zalmanova Jack Zimmermann Marla and Glenn Zimmerman Barbara and John Ziolo Kurt and Celeste Zuch Dr. and Mrs. Edward Zwig Christy and Eric Zwygart 2011 GEORGIATAX CREDIT LIST Virginia and Bond Almand Wendy and Neal Aronson Robyn and Tom Barkin Jane and Dameron Black Susan and Frank Brown Stephanie and Darren Casey Forrest and Bob Caton Missy and Clay Courts Christine and Bob Davis Kappy and William DeButts Suzanne and Richard Deriso Elinor and Rob Douglass Debbie and Scott Dreas Elizabeth and Cole Ebert Kate and Benton Evans Robin and Ben Fink Adam and Molly Fuller Cindy and Litt Glover Marie and Rick Haughey Sally and Mark Hawn Annual Gifts June 1, 2011- May 31, 2012 ATLANTA SPEECH SCHOOL ANNUAL REPORT 2011 - 2012 10 Knowing that this is the critical time for children to learn to listen and find their voices, to become proficient readers, and to create their own personal stories, we dedicate ourselves to give each child the tools to reach his or her full potential. LINDA LASKER, M.ED, LSLS CERT.AVED LISTENING AND SPOKEN LANGUAGE SPECIALIST TEACHER KATHERINE HAMM CENTER
  28. 28. Babette and Bill Henagan Meg and Steve Heyer Lara and Sam Holmes Ellen and Michael Hurst Rixey Jones and Donald Paul Leslie and David Wierman Jennifer and David Kahn Brooke and Brad Kendall Stephanie and Dan Klapheke J. Ellen Koo and Paul Kim Julia Rusling and Daniel Lee Julie and Billy Levine Elizabeth Levine Lee and Trey Loughran Valerie and David Love Mary Anne and Richard Massie Katie and Greg Mauldin Kelly and Simms Jenkins Julie and Richard Meacham Carol and Dart Meadows Susy and John Mellott Joannie and Ed Michaels Ashley and Prescott Miller Tonya and Michael Miller Kathryn and Ward Miller Mary Lu and Wade Mitchell Ruth and Anthony Montag Judy and Michael Orkin Eugenia and Reinaldo Pascual Susan and Ted Pound Kristen and Aaron Pratt Patty and Doug Reid Melanie and Russ Richards Maureen and Jay Riski Kathy and Clifton Scott Linda and Mason Stephenson Margaret and George Taylor Beth and Brian Thibo Aleksandra and Brian Wagner Susan and Glenn Warren Sara and Adam White MEMORIALTRIBUTES Rodney “Rod” Anders Gale Shafer Mr. George C. Blount, Jr. Blount Construction Company Inc. Mrs. Gwynn L. Blount Vincencia Blount Deborah Brown David and Jane Brumby Kenneth A. Campbell Common Sense Solutions Mr. and Mrs. Richard L.McSpedden Dickey Netherland Mary Nichols Johan and Rinske Roosma Elizabeth Smith Charlotte Vautrain Regan Eva Boatner Kristin and Randy Boatner Sara and Ross Kogon Macedonia United Methodist Church Connor Brown Rhonda and Chris Matheison Marjorie Lou Buchanan Gale Shafer Mr. Joseph M. Clark, Sr. Maggie and Dick Deaner Jane Leigh Collier Mrs. Kay Hightower Roy Adams Dorsey Mrs. Caroline Jones Davis Conley Dula Gale Shafer Patricia Finch Linda and James Lasker Martin Gatins Caroline Jones Davis Ken Harrison Day Petersen Mrs. Rosa U. Hatch Dorothy H. Addison Hardwick, Dunagan & Company, P.C. Bettye and John Maddox Cheryl Richards and Lewis Mann Mrs. Thomas E. Martin, Jr. Mimosa Garden Club Jenny Upton Rose Marie and David F. Howard Karen Rose Wallace Mr. John S. Hunsinger Kathleen Hunsinger Sharon Marie Koper Debbie Dreas Mrs. Rebecca C. McKinley Hall F. McKinley III Alfred Morace Maggie and Dick Deaner Gale Shafer Dr. Faith Muford Vincent Fowler Jack Joseph Oddo Jackie Oddo John David Oddo Jackie Oddo Mr. Herbert Petersen Day Petersen Mrs. Patricia F. Petersen-Harrison Day Petersen Clarence H. Ridley Linda and Mason Stephenson Mimi Allison Shaw Mrs. Caroline Jones Davis Judson Simmons Mrs. Caroline Jones Davis Wendy Simmons Mrs. Caroline Jones Davis Mimosa Garden Club Zoe Rose Sorrells Linda and James Lasker Richard and Keira Sorrells Pamela Jo Portman Spikler Elihu and Jo Ann Spikler Randell Thomas Mrs. Caroline Jones Davis Paul Torma Maggie and Dick Deaner Gale Shafer Mr. Clifford Wilson Maggie and Dick Deaner Patty and Doug Reid Gale Shafer Constance D. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Alexander E. Wilson, III Mrs. Jean Bowers Withrow Kathleen and Darrel McGowan Kim Withrow Kathleen and Darrel McGowan ATLANTA SPEECH SCHOOL ANNUAL REPORT 2011 - 201211 Annual Gifts June 1, 2011- May 31, 2012 I like having the opportunity to empower teachers to empower their students so both teacher and student are successful for a lifetime. We are able to reach so many children by training their teachers in the research-based techniques we use at the Atlanta Speech School. SHENIKIA ROBINSON B.S. CHILD AND FAMILY STUDIES, M.S. EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION FACILITATOR ROLLINS CENTER FOR LANGUAGE & LEARNING
  29. 29. HONORARYTRIBUTES Virginia Almand Crawford T. Barnett, Jr. MD Bess Coleman Mr. Dameron Black III Louisa and Armando Basarrate Susan and Frank Brown McCormick and Charlie Breviu Barbara and Powers Dorsett Mrs. Adelaide Burton Crawford T. Barnett, Jr. MD Mary M. Carpenter Jim and Janet Letson Shelley Carr Patty and Doug Reid Mr. Paul H. Cathcart Mary Scrantom Camille Caton Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Caton, Sr. Forrest Caton Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Caton, Sr. Merryjean Cheeseman Cyndae A. Arrendale Christine and Trent Davis Bob Davis Jackson Davis Kara Noyes Willis Maggie Deaner Kathleen and Bud Presgrove Debbie K. Dreas Lucia Villahoz Emily Elswick Doug and Pricilla Horn Maxine and Henry M. Feinstein Craig Friedman and Dana Feinstein Mary Ann Gahagan Lucia Villahoz Wright Denny Griffith Lee Denny Griffith Maggie Gunnigle Margie and Tom Cowden Thomas Gunnigle Margie and Tom Cowden Monique Hickey Marianne and Pat Hickey “Nate” Nathan Scott Hudson Randy and Mary Jo Hudson Rebecca Kann Joanna and Donald Kann Henley Kibler Sal and Brad Kibler Janet Ledet Mr. and Mrs. Christopher G. Felice Jason Levine Elizabeth Levine Valerie Love Mr. and Mrs. C. Michael Evert, Jr. Susan Kimmey Dr. and Mrs. Keith A. Sanders Diane Michel Robert Cunningham Kacey Modlin Cathy Smith Dr. Faith Muford Vincent Fowler Daylene Petersen Marcia D. Bansley Jerry Pickens Amy Parker and Frank Pritchard Leigh Record Lemuel and Carolyn Hewes Patty Reid Ginger and H. Jeffries Thomas J. Reid Janet and John Turman Ethan Reuther Carol and Otto Hertwig Susan Rhoades Cas and Mason McGowin Beth and David Robertson Graham Roberts Laura and Billy Howell The Rockies Class Sophia Edwards Ellie Richardson Lenny A. Silverstein and Dr. Ellen Frauenthal Theresa Sanders Kate Evans Susan Kimmey Jay Satisky Shelly and Brian Satisky Pamela Spikler Goldie Teyf Danielle Sutton Cas and Mason McGowin Goldie Teyf Elihu and Jo Ann Spikler Cameron Hunter Thomas Mark and Lisa Thomas Dr. Steven Wray Rhonda and Chris Matheison Comer Yates Lee Denny Griffith Lemuel and Carolyn Hewes Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Shaffer, Jr. Sarah and David Sutherland Dorothy Yates Mary and Charlie Yates MATCHING GIFT COMPANIES Robert W. Baird & Co. Foundation Bank of America C.R. Bard Foundation Matching Gift Program Coca-Cola Matching Gifts Program R. Howard Dobbs, Jr. Foundation GE Matching Gifts Program IBM Illinois Tool Works Foundation McKesson Foundation, Inc. Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing Time Warner Employee Grant Programs Wells Fargo Educational Matching Gifts Program Annual Gifts June 1, 2011- May 31, 2012 ATLANTA SPEECH SCHOOL ANNUAL REPORT 2011 - 2012 12 We are intentional about everything we do. While we implement research-based practices, we tailor our instruction to meet each child’s unique learning profile. Children advance as they are ready. KAREN BLACKBURN, B.A.AND M.A., ELEMENTARY EDUCATION KINDERGARTEN ENDORSEMENT PRE-K LEADTEACHER KENAN PRESCHOOL
  30. 30. ATLANTA SPEECH SCHOOL ANNUAL REPORT 2011 - 2012 To learn more about the Atlanta Speech School please visit our website at
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